Wolf Cut Hair - Everything You Need To Know

wolf cut hair

The wolf cut has been trendy for some time now and it doesn't seem to be going anywhere soon. It is a retrospect of two stylish cuts of the 70s and 80s- the mullet and shag cut. 

While you might have seen videos on it on TikTok, and your favorite celebrities like Billie Eilish rock it, you might love to explore its world and know everything about it. 

That’s why we’re here. In this article, let's see everything you need to know about the wolf cut and the undeniable charm it can bring. 

What Is A Wolf Cut?

The wolf cut is a hairstyle that originated in South Korea and garnered attention among actors and K-pop Idols making it popular. Not connected to the wolf species at all, the name could be due to the haircut's thickness which gives a wolf-like style. 

This haircut combines a little bit of fussiness from the shag hairstyle and the natural flow from the mullet, only that it's a bit more stylish. 

what is a wolf cut

Unlike the classic mullet hairstyle (that has volume at the top of the head), the wolf cut hairstyle is voluminous all the way through, giving you the body on the top of your head, and down to the sides. Known for this volume, narrow ends, and curly layers, this hairstyle is quite stylish and noticeable from a distance. Not to forget the thick bangs that leave it at that. 

Well, to sum up what a wolf cut is, let's say that it's the iconics' fresh, intriguing, and contemporary haircut with a lot of height, movement, and texture. 

Face Shapes a Wolf Cut Would Fit

Perhaps you're wondering if the wolf cut will suit your face shape. In case you are, yes it will. 

For Round Face:

round face with wolf cut

While the wolf cut has volume and layers that go well with the features of a round face shape, this haircut is versatile and unique with different styles and that makes it easy for anyone to wear. You can wear a wolf cut style that will look fabulous with your face shape. 

For Square Face:

Square Face with wolf cut

The square face shape for instance can go with a wolf cut style with softer bangs, short layers on top, and generally layered to the jawline.

For Oblong/Rectangle Face:

Oblong face shape and rectangle face can add weight to the hair with the layering and can be enhanced with some bangs. Remember that there doesn't have to be too much going on at the front. You can keep it short and fun. 

For Heart Shape Face:

heart shape face with wolf cut

A wolf cut with bangs will look great for anyone with a heart-shaped face. You can open up your chin area by going with framing layers. The same goes for an oval face shape. Highlighting the narrow chin.

For Triangle Face:

Triangle Face with wolf cut

Those with a triangle-shaped face can leave their foreheads open and go with longer face-framing layers. That will help slim the face and add the harmony they want.

In all, choose a style that suits you and goes well with your hair type. 

Can the Wolf Cut Look Good with Your Type of Hair?

Can the Wolf Cut Look Good with Your Type of Hair

The good news is the wolf cut looks good with most hair types. However, not all. It'll be hard for some hair types to achieve the density, while others might be too curly like type 4 hair.

Thin and fine hair does not necessarily possess the volume the wolf cut requires. They might appear too thin, with no strength and texture to liven up the hairstyle. Actually, you can invest in a human hair wig to help you out. 

Hair types that have higher density like medium hair on the other hand will work well. You can style it curly, or straight. It works great. Dense hair works even better. The layers and the movement can't be matched. You can layer it and create a magical movement. 

If you have curly hair, it works as well. Super curly may not though. It won't be what you're looking for. Still, some products will be the game changer for hair types that might not work. 

Wolf Cut Hairstyles You Should Try

There are many ways you can rock the wolf cut. These styles can vary depending on your hair texture and type. Yet it's beautiful how each has their uniqueness, and personality giving off a gorgeous, cool-girl vibe. 

You can add some of these wolf-cut hairstyles to your list.

1. Long face-framing layers

Long face-framing layers

The long face-framing layers hairstyle is the first on our list. This style accentuates your features while creating a unique and stylish appearance. It introduces short layers of hair at the front while leaving longer layers at the back. 

Long face-framing layers are perfect for every face shape, hair texture, or type. This wolf-cut hairstyle, praises the best features, truly leaving no one behind. 

2. Medium Length Layers

Medium Length Layers

The medium-length layered style does unimaginable wonders in the world of wolf cut. It's the perfect wolf cut length anyone might be looking for. If you have thick hair, it highlights the volume - making you feel stunning in your hair. Since you can maximize the wolf cut styles to the fullest, you can add the shaggy style to boost the overall richness. 

