All You Need To Know About Burgundy Hair Color

burgundy hair

Burgundy hair color has become quite popular, and the reason is apparent. It's a reddish-purple shade similar to the color of red wine, that comes from the Burgundy region of France.

The color complements a range of skin tones, especially dark skin. Likewise, choosing the right burgundy shade for your skin tone is essential since it ranges from darker to brighter. 

In this article, we'll explore the shades of burgundy, how it complements your skin tone, burgundy wigs, hairstyles with burgundy hair, and how to take adequate care of burgundy hair.

What Is Burgundy Hair Color?

burgundy hair color

Burgundy Straight Hd Lace Front Wig

Burgundy hair color is a shade of red with blue and purple undertones. It's a rich and deep color that adds warmth, texture, and dimension to hair. Which is also known as 99j hair color. Burgundy hair looks stunning on all skin tones, especially on dark skin.

Shades of Burgundy

There are various shades of burgundy hair color, and the shades depend on the colors in the dye mixture. Also, the shade that will work for you depends on your skin tone, preference, and natural hair color.

Some examples include:

● Cherry burgundy: 

cherry burgundy hair color

This shade of burgundy is brighter and more vibrant. It also has a red tint.

● Deep burgundy: 

deep burgundy hair color

Resembles black. It's a dark and rich shade of burgundy.

● Wine burgundy: 

wine burgundy hair color

similar to the color of red wine. It's a medium shade of burgundy.

● Violet burgundy: 

violet burgundy hair color

Violet burgundy has purple undertones and is a fantastic shade.

●  Plum burgundy: 

plum burgundy hair color

Has deep purple undertones and a rich shade of burgundy.

● Mahogany burgundy: 

Mahogany burgundy hair color

This shade has a more natural resemblance to burgundy.

How Dark Skin Girl Look With Burgundy Hair Color? 

dark skin girl with burgundy hair

Research shows that burgundy hair color looks great on dark skin girls. This is because the deep and rich shade of burgundy complements the warm undertones in dark skin - thereby giving a unique contrast. 

The Right Shade of Burgundy for Your Skin Tone

Even if burgundy works well on all skin tones, choosing a suitable shade can upgrade your final look. With so many pretty shades of burgundy to choose from, it can be a challenge to find one that’s perfect for your skin tone. 

different shade of burgundy hair color on black women

Here you can only follow one rule: If you have a pink olive or ebony skin tone, go get cooler burgundy shades that contain lots of red and violet. If you have a peachy or golden skin tone, go get a warmer burgundy shade that contains more brown tones.

Factors to Consider Before Trying Burgundy Hair Color

It's crucial to consider some factors before converting your hair into burgundy. These factors will assure you that you're making the right decisions. They include:

1. Skin tone

The shades of burgundy complement different skin tones. So, you have to choose the best shade for your skin.

2. Hair color

Before you convert your hair into burgundy, check your natural hair color. For instance, if you have dark hair, you should bleach it before dyeing it.

3. Lifestyle

Burgundy hair will stand out and makes you the center of attention. Thus, if you have a job or a specific lifestyle with a few restrictions, ensure that converting your hair into burgundy will fit.

4. Maintenance

Burgundy hair requires regular maintenance, like touching up to maintain the vibrancy of the color.

5. Hair condition

The condition of your hair is another factor to consider. For example, if your hair is damaged, dyeing it burgundy can cause more damage. Hence, make sure your hair is healthy and in a suitable condition.

6. Long term

If you use a permanent dye, burgundy hair color can take a while to wash out. So, it's crucial to prepare your mind for a long-term commitment.

11 Inspired Burgundy Hairstyles for Black Women

Various hairstyles can complement burgundy hair color. However, knowing your chosen hairstyle will depend on your face shape, preference, and hair type is paramount.

Here are a few examples of hairstyles. 

1. Long loose waves

long loose wave burgundy hair

Loose Wave 99J Burgundy Color Wig

Burgundy hair looks beautiful with long and loose waves. The burgundy shade adds texture to the hair and makes it look more attractive.

2. Burgundy Bob On Dark Skin

burgundy bob on dark skin

Short Bob Burgundy Wig Straight

Bob hairstyles look amazing with burgundy colors. The sharp and clean lines of the bob will showcase the hair's vibrant color. In fact, the shorter the hair length, the more visible the color.

3. Burgundy Hair Updo

burgundy hair updo

Burgundy hair color looks stunning in an updo. It can be a sleek chignon or a messy bun. As a result, the hairstyle will show off the color and add a touch of sophistication to your appearance.

4. Burgundy Box Braids

burgundy box braid

Braids are also perfect for showing your burgundy hair color. It can be a simple or complex braid, and the color adds depth and makes it more pretty.

5. Burgundy Pixie cut

burgundy pixie cut

The burgundy hair color looks fantastic with a pixie cut. It adds dimension and volume to the hair making it more attractive.

6. Wavy Bouncy Curl

wavy bouncy curl

Wavy Burgundy Hair Color Wig

The burgundy color is perfect for wavy hair, the flow wave and shining luster flattering your face and body shape best.

7. Voluminous Curls

voluminous curl

This is definitely one hairstyle that nobody can refuse, use wander curler to do these curls on your burgundy wig to add volume, transform into a charming and sexy girl.

8. Low Ponytail Curly Burgundy Red Hair

low ponytail burgundy hair

A sleek low ponytail with curls provides more fun on burgundy hair.

9. Silky Straight Burgundy Hair With Bang

silky straight burgundy hair with bang

Silky Straight Burgundy Wig With Bangs

For women who want to frame faces and add design to their hairstyles, a bang is an easy way to make you stand out of the crowd, this bold cherry burgundy gives what it suppose to give!

