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In the world of hairstyles, bangs have been used to add flare and style to different hairstyles. The good thing is that the styling of bangs unfolds every day. That means there is a bang hairstyle for different face shapes and personalities.

Bangs hairstyles like the curtain and the bottleneck bangs are one of the most popular bangs hairstyles. But over time, there's one bang hairstyle that appears and reappears again- Birkin bangs.

The Birkin bangs have remained a timeless phenomenon no one can get enough of. It continues to be classy and keeps evolving. Let's see what the Birkin bangs are and everything else you need to know about them in this post.

What Are Birkin Bangs?

What Are Birkin Bangs

The Birkin bangs are wispy bangs with a French style. They were named after Jane Birkin since they became popularly known as her style in the 60s.

This fringe is not the typical style.Why? That's because the Birkin bangs are not full or heavy. Instead, they are characterized by their softness, choppy nature, and thinner ends. These bangs are great for whoever likes the idea of a fringe but wants something small and lightweight.

Birkin bangs come in varying lengths: above the eyebrows, eyebrow length, or longer than that. But, all accentuate the facial features and add texture around the face.

Who Can Get the Birkin Bangs?

According to most stylists, Birkin bangs suit people with straight and thin hair. Mainly because those with thin textures can achieve the volume with the choppiness of the bangs.

However, Birkin bangs work well for different hair textures. Since the modern versions of the Birkin bangs are flexible, anyone can get the Birkin bangs. It'll need a bit of modification to suit your hair, but that's it!

Styling Your Birkin Bangs at the Salon

When going to the salon to get your Birkin bangs, go along with your inspiration. You'll want a similarity in your hair texture and face shape with your inspiration. That's to make things easier for the hairstylist and get the Birkin bangs you want.

Your stylist should consider the thin ends of the Birkin bangs, the length you want, and the tightness of the bangs. The idea is not to open up your face too much but to achieve a wispy, thin, and tight fringe.

How to Style the Birkin Bangs?

Styling the Birkin bangs is not hard. It's one of the low-maintenance bangs that does not require too much. So, no pressure. You can easily style your Birkin bangs with a brush and some mousse. Here's how: 

● Get your hair shampooed and conditioned.

● Add some mousse or texturizing spray to your bangs for volume. 

● Use a blow dryer and a round brush to get your hair looking chic.

● Brush from one side of your bangs to another. Keep in mind that the bangs should be more straight than round.

Once that is ticked, you're all set!

Maintenance of the Birkin Bangs

While we've said that styling your Birkin bangs requires little effort, it's necessary to get them natural and beautiful at all times.

Since the Birkin bangs grow out fast due to their thin ends, trimming them once in a few weeks will be ideal. You can visit your hairstylist for a nice trim or do it yourself. Of course, you don't need to worry about this if you cut Birkin Bangs on a wig.

Contrarily, you can leave it to grow longer, giving you another chic style.

What Should You Consider Before Getting the Birkin Bangs?

Before opting for the Birkin bangs, it's only proper to consider a few things. By taking time to weigh them, you get the best version of the Birkin bangs that suit you. Some aspects you can look into are:

1. Your Face Shape

The Birkin bangs look great on all face shapes. However, a few tweaks help it complement your features.

  • Wear the bangs straight if you have a round face or a small forehead. 
  • On the other hand, you can make yours thicker if you have a long face to keep your forehead less visible. 
  • Or have a little curve if you have a square face shape.

Still, make sure it's wispy and choppy.

2. Hair Texture

hair textures

Your hair texture determines how well the Birkin bangs will turn out. As we've said, any hair texture can achieve Birkin bangs, still, looking into it gives you an advantage. You can decide what variation looks best on you, suits your hair, and the products you will need.

A good mousse, texturizing spray, and a round brush are the bases you can not do without.

3. Hairstyle Inspiration

There are tons of ways you can style your Birkin bangs. It's also good to consider your styling options and how you want it. The common way ladies rock the Birkin bangs is with wavy hair. A flowing, long waves that blend with the bangs. While you can do that, there are other styles you can achieve with your Birkin bangs.

