4C Edges Hairline Wigs

A 4C Edges Wig, which is also called Kinky Edges Wig, is a kind of human hair wig equipped with a 4c curly hairline that mimics the natural hair of African Americans, making it easy to blend well with your natural hair.
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Why Choose 4C Edges Wig?

Natural Appearance

4C hair texture refers to kinky hair, which is common among African descent. If you have 4C hair or prefer a natural-looking wig that closely matches your hair texture, a 4C edges wig can provide a seamless blend hairline and a realistic appearance.

Invisible Melted HD Lace

4C edges hairline wigs adopt the most undetectable HD lace and can blend well with all skin tones. Giving an illusion the hair strands grow from your scalp! Save your time applying powder or foundation to blend lace.

Beginner Friendly

Type 4c edges wigs are easy to install and take off, you can wear them glueless. Even newbies can wear this wig effortlessly.