A Comprehensive Guide To The Different Types Of Wig Caps Construction

types of wig caps

Embracing fashionista hair with a fun twist just got easier, thanks to the newfound popularity of wigs! With styles ranging from edgy buzz cuts to glamorous long locks, the possibilities for changing up your look are virtually endless. But savvy style mavens know that the right wig cap plays an essential role in ensuring a natural and comfortable fit that will leave heads turning. 

Whether you're looking for variation or subtly switching it up, this comprehensive guide is your one-stop shop for understanding all of the different types of wig caps and their construction, their unique capabilities, and the suite of benefits they provide. So grab your favorite accessory and get ready to explore an exciting new world of fashion today!

What Is A Wig Cap?

A wig cap is the cap construction that makes up the base of a wig and mimics the shape of the human head. All hair strands will be attached to the wig cap, making it an integral part of achieving that perfect fit. 

Wig caps come in various sizes and differ from traditional hats because they are specifically designed to fit the contours of your head and provide a secure hold. Whether you're going for a more natural look or something bolder, the right wig cap can provide the base to create your very own signature style.

Understanding Wig Cap Types and Construction

Are you ready for this? There are SO many types of wig caps out there! And the range of wig cap construction possibilities is truly mind-blowing. It can be overwhelming knowing which one to choose—the options truly vary greatly.

To make sure you select the perfect one for your head shape and hair texture, let's take a look at the main types of wig cap constructions, including different types of lace wigs and different types of machine-made wigs, let's dive in directly!

Lace Front Wig Cap Construction

The lace front wig is beloved by so many, and it's not hard to see why! From the super sheer lace material around the hairline to the individually tied strands positioned to give the effect of natural growth. It's comfortable while still adding major style punch—style your hair away from your face or let it flat against your head in a pulled back 'do without worry. 

Lace Front Wig Cap Construction

Speaking of updated styles, lace fronts come in two different wig cap types: 13x4 Lace Front Wig and 13x6 Lace Front Wig. This refers to how much of the wig cap is covered in lace, and it all depends on the manufacturer. These wig caps also offer elastic straps behind them. Additionally, some lace front wigs include a monofilament top and a 100% hand-tied base which enhances breathability and comfort.

Pros of lace front wig caps:

Lace front wig caps are magic wands for your hair game. Not only do they give you a hairline so realistic no one will know you're faking it, but they also come with a whole bunch of other perks.

1. Natural look

The hd lace material provides you with breathable bliss and supreme comfort and leads to the most natural look appearance.

2. Stunning hairline

Get ready to slay like the queen you are with a hairline that looks so natural, it could even fool mother nature herself.

3. Versatile

You can do the middle part or side part with your lace front wig, and many half up half down hairstyles can achieve with a lace front wig.

Cons of lace front wig caps:

1. Glue damage

Your hairline may get damaged when applying your lace front wig with glue or adhesive unless you get a glueless human hair wig that can be installed without glue.

2. Delicate lace

The front lace is delicate, so you should be more careful when putting on and taking off your wig.

Closure Wig Cap Construction

The closure wig cap is the most traditional and common cap construction. It looks like a lace front wig but with a smaller lace size. This type has a dense, closely-knit mesh base with strands of wefts machine-sewn onto it.

Closure Wig Cap Construction

Pros of closure wig caps:

Ready for hair that stays flawless for longer? Look no further than closure wig caps! Not only do they offer unbeatable protection, but they'll make you look like you just left the salon. Here's why you need one:

1. Affordable

The smaller lace size and traditional wefts make closure wigs less expensive.

2. Durable

With a little care, your closure wig cap will outlast the competition. Its woven mesh base protects from everyday wear and tear, so you can rock your new look without worry.

3. Easy to install

Compare to lace front wigs, closure wigs don't need to deal with glue and hairline, which makes it easy to install a closure wig, and is friendly for beginners.

Cons of closure wig caps:

Limit styling

Since closure wigs come with smaller lace sizes, normally 4x4, 5x5, and 6x6, which will limit parting the hair. But the newest closure wigs designed by Hermosa Hair 2023 - 8x5 and 7x5 closure wigs can bring you more possibilities to style your closure wig.

360 Wig Cap construction

The 360 wig cap is revolutionizing the world of wigs! 360 lace wigs have lace around the entire crown of your head with a cap in the middle, giving you more styling possibilities, ideal for ponytails and high buns.

360 Wig Cap construction

The large & soft hd lace provides the most comfortable and breathable experience. it results in an even distribution of hair strands all around for an incredibly natural look.