10. Burgundy Skunk Stripe

burgundy skunk stripe

Bold hair color +  gorgeous makeup, it's everything!!!

11. Burgundy Hair With Curtain Bangs

burgundy hair with curtain bangs

Wavy Burgundy Hair Glueless Wig With Curtain Bangs

No matter what skin tone and face shape you have, this burgundy hair with curtain bangs hairstyle is a perfect choice!

Should I Try Burgundy Wig?

should I try burgundy wig

Other than converting your hair into burgundy, you can even use a burgundy wig. Burgundy wigs, just like the hair color, complement the dark skin tone and make you look confident. 

Thus, here are some tips to consider when selecting your burgundy wigs.

1. The shade of burgundy

As highlighted above, there are various shades of burgundy. Thus, it's crucial to choose the shade that's compatible with your skin tone. 

2. Makeup complement

While wearing your burgundy wig, ensure it matches your makeup. For instance, a bold lip gloss that's similar to the shade of the wig can blend perfectly. 

3. Styles

There are different wig styles that you can style your burgundy wigs into. Some include curly bob, straight, loose waves, etc.

4. Maintenance

Your burgundy wigs need the best maintenance you can provide. Always follow the instructions that come with your wigs and use a wig stand to keep it in shape.

How to Install Burgundy Wigs

Installing a burgundy wig is not different from how you install your other wigs. Follow these steps: 

1. Tie your hair and secure it with Bobby pins.

2. Use a wig adhesive remover on your hairline and wear a wig cap. Ensure it's snug and tuck in stray hairs.

3. Gently trim the lace along the hairline while leaving some of the babe hair.

4. Apply wig adhesive along your hairline and wait for it to dry.

5. Place the wig on your head and align it with your hairline, pressing the lace into the adhesive.

6. Style the babe hair by trimming it to create a natural hairline. Use hair gel to style the babe hair and brush the wig.

7. Style according to your preference. Then, use pins to secure the wigs along your head.

How to Take Care of your Burgundy Hair Color?

care for burgundy hair color

It's crucial to take care of your Burgundy hair, so it can stay vibrant and colorful. However, here are some tips you can use.

1. Sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner

Sulfate tends to strip hair of its natural oils and allows the color to fade rapidly. So, sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner will improve your hair's health and keep the burgundy color intact.

2. Lukewarm water

Always use lukewarm water or cool water to wash your hair for color preservation. Hot water can open hair cuticles and allow the color to escape.

3. Avoid washing your hair often

Washing your hair all the time will remove the color rapidly. Hence, always put space in between your wash days and use dry shampoo to keep the hair fresh.

4. Color-protecting products

Use hair care products that are color-protecting and will keep your burgundy color intact.

5. Limit direct sunlight

If you want your color to last for a while, ensure you limit or avoid sunlight. Sunlight can cause the color to fade quickly, so always use a baseball cap or scarves to complement your look.

6. Deep condition

Safe deep conditioners can keep your hair moisturized and preserve its color.

7. Avoid heat-styling tools

Heat-styling tools can cause more damage than good. They can even shed hair color rapidly, so avoid them. However, you can use a heat protectant spray if you must use the tools.

How to Take Care of your Burgundy Wigs

Like your burgundy hair color, it's vital to take care of your Burgundy wig. Adequate maintenance will keep it vibrant and pretty. Here are some tips to maintain the wigs.

● Washing

You should wash burgundy your wig regularly, depending on how frequently you wear it. Ensure you use wig shampoo and conditioner and follow the instructions on the packaging.

● Detangling

Another way to maintain your Burgundy wig is to detangle it before washing. Moreover, make use of a wide-toothed comb to detangle - to prevent knots from forming when you wash.

● Storage

Store your burgundy wig on a stand or mannequin to keep it in shape. Also, keep it away from direct sunlight which can damage the fibers.

● Protection

Protect your burgundy wig from harsh weather like snow, rain, and extreme heat. Use a hat or cap to protect your wig if you're going out for a long time. 

Frequently Asked Questions about Burgundy Hair


1. How can I choose the right burgundy shade?

Before choosing a burgundy shade, consider your natural hair color, skin tone, and shade you want to use. However, it's recommended to consult a professional hairstylist for the right shade.

2. Does burgundy hair color suit all dark skin girls?

Burgundy hair color looks fantastic on dark skin girls because it complements their skin. The warm undertones blend with the dark nature of their skin.

3. Is it possible to dye my hair burgundy at home?

Absolutely. You can get the hair dye and follow the above steps to apply it. Moreover, it's advisable to consult a hairstylist expert who can use it without issues.

4. Where can I get a Burgundy Wig?

You can get a Burgundy wig from the hair salon, any online hair store, or a supermarket.

5. How long does the burgundy hair color last?

The lifespan of the burgundy color in your hair depends on factors like the shade of the color, your hair type, the condition of your hair, and your hair hygiene. However, burgundy hair color can last for 4–6 weeks on average, before touching up.

6. How should I take care of my burgundy hair?

Use sulfate-free shampoo, use deep conditioners regularly, avoid direct sunlight, and use a heat protectant when using curling iron/blow dryers.

Bottom Line

Undoubtedly, burgundy hair color is a perfect hair color for all skin tones. With its various shades, you can choose the one that complements your skin tone. Moreover, you should bleach or pre-lighten your hair before applying the dye. 

Burgundy Wigs are also a good way to wear burgundy. They're available in numerous styles and complement the dark skin tone. Consequently, adequate maintenance is also crucial to keep the color for a long time. This article highlights everything you should know about Burgundy hair color, burgundy wigs, hairstyles, and how it complements darker skin tones.

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