Can You Swim With A Wig?

can you swim with a wig

So interesting to think about! Swimming often brings to mind regularly taking steps to properly protect our natural hair from the dangers of chlorine and saltwater, but what about people who wear wigs? Can you swim with a wig? With the vacation coming close, this question should be answered asap!

The answer is Yes — with the right precautions, you can enjoy a dip in the pool with your wig on. In this blog, we'll dig deep into the world of wigs and water and see what "diving in" could look like for wig wearers everywhere. 

Let's explore all the possibilities that come with swimming and the many considerations that should be acknowledged beforehand. So fasten your caps, tighten your straps, and get ready to dive into this discussion!

Why Swim With A Wig?

why swim with a wig

"Why would anyone wear a wig while swimming?" you might ask. While it may seem unconventional, there are plenty of good reasons:

1. Hair loss

Individuals experiencing hair loss due to medical conditions like alopecia or undergoing treatments like chemotherapy may opt to wear a wig to maintain their desired appearance. Swimming with a wig allows them to feel more comfortable and confident while enjoying water activities.

2. Style consistency

Some individuals may have a specific hairstyle or look they prefer and want to maintain even while swimming. Wearing a wig allows them to keep their desired hairstyle intact, regardless of being in the water.

3. Privacy and self-expression

Wearing a wig can provide a sense of privacy for individuals who prefer not to reveal their natural hair or scalp to others. It can also be a means of self-expression, allowing them to experiment with different hairstyles or colors that they may not have naturally.

4. Sun protection

black women with long curly wig

Wigs can offer an additional layer of sun protection for the scalp, especially for individuals with sensitive skin or those who have undergone hair-related procedures.

5. Convenience

For individuals who wear wigs regularly, swimming with a wig can be more convenient than removing and storing the wig before swimming. It eliminates the need for frequent wig removal and readjustment.

6. Comfort

Wearing a wig while swimming can be more comfortable and secure than wearing a swim cap or other head coverings, as the wig is designed to fit snugly on the head. It also eliminates the need for frequent readjustment of headgear due to water or wind resistance.

7. Fun

Let's face it—wearing a wig while swimming can be fun! It adds an extra sense of style and flair to your swimwear, making you stand out from the crowd. With so many different styles and colors available, there's something for everyone!

Now that we know why someone would want to wear a wig while swimming let's look at the different types of wigs available and which ones are best suited for water activities.

Types Of Wigs For Swimming That Are Worth Considering

Dive into the world of swim wigs! Whether you're hitting up the pool or the beach, there are a few types of wigs that are quite suitable for swimming. Let's take a look!

Synthetic swim wigs: 

If you're all about quick-drying and chlorine-resistant hair, then a synthetic swim wig is the one for you. Perfect for active swimmers who don't have time to wait around for their hair to dry.

Human hair swim wigs: 

swim with human hair straight wig

For a more natural look and feel, opt for a human hair wig. They're made to withstand water exposure but require a bit more TLC than synthetic wigs. From lace front wigs to 360 wigsfull lace wigs, you'll surely find one that suits your needs, check lightlight summer wig here!

Monofilament swim wigs: 

Monofilament wigs are made with a mesh fabric that allows the scalp to breathe and is lightweight for comfort. This type of wig is also chlorine-resistant and easy to maintain.

Swiss Lace swim wigs: 

Swiss lace swim wigs are the ideal choice for those who want a more natural look and feel. They're lightweight, breathable, and designed to provide maximum comfort while swimming.

Swim caps with Hair: 

If you don't want to commit to a full wig but still want some extra hair security, then a swim cap with hair is your best bet. Swim caps with hair are made from silicone and designed to contain and protect the hair during aquatic activities.

Custom-made swim wigs: 

Want something tailored to your needs and style? Go for a custom-made swim wig!

No matter which one you choose, take note that proper care and maintenance are key to keeping your swim wig in tip-top shape. And why not consult with a wig specialist to find the best one for you? They can provide expert advice on care and maintenance and help you select the perfect wig to suit your needs, preferences, and budget. Get ready to make a splash!

How To Swim With A Wig On?

Fantastic! You're one step closer to becoming a wig-swimming master. From lace fronts to clip-ins, there are so many types of wigs out there – all perfectly suited for swimming. Now it's finally time to get started learning the ropes of swimming with a wig on. Here's what you need to keep in mind: 

how to swim with a wig on

1. Test Your Wig Beforehand to Ensure It's Water-Friendly

Are you ready to take your wig for a dip? Let's first start with the basics and ensure you and your wig will have a safe, secure time in the water! 

To test your wig before taking it for a swim, find a sink or bathtub and submerge your head. Make sure to move into the same swiveling motions as if you were swimming around. That way, you'll get an idea of how secure the wig feels while in the water. 

