Heart Shaped Braids: Everything You Need To Know

heart shaped braids

Although displaying your heart on your sleeve is an adorable look, wearing it atop your head is by far the most stylish way to show off this classic shape. The heart-shaped braid can be a fun and playful alternative when you're feeling something more feminine than traditional French pigtails. It may appear intricate at first glance but rest assured, with practice comes perfection! So why not give it a try today?

Reveal the beauty of your natural hair with a romantic heart-shaped braid! No more waiting for hair to grow or fretting over damage - you can quickly achieve any look you desire. In this article, we'll show you how to create an eye-catching braided heart that is both fun and flirty yet also one of a kind. So what are you waiting for? Get creative and try out this stylish new hairstyle today!

What Are Heart-Shaped Braids?

The heart-shaped braid is a trend that has been soaring in recent years, and for a good reason; it's romantic, sweet, and easy to do. It looks similar to traditional cornrows, but instead of straight rows, the hair is braided into the shape of a love heart.

heart shaped braids

Nothing exudes romance like this hairstyle! If you desire to add a touch of romance to your hairstyle, this unique braiding technique is ideal for you! From wedding receptions to prom nights, the heart-shaped braid is an effortless way of displaying your impeccable sense of style and panache. Or simply throw it in for a fun date night outing!

How To Do Heart-Shaped Braids?

Crafting a heart-shaped braid may sound intimidating at first, but it's much easier than you think! All that's needed is patience and practice to master this cute 'do. After all, everybody already knows the basics of braiding - so let's get started with our step-by-step guide below for creating this style! With just a few simple instructions, you'll be able to rock your unique look in no time:

1. Search and choose a specific heart braid hairstyle

heart braids hairstyle

Looking at some images of heart-braid hairstyles on Pinterest or TikTok can be an excellent way to decide the style that suits you best. Perhaps a side part, middle part, or back part? No one knows your flair better than you, so opt for whichever design speaks most to you. If you're feeling creative and adventurous, why not combine various styles? Plus, accessories such as beads and rhinestones will add a touch of glamour!

2. Prepare a rat tail comb, gel, or hair spray

Secondly, to achieve a heart-shaped outline with your comb, part the hair into a "C" shape. Be sure not to forget to add some gel or hairspray for extra hold and definition. If you position the heart at one side of their head, simply fashion two C's: one in a rounder formation near the top and then another that cascades down towards where their ear begins. 

rat tail comb and hair spray

Utilize a rat tail comb to effortlessly section off your hair into the ideal heart shape. When you're parting, be sure to leave the front portion of the heart slightly thicker for it to have that extra oomph!

3. Part the hair diagonally

Then, intertwine the hair in the center of your heart shape to guarantee it is symmetrical and will look delightful. Subsequently, part off your mane diagonally from the external point on that side.

part the hair to heart shape

Begin including strands of plaits where you've bound together those two sections. With this technique, you're sure to receive a faultless design every time! Here's when things get interesting - have fun with different braid styles, such as an ordinary French braid or something more inventive like a fishtail style. Or even better - combine both techniques for an exciting outcome!

4. Braid the heart with hair bundles

braid heart part hair and add hair bundles

To complete the iconic heart braid, start braiding from each inner corner. For an exquisite and natural look, be sure to add a small number of hair every time you cross your strands together. The same procedure should be conducted on the other half side to form two halves of one heart-shaped braid. 

After concluding this process, secure both sides with thread and needle underneath the shape for a unified appearance; choosing to tie them into one or multiple human hair bundles is ultimately up to you, as it will depend on how large you'd like your final product!

5. Enjoy your heart braid

braid the rest hair

Once it's finished, braid the rest of the hair and bask in the glory of your braided masterpiece! You have pulled off one of the most romantic hairstyles with a few simple steps and plenty of patience. We want to be sure that you can show off this gorgeous style as often as possible - share some selfies along the way featuring #signaturestyle for all to see. Your look could spark inspiration, among many others! So go ahead and give yourself an A+ on mastering our tutorial - we hope you had just as much fun trying out this new 'do today!

Heart Shaped Braid Video Tutorial

5 Tips for The Perfection of a Heart-Shaped Braid

Get ready to look fabulous with this heart-shaped braid! Although it requires time, practice, and patience, the results will be worth it. Follow these tips for perfecting your style:

1. Wash and condition your hair before styling it in this fashion

wash your natural hair

This is essential to achieve a professional-looking appearance. Therefore, make sure that you clean your hair with shampoo and conditioner before starting the heart braid process. Afterward, let it dry naturally or use a blow-dryer on low heat.

2. Apply hairspray or shine jam to the area:

apply gel on natural hair

This will help to keep your strands tidy and in place. Additionally, it can provide extra definition as well as a glossy finish. You can also use a small amount of gel if desired.

3. Choose human hair bundles

human hair bundles

This is a great option if you want your braid to remain intact for longer and look natural. Human hair bundles can be integrated into the heart shape, plus they come in various lengths and colors. You can even add highlights for a more playful effect.

4. Lay flat the edges and coat them with a generous layer of mousse for an extra polished look

apply mousse on braids

To guarantee that your braid remains in place and looks beautiful for a prolonged period, applying some oil or mousse to it can be extremely beneficial. Not only does this ensure its longevity, but it adds an elegant sheen that will give you a perfect look! In addition, laying delicate edges can also upgrade this style and increase your glam!

5. To help maintain your style, donning a scarf when sleeping is recommended

sleep your heart shaped braid hair with a silk scarf

If you want to maintain your braid's beautiful look, then this is the perfect solution! Not only will it keep it in prime condition while you sleep, but it can also shield your hair from any harm that may be caused by pillow friction.

