The Most Flattering Wavy Bob with Bangs

wavy bob with bangs
Mid-length hairstyles rock! Oh yes, they do. But are you aware of the wavy bob with bangs hairstyles most fashionistas tend to sport? Let's see them in this article.

The wavy bob with bangs hairstyles are chic, laid back, and fun. They are a must-have hairstyle for 2024.

With their flirty, bouncy locks and gorgeous bangs, you're set for the trendiest looks. That means your look won't be mediocre. They'll stand out for special occasions, and on other days, they'll be your day-to-day hairstyle since they are effortless.

For chic, fun, and your go-to daily hairstyles, keep reading!

1. Wavy Bob with See-through Bangs

Wavy Bob with See through Bangs

Keep your hair looking simple yet cute with the wavy bob with a see-through bangs hairstyle. It's a layered bob with sprinkles of beach waves and a beautiful fringe. But add your flair to the hairstyle to make it personal. It will be an excellent choice of hairstyle you'll be happy going for.

2. Beach Waves Blunt Bob with Fringe

Beach Waves Blunt Bob with Fringe

Consider the beach waves blunt bob with fringe look if you want the beauty of all worlds. The fringe sits elegantly on the forehead, the waves are choppy while the highlights add volume to the tresses. Although this hairstyle will need your time and several products to maintain those waves, it will appear effortless and chic.

3. Thick Copper Wavy Bob with Fringe

Thick Copper Wavy Bob with Fringe

What other hair texture can rock the bob more beautifully than thick hair? Well, this is not to disregard other hair types, but if your hair is thick, here's the sign to go for the thick copper wavy bob with fringe. That's because it will look great.

You can tailor it to suit your style and face, but this hairstyle is distinct with its texture, softness, and blunt ends. So, save time. And get your hair done.

4. Messy Long Wavy Bob with Bangs

Messy Long Wavy Bob with Bangs

Wear your long wavy bob and bangs messy, and it'll be your favorite hairstyle all season. You should let the long waves flow over your shoulders and gently touch your collarbone. Then,  make the bangs messy with your fingers as you create a slight parting on any side of your bangs.

The long waves can be easily packed on days you want to go casual or to the gym. This style will stick out as fun and playful.

5. Jaw Length Wavy Bob with Bangs

Jaw Length Wavy Bob with Bangs

A perfect option for everyday hairstyle is this jaw-length wavy bob with bangs. If you have natural wavy hair, this hairstyle can be your go-to daily look.

Plus, you don't have to do too much. A curl cream, a hair diffuser, and a brush are all you need to style. The curl cream can help you activate the waves and the brush keeps your bangs in place. To avoid frizz, the hair diffuser can come into play.

6. Wavy Bob with Straight Bangs

Try the wavy bob with straight bangs for a modern and unique look. Since the straight bangs contrast with the wavy bob, it makes the hairstyle look more attractive and pleasant to the eye.

You can try this style with a different color. Blonde or chocolate brown are good colors to keep in mind. They will also look feminine and appealing. 

7. Shaggy Choppy Bob with Bangs

Shaggy Choppy Bob with Bangs

The best of both worlds; shaggy and choppy. Your hair can be phenomenal, and perfect if you allow the bob to look edgy. Give it that shag and you'll be surprised you can pull it off. While the bangs add drama to the look, you won't want it any other way.

8. Wavy Bob with Side Bangs

Wavy Bob with Side Bangs

If you have fine hair, a wavy bob with side bangs can add volume to your hair. The style will give the illusion of added fullness to your hair, making it look pretty. But the bangs will do more to the face than we think as well. They will make the face softer and hide a part of the forehead beautifully.

This is not to say no other hair texture can rock this look. Anyone can.

9. Long Wavy Platinum Blonde Bob with Bangs

Long Wavy Platinum Blonde Bob with Bangs

This is a stylish and trendy bob with bangs hairstyle. The style (long wavy platinum blonde bob with bangs) incorporates seasoned bangs with waves that will leave everyone gasping.

But before going ahead with anything, discuss the coloring process with a professional. You want to retain your hair and leave it healthy for a long time.  You should have it styled by a professional stylist.

