How To Wear A Wig With Long Hair? The Only Guide You Need

how to wear a wig with long hair

Wigs are a great way to express yourself and try out styles or colors that would otherwise be impossible with natural hair. But it may sound tricky for people who have long hair to wear a wig.

But don't worry - we've got you covered. We've tried and tested some methods so that getting ready for a new hairstyle no longer has to cause any hassle. 

In this post, you'll get all the info about easy ways how to wear a wig with long hair so that you can give yourself an ambitious and confident makeover without any stress whatsoever. Let's have fun with this!

Why Wear A Wig With Long Hair?

Everyday life is stressful, and sometimes, so is deciding how to style our hair. It's easy to get stuck in a rut with the same hairstyle day after day while feeling like there isn't much you can do about it., Wearing wigs allows us to switch up our look quickly and easily without needing time for styling or any special equipment.

loose deep wave hair styles

If you want to try out a new style without the commitment of cutting your long hair, wearing a wig is one of the best things you can do.

Whether it's adding length to your current hairstyle or trying out something completely different, a wig allows you to experiment with looks without worrying about damage or anything else. With a wide range of styles and colors, you can transform your look in a matter of minutes.

How to Choose the Right Wig for Long Hair?

Don't be intimidated - finding the right wig for your flowing tresses is easier than you think! For those of you feeling overwhelmed, check out these helpful hints:

  • First and foremost, make sure the wig complements your face shape and is made from high quality materials.
  • Look for wigs that come with adjustable straps to secure your wig in place with ease.
  • Choose a shade that's close to your natural hair color - or mix it up with a subtle tint.
  • Go for human hair wigs if you want a realistic, natural look.
  • Always check the cap size to ensure an oh-so-comfy fit.

Tools You'll Need to Put on a Wig with Long Hair

To make sure your wig is secure and looks natural, you'll need some essential tools. Here's what you'll need to get started:

Comb or brush: 

wide tooth comb

This will help you smooth down any flyaways and keep the hair on your wig neat.

Bobby pins: 

Bobby pins

To help secure the wig in place, use a few bobby pins to pin it at different points around your head.


rat tail comb and hair spray

To make sure everything stays in place, give your locks an extra layer of protection with some hairspray.

Wig cap:

wig capThis is a must-have for those with long hair - it will help keep your strands together and secure the wig in place. Choose one color close to your skin tone.

Hair Tie: 

hair ties

If you have long hair, you may want to use a hair tie to gather your locks into a ponytail and ensure your wig looks flawless.

How To Prepare Your Long Natural Hair For A Wig?

Before putting on your wig, it's important to get your hair in the best condition possible. This will help ensure a secure fit and avoid any slippage throughout the day:

1. Brushing Your Hair

Taking the first step in your wig journey? Start by brushing your hair thoroughly to untangle and remove any knots, which will make it much easier to put on a wig cap and then your wig.

briush natural hair

Just start with the ends of your strands, paying special attention as you work your way up to the roots. Opt for a wide toothcomb or brush specifically designed for detangling. Take it slow to protect and keep each strand healthy!

2. Securing Your Hair

Every head of hair is different, so it's up to you to decide which method works best for your mane. Here are some ways you can keep your locks in place:

Method 1: Style your hair by braiding it around your head

Long natural hair can be styled in beautiful braid outs that have smooth textures! Simply follow these steps

Step 1: Section Your Hair

To make it clearer, you can divide your hair into two or four sections based on its thickness. If your hair is looking a little on the thin side, two sections will, above and beyond, successfully get the job done! But if have thick hair, four sections will do you justice. 

Step 2: Loosely braid each section to the ends

Now it's time to start braiding! Begin your plaits from the roots: here at the base of your scalp. 

If you're only doing two box braids, start them behind both ears. It's best to divide your hair up into three sections for braid created even sections left, center, and right. Pick one side, let's say the right, cross it over the center, and that's how to create a middle line. 

braid your hair

Gather any excess hair from the sides and bring it all together in one place just in front of you with all portions combined, which forms the central part! Repeat on alternate sides until you reach the ends of your hair; don't forget to tie a tiny-tiny elastic band at the very bottom once finished!

Step 3: Create one braid and wrap it around your head

Take one of the delicate braids you've just made and wrap it around the top of your head. Lock the braid in place using a lovely bobby pin at the back of your head. 

Drift the braid up and toward the front until it rests snugly against your scalp. However, pause energetically a few fingers widths away from where your lace front wig sits so that it remains camouflaged amongst the flashy hairline.

Now grab a couple of glittering bobby pins and stylishly secure that ravishing plait all along its circumference!

Step 4: Arrange the remaining braids on your head to complete the look

wrap braids around head

Last but not least, begin wrapping the second braid! Start behind the first braid, but make sure to hold it in place as you go by using a few sturdy bobby pins.

As you make your way around the front of your head, keep wrapping it until it's comfortably secured. Pay close attention to avoid overlapping the braids—this can create umps. 

And that's it! You can now proudly show off your beautiful, long braid and don the wig of your dreams. It's time to flaunt the glamorous look you've been waiting for all day! Enjoy!

Method 2: Making Cornrows That Lay Flat Against Your Head

If you're looking for a protective style that will lay flat against the scalp, making cornrows could be an ideal option. Making cornrows is quite easy - here's how it works:

Step 1: Divide your hair

To create small sections in your hair, use a comb and divide it row by row. Create a part in a tiny section of your hair!

divide your hair

Start by drawing a line from front to back down the length of your scalp, beginning from one side of your head and then going all the way to the other. Maximize your look with a precise yet proportional hair portion by keeping the width no wider than 1 to 2 inches (2.5 to 5.1 cm)! 

