16 Cardi B-Inspired Hairstyles to Rock Now!

cardi b hairstyles

One thing we like about Cardi B's hairstyle is that it changes her entire face and vibe. She can look quite different depending on the color and style of her hair. She usually wears wefts and wigs, but I think she looks best when she contrasts between blonde weaves and black lace fronts. 

When she has bold hair, she keeps her makeup on a low, or she contrasts a bold makeup look with a light hairdo. Which of these top 15 is your personal favorite? We’d love to know. 

The Most Stunning Cardi B’s Best Hairstyles 

Cardi B's long bangs pushed her straight to the top of Twitter's trending news over time. Her hair creates as many headlines as her music and fashion, from sporting her natural hair on the gram to flowing inches. Continue reading to discover some of Cardi's finest hair moments of all time.

1. Long Body Waves

long body waves

We all like long hair, don't we? Here's what Cardi B. loves the most. Consider a long, voluminous style to which you can add the bounciest curls or lovely waves. Cardi B was present at the Prabal Gurung design presentation. This type of hair should not be ignored, especially when matched with the appropriate attire. Cardi accessorized her long, flowing hair with a satin gold jacket, silver choker, and a slew of dangling necklaces. 

2. The Deep Middle Part Bob

the deep middle part bob

Cardi B.'s frequent hairdo is also regarded as another of her understated appearances. Deep middle part Bob is one of. Many people recognize her for her extravagant weaves and colors, but the deep side part of Bob is one of many times she demonstrates that she does not have a fixed style and that, if she so desires, she can be as extravagant as she wants without the vivid colors and length. 

3. Blonde Pixie

blonde pixie

Let's start from the beginning when Cardi first became renowned. She had her hair short and cool blonde. It wasn't simply hair, it was a message that said, "I'm not afraid to stand all out." The hairstyle was like the opening page of Cardi's hair tale, setting the tone for the stylish trends she'd flaunt later on.

4. Money Waves

Cardi B's hair got long and elegant throughout the "Money" period, making her look like a princess. Those lengthy waves were more than simply hair, they were like the fancy portion of a song, making her seem even better on stage. The transition from the shortcut to these lengthy waves demonstrated Cardi's ability to shift from low and sassy to incredibly elegant.

5. Braids


Cardi B adored braids and once wore a special French Braid. It wasn't simply a hairdo; it was like a queen's crown, displaying Cardi as rap's boss. Each braid was a tiny chapter in her narrative, informing everyone that she was capable of dealing with anything.

6. Colorful Hair

colorful hair

Cardi B likes colors and once transformed her hair into a rainbow. Each color, from pink to blue, represented a different feeling. It was a chance for Cardi to communicate, "I'm different, and I love it." Cardi's style was made even more entertaining and energetic by her bright hair.

7. Red Hair Extensions

red extensions

During "Invasion of Privacy," Cardi B wore blazing red hair extensions. It wasn't simply long hair; it was as if a fire was exclaiming, "I'm hot!" The red hair extensions transitioned her from calm colors to something strong and flaming.

8. Rap Queen Curls

Rap Queen Curls

Cardi B is a rap diva who uses bouncy hair often. It became a dancing partner for her music. Cardi's performances were enhanced by the curls, which were like a delightful element of a song. 

9. Mermaid Waves

Mermaid Waves

Cardi B's long, flowing mermaid-like waves have a carefree, beachy air to them. To get this, curl parts away from your face with a large-barrel curling iron or wand to get these waves. After that, use your fingers to gently separate the waves and obtain your desired look.

10. Couple Hairstyles

Couple Hairstyles

When Cardi B and her husband, Offset, coordinated their haircuts, it looked like they were wearing similar outfits but on their hair. It wasn't just for show; it was a symbol that said, "We're a power couple." They demonstrated that Cardi and Offset work well together on and off stage.

11. Elegant Top Knot

Elegant Top Knot

Cardi B once opted for a simple and elegant top knot. Cardi's exquisite top knot was more than simply a hairdo; It was a breath of fresh air, demonstrating that simplicity can be just as beautiful.

12. Bardi Bangs

Bardi Bangs

Whether straight or to the side, the bangs added a fun touch. The Bardi bangs were more than strands of hair; each strand framed her face like a painting, highlighting Cardi B's whimsical side with levity and a departure from the norm.

13. Bodacious Curls

Bodacious Curls

Cardi B's large, voluminous curls easily add drama and class to her outfit. They may be made using a large-barrel curling iron or hot rollers. Apply a volumizing mousse or spray before curling to give texture and hold. After curling your hair, run your fingers through it to achieve this effortlessly stylish look.

14. Customized color Wigs

Neon-colored Wigs

She is also known for her fondness of bright wigs, which range from crazy neon hues to beautiful blues and greens. To join in on the fun, you can get a high-quality wig in your favorite neon hue and style - straight, curly, or wavy. 

15. Mohawk


Cardi B's remarkable mohawk has shaved sides and a brilliantly groomed middle. To get this look, shave the sides of your head and apply a strong adhesive styling product to make the central part stand out. Regular grooming is required to maintain this hairstyle. 

16. Sleek Ponytail

cardi b sleek ponytail hairstyle

At the Balenciaga Fall 2024 show in Los Angeles, all eyes were on Cardi B in blue sporting razor-thin brows, the simple and clean long sleek ponytail, the results? Dazing and powerful!


Q: How does Cardi B seamlessly transition between short and long hair?

A: Cardi B's ability to flip between short and long hair is partly attributable to the usage of wigs and extensions. Wigs are a quick and adaptable option to switch up your hairdo without committing to a permanent haircut. 


Cardi B's haircuts reflect her daring innovation and stylish impact. Her ever-changing appearances, which range from bold wigs to complex braids and extravagant updos, represent her distinct style and outspoken attitude. She pushes the boundaries of hair fashion, transforming it into an art form and a personal statement. Waitting no more, try inspired Cardi B hairstyles now!

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