Top 16 Barbie Doll Hairstyles For Black Girl To Try In 2024

barbie doll hairstyles for black girl

As a black girl, you may feel like you're falling behind in comparison with society's beauty standards. But don't forget – your natural beauty is something to be confident in and proud of. Make a statement that emphasizes who you are! And there are so many great ways to highlight your inner goddess! 

So, let's take a look at 16 stunning Barbie Doll hairstyles specifically designed for your dark hair texture. Give your luscious locks the chance to wow; perfect for the brave and bashful alike. Show off gorgeous hair that defines you as unique no matter the occasion! These beautiful Barbie Doll Hairstyles were crafted with elegance in mind – now it's time for you to radiant with pride and let yourself shine. Let's get started!

Why Can Barbie Doll Hairstyles Be The Best Choice For Black American Girls?

barbie doll hairstyles

Representation matters, particularly when it comes to beauty standards. Black girls need to have their likeness reflected in their playtime activities. Barbie dolls are a beloved childhood favorite, and now with an emphasis on diversity and inclusion, there are a variety of options available that capture the distinct natural locks of black American girls! 

It's impossible to overlook just how impactful these hairstyles can be. Here are reasons why they can be the best choice for black American girls:

Representation and Inclusivity:

Representation in toys is essential for children to develop a strong sense of self and identity. Barbie doll hairstyles that cater specifically to black American girls showcase the beauty of diverse hair textures, styles, and cultural heritage.

When young girls see dolls that look like them with hairstyles that resemble their own, it sends a powerful message that their beauty is valued and celebrated. This representation fosters a sense of inclusivity, promoting self-acceptance and self-love.

Versatility and Self-Expression:

barbie hairstyle with bangs

Barbie doll hairstyles for black American girls are not only beautiful but also incredibly versatile. These styles allow young girls to express their personality, creativity, and individual style through their locks. With a range of colors, textures, and finishes available, they can create new looks with ease – perfect for everyday wear or special occasions!

Confidence and Self-Esteem:

Voluminous curls barbie doll hairstyle

The right hairstyle can be a huge confidence booster, especially for young girls. With Barbie doll hairstyles that are tailored to their natural locks, black American girls can feel proud of their unique beauty. This will help them develop strong self-esteem from an early age – making it easier to navigate through life with grace and confidence.

Cultural Pride and Heritage:

Black American girls have a rich cultural heritage that is deeply intertwined with their hairstyles. From traditional African braids to modern styles, Barbie doll hairstyles provide a platform for celebrating and preserving cultural pride. By showcasing various hairstyles that are rooted in African traditions, Barbie dolls allow girls to connect with their heritage and feel a sense of pride in their cultural roots.

Embracing Natural Hair:

Barbie dolls are fostering a culture of self-love and appreciation in young, black American girls through hairstyles that embrace natural hair textures. This revolutionary move couldn't come soon enough; due to being overly influenced by societal beauty standards, straight hair has long been seen as the norm, with little room for alternative trends to flourish. 

Barbie's contribution is truly groundbreaking, with her hairstyles providing a healthy outlet for showing off unique curls, coils, and kinks! This shift away from supremacist standards generates immense empowerment for girls striving to accept and understand their own hair texture.

Now that you know why Barbie Doll Hairstyles can be the best choice for black American girls, let's dive into some of the top looks! Check out these 10 gorgeous hairstyles for your own locks – all inspired by Barbie dolls.

16 Gorgeous Barbie Doll Hairstyles For Black Girls

1. Braided Bun

Braided Bun

There's nothing quite like a classic look. This style of braided bun is perfect for any manner of occasion! It involves weaving your hair into three neat sections and securing the beautiful complexity into a low, stylish bun at the nape of your neck.

It provides you with sophistication and grace but still gives off major Barbie Doll vibes that will never go out of fashion. So if you're spending the day running errands or getting dressed up for an event, this classic style doesn't disappoint!

2. Pixie Cut

This look is a daring and bold statement-maker! Piece it together with some pixie cut magic – short and close on the sides, with plenty of body. Every black American girl looking to stand out from the crowd: this super short hairstyle is guaranteed to give you an extra edge as its letting your beautiful features shine through.

pixie cutWith only a little effort, your look can become as unique as you are – just add Barbie doll-style accessories for a more effervescent effect. Show your rocker chick attitude with an edgy hairstyle today – become the center of attention among your mates in no time!