Pros of 360 wig caps:

Say goodbye to bad hair days with a 360 wig cap that gives you infinite styling possibilities. From slick back looks to luscious curls, this wig has got you covered. Here's why you should hop on the 360 wig cap bandwagon:

1. Fuss-free

No more dealing with multiple pieces! This one-piece wonder lets you have a full head of lush locks without any hassle.

2. Secure fit

You need not worry about it slipping or sliding off, no matter how active you are. The 360-degree elastic band ensures the wig stays in place.

3. Pretty realistic

Get ready to fool everyone! This wig looks so realistic that nobody can tell if it's real hair or not. No more fake hair woes!

Cros of 360 wig caps:

More expensive: Since 360 lace wigs have more lace than lace fronts and closures, make it more expensive.

Full Lace Wig Cap Construction

The full lace wig cap is the highest quality wig cap available on the market. It features a sturdy lace base which gives it unmatched strength and durability, ensuring your hair looks great all day long. The entire wig cap is made of lace, from nape to crown, giving you an incredibly realistic look that won't quit!

full lace Wig Cap construction

Pros of full lace wig caps:

Flaunt your inner diva with a full lace wig cap that provides you with endless style options. From shoulder-length tresses to mermaid waves, this wig cap will give you the locks of your dreams in no time! Here's why you should invest in one:

1. Unlimited styling possibilities

With a full lace wig cap, you can switch up your look in an instant. From side-swept bangs to updos and more!

2. Lightweight and breathable

Unlike other wigs, a full lace wig cap does not trap any heat or moisture, making it the perfect choice for hot summer days.

3. Makeup friendly

Full lace wig caps are designed to blend seamlessly with your natural hairline, so you can easily apply makeup without worrying about the wig shifting.

Cons of full lace wig caps:

1. Expensive

As we all know, the entire full lace wig cap is made of breathable and soft lace, which makes human hair full lace wigs become the most expensive wig in the wig market.

2. Unfriendly for beginners

Full lace wigs require a professional hairstylist to help you finish the installation if you want to get a perfect look. Unless you are an experienced wig installer that master many professional skills. So it is not friendly for beginners.

Headband Wig Cap Construction

The headband wig cap is the perfect combination of comfort and convenience. Unlike other wigs, it is a kind of glueless wig that does not require any glue or mess—just slip it on, and you're ready to go. It features a stretchable elastic headband that covers the entire perimeter of your head for a secure fit that won't budge!

Headband Wig Cap Construction

Pros of headband wig caps:

Don't let its unassuming appearance fool you, folks - the headband wig cap is a game-changer! It's the ultimate hair accessory that makes it effortless to change up your look in a jiffy. Here's why this baby's a must-have:

1. Slip it on with ease

Because you don't need to work with any glue or gel, headband wigs are easy to put on and take off, and extremely friendly for beginners.

2. Cheap

Headband human hair wigs are the cheapest non-lace wigs that you can get for dozens of dollars.

Cons of headband wig caps:

You can't do the middle part or side part like lace wigs, but high ponytails and top buns can work.

V/U part wig cap Construction

As the name suggested, the v part wig has a V-shaped opening on the front of the top of the wig and the u part wig has a U-shaped opening on the front of the top of the wig. To be honest, the structure of these two wig caps looks the same except for the open shape, so the pros and cons of these two wigs are almost the same.

v part wig and u part wig cap structure

Pros of v/u part wig caps:

1. Easy to install

Both of them featured clips and combs inside the wig cap to secure the wig, no glue or gel is needed. You can install and remove the u/v part wig within a few minutes. Much save your time and beginner for wig wears.

2. Protective wig style

Since you don't need to apply glue anymore, which can save your natural hairline and scalp, especially for those who have sensitive skin.

3. Offer a natural look

With a v-part or u-part wig, a portion of your natural hair can be blended with the wig naturally. Bring you an undetected look. The only difference is that the u part wig allows you to leave out a larger section of natural hair to cover the wig while the v part wig can choose not to leave out hair.

Cons of v/u part wig caps:

1. Not suit for all people

Since you need to use clips to secure the u/v part wig, people who have bald hair can't use this type of wig.

2. Frequently install can damage your natural hair

Heat tools are a common tool used to blend your natural hair into the wig,  if you apply overheat to the leave out hair, your natural hair may get damaged.

T Part Wig Cap Construction

T-part wig feature with a 13x5x1 inches lace area. The lace from ear to ear on the edges and in the middle of the parting space makes an upside-down "T" shape on the wig. That means you can get a natural hairline like lace front wigs. It also has an adjustable headband inside, so you can customize your fit and flaunt luscious locks with confidence.

T Part Wig Cap Construction

Pros of T-part wig caps:

1. Affordable price

Since the lace area of a T-part wig is very small, it is much more affordable than a closure wig or a lace front wig.

2. Beginner friendly

The T-part wig is great for beginners as it is relatively easy to install and customize the hairline.

