25 Cute Prom Hairstyles For Black Girls

prom hairstyles for black girl

Girls, prom is a one-time event you won't want to get wrong. The dress, makeup, and everything needs to be perfect!

While most people focus more on the dress, you don't want a bad hairdo on such a day. Your dress needs a good hairstyle to complement it. It can be a statement on its own or be as simple as possible.

Whatever you want, here are 25 prom hairstyles for black girls you can pick from. Here we go! 

1. Deep Side Part Waves

The deep side part waves hairstyle is a hairstyle for any occasion including prom. It adds the perfect volume needed and gives you an elegant look for your event.

Deep Side Part Waves

The parting takes the classic middle part or side part away and elongates your face. You can style this hairstyle in different ways. So don't be limited. For longer length or more volume, consider adding hair extensions or invest a human hair wig to support your desired look!

2. Natural Hair Updo

Are you hoping to rock your natural hair? This is for you. Natural hair updo is a wholesome hairstyle for anyone looking to have an updo look yet natural.

Natural Hair Updo

Styled in a braid, the hairstyle looks simple and gorgeous. You do not need extensions for this if your hair is long and textured. Get a good stylist. You should have a good job done.

3. Wavy Bob

A wavy bob is a nice hairstyle touch to your prom dress. The hairstyle has a middle parting and waves that gorgeously flow to the shoulder.

wavy bob

You can create this with a wavy bob wig. Make sure you use some hair spray after styling for some texture.

4. Full Sew-in With Curls

You can look natural with a full sew-in with curls. This hairstyle is styled with extensions sewn to your hair and parted to look like your natural hair.

Full Sew-in With Curls

It is a great way to have protective styles underneath and still look good regardless. When picking hair extensions, let it look like your natural hair so it blends well.

You can have a professional stylist help if you are confused about what color you should get.

5. Top Knot Hairstyle

top knot hairstyle can never disappoint. You can have it done like Nicki Minaj in the picture above or any other way.

Top Knot Hairstyle

Styling a top knot is easy so you can do it yourself. Get your hair straight, blown, and packed into a ponytail. You can add extensions if you need more length for the knot or use your natural hair if it's long enough. With some pins, wrap it into a knot like a bun.

You'll have a nicely done top knot. Remember to lay your edges with some gel for a finished look.

6. Messy Updo

It's classy, stylish, and giving all that it should. The messy bun has everyone starstruck. Celebrities like Rihanna (pictured above) and Kendall Jenner have worn this hairstyle to the red carpet.

Messy Updo

The hairstyle has a bun that looks loose but tight enough not to fall and strands all over. The face-framing strands also add definition. We all love them.

7. All Side Braided Hair

Do you want your hair braided to prom? Try the all-side braided hair. This hairstyle is a creative hairstyle that allows you to look chic. It's been around for a while but still trends and can be rocked to special events.

All Side Braided Hair

The all-side braided hair is classic yet protective at the same time. Just make sure you moisturize your hair after getting it done and lay your edges with some gel.

8. Curly Ponytail

The curly ponytail is a hairstyle that can be achieved within minutes. It looks glamorous, beautiful, and simple.

curly ponytail

Comb your hair out and put it in a ponytail. Get your hair extensions and add them.

9. Sleek Bob

sleek bob

A sleek bob can stand out any day, any time. You can look fashionable and gorgeous in a black or brown bob cut for your event. Make sure it matches your overall look and rock it.

10. Romantic Pixie

You might have thought it's impossible to slay with your short hair. Well, the romantic pixie thinks otherwise.

Romantic Pixie

It is the perfect hairstyle for anyone who loves to rock short hair. Also, if you have long hair, you can wear a fabulous pixie wig.

Make sure to add some hair spray for extra shine to keep it beautiful.

11. Slicked Back

sleeked back

The slicked back is a simple and easy-to-do hairstyle for prom. You can do this with your natural hair or add extensions for a longer length.

12. Crochet Updo Style

Crochet Updo Style

A sweet updo with crochet can't be more fantastic than it already is. You can have the front plaited and have your curly crochet extension like in the picture. Or gel it before crocheting. This style is unique, practical, and gorgeous for any event, even prom.

