Wig Brush Guide: Everything You Need To Know

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Do you know your wig brush could be responsible for all the hair shedding from your wig? The struggle to maintain untangled, neat, and polished wigs is real. You can experience difficulty while caring for your wigs and wonder what you're doing wrong.

There could be a few reasons why that keeps occurring, but sometimes the problem may be your choice of brush. Using the right brush helps to keep your wig manageable and healthy. The wrong brush, however, does the opposite.

lt means you can maintain the style of your wig, reduce frizz, and avoid tangled knots by choosing the best wig brushes. We are here to help you with that.

In this blog post, you'll learn the best wig brushes to buy and help you step up your brush game. So, let's get started!

Is There A Special Brush For Wigs?

Yes, there are. Wigs are meant to be treated gently. So, an everyday brush will not suffice.

While a wig brush can comb through your wig and help maintain its shape, using a regular brush can break the wig’s fibers, pull out unnecessary strands, and even damage the wig.

Your everyday hair brush may not work well for your wig because it has a different texture. Wigs do not get the nutrients your natural hair gets, they thrive on external maintenance.

So, choosing the right maintenance tools like the wig brush is important.

What Brushes Are Best for Wigs?

Now that you are aware that a real hair brush is not the right tool for your wig, let's consider what brushes you should choose for your wig.

1. Metal Bristle Brush

Metal Bristle Brush

The metal bristle brush is perfect for styling wigs but also for detangling knots on wigs. That's because it has metal bristles that allow it to slide through the hair, untieting every knot.

You can use it on most wig types, making it the number one brush type you'll need if you have different wig types.

2. A Loop Brush

A Loop Brush

The loop brush helps to keep your wig’s strands intact. While it's so much like a regular brush, this has looped bristles.

The looped bristles feature helps prevent your wefts from pulling from the cap. It happens a lot with a regular hair brush. The brush can also assist you to smoothen the length of your wig.

3. Tangle Teezer Brush

Tangle Teezer Brush

A common brush that's suitable for different lengths and wig styles is the Tangle Teezer Brush.

It's fascinating how a Tangle Teezer Brush can detangle hair with its two-tier teeth. Plus, you are sure there's minimum breakage or damage to your hair. You can have your hair looking good, smooth, and tangled-free with this.

4. A Paddle Brush

A Paddle Brush

A paddle brush should be the first brush type you consider if you aim to tackle frizziness and add extra shine to your hair.

However, there are a lot of regular brushes that resemble a paddle brush. So, pick the paddle brush with pin teeth, it's safe and great for human hair wigs.

Bonus: Wide Tooth Comb

wide tooth comb

Although this is not a wig brush, a wide-tooth comb is an incredible tool for natural hair and wigs. It's a popular choice amongst many women who love wearing wigs. That's due to the assistance it renders when combing wigs. Moreover, you can use it for different styles of wigs.

So, what wig brushes are we recommending? Check out the next section.

8 Best Wig Brushes

1. Jon Renau Paddle Brush

Jon Renau Paddle Brush

The Jon Renau Paddle Brush features soft plastic bristles that leave your hair feeling very soft. The brush is perfect for detangling wigs, leaving you with no tugging experience.

You can use this for all types of wigs and say no more to breakage. What's more, the brush makes brushing your hand-tied wigs easier. You can brush, knowing those delicate areas will be fine.

What are the pros? Apart from the fact that the brush is perfect for all hair types and has thin, soft, and flexible bristles, this brush also functions as a detangling brush.

2. Annie Wire Cushion Wig Brush

Annie Wire Cushion Wig Brush

The Annie Wire Cushion Wig brush is an ideal brush option that gets the work done. It detangles every knot it touches and combs through the hair.

Whether your wig is curly, straight, or curly, you can be sure to have a smooth extension once you've brushed it. This brush features thin wire bristles with cushioned ends. And it's so lightweight.

Regardless, many more pros come with using the brush. It's easy to use, clean and can control frizz.

