13 Stunning Auburn Hair Color Ideas For 2024

auburn hair color ideas

Looking for an exciting new hair color, a color that exudes warmth and sophistication? Look no further! The rich mix of red and brown tones, collectively known as auburn, is the perfect option for a deeply impactful transformation.

Amazingly versatile and arrayed in intensity, auburn has subtle to stunning shades that can fit anyone's style perfectly. Perfectly suited for Autumn! Check fall color wigs here!

From deep burgundy to lighter mahogany hints, let this blog post take you through the delights of 13+ dazzlingly stunning and fantastic auburn hair colors that will leave you yearning for your next fabulous hair journey. Whether you are looking for a subtle switch or a bold new look, these ideas will inspire the best version of your hair.

What Exactly Is Auburn Hair Color?

Before we delve into the exciting array of auburn hair color ideas, let's understand what exactly auburn hair color is. Auburn hair color is a reddish-brown shade that varies in intensity from medium to dark. It is characterized by the presence of both pheomelanin (red pigment) and eumelanin (brown pigment) in its chemical composition.

auburn hair color 

It is the perfect blend of both warm and cool tones, which makes it a universally-flattering shade for most skin tone types. Most of the variations of auburn hair color have an underlying base tone ranging from golden to deep red. Auburn hair color comes in different shades, with the three most popular tones being light, medium, and dark. Dark auburn hair has a deep ginger appearance, while light auburn hair may appear orange.

The Appeal of Auburn Hair Color That You Cannot Deny

Auburn hair color has exploded in popularity as an incredibly versatile shade! Its warm undertones instantly add shape and texture to your locks, making them look radiant and plush. 

Few other shades boast such ability to complement all eye colors, including blues and greens all the way through hazel and brown. Best part? Auburn hair comes in a wonderful range of subtle natural shades, along with bold, sultry hues. No matter what style you fancy or the occasion you're dressing for, auburn is the perfect pop of personality for your hairstyle—and ready to give you some next-level groomed good vibes! Best auburn wigs are available!

Ready to Get Inspired? Here Are

13+ Fabulous Auburn Hair Color Ideas

We have an abundance of ideas to take your look up a notch! Whether you're looking for something dramatically different, like balayage, or something more subtle, like an ombre, we can make it happen. 

Expand your hair horizons and explore all the beautiful possibilities of auburn hair! Unlock gorgeous tones with dark and smoky hues, or choose a lighter red-brown hue that will shine in the sun. It's time to create the perfect hairstyle for you:

1. Brown Base Auburn Hair

Starting subtly and naturally is the way to go! Brown-based auburn hair is the perfect hue for adding just a touch of warm reddish undertones and is sure to make heads turn. This timeless, classic look creates so much impact with its subtle allure – and that's just one of many reasons why choosing brown as your base hue outshines other color jobs. 

brown base auburn hair

You'll be able to enjoy your locks much longer while still boasting brighter ends, where shades effortlessly meld into an intentionally blended color job that has everyone fooled. Don't miss out on this incredible reddish brown wig style – it promises to lock in glamorous results that don't disappoint!

2. Rusty Auburn Hair

Rusty Auburn is quickly becoming the newest hair color trend, and it's no wonder why! This gorgeous shade is perfect if you're in doubt about which hue to choose, and its versatility gives you the best of both worlds.

Rusty Auburn HairIt won't only add warmth to your look without making it too light, but it's also very low maintenance, so goodbye to regular touch-ups! Plus, this new trend works with practically any skin tone - there's an extra layer of depth and dimension that simply can't be beaten. So go on and indulge in rusty ombre or balayage; allow this regal shade into your life and become part of the trend everyone is talking about!

3. Deep Auburn Hair

If you're a fashion woman, you need a classic look in your wardrobe! Deep auburn is the ideal color to give you that show-stopping edge. Imagine dark chocolate hair with amazing red undertones – it's like having fireworks in your hair! 

deep auburn hair

This hue will flick the spotlight on your features and will up your style status. Let's not forget the natural sheen it adds – it adds texture and dimension but won't overwhelm the beauty of your valuable strands. 

