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hair bow hairstyles

Have you imagined wearing a bow hairstyle? Maybe not. Bow hairstyles are cute and simple, but how do you wear a bow hairstyle without looking like an elementary school girl?

Contrary to your expectations, bow hairstyles have become a recent trend, especially from what we saw during the spring/summer 2024 New York Fashion Week. We saw models like Christian Siriano and Sandy Liang walk the runway with beautiful bow ribbons on their hair.

zendaya bow hairstyle

Celebrities like Kendal Jenner have also elegantly rocked the bows on their hair beautifully without giving off the elementary school girl’s vibe. I believe nobody wasn't shocked by Zendaya's bow hairstyle at the London premiere of her new movie, Challengers.

Could you wear a bow hairstyle? Continue reading to find out.

Can an Adult Wear a Bow Hairstyle?

Can an Adult Wear a Bow Hairstyle

This is one of the common questions about bow hairstyles. Well, the answer is yes.

An adult can wear a bow hairstyle for different kinds of events. Bow hairstyles are not just for children (whether you want to add bows or create them with your hair).

Bow hairstyles are for everyone, and recently they have become fashionable too. Incorporating bows into your hairstyles is about embracing creativity and playfulness with your style while maintaining a calm aura of sophistication.

However, there are ways to achieve playful elegance with bow hairstyles as an adult. Let us take a look at them.

The key to adding bows as accessories to your hair

Adding bows as accessories to your hair as an adult requires creativity. You want to give off the collected and cute vibes without appearing tacky. 

The key to achieving this is selection and placement.

a. Selection

When it comes to wearing bows as an adult, selection is key. What do we mean by that?

The color, fabric, texture, and design affect how it will look on you.

diffferent color and fabric hair bow

For example, you can opt for neutral or muted colors. These colors appear mature and look simple yet elegant on anyone wearing them.

Neutral color examples

● Beige

● Taupe

● Gray

● Cream

● Brown

● Black

● White

Muted colors examples

● Dusty Rose

● Olive Green

● Muted Teal

● Faded Lavender

● Soft Gray

● Beige

● Mustard Yellow

● Subdued Coral

● Pale Blue Gray

● Sage Green

● Vintage Peach

● Muted Turquoise

● Drab Brown

● Muted Gold

● Faded Mint

● Pale Mauve

● Weathered Blue

● Soft Terracotta

● Antique Rose

● Desert Sand

Aside from the color, the fabric is also a factor. Opting for fabrics like velvet, silk, or organza will give it a luxurious feel.

Another factor to consider when selecting a bow for your hair is; the design. While some designs are kids-themed, others work well for adults. Always choose bows with minimalistic designs.

b. Placement

Where you place a bow also impacts the general appearance of your hair.

hair bow in different placement

Positioning the bow in a subtle and defining location on your hair will determine how elegant it looks. A more obvious location like the root of a leave-out in the front of your hair can make it appear childish.

Position your bow in less prominent locations like the base of a low pony, defining a half-up, half-down, or at the roots of a low pony hairstyle. These positions create a balanced look that is not childish or too obvious.

These factors will ensure you beautifully rock bows on your hair.

Let’s take a look at bow hairstyles you can try out!

6 Bow Hairstyles You Should Try Now

Bow hairstyles are a great choice whether you want to change your look or embrace your femininity. Bow hairstyles give that “umph!” To your regular hairstyle.

It brings out the cute childish side of you and at the same time a clean sophisticated elegance. Aside from the girlie cuteness that the bow adds to a hairstyle, it is also easy to achieve.

Are you ready to try out a bow hairstyle?

Great, take a look at 6 bow hairstyles you should try now.

1. Bow on Braids

Bow on Braids

Bow-on braids are elegant and cute hairstyles an adult can rock for a variety of occasions. This is a great way for a black girl to rock bows on her hair.

It can be worn in both formal and informal settings. You will be put together and beautiful wearing this hairstyle for an official meeting.

You also look cute and stylish when you wear this hairstyle to a less formal setting like a party or even a dinner.

This hairstyle is for everyone. Adults or kids, straight or curly hair, short or long.

The length of your hair is not a limitation to achieving this hairstyle, you can easily use a hair extension.

How to achieve this look?

2. Bow on High Bun

Bow on High Bun

This bow hairstyle is very versatile. If you want to look classy, this is it. If you want to look collected and all put together for a formal or dinner setting, this bow hairstyle also goes.

This bow hairstyle can be whatever you want it to be. Your makeup and dressing is what will make the difference. You can achieve this with your natural hair or a huam hair wig.

If you have short hair, a 360 lace frontal wig is a great alternative. This is also a good hairstyle option for both kids and adults.