3. Spornette Super Looper Large Wig Brush

Spornette Super Looper Large Wig Brush

Whether it's a human hair or synthetic wig, the Spornette Super Looper Large Wig Brush is a convenient wig brush that helps detangle and style your wigs.

The brush features a cushioned body and looped nylon bristles that work to ensure your wig faces no snagging or damage.

Going for only $12, the Spornette Super Looper Large Wig Brush offers value for its money, serving two purposes: a detangler and a styling tool.

4. The Hair Shop’s Wig Wire Brush

The Hair Shop’s Wig Wire Brush

Another versatile brush that works on both synthetic and human hair wigs is the Hair Shop’s Wig Wire Brush. This brush features metal bristles that make your hair smoother. And an ergonomic handle that assists when brushing.

A few advantages we love are that the Hair Shop’s Wig Wire Brush helps remove frizziness, and works on curly wigs. So, no matter your wig type, the brush can smooth out every tangle.

5. Milano Collection Gentle Brush

Milano Collection Gentle Brush

The Milano Collection Gentle Brush is a lightweight brush, designed to make your detangling and styling process easier and faster. With its heat flex technology, you can style your wigs with it and your hot comb or other heating tools without any problem.

The brush does not make knots in your hair, prevents moisture buildup, and keeps your hair looking incredible.

6. Dreamlover Wig Brush for Synthetic Hair

Dreamlover Wig Brush for Synthetic Hair

This set is one of the best brush sets for synthetic wigs. Dreamlover incorporates a rib brush, an oval comb, and two double-sided wig edge brushes in this brush kit.

The brushes are good detanglers for your wigs. And with them, you can get a sweeter experience with no pulling and snagging. We can’t fail to mention the soft bristles and cushioned handle features.

This kit should be your top choice if you'd like to go for an excellent and comfortable brush kit.

7. SOFYE Wig Brush Comb Set

SOFYE Wig Brush Comb Set

Another brush set is the SOFYE Wig Brush Comb Set. This set consists of 12 hair brushes and combs: a thin handle comb, an airbag comb, an edge brush, and six pieces of wig clips.

If you're looking for a complete set of brushes and tools, make sure to consider this set. The brushes will allow you to work on knots and tangles, handling your hair with the utmost care. Not to mention that it provides adequate protection and it is useful regardless of your hair type.

8. Brittny Professionals Wig Brush Combo

Brittny Professionals Wig Brush Combo

The Brittny Professionals Wig Brush Combo leaves your wigs smooth, and healthy. This combo set includes a teasing brush and a looped bristle. Consider this a perfect combination for detangling, and styling your wigs.

When detangling, use the looped bristle brush. The teasing brush can serve as a styling tool. These brushes are easy to hold and glide through your hair without stress. So, you should enjoy using them.

How To Brush A Wig?

How To Brush A Wig

Getting a wig brush is the first step to keeping your wig looking healthy. The second will be following the correct routine. Here's how to brush a wig:

- Place your wig on your head or a mannequin head.

- Once that’s completed, pin it down so it does not move by the time you start brushing.

- Then, at the tangled areas, spray leave-in conditioner to soften the knots. You can use a wide-tooth comb to untangle them if there are a few.

- Now, divide the wig into sections to make the process easier.

- Begin to brush the wig from the ends and slowly move till you reach the tip. Remember you are brushing in sections. It makes it organized without mixing the hair up.

- Curly wigs won't need a brush. You can use your fingers to detangle and a wide-tooth comb. Your curly wig gets to retain the curls that way.

- We don't advise you to use a brush on your hair when it is wet. Your wigs are weak when wet. Allow them to air dry before you brush them.

You'll see your wigs thriving if you follow these steps.


As we've said, you may face struggles with your wig. But with the right wig brushes, keeping your wig in a favorable condition becomes a flex. We want that for you. So, follow the guide to get better results from what it was before.

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