3. Extra Curly Hair with Bangs

You might not be able to have it all, but the extra curly hair with bangs look is the closest thing! This style is perfect for a day out on the town; dress it up or keep it casual. You can pair this hairstyle with overall pigtails or an updo for unlimited options and experimentation!

curly hair with bangs

Plus, it adds volume and texture to black American girls' hair, especially glasses-wearers who want those bangs wigs. Whether you're looking for a daytime look or something more glamorous, this hairstyle will show off your beautiful locks and make an unforgettable statement. So, what are you waiting for? Try this Barbie doll hairstyle now and enjoy the compliments!

4. Long Curly Space Buns

Space buns are an incredible way to show off your enviable curls! This trendsetting hairstyle looks out of this world, and you can feel like an absolute royal wearing it. Of course, it takes a few steps to get there. 

Long Curly Space Buns

All you'll need is a few bobby pins, some elastic bands, and loads of hair mousse. Give your hair a helping hand with the mousse for extra hold and volume before crafting it into two sleek sections. Don't forget to tie each bun together with some elastic for reinforcement before striking the ultimate pose – you're good to go! With such an adorable Barbie doll look, everyone will be smelling your big hair confidence from miles away!

5. High Bun

The high bun may be the simplest of all hairstyles out there, yet it never fails to amaze. With its effortless grace and style, it always looks stunning and classy, no matter if you want a sleek and polished or a messy and undone look. 

high bun

In other words, it's the perfect way to exude Barbie doll vibes without having to worry too much about your locks! You can get this hairstyle with the help of hair extensions or a wig. What's more, black American girls are loving this style more and more lately – it's easy to see why. When you need a simple yet striking hairstyle so you can look put together with minimum manual labor, reach for the high bun!

6. Barbie ponytail

Every black girl is familiar with the perfect Barbie hairstyle: a Barbie ponytail!

  • Start by brushing your hair back and securing it in place with an elastic band at your desired height.
  • Then, add hair weave to add length and volume.
  • For a finishing touch, grab a small piece of hair from the ponytail and use it to wrap around the elastic band so there are no bumps that stand out. 

barbie ponytail

There you have it! An effortlessly timeless updo they can trust when they need to get ready quickly. This classic style knows how to take their look from meh to marvelous, only taking a few seconds of their time. So fun and stylish!

7. Shoulder Length Kinky Curly with Ombre Highlight

Are you ready to be the belle of the ball? Showcase your inner diva with this shoulder-length kinky curly style combined with ombre highlights for an extra touch of glamour!

Get heads turning in your direction and light up the room. This special look is perfect for all those stylish black girls who want to keep it chic yet sophisticated. 

Shoulder Length Kinky Curly with Ombre Highlight

Whether you let your hair flow loose or tie it into a neat bun, the combination of kinky curls and balanced ombre highlight will make you look fabulous! So don't be afraid to show some personality – even when sporting a shorter haircut. Be daring and go for this shoulder-length kinky curly hairstyle with tasteful ombre accents – it's a guaranteed showstopper!

8. Headband Curly Afro

Ready to up your hairstyle game? This sweet and stunning headband curly afro look is here, and you'll feel like a queen! There's nothing better than going all-natural with your hair and embracing your beautiful kinks. 

Headband Curly Afro

This effortless Barbie doll style takes no time at all– it starts with your natural curls already in their state; then choose a complementary headband to add a few extra pops of color around the hairline. Finally, you get an elegant hairdo that's certain to turn heads no matter where you go. And unique enough for everyday wear, so you're always at the top of your fashionable game! Try this expert style and never worry about feeling underdressed again.

9. Halo Braid Afro

Let's take our hairstyle game up a notch! With this sweet and stunning halo braid afro look, you'll be sure to stand out from the crowd. Plus, it's an excellent way to show off your long natural locks in all their beautiful glory – just like Barbie! 

Halo Braid Afro

Here goes: create two French braids that run along the sides of your head to form a crown-like shape. Make sure not to leave any sections completely unbraided because those will frame your face!

Give this look your own unique yet still simple style that is perfect for those days when you need something special AND shows off how gorgeous YOUR hair is too. This hot hairstyle will have you feeling like the absolute queen you've always been.

10. Simple Side Ponytail

Barbie dolls know how to rock gorgeous hairstyles! And the trendy side ponytail is one of them. With minimal fuss, you'll have an effortlessly cool and elegant look in just minutes.

side ponytailGrab a brush, then begin by brushing all your hair over to one side of the head. Gather it up into a neat ponytail and secure an elastic band around it. For that classic Barbie touch, take a small section of hair away from the ponytail and gently wrap it around the band for some added flair. Now comes the fun part: show off your chic and fresh hairstyle with confidence – and don't forget your bright smile!

