Feather Cut VS Layer Cut, What's The Difference?

Getting a new haircut can jazz up your personality and make you feel like a new person. However, choosing a hairstyle that matches your face structure and personality and is easy to maintain can be tricky. There are so many things that you need to look at before finalizing what cut you want.

If you are thinking of getting a new haircut, you might have heard about layer cuts and feather cuts. Both of these cuts are popular and perfect to give your hair volume. Below, we have mentioned everything you need to know to decide which is better and which one you should choose. So, without any further ado, let’s begin exploring!

What Is A Layer Cut?

What Is A Layer Cut

We are sure you have heard about the layered cut because it is one of the most popular cuts people usually tend to get. A layered haircut is what the name suggests here, the hair is cut into different lengths relative to each other. It is done to show that your hair is falling at different points compared to others.

One of the main reasons people love getting this cut is because it is very versatile and gives your hair a lot of volume and dimension. Another great thing about this cut is its low maintenance. Layer cut is suitable for every type of hair. You can get this haircut easily if you have straight, curly, or even wavy hair.

Pros of Layer Cut

  • This is ideal to balance the weight and bulkiness of the hair.
  • It disturbs the hair evenly throughout the cut without making it look bulky.
  • Gives your hair a voluminous and fuller look.
  • It makes the curly hair more defined and gives them a lot of room to style the curls.
  • The layered cut looks fantastic on almost every face shape.

Cons of Layer Cut

  • You might need to go to a hairdresser for a polished look.
  • Proper technique must be used while you get the layer cut.

What Is A Feathered Cut?

What Is A Feathered Cut

A feathered haircut is almost like a layer cut, and the main aim of this cut is to add volume and bounce to the hair. However, the hair is not trimmed to different lengths in this cut. The ends of the hair are cut and styled in such a way that they give more volume and bounciness to the hair.

It’s for people who want to add texture to their hair and want to define the shape of their hair. The feather cut is also very versatile and works amazingly for all kinds of hair types.

Pros of Feathered Cut

  • It helps with the weight distribution in your hair and makes them look less bulky.
  • Perfect for defining hair texture.
  • Adds volume and also creates volume in the hair.

Cons of Feathered Cut

  • It can be a little complicated to make hairstyles with this cut.
  • You might need frequent maintenance to keep the shape of the hair.

Similarities Between Feathered Cut and Layered Cut

Many people confuse these two cuts because they almost have the same effect.

  • Both are done when you want to make your hair look more voluminous and bigger. These cuts work amazingly to enhance your hair's texture and give it some movement.
  • Both feathered and layer cuts can be done on every hair type.
  • Another similarity between these two is that both suit every face shape, and you can easily create different hairstyles with them.
  • When deciding which one you should pick, it would be best to consult the hairstylist. They can help you choose the right cut according to your hair type and density.

Differences Between Feathered Cut And Layered Cut

Differences Between Feathered Cut And Layered Cut

Even though these two cuts have many similarities, there are still some differences if you take close to check.

  • One of the most significant differences between them is that feathered cuts are mainly focused on the ends of the hair. The ends of the hair are cut so they give soft and flowy movement to your hair. They almost look like feathers and make you look light yet fluffy from the ends.
  • Whereas the layer cut is done all over your hair. Your hair is cut into different lengths, giving it a more structured and defined look. Every layer is shorter than the other and makes your hair dimensional and voluminous.
  • Layer cuts should be done if you don't want to go to the salon again and again for maintenance.
  • Feather cut, on the other hand, needs a lot of maintenance, and you need to get regular trims so that it grows out gracefully. 
  • Feather cuts can be done on all hair types, but it is suggested to people with fine or medium hair to add volume to the ends of their hair.
  • Layer cut is suitable for all hair types.

Therefore, if you want volume in your entire hair layers should be your first preference, but if you wish to have volume just on your ends, go for feather.

Feather Cut VS Layer Cut: Which One Suit You Best?

Now the question is which one you need to choose for yourself?

  • If you like both haircuts and don't know which one to pick, you can get both. That means you can always combine both cuts if you have long and dense hair, here is where butterfly haircut come from. You need to tell your stylist to give you layers on the top of your hair and make your ends feathered like in the feathered cut. 
  • If you have fine hair, the feathered cut can be good for you, giving you the illusion of having more hair.
  • But a layered haircut will be your best pick if you don't want something high-maintenance. 
  • The layered cut is the safest option if you don’t know what to get. It will give you volume and dimension, is easy to maintain, and makes you look stylish. 
  • Another reason you can get a layered cut is that it never goes out of fashion and is ideal for every hair type.

Both of these cuts can be very similar and give your hair almost the same look, but some intricacies can make them look a little different. You can also consult your stylist as they better understand what will suit you and which cut will be according to your needs.

Final Words

Haircuts are very important to make your hair look structured and in shape. There are so many different kinds of cuts that you need to choose from, and this entire process can be very overwhelming.

Both of these cuts look amazing on every hair type and are perfect for adding volume to your hair. We hope that with the help of this article, you will be able to know the similarities and differences between these two cuts and which one will be good for you. Hope you found this info helpful; stay tuned for more of such interesting guides!

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