13. Long Curly Wig

Long Curly Wig

Installing a long curly wig for prom will get heads turning. This hairstyle is voluminous and long. It adds volume to your head and frames it perfectly. You should spray it for a more curly definition.

14. Braided Ponytail

Never think a braided ponytail isn't enough. It's adequate and powerful. The braided ponytail hairstyle is an easy hairstyle for prom.

You can use ombre extensions for something more colorful. To style it, pack your hair into a ponytail tightly.

Make sure it's smooth with no strands falling out. Add your hair extension and braid it. Keep things pretty by laying your edges and baby hairs.

15. Wavy Hairstyle

This hairstyle works amazingly well if you want a half updo with something flowing. It's an easy hairstyle to create. You can ask for a professional stylist for this hairstyle or do it at home.

Wavy Hairstyle

Divide your hair into two sections. Braid the back section and pack the front section for the updo. Pick your wavy extension and include it in the bun.

You'll sew the other wavy extensions to the back section.

16. Textured Ponytail

A textured ponytail works wonders with afro hair. You can use a kinky ponytail like in the picture above or other extensions of your choice.

Textured Ponytail

If you'll use a wavy one, get a texture spray. That'll help with the volume. You can style yourself or visit a hair salon with your inspo.

17. Bubble Ponytail

This hairstyle is no joke when it comes to statement-making. The bubble ponytail gorgeously stands out and has a personality of its own. It involves using a kinky extension for the ponytail and creating puffs.

Bubble Ponytail

The face-framing pieces also add to its beauty and hug your face perfectly. You can create as many puffs as you like and make it voluminous.

18. Side Swept Curly Hair

Side Swept Curly Hair

Like Yara Shahidi, you can style your natural hair for a side-swept look. It is a fantastic choice if your hair is naturally curly and defined. Nevertheless, you can achieve this by adding curly extensions if it is not.

19. Wavy Hair with Bangs

The wavy hair with bangs is a gorgeous hairstyle you won’t want to miss. It features some nicely done bangs that slim down your face and waves that add softness to your look.

In all, it's a stylish and flawless hairstyle for prom.

20. Pins Hairstyle

Pins hairstyle is a simple way to style your hair. While bobby pins are invisible for most hairstyles, this hairstyle allows you to show them and be creative.

You can use some bobby pins and some clips on your hair. Make them visible on both sides of your hair or a side. They’ll look fantastic.

21. Braided Bun

Braided Bun

Unlike the usual bun, the braided bun is plaited. You are simply braiding your hair and wrapping it to a bun, or just wear a pre braided wig and make a bun. It can be plain for some but with accessories, you will elevate your look.

22. Classic 90s Ponytail

A classic 90s ponytail is a trending hairstyle you can go for. It has retro flip ends that add beauty to the hairstyle. And a gel-packed hair.

Classic 90s Ponytail

You can side part like in the picture above or have your hair neatly packed without any parting. Lastly, add spray for shining hair.

23. Curly Bun

You can do this hairstyle easily if your hair is naturally curly. Get your hair packed tightly like a ponytail. Wrap the ponytail around to form a bun and use a hair band to hold it.

Curly Bun

If you don't have one, you can likewise use some pins to hold them. Skip the face-framing pieces or add them like in the image.

24. Kinky Hair Clip-Ins

The kinky clip-in is a good hairstyle to compliment your natural hair. This hairstyle adds the right volume needed for texture and gives you everything you'll need.

Kinky Hair Clip-Ins

You can easily do this at home. Get your clip-ins ready and divide your hair into sections.

Take note of the front in case you want a middle parting or a side one. Pick your clip-ins and start pinning them.

When you get to the front section, comb some parts of your hair on the clip. Then, style.

25. Hair Bun with Fringe

Hair Bun with Fringe

Rihanna took this hairstyle to an event, so can you. The hair bun with fringe is a classic that never gets old. It features a fringe that hugs your forehead perfectly and a messy-looking bun.

You should use extensions for more volume and a spray for shine. You'll look beautiful.

Final Words

The list above includes our favorite hairstyles you can rock for prom. Most of them can be achieved with a prom wig.

While there are many options to choose from, consider your preference, hair texture, and face shape for stunning results. You won't be disappointed.

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