Curly Hair Tips In Winter-Ultimate Guide

As the temperature drops, the cold, dry weather with strong winds can make your curly hair become dry and tangle. No matter whether you are dealing with your naturally curly hair or your curly hair wigs. Hats and hoodies can protect your curly hair more or less, but you still need a long-term solution. In this blog, we bring a complete guide for curly hair tips and tricks for you to protect your curly hair in winter.

Why Do We Need To Protect Curly Hair, Particularly In Winter?

As we all know, curly hair is a hair type that can feel overwhelming to care for since thick curly hair is more prone to breakage and dryness than other hair types.

What's worse, winter is not friendly for curly hair, your curly hair can become impossibly drier, and the wind and snow can make your hair ridiculously tangled, not to mention hats and the frizz they cause. As a result, your delicate curly hairstyle was destroyed, breaking your good mood and making you feel fretted the whole day.

curly hair in winter

So the biggest issue with curly hair in winter is the dryness, our goal with hair care should be to lock in the moisture of your curly hair to keep them bouncy and healthy. So it is essential to do good protection to your curly hair or curly wigs, especially in winter. Before diving into curly hair tips, let's study some curly hair routines, and get to know things to do with curly hair.

Naturally Curly Hair Routine

When it comes to taking care of curly hair in winter, the key is to add moisture to the hair and avoid any hair product that’s going to dry out or weigh your hair down. In this case, we cover three parts of caring for your naturally curly hair: washing, combing, and styling.


1. Choose shampoo and condition specifically designed for curly hair

shampoo for curly hair

As we all know, curly hair dries out faster than straight hair due to the shape of the hair texture. So you'd better choose moisturizing products and humectants (like oils). Sulfate-free shampoos are the most recommend shampoo by hairstylists, plus ones that are silicone-free and free of parabens.

2. Add a lot of conditioner before and after shampoo

In general, we gently add conditioner after shampooing hair, but curly hair tends to lose moisture very quickly, especially in Winter. Applying conditioner before washing can help to protect the hair strand so that the shampoo won’t strip the hair of its natural oils.

3. Wash your curly hair with lukewarm water

wash curly hair

No matter curly hair or any other type of hair, avoid using hot water to wash your hair because hot water tends to strip moisture from hair and leave it dry. Washing hair with lukewarm or cold water will help you retain moisture and strength.

4. Avoid overwashing

Overwashing your curly hair can make it lose natural oil on the hair strands and become dry. Regularly washing your hair can make keep your natural hair healthy, and keep in mind to pay attention to your natural hair status. When the hair becomes greasy, it's time to wash your hair. Normally wash your hair every 3 days.


Combing your curls is an essential part of caring for your curly hair, here is what we need to pay attention to when brushing curly hair.

1. Don't brush your curly hair when it is dry

When it comes to combing curly hair, it’s always a better idea to do so when the curls are wet. Exports recommend brushing or combing curly hair in the shower to avoid breakage. 

Curly hair is often dry and fragile and tends to break easily when combing. So, please always be gentle when combing or brushing your curly hair, and don't comb or brush when it is dry.

2. Choose the right comb

No matter whether you have 4c or 3a curl hair, choosing the right brush is very important. A right brush won’t create additional pulling, tension, or knots, as long as you’re using them gently and correctly.

comb your curly hair

A wide-tooth comb is the first choice. Perfect for using while hair is wet once you’ve added either conditioner (in the shower) or leave-in conditioner (outside the shower). In addition, Tanger Teezer is another good option you can consider, which provides slip and makes untangling curls infinitely easier.


1. Avoid using heat tools

In winter, the hair becomes fragile and delicate. The heat from the blow dryer and styling tools will not only suck out the moisture from your curls but also cause split ends. If you insist use heat tools, make sure to apply heat protectant before using, which will limit the damaging effects of the heat on your curls.

2. Apply hydrating hairsprays

To hold the shape of your curly hair, hydrating hairsprays are essential and can be a huge help during the winter season. If your curls start to feel dry during your day out, you can refresh them with a spritz.

How To Care For Your Curly Hair Wigs


Like your natural hair, curly wigs can also get tangled easily. In this case, moisturizing becomes critical. Every human hair wig requires three key elements to stay healthy, protein, moisture, and lubricants. Choose products to include which can supply these nutrients to maintain your curly wig.

