Kitty Cut - 2024 Hottest Haircut Trend

kitty cut

Lo and behold, the 2024 haircut trend is here! kitty cut, and it has taken the world by storm.

Remember the wolf haircut?

Many stylish animal-inspired haircuts reigned supreme in 2023, including the wolf cut and butterfly haircut so it's no surprise a new one is already here.

Many experts have named the kitty cut the haircut trend of 2024. For a stylish 2024, an easy jump on this, and to get you informed, here's everything you need to know about the kitty cut.

What Is The Kitty Cut?

What Is The Kitty Cut

The kitty cut is the softer version of the wolf cut and the shag cut of the 70s. It's another graduated haircut that has subtle movements with different layers around the face.

This haircut has a more polished effect and face-framing layers. The length could be right below your chin to the collarbone. That makes it a great option for anyone who wants a switch. Maybe chop some of your hair or grow your bob out.

The alluring charm of the kitty cut lies in its softness and sleek nature. The long curtains contribute to that. And the different layers couldn't agree less.

The Versatility Of The Kitty Cut

Speaking of versatile, well, the kitty cut is. In terms of hair texture, this haircut adapts well with any hair texture to create a subtle and nice hairstyle. You can use your straight hair, curly, or wavy hair to achieve this cut.

You may wonder if the kitty-cut hairstyle will suit you. The answer is YES! Because the kitty cut is quite known to suit different face shapes and add softness to the face features.

kitty haircut structure

It can elevate your look by accentuating your cheekbone, which gives you a sophisticated and elegant appearance.

All you need to do is pick a version of the kitty cut you want and you are good to go.

How Can You Style The Kitty Cut?

How Can You Style The Kitty Cut

You will want to speak to a hairstylist before getting the haircut. It's best to have different versions of the kitty cut you like and inform your hairstylist about it.

Talk about your hair texture, what will suit your hair the most, hair length, and face shape. That will help you make the right decision and get the best cut that suits you.

Your hairstylist should be doing this: divide your hair right at the back of your ears and cut diagonally. The layers won't be far from each other and not too close to be unnoticeable. The back can be left without layers or layered depending on what you want.

These simple steps should give a beautiful outcome.

Daily Styling Of The Kitty Cut

Daily Styling Of The Kitty Cut

Since the kitty cut is manageable, and low maintenance, you won't need much or require to do a lot before it looks perfect.

To keep it sophisticated and hold the movement created, you can go in with your styling mousse, and dryer. There you have it- lovely!

You could as well keep it straight, or curl it. A few products with a blow dryer will do the work.

Bringing out the best of this haircut isn't so difficult. It's the more sophisticated shag and less edgy too.

Different Kitty Cut Inspiration

There are quite several versions of the kitty cut. You can style this haircut in different ways and get different vibes from them.

One is to cut the curly kitty haircut. You can achieve this if your hair is curly or go further to curl your hair if it’s not. While it’s unlike the straight and sultry version, the curly kitty cut is unique, authentic, and sophisticated.

Apart from the curly kitty cut, let’s see a few more. 

1. Textured and Side part Kitty Cut

Textured and Side part Kitty Cut

The textured and side-part kitty cut is one fancy way to wear the kitty cut. This style involves a lot of texture than usual and has a body that makes you look amazing. It goes well with straight and texturized hair adding volume to the hairstyle.

You can add a lot of texture on your own with some products if your hair isn’t so thick. Remember to part your hair by the sides and fantastic! You have the textured and side-part kitty cut. 

2. Face Framing Layers Kitty Cut

Face Framing Layers Kitty Cut

Want a more glamorous version, try this. The face-framing layers kitty cut accentuates the layers more.

They are gathered around your face and have a bend motion that leaves your face visible yet hidden. The layers are placed by the sides of your face like the name suggests and flatter your look.

The kitty cut subtleness is still there but with extra face-framing layers. You might need a professional hand for this style because you will need everything to be perfect.

3. Kitty Cut with Bangs

kitty cut with bangs

The kitty cut with bangs is another version of the kitty cut that has an addition. Unlike the classic, this has some bangs to it.

Now, you don’t want to be limited to what you see in the picture above. You can add some waves or even curls to your kitty cut and the bangs. The bangs can be a middle parting or a side parting. Anyhow you want it. A few bangs you can go for are the curtain bangs, wispy bangs, or just the regular bangs.

This haircut can cover your forehead if that’s what you like, give you a different feel, and still look trendy. You might want to have the inspiration of your kitty cut with bangs when you go to the hairstylist. That will make things easier for them.

4. The Soft Waves Kitty Cut

The Soft Waves Kitty Cut

The soft waves kitty cut can be dramatic. Basically, it’s adding waves to your kitty cut. This version simply takes your kitty cut from being plain to being classy. You can achieve the waves easily with the use of a straightener or with a blow dryer. But remember to oil your hair and add heat protectant.

So if you need another layer of spice to your hair, the soft waves kitty cut can do that leaving you looking gorgeous.

5. The Collarbone Kitty Cut

The Collarbone Kitty Cut

Sounds alluring right? Oh yes, it does. But the collarbone kitty cut isn't in that sense. The name only suggests the length of the kitty cut.

Most kitty cuts are toward the length of the shoulder, this instead, cascades down a little bit below the area to the collarbone.

This haircut, like all others, has different lengths with subtle movements. It can be textured, wavy like in the picture above, or straight and thin.

6. Kitty Cut on Curly Hair

Kitty Cut on Curly Hair

Most kitty-cut hairstyles look great on wavy hair, then what about curly hair? "Will it look great on my curly hair?" For girls with natural curly hair, you may have the same question. The answer is "Absolutely gorgeous! " This delicate and natural haircut adds a cute vibe based on the glam.

Some Styling Products For Your Kitty Cut

We want your kitty cut to look good after styling. A few products you shouldn't miss out on when styling are:

1. Mousse

The mousse helps with defining. After you've created some movements on your layers, the mousse serves as the sealing product. It will help keep your hair in place and make you look gorgeous throughout the day.

2. Texture Spray

Want some amplification? Then, get a good texturizing spray. The spray will help to add volume to your hair without weighing so much. Some texturizing sprays can also help with definition. So that's two-in-one! You can use the Ouai texturizing hair spray or the Moroccanoil dry texture spray.

3. Oil 

Hair oils are good moisturizers for the hair. On occasions when you need to use some products, you need to oil your hair beforehand. And on days when your hair is dry, a good moisturizer will be helpful.

4. Blow Dryer

A blow dryer or straightener is necessary when it's time to style your kitty cut. You'll need it to create the waves you want or the movement at the front sides. If you want it straight, a straightener is good too.

Kitty Cut On Laura Harrier

A celebrity leading the way for the 2024 hair trend is Laura Harrier. The model and actress has taken several photos with the haircut that left everyone talking.

Kitty Cut On Laura Harrier

Unlike the kitty cut with the bangs, waves, or curls, Harrier’s kitty cut was more subtle, straight, and sultry. It showed different lengths that created layers around her face and a few curls here and there. The haircut looked gorgeous and amazingly simple.

While the Golden Globes 2024 already witnessed her on this haircut, Tiktok still can't get enough of her hairstyle.

A lot has commented on the rise of the kitty cut in 2024 and can't wait to witness people rocking it in different ways.

Style It Your way

Though we’ve explored the ins and outs of the kitty cut, it’s your moment to shine now that the spotlight is on you.

We want you to draw inspiration from the styles we’ve explored, and make it yours. That's what makes the kitty cut stand out.

Discover your style. And when you do, allow your uniqueness to lead the way.

Here's to looking not just good but uniquely perfect in your style this year!

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