Why Do Black Women Wear Wigs?

Why Do Black Women Wear Wigs

We all have noticed that black women tend to wear a lot of wigs and weaves. However, the question remains: why do they do so? Well, each black woman has their own hair story and relationship with their hair and why they started wearing wigs. Some of these conversations are sacred, while others are painful.

While we cannot discuss all the reasons why black women wear wigs, what we can do is summarize some of the most common reasons for you. If you are someone who has always thought of the link between black women and wigs and wanted to know the answer, then this article has got you covered! Hop on below to find out.

Why Did Black Women Wear Wigs in the Ancient Times? A Dive into the History

The concept of wigs started back in ancient Egypt, where the royalties donned wigs as a symbol of wealth. However, in the mid-1900s, this concept arose within the black community for an entirely different reason. What was it?

Why Did Black Women Wear Wigs in the Ancient Times

Well, black women in the mid-1900s tried to find ways to get hired after the desegregation. Wondering why? Well, back in those days, the afro hair of black women, which they proudly carry now, was considered 'unprofessional' and inferior to European hair. Hence, these women took all sorts of measures, from straightening their hair to tying them up to be recruited for several different jobs.

To make life easier for themselves, many black women simply started wearing wigs that resembled the European look. The history of black women wearing wigs is sad, but the reasons today are vastly different.

Want to know why black women wear wigs in the present times and how it is different from the historical reasons? Lucky for you, we have this aspect concluded for you as well.

Why Do Black Women Wear Wigs Now?

While the reasons for wearing wigs back in the 1900s were heart-wrenching, the times have changed now. Today, black women don wigs because of entirely different reasons and only when they want to. If you are someone who, after a dive into the history of wearing wigs, wants to know why black women wear wigs in the present day, then we have this aspect covered for you as well:

1. Convenience

If there is one aspect none of us can deny, it is that wigs tend to bring convenience and ease of use for many people in the present times. It is a simple way to look nice without having to put much effort into your hair every day.

They are also convenient because wigs can easily be styled a particular way without damaging your natural hair, and if you are working with a wear and go glueless wig, you can even remove it whenever you get home. So, every day, black women can decide on the style they want, pick out a wig for it, and be ready without having to spend much time putting effort into the hair.

2. Protection

Another primary reason why many women love to wear wigs is because of the protection they provide to their natural hair. Wigs are a protective hairstyle that you can tuck your hair under a wig to stay away from heat damage and the impact of harsh environments, which will help your natural hair's health and growth.

protective wig style

And as we all know, type 4 hair is the hardest hair texture to manage out of all the other types of hair. And the natural hair of black women is fragile and easy to break. The wigs, hence, provide a safer option for them to live their hairstyling dreams, all while ensuring that their natural hair does not get damaged. 

3. Medical Reasons

black women with alopecia issure

The medical reason is a nonnegligible reason for black women who may struggle with the alopecia problem for a long time. Their hair can't grow, and the result is their look not perfect which may make people feel sad, so wearing wigs is the best choice.

4. Appearance of Professionalism

While times have evolved, and society has become much more accepting of all races and cultures, the sad reality is that the stigma around black hair still exists in a few workplaces.

black women at work

Hence, this is one primary reason why many black women wear wigs and weaves to appease the upper-level management at their companies. Moreover, even if there is no danger of being fired because of a particular type of hair, many women still wear a wig to avoid any negative comments that can be passed their way.

5. Self-Expression

Wigs have become a sort of expression and representation for the black community. While the historical significance of wigs holds a sad story for the African-American community, over the years, these people have started owning this aspect as their own.


Today, many African Americans try to include diversity in their wig collections and dry different hair textures and styles to make it an enjoyable experience. This mentality is a positive approach to eliminate the negative reasons that linger in the historical roots of wearing wigs for black women.

6. For Fun and Versatility 

If you ask a black woman how many wigs she owns, she will probably name a number that may be uncountable on your two hands. This is because wearing wigs is not only a form of self-expression for the black community, but it has also become quite fun for them.

For Fun and Versatility

The versatility wigs hold is diverse, and people can buy multiple wigs in different cuts, shapes, sizes, styles, and colors and style them according to their needs and clothing. This saves you time from putting effort into your hair and provides you with a chic hairstyle quickly. Wigs give women a chance to play around with their looks without damaging their hair, and what else does one need if not this, right?

7. Discontented with Length or Texture

Discontented with Length or Texture

While a majority of black women do love their hair, there are a few who are not content with their hair length or textures. Hence, they like having a choice to try different styles, textures, and lengths. These wigs provide them with just that and give them the ability to feel more confident and carry a style with which they are content.

The best part? They can switch between different hair looks just by changing wigs and not damaging their natural hair at all. 

8. Afros Require More Care and Time

A lot of black women have afro hair, which requires a lot of care and takes a sufficient amount to be styled every day. Therefore, some black women prefer wearing wigs as caring for their natural 4c hair doesn't fit into the demands of their daily lifestyle.

Afros Require More Care and Time

Natural afro hair requires more care than straight hair and given the fast-paced life and in between juggling their work and social life, many black women just tend to pick a wig instead to save time and effort on managing their afros every day.

Final Thoughts

The evolution of the reasons why black women wear wigs is commendable, and we applaud all women who proudly carry both their wigs and afros. If you are someone who wants to know reasons why black women wear wigs, then we hope this article was helpful for you. 

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