Cons of T-part wig caps:

Can't change up where it's parted:

Most T-part wigs are pre-parted, which means that you won't be able to adjust the way it's separated. It is only possible to part it in the center, and you cannot change up the parting space as much as you can with a full frontal lace wig.

Wefted Cap Wig Construction

A wefted cap wig is also called a capeless wig, air cap wig, basic cap wig, or open cap wig. Wefted cap construction is the perfect option for those needing a more affordable and lightweight wig. 

Wefted Cap Wig Construction

The wefts are sewn together, usually in rows, to create an open-cap design. This type of cap offers comfort with its breathable material, and it's great for everyday use due to its durability. The thickness of the wig is determined by how closely the wefts are sewn. While hand-tied and lace front wig caps offer a more natural look, you know you can count on your wefted cap to hold up day after day without breaking the bank.

Pros of wefted wig caps:

1. Lightweight awesomeness

These wig caps are very lightweight, making them comfortable to wear for extended periods. You will hardly notice that you are wearing them. No more heavy feelings in your head.

2. Money-saving

Wefted wig caps are a budget-friendly alternative to expensive wigs. Who says beauty has to come with a hefty price tag?

3. No-fuss design

No need for a degree in wig styling here! The open-cap construction makes it easy to throw on and go. Just keep it simple and let your natural beauty shine.

Cons of wefted wig caps:

1. Not as natural as other wigs.

2. Can't change hairstyles.

Monofilament Construction

The monofilament wig cap is the most realistic and natural looking! It allows you to part your hair any way you desire. Its mesh material creates an incredibly lifelike look, giving the illusion of hair growing from the scalp. But don't forget – while this type of wig can be transformational, it may not be everyone's cup of tea Comfort is key when selecting a perfect, confidence-boosting style. This is especially the case for those with sensitive scalps.

Pros of monofilament wig caps:

Monofilament wig caps offer several key benefits:

1. Natural Scalp Appearance

The individually hand-tied hair strands create a realistic scalp appearance, making the wig look incredibly natural.

2. Versatile Styling

The hair strands can be parted in any direction, giving you the flexibility to style your wig in various ways to suit your preferences.

3. Comfortable Fit

Monofilament caps are designed to be lightweight and breathable, ensuring a comfortable experience even during extended wear.

Cons of monofilament wig caps:


Hand-Tied Cap Construction

Creating a natural, beautiful wig is an art form, and you can trust that hand-tied construction is always the best option! Highly skilled artisans painstakingly tie individual strands to the mesh base, piece by piece. 

Hand-Tied Cap Construction

This results in incredible realism that replicates your own hair's movement—it almost looks as if it's growing out of your scalp! On top of its astonishing look and feel, this type of wig cap is considered the most luxurious. Plus, it has a smooth softness on your skin plus unparalleled breathability for long-wear comfort.

Pros of hand-tied wig caps:

1. Movement galore

These wig caps flow just like your natural locks, thanks to the expert tying technique.

2. Superior quality

Each hair is hand-knotted, making it the ultimate shield against any wig-related mishaps.

3. Styling freedom

You can wear your wig caps in any way you please. From sultry side parts to chic ponytails, the sky's the limit with these babies.

Cons of hand-tied wig caps:

More Expensive

With all the benefits that this wig construction provides, wigs’ prices with this cap are usually higher.

Full Machine-Made Wig Cap Construction

A full machine-made wig made by machines there are combs and an adjustable strap at the nape for a secure fit), people always use a full machine-made wig cap to produce bang wigs. For people who are new to wigs, or possibly allergic to or simply not fond of wig glues and or wig tapes. This full machine-made wig is perfect for you.

full machine made wig cap construction

Pros of full machine-made wig caps:

1. Cheap price

Machine-made wigs are much cheaper than Hand-Tied Wigs because they are mass-produced in a short duration.

2. Can be natural

If you are going with a human hair full machine-made wig, the natural textures and gloss make it hard to find you are wearing a wig.

Cons of full machine-made wig caps:

1. Scalp irritation

The thick and heavy cap construction can lead to irritation problems if you have a sensitive scalp.

2. Durability

Strands might not be secured into the cap while sewing with machines leading to a decrease in their lifespan.

In a Nutshell

The perfect wig cap for you depends on the comfort level and hairstyle you are looking for. Whether you're after a more natural look or a quick change of hair color, there's something out there to fit your every mood. 

Wig caps come in all shapes, sizes, and colors and are great for creating an individual look that's sure to make an impact – no matter the occasion. So don't waste another moment worrying about what type of wig cap will suit you! With our comprehensive guide to the different types of wig caps & construction, you are sure to find one that fits both your style and budget! 

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