3. Short Hair Wolf Cut 

Short Hair Wolf Cut

Looking for an adventure? Then go for this. The short hair wolf cut doesn't just have a short length, it can be styled in different ways. Some short hair wolf cut hairstyles are the pixie wolf cut, curly, messy, or framing layers. 

You can add volume to the top for more enhancement while revealing your nice facial features. 

4. Curly Hair Wolf Cut

Curly Hair Wolf Cut

This hairstyle has no limit. Curly hair wolf cut can have those framing layers that outline your soft features, or it could be a choppy layers kind of vibe. This hairstyle will include some curls and add volume to the sides of your face. The bangs or the face-framing layers are also there. So, explore! 

5. Wavy Wolf Cut

Got wavy hair? This is for you. 

Wavy Wolf Cut

The wavy wolf cut won't only highlight your hair type and texture, it'll boost your hair volume giving you the perfect wavy wolf cut. You could try it with framing layers, or choppy bangs.

Likewise, you can go for a long or short length. It doesn't matter. Both will look just great. 

6. Wolf Cut with Bangs

This might be your favorite. Wolf-cut styles with bangs just have a way of spicing things up right? Of course.

Wolf Cut with Bangs

Bangs are always trendy and can effortlessly take your look to another level. With the wolf cut, you'll be amazed. There are numerous ways to go about your bangs. It could be soft, or thick. The side-parted bangs also always go right. You could contrast that with long-length framing layers to compliment the look. 

7. Waterfall Wolf Cut

Waterfall Wolf Cut

Waterfall Wolf cut, suitable for curly, long, straight, and wavy hairs. This style enhances volume not minding the length of your hair. How does the hairstyle look? The waterfall wolf cut implements the unicorn cut, the wolf cut, and the waterfall cut. It's wavy, voluminous, and has a lot of texture. You can easily create this at your home if you want. 

8. Wolf Cut Mullet

Wolf Cut Mullet

The classic shag is back, only with a little contemporary spice with it. This hairstyle has short layers, edgier, and is a style that has movement that beautifies and highlights your face. It might be more suitable for round-shaped faces since it helps elongate the face and accentuates the chin. 

How to Maintain a Wolf Cut?

Here some girls may ask "Is a Wolf Cut Hard to Maintain?" It isn't. A wolf-cut hairstyle should be one of the simplest styles to look after. It doesn't require much. 

All you need to do is regular care.

a. Regular brushing prevents tangling that may occur along the way. 

b. Brush in the morning and before you go to sleep at night. 

c. You might want to use a silk bonnet to preserve your hair while you sleep as well.

d. Next, you might need to visits hair salon to do some routine trims. It’s essential to keep up with your haircuts to preserve the layers and shaggy bangs especially you done a short wolf cut. If you can trim it yourself, then go ahead. (If you choose to get a wolf cut wig, you can just skip this step)

e. Use good products on your hair. You can speak to your hairstylist about the products you should use. Don't forget your leave-in conditioner.

Please note that the wolf cut maintenance won't be the same. That's because it depends on your style: wavy, curly, etc. 

What Products Do I Need for a Wolf Cut?

Again, the wolf-cut hairstyle isn't so hard to maintain. But before then, you'll need some products to style your hair. 

Let's see a few;

1. Volumizing Products

Volumizing Products

We've mentioned products that help enhance your fine or thin hair texture for the wolf cut. Well, here they are. 

Volumizing products, sea salt spray, and dry texturizers can be of good help in adding the body, texture, and volume your hair needs for the wolf cut. It won't just add the fullness, it'll help with the definition too. Pantene Volume Body Boosting Mousseis a good example.

2. Heat Protectant

Heat Protectant

Using a heat protectant when styling is vital. As the name suggests, this product helps protect your hair and prevents it from damage. So, whenever you'd like to style your hair, make sure you use it. While it's not proper to use it regularly, styling every once every three weeks is still considered safe for your hair. 

3. Curling Products

Curling Products

For curly wolf cut styles, you'll need Curl mousse. It helps to enhance those curls and waves and make them more defined. It might be the perfect product during the hot summer since you won't want to be heating your hair. Davines curl moisturizing mousse would be a good purchase.

Final Thoughts

Are you ready to give the wolf cut a try? What are your thoughts about this haircut? Do let us know in the comment section. We'll be glad to hear from you. Until next time. 

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