Air Dry VS Blow Dry, Which One Is Better For A Human Hair Wig?

air dry vs blow dry

Do you know that how you dry your human hair wigs affects how long they last?

Human hair wigs are great investments. It means they can last for years. However, you want to treat them as precious as they are. This is in terms of how you wash, store, and dry them. Yet, while most people pay attention to how they do the first two, the drying aspect is left to be done without much thought.

Some opt for air drying wrongly, others choose to use a blow dryer. There might be others who alter the way they dry to fit into the next best way. We know it's easy to get confused about how to dry a human hair wig.

This leaves you to question: is it better to air dry or blow dry a human hair wig?

That's why in this article, we'll be discussing both, choosing which of them might be better and the reasons why.

Is It Better to Air Dry Your Human Hair Wig?

Is It Better to Air Dry Your Human Hair Wig

It’s just as the word means. It is the act of leaving your human hair wig to dry naturally by air. While some may confuse it with drying your wig in a heated place or under the sun, it's not. The process involves using a microfiber towel and natural air to dry your wig.

One myth surrounding air-drying wigs is that it's the best and keep your strands healthy and safe. Yet, while it's true, doing it wrongly can be more of a disadvantage than an advantage.

So, how do you air-dry your wig correctly? Find out below.

How to Air Dry A Wig Correctly?

How to Air Dry A Wig Correctly

As much as you put effort into shampooing and conditioning your wig, we'd like you to do the same for the drying process. In this section, let's show you how to air-dry your wig properly.

There are mistakes you make when air drying your human hair wig, which can lead to one issue or another. That makes you wonder if air-drying your wig is the best way. However, the steps below will help you air-dry your wig correctly.

Step 1: Gently squeeze your wig to remove the excess water from it. You don't want to do it vigorously or wring it, so you avoid damaging your strands.

Step 2: Lay your wig on a microfiber towel (preferably) or a T-shirt, then blot it dry with the other side of the clothing. This will allow it to absorb the moisture without causing friction, breakage, tangling, or damage to the strands.

Step 3: Comb your strands from the ends to the root to remove any tangles. You want to use a wide-tooth comb for this or a wig brush, as that will help you prevent your strands getting more tangled than it is.

Step 4: Set up your wig stand in a dry place and place your human hair wig to air dry. While this might take longer time, the benefits you get are enormous. You wouldn't want to miss them.

Following these steps when you air dry should give you some great benefits. Interested? Check out the next section.

Benefits of Air Drying Your Human Hair Wig

Benefits of Air Drying Your Human Hair Wig
1. Gentle Treatment

When it comes to drying, air drying is considered the gentler method. This is because it involves using minimal heat, and that's safe for human hair wigs.

It's a method that allows your wig strands to flourish more without any risk of experiencing heat damage. Plus, it screams healthiness. With it, your human hair wig can remain in shape for a long time.

2. Less Expensive

Unlike a blow dryer, you do not need any tool for this method. All you have to do is place your wig on a stand and let it dry, costing you nothing. Plus, it's simple and easy as well.

3. Gives Your Wig a Break

Similar to our natural hair, the regular use of heat tools can cause damage to your wig. So, avoiding heating tools can give your wig a break and give it time to rest. But this doesn't have to do with using a blow dryer alone. Other tools, such as the flat iron, curling iron, etc, are among them. Take a break from these heat styling and drying tools to extend the lifespan of your wig.

4. Less Frizz

Air drying can minimize and prevent frizz. What this means is you get your wig looking natural and more polished than ever. So, let it sit for hours to get it looking all smooth and perfect. If it still ends up being frizzy, that's a sign that your tresses are not well-hydrated and need more moisture.

5. Preserves Texture

Since air drying minimizes heat and damage, your wig can retain moisture, making your texture healthy and preserving its natural feel.

6. Keeps Your Human Hair Wig Shiny and Smooth

Air drying your wig allows it to remain smooth and shiny. This is because there's no exposure to high heat, and the cuticles are still smooth.

Is It Better to Blow Dry Your Human Hair Wig?

Is It Better to Blow Dry Your Human Hair Wig

Blow drying involves using a hair dryer to dry your human hair wig. It's quick, effective, and popular.

However, generally, there are mixed feelings about using a blow dryer to dry human hair wigs and wigs in general. But are these conceptions about the use of blow dryers true? We don't think so!

While blow drying your human hair on high heat when wet is bad for the strands, you can blow dry at a low temperature. It's safe and fast and won't damage your strands when done properly.

Check how to blow dry your wig to keep your strands safe below.

How to Blow Dry A Wig Correctly?


Good stylings starts from a proper blow drying 😍

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The best way to blow dry your wig is to keep your tool at its lowest setting. So, after getting your tool ready, follow these steps;

Step 1: Wring out the water from your wig. This is to remove the excess water from it and keep water from dripping. But make sure you are not twisting or pulling on the strands. You can strip it of moisture or cause split ends that way.

Step 2: Again, absorb excess moisture using a microfiber towel. This will stop the water from dripping if it has not stopped and allow you to work smoothly moving forward. But don't rub your wig with the towel, it can make your hair brittle and fragile.

Step 3: Detangle your hair with a soft paddle brush, a wig brush, or a wide-tooth comb to keep your strands tangle-free. It's an essential step you should not skip.

Step 4: Now, like most hair stylists will advise, get your hair to be about 50% dry before using your tool. It's much better this way. So, place it on a mannequin and wait for some time.

If you're in a hurry, you can skip this part.

Step 5: We've mentioned earlier that your strands are safe when your tool is at its lowest. However, we hope you avoid damaging your strands by using a heat styling tool by accident. So, pick your heat protectant and apply it to your strands. You can't be too extra careful when using hot tools.

Step 6: Placed at the lowest temperature, use your blow dryer to dry your human hair wig. You want to avoid placing it close to the strands. Instead, let it rest six inches away. That way, the air will not hit the strands with much force.

Pro tips: Even if we blow dry the whole wig, the inside may be damp, especially machine made wigs. So it is necessary to turn the wig inside out and blow dry it also.

After going through all parts of the wig, apply some oil to the wig and let it sit.

Benefits of Blow Drying Your Human Hair Wig

1. Controlled Styling

An advantage you get for using a blow dryer is you get to control how your wig will look. This means you can manipulate it to give the style you want, whether sleek, straight, or whatever.

2. Quick Drying

With a blow dryer, you get to dry your wig faster than when drying with air. You can conveniently wash your wig and dry it with hopes that you can wear it out the same day, which might not be the case when you air dry cause it takes longer time to dry completely.

3. Volume

Do you want your wig voluminized? A blow dryer gives you that for free. It will make your wig fuller and allow you to achieve whatever look you want.

Which Is the Right Method for You?

While it's hard to tell which one is better since it depends on different factors such as preference and style, on our end, we'll consider using the air-dry method safer than the blow-dry method. That is because it's easier to get your strands damaged with a blow dryer when used constantly and at the wrong temperature setting.

However, the choice is not ours to make. Ultimately, it's yours. So,  decide based on your preference, the style you want to achieve, and the time at hand.

There might be days you’ll prefer to use a blow dryer due to time, and there are days you may opt for the air drying method for a more natural and effortless look. So, go for what's best for you. Only be sure to follow the methods correctly as both, when done wrongly, can also lead to damaging your human hair wig.

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