2024 Summer Hair Colors For Black Women

summer hair colors for black women

Are you looking for the best hair color to rock on your dark skin this summer?

It is almost summertime again. You likely have a couple of adventures and outings planned. What better way to show up than with a new hair color?

Your hair color can take your look from 0 - 100% quickly. If you have been wearing only black or your natural hair color, this is an opportunity to try something new.

Will Colored Hair Match My Black Skin?

Will Colored Hair Match My Black Skin

Yes, it will. Black is not the only color that matches a black skin tone. There are a variety of other colors that highlight the beauty of the black skin.

Surprisingly, bright colors flatter the black skin tone well.

If you are a black girl wondering how to infuse color into your hair this summer, this article is for you. We have created a list of the top 10 summer hair colors for black women.

Let’s answer some of your questions before we get started!

Can A Black Girl Color Her Natural Hair?

Can A Black Girl Color Her Natural Hair

Yes, she can. A black girl can color her natural hair, but it has to be done with some precautions because of the hair texture.

The truth is that black or Afro hair is unique in terms of texture, structure of the strands, and porosity. Every black girl needs to consider these factors before deciding to color their hair.

The afro hair is prone to dryness because of its low moisture retention. On the other hand, hair dyes contain chemicals that can further dry out the hair. An increased level of dryness can lead to hair damage like hair breakage.

Hair dye-related damage is one of the reasons many black girls don’t color their hair. However, there are ways to prevent hair coloring damage.

Let’s take a look!

Tips On How To Prevent Hair Coloring Damage

Tips 1: Moisturize your hair

Moisturize your natural hair

Natural afro hair requires lots of moisture to stay healthy, coloring your hair means you have to take your moisture game to another level.

At this point, simply hydrating your hair will not cut it. You have to do the full moisture infusion process. That means you have to hydrate with water, moisturize with a leave-in conditioner, and then seal in the moisture using your preferred hair oil or butter.

Aside the routine hair moisturization, deep conditioning your natural hair regularly is a great way to help it retain moisture.

Moisturizing your hair goes a long way in preventing hair breakage.

Tips 2: Trim weak ends

Trim weak ends

If you colored your entire hair, chances are that the ends will get dryer than the remaining parts. The ends of your hair are where the dryness is most obvious.

The best way to deal with frail ends is to trim them off regularly. That way, you can avoid the spread of spilt ends and obvious dry looks.

Trimming weak ends regularly and moisturizing is a great way to care for your colored black hair.

Tips 3: Apply protein treatment regularly

Apply protein treatment regularly

Protein treatments are great for improving hair strength.

Aside from strengthening the hair, protein treatment also provides oils and nutrients that are necessary for healthy hair. They also prevent frizz, which is one of the most obvious effects of hair color on natural afro hair.

Can I Infuse Color In My Hair Without Coloring My Natural Hair?

Can I Infuse Color In My Hair Without Coloring My Natural Hair


You can add color to your hair without having to deal with the effects of hair dye on your natural hair.

You can add color to your natural hair by using hair extensions. Hair extensions like clip-ins, weave hairs, braiding hairs, and frontal wigs are great options.

You can buy your preferred color of these hair extensions and rock your colored hair without touching your natural hair. The good thing is they will still look as great as they would if you colored your natural hair.

That said, let’s take a look at 10 gorgeous summer hair colors for black women.

10 Gorgeous Summer Hair Colors for Black Women

Try out these beautiful hair colors that will accentuate your brown skin tone this summer. Let’s take a look at our top 10 picks.

1. Red Hair Color

black women with red hair color

If you look at the color red in isolation, you may think it won’t suit the black skin considering its brightness. Well, that is not the case in reality.

The red color blends well with the brown skin tone. Aside from the good blend, the color will immediately elevate your appearance.

If you want to do something different on your hair in this summer, try coloring your hair red or get a red wig.

If you prefer to color your natural hair red, then avoid frequent washing. Frequent washing can fade out the color.