If you don't fancy going for an all-over dye job, don't worry; experimenting with this wonderful look on one or two pieces of hair will still be oodles of stylish WOWs! Full length or whatever you decide – deep auburn knows how to make others swoon over your trendy hairstyle!

4. Brown Hair With Auburn Highlights

Issa Rae is not only a talented and famous American actress, but she is also a perfect example of the beauty that this classic hairstyle offers! Her gorgeous wavy brown locks have some trendy highlights in reddish-brown that take her look to the next level. 

Brown Hair With Auburn Highlights

These subtle bronze pieces brighten up the brightness of her chocolate-colored hair while not overpowering it. This natural shine breathes life and dimension into any 'do without making it require too much maintenance. So ladies, don't be afraid to give this amazing coif combination a try---you'll look nothing short of stunning!

5. Deep Cherry Auburn Waves

Are you looking for a way to add a boost of glamour and style to your basic bob hairstyle? Look no further than the long-angled bob with cherry auburn highlights! With that beautiful deep shade of red, heads will turn. 

Deep Cherry Auburn Waves

Choose between only a few highlights around your front face or go all the way and dye all of your hair; it's a great look either way. 

These cherry waves will bring out your inner confidence and pair perfectly with any wardrobe choice you make! So be daring and unlock the beauty within you by embracing this unique hue today. There has never been an easier or more daring way to rock classic fashion trends, so give it a try! Go forth -- it's time to shine!

6. Mulled Wine Auburn Hair

If you love wintery beverages, it's time to let your hair do the talking – Mulled Wine Auburn Hair is a color that will immediately draw attention no matter what season it is! 

Mulled Wine Auburn Hair

This tantalizing deep reddish hue will bring out the beauty across different skin tones – everything from dark to light shades of this color are sure to make statements. It exudes confidence and vibrance, something that can make anyone feel like they're literally on top of the world! 

So why not embrace this trend and show off those creative vibes? Allow your inner beauty to reflect outwardly without holding back – Mulled Wine Auburn hair is perfect for making a huge style statement this season.

7. Multiple Tones Auburn Hair

There's no better way to be a trendsetter than to take risks and try something new. Making a statement with multiple tones of Auburn hair is a daring and adventurous way to do that. Instead of settling for the usual dark or light shades, why not mix up those colors for an eye-catching blend?

Multiple Tones Auburn HairWith personalized color unique to you that sparkles and looks beautiful, the treatments in the salon will certainly be worth it. So go ahead, and dive deep into something extraordinary and different! Make sure your head turns heads wherever you enter with multiple tones of Auburn – you won't regret it.

8. Rich Shiny Auburn Waves

Are you a Redhead needing a fashion upgrade? Embrace your unique coloring and let it shine with long, shiny waves. This perfect hue of vibrant auburn looks absolutely stunning on every skin tone. From fair complexions to medium hues, this color will enrapture everyone around you!

Rich Shiny Auburn Waves

To give your look an extra dimension of twinkle, speak to your stylist about Gold or Copper highlights. Let your hair have some fun — play around with the colors, lighten or darken for that special touch only you can find. No matter what, the result will be nothing short of fabulous! So show the world why you are a true fashionista; get ready to own the room with this range of shades Redheads were born for!

9. Warm-Toned Auburn Sunset Hair

Ready to stand out for all the right reasons? Then why not give a warm-auburn sunset hair color a try? This unique combination of orange and red tones will bring dimensional highlights that make your already natural beauty shine, even in the sun! 

Warm-Toned Auburn Sunset Hair

With something so effortless and eye-catching, it's no surprise that it has become a celebrity favorite. The even coverage brings texture and depth to your hair, giving an enviable look you can't help but show off. Accessorize with strands at shoulder length bob or elegant long layers for an everyday look you won't soon forget. Whenever you decide to slip into this capturing shade, you're sure to become the center of attention like never before. Take a cue from the stars and become captivatingly beautiful with warm-toned auburn sunset hair color!