So, have fun and enjoy creating your very own heart-shaped braid! With these tips for perfection, you're sure to look and feel like a dream come true!

7 Versatile Heart-Shaped Braid Styles Ideas For Black Women

Transform every day into something extra special and romantic with a heart-shaped braid! To guarantee you have enough options to pick from, here are seven distinctive styles that can be experimented with:

1. Cornrow heart braid

Cornrow heart braid

Obtaining a stylish yet effortless getup is easy with this heart-braided style. You have the flexibility to generate varying designs based on your desired volume and form!

2. Double braid heart

double heart braid

Elevate your style and stand out from the masses with this statement-making look. Two exquisite braids expertly intertwined will make a stunning braid that is sure to capture everyone's attention!

3. Stitch heart braid with a highlight

Stitch heart braid with highlight

Need a hairstyle that stands out? Then this one is for you! By adding some subtle highlights to the heart shape, your hair will become an irresistible work of art. Get ready to turn heads as you make a lasting impression with your unique and vivid style!

4. Burgundy red heart braid

burgundy red heart braids

Transform your hair into a breathtaking masterpiece with this beautiful burgundy red heart braid! With an artistic flair that will captivate everyone around you, this look is the perfect way to get heads turning and make sure all eyes are on you.

5. Knotless heart braid

knotless heart braid

Let your creativity shine and create a stunningly crafted knotless braid heart shape. An ideal option for those who prefer a more natural yet well-groomed look, this style requires minimal upkeep so that you can always look fabulous!

6. Two bun cornrow heart braid

two bun cornrow heart braid

Strut your stuff with this unique double bun cornrow heart braid. It's a combination of classic and modern styles that will guarantee you look the part, no matter where you are! The eye-catching design always draws attention, ensuring that all heads turn your way whenever you enter the room.

7. High ponytail stitch heart braids

high Ponytail stitch heart braids

Make your ponytail stand out with the show-stopping stitch heart braid. This unique statement hairstyle provides not only a chic and playful vibe but also an extra hint of glamour that will turn heads as you strut down the street. With this eye-catching design, even simple ensembles can look more stylish!

How To Care for Heart Braids?

To have your heart braids appear sharp, luminous, and without any knots, you need to provide them with a bit of extra love. Here are some effective tips from professionals for your heart braids always look flawless:

1: Edge Control

Edge control is an often overlooked detail, yet it's essential to maintain your heart braid and keep it looking neat. A light layer of edge tamer should be applied along the hairline before combing through with a brush or fingertips for structure and support that will hold up all day! With this extra step taken into consideration, you can ensure a polished look that won't budge.

2: Mousse

Mousse is a great styling tool to keep in your arsenal when it comes to maintaining any braided hairstyle, especially heart braids. By applying a light layer of mousse around the edges and throughout the hair, you can ensure that your braid won't unravel or become frizzy. Plus, it provides extra protection from humidity and heat so that your heart braid is sure to last!

3: Wash Your Hair

It's important to keep in mind that overwashing can strip away the natural oils of our hair and make it dry, brittle, and unmanageable. Therefore, it's best to use a dry shampoo between washes to keep your heart braid clean and looking fresh. With this tip, you can maintain a beautiful and healthy heart braid that will last for weeks!


1. Do Heart Shaped braids cause damage?

The answer is no. Hear braid cornrow is a protective hairstyle that can protect your natural hair from styling damage. But if you braid it too tight, it may damage your natural hair and scalp. So moisturizing your heart-shaped braid is very important to prevent any dryness that could lead to damage.

2. How Long Do Heart Braids Last?

Heart braids are an excellent way to spruce up your look, but how long they last depends on the care you provide. On average, these gorgeous styles can keep their shape for two to three weeks; however, with proper maintenance and attention, you may be able to extend this lifespan!

3. How Long Does It Take to Do Heart Braids? 

If you're thinking of incorporating heart braids into your hairstyle, it's important to keep in mind that this can require some serious time commitment. Generally speaking, installing a single braid will take up to two to three hours - however, if you opt for more patterns or additional braids surrounding the heart design, then this could be extended further. Before making any plans, make sure to factor in the length of time needed when booking an appointment.

4. How Much Do Heart Braids Cost?

While the cost of having your hair braided varies depending on where you live, it is still possible to get a general idea. Complicated heart braid styles can range up to $150 based on complexity and number of plaits. The ultimate fee will also depend upon the length and thickness of natural hair as well as whether or not extensions are included in your design.

5. Why is a heart-shaped braid such a great idea?

Adding a special touch to your hairstyle is easy with heart braids. From color pops to more intricate designs, these fun and creative styles let you excitingly express yourself. Whether it's for a special occasion or just sprucing up everyday looks, there are endless options when it comes to incorporating heart braids into your style - so if you're looking to switch things up without too much effort, this could be a perfect choice!

In a Nutshell

It's time to get creative with your hair! With the heart-shaped braid as your go-to hairstyle, you won't have to worry about just having a simple braid. You can mix and match different styles for daily looks to spice things up! From the basic heart-shaped braid style to more glamorous options like the rose heart braid and the contrast rosary braid, there is no limit to what you can do with this versatile hairstyle. 

Be sure to take care of your hair by not tugging too much when braiding and using conditioner or oil treatments so that your braids last longer. Heart braids may be a little pricey, but it is worth it in terms of the time you get with your beautiful locks! So what are you waiting for? Get creative and learn the heart-shaped braid hairstyle today!

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