What Is The Difference Between #1, 1B And #2 Hair Color?

If you are new to human hair extensions and wigs, it can be hard to distinguish #1, 1B, and #2 hair colors. It seems that there is not much difference in appearance. So you may make the incorrect choice when buying your first wig.

In fact, it can be easy to find the difference between #1, 1B, and #2 after you read this blog. In this blog, we will introduce their differences and help you out with how to distinguish and choose the correct one for a natural and gorgeous look. If you are curious about these hair colors, keep reading! 

What Color Is #1?

#1 hair color, is also called Jet Black. It's the darkest black you can find in human hair extensions and wigs. Typically, #1 hair color is not as natural as 1B hair color. As it is dyed deep dark, can be easily noticed that it is a dyed black, not a natural black.

1 jet black hair

What Color Is 1B?

1B hair color, also known as off-black, is considered to be the most natural hair color since this color is closest to the natural black color of your hair. In other words, it's the closest color between #1 and #2 you can get without dyeing it yourself.

Natural black hair tones suit more skin types than unnatural black tones. If you're thinking about dyeing your hair black, 1B hair color is a better choice than jet black. Of course, this doesn't mean you can't try an outstanding Jet black.

1B is the most widely used hair color in human hair extensions and wigs. So if you want to change your hair color but don't want to damage your natural hair, a 1b human hair bundles or wig can make your life easy.

off black 1B hair color

What Color Is #2?

#2 hair color is the darkest shade of brown that is virtually black. From far away, #2 hair color looks like 1B natural black, but soon you will notice it is not 100% black when you look at it up close, which is more of a subtle brown hue. When standing under sunlight, it will look more apparent.

#2 dark brown hair color

#1 Jet Black VS 1B Hair Color, what is the difference?

1 vs 1b hair color

Both #1 and 1B hair colors are shades of black, but there are still some differences in their appearance. Let's take a look at how to distinguish them.

  • Jet black is darker than 1B.
  • #1 Jet black color is a dyed hair color, and 1B color tends to be unprocessed hair color when it comes to hair extensions and wigs.
  • 1B has warm undertones of brown, while #1 Jet black has chilly, blue, and purple cool undertones.
  • 1B hair color looks more natural than the darkest black color #1 Jet black.
  • #1 Jet black hair is colored to get a consistent hue, but 1B hair is unprocessed human hair, has slight variations in color, and may include gray or dark brown strands.

1B Hair Color VS 2, what is the difference?

1b vs 2 hair color

People always mix 1B and #2 color hair because they look much alike. But there are a few subtle differences that you can see close.

  • 1B color is darker than #2.
  • #2 has more brown shades than 1B.
  • 1B color hair often comes with color variations since it is unprocessed, while #2 color hair does not. Its color comes out more uniform.

How To Choose Between #1, 1B, And #2 Hair Colors

When selecting a hair color, there are several factors you can take into consideration to help you make a wise decision.

1. Pay attention to your skin tones, hair, and eye colors.

#1 Jet black tones can be hard to match with any skin type since they lack warmth. 1B and #2 hair colors are more likely to work well with various skin tones, but the most important thing is to pay attention to your skin tones, hair, and eye colors when choosing the correct black hue.

consider your skin tone

In general, the darker your skin tone is, the more flattering darker shades of hair will be.

So, if your skin is medium brown to dark, go for 1B.

If your skin is on the lighter side, go for #2.

But if you want to try a bold and striking black shade hair color, Jet Black will be a good alternative. 

#1 and #2 are more suitable for people who chase a natural look.

consider your eyes color

In addition, your natural hair and eyebrow can also be a good reference.

For example, if your eyebrows are natural black color, it is better to go with natural black hair extensions or hd lace wigs to match your eyebrow. But that doesn't mean you can't try other colors. You can dye your eyebrow in the corresponding colors to match your hair.

2. Consider your undertones.

Skin undertones also play a critical role in choosing the correct hair color. Normally, cooler undertones match cooler hues best, like #1 jet black. Warm undertones match warmer colors best, like 1B and #2. Wearing the wrong color might highlight flaws and conflict with your skin tone, but you can also use makeup to do a balance if you want.