3. Bow on Messy Low Bun Hairstyle

Bow on Messy Low Bun Hairstyle

If simple was a hairstyle, it would be this messy low bun hairstyle. It is simple yet stylish, it is also perfect for different events and quick to achieve too.

You can add a bow to a low bun regardless of your hair texture. Wavy or kinky curly hair? No problem, you can rock this cute bow hairstyle.

You can also use hair extensions if your natural hair is not long enough.

4. Bow on Double Buns

Bow on Double Buns

This unique bow hairstyle is a great way to add some fun and saas to your everyday look. This hairstyle is simple, edgy, and innovative.

If you wish to stand out at a casual event or gathering, then this hairstyle is a great option. It is fun, playful and stylish.

This hairstyle suits women with oval and diamond face shapes. If you want to explore your youthfulness once more, then try this bow hairstyle today.

5. Bow on Half-up, Half-down Hairstyle

Bow on Half-up, Half-down Hairstyle

Half-up, half-down is always a stylish hairstyle regardless of how you wish to rock it. Wearing a hair bow for this hairstyle is cute. It brings out the fancy stylishness of the hairstyle in a graceful manner.

This hairstyle suits any face shape and texture. Whether you have straight, wavy, or curly hair.

How to achieve this look?

6. Bow on Bridal Hairstyle

Bow on Bridal Hairstyle

If you're eager to dazzle like a star on your big day like wedding, then this hairstyle is a great pick. Embracing the allure of sophistication, an elegant low bun with sleek down hair makes this look outstanding.

Whether it's for your church or wedding reception, this avant-garde bow hairstyle promises uniqueness and creativity for modern women.

Ladies with diamond, heart, or oval face shapes can experiment with this style. This hairstyle looks better with smooth, straight hair textures, making it the top-pick bow hairstyle for every bride.

This hairstyle is suitable for all women (women in their twenties, thirties, and even older), this look effortlessly channels femininity, charm, and allure. Whether it's a casual gathering or a formal affair, this bow hairdo exudes sophistication and flair.

7. Bow On Frontal Wig

Bow On Frontal Wig

For black women who don't have long silky hair, adding bows on a frontal wig is a great choice, a big bow matches the long silky hair or flowing curls making your hairstyle so cute!

That’s it! These are top bow hairstyles for different occasions. Before you pick your favorite bow hairstyle, you should know the kind of bow you prefer to use on your hair.

How to Add a Bow to Your Hair Or Wig?

Adding a bow to your hair depends on the kind of bow you have. Using a ribbon to make a bow is different from using a bow clip or a bow scrunchie. Let’s see how you can wear the different types of bows on your hair.

How to tie a bow on your hair with a ribbon?

Tying a bow using a ribbon is simple, just make sure your ribbon is of a good length. The length can affect the style of the bow. If you want your bow to have tails, then a longer ribbon is ideal.

@tinipeart my hair ribbons always look a bit rubbish when I do it the normal way so I’ve done some bow tying research and created this hack to tie the perfect hair ribbon 🎀❄️✨ #hairribbonbow #hairribbontutorial ♬ original sound - conan

Let’s tie our bow in these simple steps:

Step 1: Wrap the ribbon around the selection hair portion.

Step 2: Cross the two ends of the ribbon in opposite directions.

Step 3: Create a loop with the two ends. 

Step 4: Wrap one end over the loop and pull it through as you do your shoe's lace.

Step 5: Finish your bow. Adjust the loop to your preferred appearance and tightness, also cut off excess tails if you like.

How to add a bow to your hair using a bow clip?

Bow clips are easy to use. Follow these steps:

Step 1: Open the bow clip. This depends on the type of clip being used. While some clips can open completely, others open halfway like the tie clip.

Step 2: Place the clip in the desired position on your hair, then close it.

Step 3: Adjust the bow clip. Tuggle and pull the bow clip to ensure it is secure to prevent the bow from shifting or falling off.

Adding a bow to your hair using a scrunchie?

Using a bow scrunchie is simple. Follow these easy steps to wear your bow:

Step 1: Put your hair in the desired style (bun, ponytail, etc).

Step 2: Use the bow scrunchie to secure your hair like you do your regular scrunchie or hair tie.

Step 3: Adjust the scrunchie. Adjust the bow scrunchie to sit in your preferred location on your hair. Also, make sure the scrunchie is secure enough not to shift or fall off.

How To Style Bows On Type 4 Hair?

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Final Thought

That’s it! You just made a bow using your hair. It is this simple. Bow hairstyles are cute hairstyles that effortlessly highlight your feminity and charm.

Which bow hairstyle will you try out? Let us know in the comments.

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