10. Chin Length Messy Wavy Bob with Bangs

Chin Length Messy Wavy Bob with Bangs

Look stunning with this versatile chin-length messy wavy bob with bangs. While you'll have to make regular visits to your hairstylist, it'll be worth it. The chin-length messy wavy bob with bangs will give you a modern and versatile appearance. And you can have the waves straightened out whenever you like or style them as loose waves.

11. Layered Wavy Bob with Bangs

Layered Wavy Bob with Bangs

Having layers adds volume to your hair. If you've been hoping for such a change, try the layered wavy bob with bangs. It's the chicest, and most playful hairstyle that'll complement your look well. Thanks to the bangs, they will balance your face, showing off your unique facial features.

12. Short Wavy Shag with Fringe

Short Wavy Shag with Fringe

A versatile wavy hairstyle that is youthful, comfy, and fashionable is the short wavy shag with fringe. It's a low-maintenance hairstyle that gives off a cool vibe. The layers of the shag add to the life of the hairstyle and make it look effortless. The secret is no matter your hair texture or type, this hair will look beautiful. Only make sure you customize it. You can use your curling iron to define the waves for another gorgeous styling option.

13. Wavy Bob with Curtain Bangs

Wavy Bob with Curtain Bangs

If you're hoping to wear a trendy hairstyle, consider the wavy bob with curtain bangs. Hitting to your neck, the waves work great to balance out your face. The curtain bangs are likewise noticeable, adding overall perfection to your look.

While some believe this hairstyle is ideal for women with thick hair, we believe anyone can rock it.

14. Loose Wavy Hair with Bangs

Loose Wavy Hair with Bangs

Here's the hairstyle for the ladies who love loose wavy hairstyles- loose wavy hair with bangs. The loose wavy hair with bangs can elevate your style and make your hair appear fuller if you have fine hair. It'll be a game changer for those who want a simple, fashionable hairstyle for their everyday look.

To style, make your bangs sleek on your forehead and loose waves to your hair. Be sure to curl as minimally as you can. Or better still, use a loose wave barrel curling iron. It will work for this.

15. Brunette Bob with Center-Parted Bangs

Brunette Bob with Center-Parted Bangs

Slightly parting your bangs can give a mysterious feel to your look. You'll enjoy that feeling. Whenever you style, never make the bangs straight or too wavy. You want to keep it in between to give you the style you want.

But most of all, add your personal touch to the overall look. The waves will reflect your personality, and the bangs, your unique taste.

16. Bob with Delicate Bottleneck Bangs

Bob with Delicate Bottleneck Bangs

Have you thought of getting bottleneck bangs with your wavy bob but would prefer it subtle? If you have, go for this look: bob with delicate bottleneck bangs.

The bottleneck bangs of this hair appear minimal, transforming your look and giving you a different vibe from the usual bottleneck bangs you know. If you've already gotten regular bottleneck bangs, tweaking it a little should work.

17. Short Length Wavy Bob with Thin Bangs on Fine Hair

Short Length Wavy Bob with Thin Bangs on Fine Hair

Your fine hair can experience perfection with the short-length wavy bob with thin bangs. With the layers making your hair full, voluminous, and textured, you're certainly in for a treat.

We'll advise you to stick with a chin-length wavy bob to get the full beauty of the hairstyle. However, whatever you prefer should be fine as well. The bangs should be thin, giving you the feeling of a wispy bang while letting it sit right above your eyes.

18. Wavy Bob with Micro Bangs

Wavy Bob with Micro Bangs

Choose a wavy bob with micro bangs for your next effortless look. It's fresh and natural. It won't take much time to get the cut.

Apart from enjoying a short time frame cutting experience, your daily styling routine is another advantage. You only need a brush, and a curling iron to get your hair styled for the day. Start with the bangs and brush for flat-looking bangs. Next, use your curling iron to achieve loose waves on your bob.

Final Thoughts

After looking at our curated list, have you chosen your next wavy bob with bangs look? Well, do that. But be sure to consider your options properly before visiting a salon.

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