You can also experiment with different types of waterproof tapes and glues to see which works best for you to give you extra confidence while taking that plunge! This a fantastic way to make sure more is less so that you can hang ten without any worries about your weave coming undone!

2. Choose the Right Adhesive

Once you've tested your wig out, you can up your swim game with the perfect adhesive for the look! Have you heard of Walker Tape Ultra Hold? It'll keep even the most daring wig in place for up to an impressive four weeks, so you can go wild! 

wig adhesive

For even more ultra hold goodness, check out Walker Great White and Walker Extreme Hold too... You won't be going back home in embarrassing disarray with these! 

And one extra crucial pro tip: make use of wig glue remover when it's time to remove the adhesive. That way, there'll be nothing left behind that could potentially do any other damage… to either your wig or scalp!

3. Avoid wearing your favorite wig while swimming to reduce wear and tear

An outdoor swimming experience is sure to be fun! But have you ever thought about your favorite wig getting damaged in the process? We know how important those go-to hairstyles are to you. So, it's best to avoid risking your wigs while in a chlorine and saltwater environment, as both materials can inflict damage on them over time. 

Don't destroy your favorite hairstyle of possibly any style, for that matter! Instead, get wigs suited for swimming – either human or synthetic ones – which are an awesome solution as they are precisely designed for water exposure without surrendering their amazing style. Backflips into the pool guaranteed with optimal protection and outstanding design; combine those two, and you have yourself unbeatable mermaid vivacity!

3. To reduce drag, style long wigs before swimming

Are you about to doggy paddle with your long wig? Braiding or styling your wig into a ponytail before you crush the waves is the way to go if so! That way, you don't have to worry about tangles and knots in the hair becoming even more so when wet. 

style your long wig before swimming

Take it from us—you'll be sprinting smoother across the pool and doing those dolphin dives looking cooler than ever! Plus, seeking some extra style points? Rocking a sea-soaked hairstyle is an instant jaw-dropper, and you're good to go! Go hit those dreams, splashin', and stunt like a pro.

4. Wear a swimming cap for extra protection

Ready for the wig solution of your dreams? Use a swim cap! This is the perfect way to protect your hairstyle while also keeping it in tip-top shape. 

wear a swimming cap

You don't want all that you've invested to be taken away because of the beach or time spent swimming. It doesn't get any easier; just slip it over your wig and dive in! 

An added plus... you can get a wig cap specifically designed to fit over your style so that it stays secure. Don't miss a beat; swim with confidence knowing your hair is protected, all while looking like a total beach babe!

5. Invest In Synthetic Wigs Rather Than Human Hair Wigs

Don't let your hairdo get wet and misshapen! Synthetic wigs are key for looking fabulous while in the water. Not only are they light, so they won't add any extra weight for you while swimming, but they manage to keep their shape and style, meaning you can go from beach to bar without any fuss. 

The convenience of a synthetic wig doesn't stop there: they're generally cheaper than human hair wigs, too, so if your look gets soggy by the end of your day out, you can quickly purchase another one. So don't forget when you're planning your next aquatic adventure: grab a synthetic wig and confidently dive into style success!

6. Use Elastic Band To Hold Your Wig In Place To Prevent Shifting

Elastic Band To Hold Your Wig

You don't want to be worrying about your wig shifting when you're in mid-swim, so make sure it's firmly secured. Being a frequent swimmer? Invest in an elastic band that's designed just for this purpose, and fasten your wig in place before entering the pool—no more fears of frizz and flyaways! 

7. Don't Forget to Care for Your Wig After Swimming

No matter how safely you've protected your wig after a long day of swimming, it's going to need some TLC. 

Before taking off your swim cap or elastic band, make sure to gently shake your wig in the water to get rid of any excess chlorine. Then, before blow-drying and styling your hair, make sure to use a deep moisturizing conditioner and gently towel dry it so that it won't become brittle or weak. And lastly, if you are wearing a human hair wig, be sure to use protective heat spray before curling or straightening it to make sure that your locks stay luscious and beautiful. Ready to look amazing? Follow these steps for a perfect post-swim wig.

Ready, set… dive into gorgeousness! With these tips and tricks, you're all set to hit the pool with confidence—your hair is ready for the challenge! 

In A Nutshell

With a little know-how and some extra steps, you're ready to rock your look and make waves. So don't be intimidated—your wig can handle it all! Get your swim on with these tips and have fun in the sun with style. Look good while doing laps or diving off those boards? Now that's something we can all get behind. Now, it's time to take that plunge—you're good to go! Go hit those dreams, splashin', and stunt like a pro. Happy swimming!

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