Avoid using alcohol-based products

Some alcohol-containing products will dry out the wig, losing its elasticity and flexibility, and it is prone to tearing and falling off. Therefore, avoid using alcohol-containing shampoos or hair care products on curly wigs.

Always keep gentle

When detangling your curly wig, make sure to choose a wide-tooth comb. Regular combs and brushes will ruin the curls and make your wig tangle and cause shedding. In addition, treat your wig carefully as your natural hair, and keep slowly and gently detangling your curly wig.

In addition to the daily care, there are some other tips for curly girls to care for their curly hair in winter, keep reading!

Tips For Curly Hair Care In Winter

1. Protect your curls while outside

If you are going outside for a long time, keep in mind to wear a cap or scarf made of satin or silk to protect your hair, which can decrease the friction that causes breakage. Also, they can help to protect your hair from the elements and will keep it from becoming dry and crunchy.

2. Apply deep conditioner

The cold air, heating systems, and other factors may all contribute to dry and damaged hair during the winter. Your hair needs as much protection as possible, it doesn’t get much better than a deep condition or hair mask that locks in your hair’s moisture.

apply deep conditioner

So, if you want to keep the health and moisture of your hair curls in winter, apply a deep conditioner at least once a week, which can replenish the moisture needed by hair and make the curls vibrant. 

3. Don't go outside with wet hair

When your hair is wet, the cold air can cause your wet curls to freeze and become crunchy easily, because the water molecules on your hair can expand and can cause breakage. That will be unrecoverable damage to your hair.

4. Use light oil

In addition to deep conditioners and hair masks, natural oil is another essential product you could use when your curls are lacking moisture. Sealing with oil will do some help for curly hair from harsh weather conditions and seal in moisture from your conditioning and styling products. 

5. Use a humidifier


Placing a humidifier on your nightstand while you sleep will not only help keep moisture in the air but will also help you breathe easier through cold and flu season. The added moisturizer will add humidity to hair, making both skin and hair more receptive to moisturizers and conditioners.

6. Make a protective hairstyle before sleep

It is needed to do a protective hairstyle before sleep. Hairstyles like fishtail braids, twists, and updos keep your curls intact and tangle-free even in the most unpleasant conditions.

7. Invest in a curl-friendly pillowcase and cap

If you are considering investing in a silk pillowcase, winter is a season to help you make the decision. The friction between hair and pillowcase can make your curls drier. Instead of getting a standard hat, opt for something satin or silk-lined, which will protect you from the cold without giving you a bad hair day.

How To Comb Curly Hair Without Disrupting Your Curls

1. Detangle your hair with your finger

Always use your finger to comb your curly hair instead of brushing directly. Detangling your hair with fingers can preserve the shape of the curls and prevent hair breakage.

2. Wet your curls

Detangle curly hair can be a big challenge for most women. If you find the complete process painful, you should choose to wet your hair before brushing. (Warm notice: Never comb curly hair when it is dry)

Wet your hands and gently dab on the curls. Once the curls have soaked the water, start detangling your hair with your fingers or a wide tooth comb.

3. Combing hair from down to up

If you want to preserve the curls, you’ll need to brush them more carefully. Comb hair from down to the top slowly. Avoid combing from the roots. It is a great idea to preserve the curls as well.

4. Treat with hair products before brushing

Applying a conditioner before brushing your hair can help to comb your hair smoothly since this helps soften the hair and also keeps your hair hydrated. Using deep conditioners helps to separate the hair strands from each other which in turn helps to comb the hair easily and precisely.

5. Add some natural oil

Natural oil is another great way to keep your hair moisturized and prevents them from getting dry. Oil separates the hair tresses from one another which can help you comb hair easily. 

add some natural oil

You can take some oil in your hand and then apply it to the curls with the help of your fingers. Leave it for some time and then start brushing from down to the roots.


Curly hair is a popular hairstyle loved by over 99% of women, caring tips can be critical to keeping your hair in a good condition. This article can guide you to maintain your curly hair or wig, if you get any other ideas from this blog, leave your comments below!

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