3. According to your desired look.

1b hair color wig

If you desire a natural and undetectable look, #1B is the best choice, suitable for 90% of women.

If you are bored with your natural hair color and want to try a striking color in the crowd, go with #1 Jet Black.

If you want to try a new color but don't want to be too outstanding, warm brown #2 can be a good option.

4. Matching your natural hair color.

When wearing hair extensions or wigs, there will be a choice matter to whether you want to do a leave out. For example, if you are ready to install a U-part wig, your natural hair is required to be left out, then a hair color that matches your natural hair will be better, like 1B color.

5. Consider the wigs or hair extension's lifespan.

Like we said before, 1B hair is raw and unprocessed, so the lifespan is longer than colored wigs, like #1 and #2 color hair. The chemical process will shorten the lifespan of human hair more or less. If you are eager to have a longer wig lifespan. Opt for 1B color hair extensions or wigs, whether you choose lace wigs or glueless wigs.

How To Get 1B Hair Color?

It is possible to happen when you purchase hair extensions or wigs online and then find that they are not the correct 1B color you desire when you receive them. Then you may need to change the hair extension color to match your natural black hair. Normally, two methods to change your hair color and meet your different demands, temporary dye, and permanent dye.

dye wig

1. Temporary dye includes the demi-permanent, semi-permanent dye, or henna. You can change your hair extension color to off-black temporarily. If you are bored with the same black color, you can change your hair to other colors soon. Suitable for people who love changing their hair color frequently.

2. Another method is to opt for a permanent dye to get the 1B color, but you may need to use the ammonia-free option to help your hair or hair extensions stay healthy. If you choose to last natural black color for a long time, this method is for you, you don't need to dye it again and again.

How To Care For 1B Color Hair

wash wig

Like most human hair, 1B color hair can be treated like your own hair, because it is unprocessed virgin hair. There are some tips you need to know when washing and maintaining 1B color hair.

1. Use a wide tooth comb or your fingers to comb the hair gently before washing to move tangles and avoid shedding.

2. Regular shampoo and condition the hair, don't wash too frequently.

3. Regular apply the deep conditioner to supply sufficient moisture and nutrient the hair needs.

4. Before the hair dried completely, apply some olive oil or coconut oil to keep the hair moistured.


1B hair color is brown or black?

1B is natural black color, close to jet black but more natural, close to brown but more black. It is an off-black hair color characterized by a rich hue and possesses a dark quality to complement your natural hair and skin tone.

Is 1 or 1b darker?

#1 Jet black is darker than 1B.

Is 1B hair color looks natural?

Yes, 1B hair color is also named natural black. Which is the most natural hair color you can get. However, jet black hair, often known as #1, often appears as an unnatural hair color. 1B is more likely to match as an extension to your natural hair color.

Is 1B hair color right for me?

If your natural-born hair color is black, the chances are that 1B hair color is a perfect match. But if you hesitate with 1B and #2 dark brown color, eyebrow color can be a reference. You can dye your eyebrow to match any hair color you like, but if you rather not deal with the upkeep of eyebrow dye, go for a more natural shade 1B color.

1B hair color can be beautiful on any shade of skin. It depends on how you style yourself. Darker hair will take on a different appearance with makeup and wardrobe choices. So if you plan to do a hair color change, be prepared to make wardrobe and makeup changes.

Is 1B color hair requires high maintenance?

No, 1B color hair is low maintenance. 1B color hair is healthy and has its natural touch and luster. Just need regular care to maintain its health, energy, and gloss can be ok. Wash your 1B color human hair extensions less frequently. Apply some conditioner to add softness and supply nourishment to your extensions. Brush regularly to avoid tangles and knots.

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Even if #1, 1B, and #2 look alike at first glance. Selecting the proper shade will help you get the style you want. Wish this blog guides you to find the perfect match hair color for you. If you want to learn more about hair colors, leave your comments below.

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