Step 2: Start braiding

Start at the front of your scalp with a single row. Divide it into three equal parts, starting from the very edge. Now comes the exciting part – you're going to switch up their positions!

divide the hair into three pieces

Pass the right section below the centerpiece, and voila, you've created an entirely new "middle" section. You can keep changing these around and adding detail, but right now, let's take this one step further by moving the left part beneath the middle piece.

This will form an interlocking braid which is necessary for keeping your cornrows in place.

Step 3: Add hair to both sides of the braid to create an even line

Bring any hair from that row over toward the right part of the row. Exciting news: adding hair is just as simple! Add a small piece of Hair (maximum half an inch!) to the side to join it with the same row.

add hair and keep braiding

Attention: now blend it with the rest! You don't need to pull all of your dreads in different directions; this is not a French braid. With utter grace and beauty, start making those artistically intertwined braids – coming right up!

Step 4: Keep braiding the section until the end, and then use a hair tie to secure it

Woohoo! Keep your fingers busy and keep on braiding as you move down from where you'd started. When you reach the nape of your neck, add that handful of hair remaining in the region and tie tightly to create a beautiful braid.

Here ahead, all you have to do is secure what's already been intricately plaited together. Place a delicate hair tie no bigger than it needs to be and quick!

Step 5: Section by section, apply the same process across your entire scalp

Separate your hair into little portions, and get ready for an exciting adventure in braiding! Have fun with each portion as you work your way from side to side.

Get creative as you go, and soon you'll have a beautiful pattern of tiny French plaits that cover your entire head like a network of rows from the front of your head to the back of your hairline.

Finally, use hair ties to secure each braid for total perfection. You'll be amazed at how stunning it looks once you're done!

Step 6:Put your braids up in your hair using pins

Taking a few of the braid tails in your hands, give them a tight twist! Then, wrap them over the back of your head where your scalp meets the skull. Be sure to use some huge bobby pins to secure their position in place.

To complete the look, do the same with any remaining braid tails. Pay close attention, making sure not to overlap them as you move along. If the braid tails are thick and dense, it might be a good idea to pin each one in place separately for extra security.

There is a detailed video you can learn to braid cornrows by yourself, check now!


And you have made it! You are now the proud owner of some beautiful cornrow braids. Feel free to accessorize them the way you like with cute hair clips, flirty sparkles, or other fun accessories. Enjoy your new personally designed hairdo, and show off your braiding skills with style!

Step-by-Step Instructions for Putting on A Wig with Long Hair

So you've got your wig and all the necessary tools and preparation before wearing a wig; now it's time to put it on! Here are the details for wearing a wig with long hair.

Step 1: Put On the Wig Cap Over Your Hair:

Let's get started! Beginning at the back of your head, slowly loosen the opening of the wig cap and spread it around your whole head, making sure all of your hair is tucked underwater.

put on the wig cap over your hair

Ensuring that your hairline is aligned with vice versa the garter or elastic side of the wig cap. Everything has to be done accordingly! If you find a mesh wig cap in hand, start from below and pull it up gently until it fits perfectly on top.

Step 2: Put on The Wig:

Hold the front of the wig down with one hand and stretch the material over your head until it reaches around your edges! It should slip on easily with a little extra help from using your fingers to adjust the elastic band.

put on the wig

Look deeper inside the wig itself; there might be some small clips or a band which you can tighten depending on your specified head size!

As for what to do with that back section, that's easy: with a few swift movements, place it onto your head and start pulling it toward the back of your scalp; but keep in mind not to pull too tightly so as not to cause any strenuous damage!

Step 3: Secure the Wig With Glue (Optional):

Lastly, if you desire extra reinforcement and stability, apply some glue along the hairline in the front middle of your forehead to attach the wig. If necessary, use tweezers to spread the glue evenly and press down gently against your scalp. After a few minutes of waiting, voila! If you are going with a glueless pre cut lace wig, you can skip this step!

Step 4: Style Your Wig:

You can style your wig now. You can use curling wands, straighteners, or even hairsprays to further customize your look.

style your wig

Whatever suits you best, feel free to experiment with different hairstyles as often as you want for a unique look every time. The possibilities are endless! Congratulations - you've now successfully put on your wig and are ready to show off your new look! Enjoy!

Tips for Making the Wig Look Natural with Long Hair

Although the steps for putting on a wig are similar for both short and long hair, there are a few extra tips you can use if you have long hair.

1. Do a French braid or two at the back of your head, covering the elastic band and making the wig look more natural.

2. Pull out some hair from underneath the wig to blend it in with your hair.

3. Wear a headwrap over the wig for extra security and to cover any excess hair that may be sticking out from the wig.

4. Use a lightweight hairspray to keep everything in place.

5. Try different hairstyles to make the wig look more natural and unique.

By following these simple tips, you can ensure that your wig looks as natural as possible and lasts for a long time! Have fun experimenting with different styles, and enjoy rocking your new look. Good luck!

In a Nutshell

To sum up, when wearing a wig with long hair, equipped with the necessary tools and master the methods to prepare your natural hair are critical. Applying these use tips and following these step-by-step instructions, your hair will remain to look natural and beautiful all day long! Remember: there's nothing wrong with having fun if it's safe!

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