10. Rich Wavy Auburn-Copper Tones

Taking the plunge with bold hair color is always fun, but what's even better than being 'on trend'? Going timelessly classic! Rich wavy auburn-copper tones never go out of style and are perfect for anyone looking to show off their beautiful hair. 

Rich Wavy Auburn-Copper Tones

The warm shades add class to any look, whether you choose to go all in or just open up to some highlights. With regular trims and deep conditioning treatments, this beautiful color can stay healthy and vibrant for years. 

So why blend into the crowd when you could stand out with something uniquely special like this remarkable rich wavy auburn-copper look? It's sure to leave you feeling endlessly amazing!

11. Dusty Ginger Auburn Hair

Everyone knows how stunning auburn hair can be! Do you want to take your look to the next level while still making it classy? Dusty Ginger Auburn is the perfect answer – its red and gold tones combine perfectly into an unforgettable hue.

Dusty Ginger Auburn Hair

Whether you choose light or dark shades, you'll always look fashionable. Taking things to the extreme? Feel free to add golden highlights for an even brighter and more radiant finish. Ready to jump on board this beautiful trend? You won't regret it – with Dusty Ginger Auburn on your head, you can make your mark in any crowd! What are you waiting for? With this amazing hair shade, dreams become realities!

12. Chocolate-Toned Auburn Waves

Every brunette needs her custom-crafted mane to put her best foot forward and reflect her unique beauty. Opt for the warm, chocolate tones of an auburn crop to your complexion – depending on if you prefer light or dark hues! This luxurious look is full of life and sophistication – undulating curls will add texture beneath copper highlights which will add an extra touch of elegance.

Chocolate-Toned Auburn Waves

Best of all, care is simple with this dreamy style – just wash & wear it and never worry about styling maintenance again! Don't pass up on the opportunity to take your look at extraordinary places – get that perfect golden shade now when you go to Auburn! It's time to share your enviable natural beauty with the world and watch heads turn!

13. Hints of Mahogany and Auburn Tones

Last but certainly not least, the perfect fall vibe of mahogany and auburn tones doesn't go unnoticed! Not only is it easy to maintain, but these warm colors bring out the natural shine in your hair and amplify your facial features in the best way possible. And let's face it, an explosion of rich color is always going to get heads turning. 

Hints of Mahogany and Auburn Tones

For those wanting to make a subtle change that still stands out, why not try adding several mahogany highlights throughout or some dark auburn lowlights for an extra boost? With proper care and dedication, this look can be retained for all of the upcoming seasons. Ready to be daring and adventurous? Go all out with an eye-catching display of mahogany and auburn tones!

Auburn Hair Color vs. Ginger Hair Color: Are they both the same?

People often find themselves in a quandary when it comes to choosing between Auburn and Ginger hair colors; after all, they are both shades of red! But there are striking distinctions that set them apart. Auburn is softer, more muted, and generally darker, whereas Ginger strikes up brighter sparks with its lighter hues.

If you just can't decide which one works for you, Auburn is the perfect compromise, as it suits every skin tone and eye color out there. Wherever your complexion lies on the scale from lightest ivory to darkest chocolate, Auburn adapts accordingly. 

For those hoping to add a 'twinkle' to their look, Ginger is the ideal choice. It's a great way to add flashes of fun and glamour that will be sure to have everyone falling in love with your new look! So, if you're considering a hair transformation, make sure you check out all the wonderful shades of red between Auburn and Ginger – you won't be disappointed!

In A Nutshell

From cool-toned to warm-toned shades, there is no shortage of amazing auburn hair color ideas out there to inspire your look. From sultry reds and oranges to subtle browns and blondes, this unique hair color is sure to give you a fashionable touch. 

Auburn hair color can also be formulated with ginger hair color for you to achieve the perfect shade that will make you stand out from the crowd. No matter what tone you go with, incorporating auburn hair color into your lifestyle will definitely add a vibrant and bold edge without going over the top. Ready to take the plunge? Try out one of these 12+ fabulous auburn hair color ideas and get ready to look stunning!

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