Let's see some inspiration:

Birkin bangs with a Messy Bun

Birkin bangs with a Messy Bun

The source of the inspiration is Jane Birkin herself. It is a causal but fresh look suitable for any day.

Bob with Birkin bangs

Bob with Birkin bangs

The Bob cut looks gorgeous, but wearing it with Birkin bangs elevates the look.

Birkin bangs with an updo hairstyle

Birkin bangs with an updo hairstyle

Nothing beats an updo with Birkin bangs for any event. You should look classy and gorgeous.

Birkin bangs with straight hair

Birkin bangs with straight hair

Wearing Birkin bangs with straight hair can be simple but stylish at the same time.

Birkin Bangs on Celebrities

After Jane Birkin popularized the wispy and short Birkin bangs in the 60s, celebrities over the years have worn the bangs beautifully.

They've worn different variations that looked more relaxed and wispier. Let's see some of the celebrities that rocked this style.

1. Jenna Ortega

Jenna Ortega

The Wednesday star, Jenna Ortega, continues to grace events with the Birkin bangs. She's captivated the audience not just with her acting skills, but her hairstyles. Looking beautiful while styling her hair in different ways.

Not only has the movie star worn the Birkin bangs on bob and wavy hairstyles, but she's also rocked them with sophisticated updos.

2. Dakota Johnson

Dakota Johnson

Dakota Johnson is known for her Birkin bangs. The American Actress rocks her bangs quite uniquely and beautifully. She popularized the Birkin bangs and was named to be the modern poster for the bangs. Her look effortlessly complements the hairstyle, giving her a cool vibe.

Are you looking for wispy varieties of Birkin bangs? You should take a look at Dakota Johnson.

3. Anne Hathaway

Anne Hathaway

Anne Hathaway, an American actor played a role in the reappearance of the Birkin bangs. After her homage to The Devil Wears Prada, the internet saw the resurgence of the Birkin bangs. She's styled the bangs with an updo to create an elegant look.

4. Zendaya


Zendaya is famous for her fashionable outfits and hairstyles. Well, she did it again with the Birkin bangs.

At the 2021 London Film Festival, the American actress wore the Birkin bangs with loose curls and a statement-piece outfit. The actress often looks good on red carpets, but the audience loved this look exceptionally. 

5. Joey King

Joey King

Joey King has rocked statement pieces quite nicely. She's revealed sultry looks, and the Birkin bangs with her long hair were not exempted. The layers and waves added sophistication to the look. The middle-parted wispy bangs turned out impressive.

6. Emily Ratajkowski

Emily Ratajkowski

The American model and former actress slayed some bangs well. On top of them is the Birkin bangs. (Our opinion). She's brought back the wispy and choppy feel of the 70s Birkin bangs that the internet couldn't be more excited about.

Emily Ratajkowski's birkin bangs hairstyle was a total shift from her signature hairstyle, offering a unique personality. The model has paired her bangs with wavy hair as well as straight hair.

7. Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift

Taylor's Birkin bangs stylishly sit between her eyebrows and her eyes. She wears it elegantly with a classic updo that suits her look and the event. The American singer and songwriter's love for bangs sure is unbeatable. 

Reason You Should Get the Birkin Bangs

1. The Birkin bangs are Versatile

Have you ever worn a hairstyle that looked horrible on you? Well, the Birkin bangs won't. You can work with the style to suit your look and taste, turning out wonderfully. Remember to consider your hair texture and face shape.

2. Easy to blend

While it's possible to get the variation of the Birkin bangs you never expected, blending it in with your hair again is easy. You can simply leave out your hair to grow. Also, consider cutting a longer variation of the Birkin bangs in case it doesn't turn out how you want.

3. Low maintenance

The Birkin bangs are low-maintenance and can be easily managed. With a few tools and products, you should have good-looking Birkin bangs. 


There's no doubt that the Birkin bangs are trendy and flattering. This article should be a guide when you need to get the cut. Got any further questions? Leave us a message below.

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