11. Wavy Hair With Headband 

Calling all glamour queens and aficionados of upgradeable styles. Get ready to rock the Barbie look with headbands! Step out in classic yet playful fashion with an upgraded headband hairstyle. It promises the best of both worlds: feminity and playfulness combined. 

wavy hair with headband

Get creating by styling your natural hair or wig into luscious curls and waves, then top it with a headband for that ultimate Barbie look. Move the headband further back for added volume, or bring it closer to your face for an extra dose of glamour. Fans of the cartoon styler rejoice: enviable Barbie vibes have now become close at hand with this new adaptation of a timeless style staple!

12. Long Voluminous Black Rounded Waves

Today, ever-changing standards of beauty are providing Black American girls with an outlet to express themselves through their incredible hair. Waves that are long, voluminous, and soft bring a unique elegance to those opting out of extra-long locks. 

ong Voluminous Black Rounded Waves

Showing off your beauty and confidence through this look is simple: blow dry your wig or air dry if preferred, followed by using curling wands or hot rollers for beautiful curls!

This stunning style was inspired by the infamous and always fashionable Cardi B, which you may choose to sport in order to be remembered for a special occasion or delivered as your everyday flare. Allowing you to stand out and embrace the beauty of the look; truly unforgettable.

13. Double Braided Ponytail

If you're searching for a fresh, shopping mall Barbie aesthetic that still oozes class and sophistication, then the double-braided ponytail is an absolute must-try! It's an enchanting take on the classic ponytail style – instead of one braid; these two give added impact and oh so much allure. 

Double Braided Ponytail

You don't have to be an expert in styling or braiding either; it's easy enough for anyone to pull off! Think vintage glamour while keeping it natural: wearing this hairstyle – you'll definitely become the belle of any ball. There's so much potential in this statement look, so what are you waiting for? Show up to your next event with this stylish hairdo and way Outshine everyone else!

14. Twist-Out

The twist-out hairstyle is all about showcasing the beauty of natural curls. It involves twisting sections of hair and allowing them to be set overnight or for a few hours. 

twist out

When the twists are undone, beautiful and defined curls are revealed. The twist-out is a low-maintenance yet stunning hairstyle that brings out the natural texture and volume of black hair. 

From the boardroom to the dancefloor, you can trust this style to keep you looking polished and chic. Every black girl knows their hair is a statement of pride and beauty – why not show it off? With the twist-out, your locks will be ready for any occasion.

15. Bantu Knots

Unleash your individual style with a dazzling Bantu knot hairdo! Immortalize an iconic Barbie look that was made popular way back when. A pivotal style, this hairdo adds texture and movement to your locks while still keeping them manageable and sleek. 

Bantu Knots

It's easy – just take small sections of hair, twist them into knots, and pin the ends in place! Plus, every type of hair texture can join in the fun. For a unique touch, accessorize each knot with a sparkling adornment. Whether you're attending a special event or just gathering for brunch with friends, this versatile style is perfect no matter the occasion – go ahead! Show off your creative style with beautiful Bantu knots!

16. Messy Bun

This legendary go-to 'do will make you look chic and sophisticated in no time at all! Get ready to take on anything life throws your way with this easy little look.

messy bun 

To get the perfect "Barbie-worthy" hairstyle, start by gathering all your locks into a classic bun and secure it where you want using an elastic band. Bobby pins are great for keeping any flyaways in place or leaving it totally messy like a real-life effortless chic goddess! 

For even more glamour, wrap a piece of hair around your bun's elastic band to add some pizzazz! You're amazing already, and you know it, so show off your style and these new levels of confidence with this magnificent hairdo. Take pride in rocking the world with that perfectly executed Barbie-worthy look!

Whatever your style may be – classic hairdos, creative updos, or statement hairstyles – there's something for everyone to embrace their inner Barbie! So go ahead and explore all the wonderful Barbie doll hairstyles you can create with your naturally beautiful curls. Have fun and get creative!

In A Nutshell

So why should Black American girls turn to Barbie doll hairstyles? These hairstyles provide a lovely, unique way for African-American women to express themselves and assert their beauty. From weaves to locks to classic styles, these Barbie Doll Hairstyles offer inspiring options that promote self-appreciation and raise self-esteem. 

Plus, it's fun! While staying true to your culture is important, experimenting with different looks helps keep things interesting. So whether you're going for an elegant updo or something more punk rock, consider giving one of these gorgeous Barbie Doll Hairstyles a try today as you celebrate your inner beauty!

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