2. Purple Hair Color

There is something about the color purple that gives off the power vibes. If you want to exude black girl power with your looks, then color purple hair it is.

black women with purple hair color

This color suits the light and brown skin girls perfectly. The color purple is also versatile, you can rock it on your natural hair, wigs, and other hair extensions. They especially look amazing on braids (knotless braids with curly ends) will be a great idea.

3. Brown Highlights

Brown hair on brown skin is a no-brainer.

Brown Highlights on black hair
Brown highlights on black hair with bangs

You can’t go wrong wearing brown hair as a black girl (regardless of your skin shade). Brown highlights take the glow of brown on brown to another level.

If you are scared to try out colors on your hair, then adding brown highlights is a great way to start. While you can still have a glimpse of your natural hair color, the brown highlights give your hair a new feel.

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4. Red Brown Hair Color

red brown hair color

Red brown silky straight wig with big hair bow

Red brown hair color is unique and beautiful. It is a perfect mix of different shades of bright colors like red and brown, etc.

This hair color effortlessly flatters the black skin tone. If you have light skin, then this hair color is a must-try. You will be surprised at how the color melts into your natural skin tone gorgeously.

You can rock this hair color on your wigs, braids, and even your natural hair.

5. Blue Black Hair Color

Blue Black Hair Color

Color blue always looks good on the black skin tone. Whether you want to go with cyan, electric blue, or blue-black- you are good to go.

Blue is known to highlight that diamond glow of dark skin. The blue-black color gives a balance of black and blue which is not overwhelming for someone who’s just trying on colored hair.

It is best to go with a brighter shade during winter.

6. Maroon Hair Color

Maroon Hair Color

The maroon hair color is that black woman's favorite hair color of all time. You can’t miss it with this hair color. The good thing about this hair color is that it suits any black skin tone.

Whether you are light or dark-skinned, maroon hair color will blend perfectly with your skin tone.

Maroon is also a great hair color for natural hair. If you want to color your natural hair, then maroon it is.

7. Butter Honey Blonde Hair Color

Butter Honey Blonde Hair Color

Butter honey blonde hair color is a great hair color option, especially for a light or brown skin tone. Contrary to what people might expect, this hair color suits black skin well.

The beauty of this hair color often comes alive in lowcut hairstyles, braids, highlights, and even wigs. Our top pick for this hair color is low cut, it just looks perfect on low cut.

8. Silver Hair Color

silver gray hair wig on black women

Silver gray is an amazing hair color choice for black women. You can’t ever go wrong on a silver color hair on your black skin tone (take it from us).

This hair color gives all the vibes of class that you need. Wearing this color on your black skin tone helps you give off a strong, confident, and unique chic look.

No wonder it’s one of the top choices for black female celebrities. If you have never tried any color on your hair, this color is a must-try.

9. Ginger Hair Color

Ginger Hair Color on black women

Ginger hair color is another great option. The ginger color is a mix of red, brown, and orange. This color blends well with the black skin tone especially if you have light skin.

If you want to appear bold and unique this summer, then the ginger hair color is a top pick. You can rock this hair color on braids, wigs, and your natural hair.

10. Purple Pink Color Mixture

Purple Pink Color Mixture

Mixing a couple of colors is a great way to incorporate colors into your hair. If you have favorite colors, you can step it up by mixing them up to give you a different look.

This is a great idea to try out all your top colors at once. You will be amazed at the result. If you are not sure of the colors you want to mix, try out this purple, pink mix.

This color mix will give you a great blend of uniqueness.

Final Thoughts

Summer is the perfect time to enjoy the brightness and warmth of the weather. Just like you want to explore great places, you can infuse the summer joy into your hair color.

We’ve created a list of 10 hair colors for black women you can try out this summer. You can pick your top color or try out each of the colors one after the other.

That’s it!

Which hair color will you try out this summer? Let us know in the comment section.

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