27 Hair Color VS 30 Hair Color VS 33 Hair Color, Which Is The Best?

When thinking of changing your hair color, you may linger between 27, 30, and 33 hair colors. The reason is that they look alike, and you have no idea which flatting you best. Don't worry, we got you covered!!!

In this blog, we will introduce everything you want to know about these three colors and tell you their difference. Knowing their differences can help you to make a wise choice according to your natural hair and skin tone.

What Is 27 Hair Color?

27 hair color is known as honey blonde or strawberry blonde in wigs and hair bundles. It is a color mixed with blonde, light brown, and warm red, darker than blonde but lighter than brown. 

27 color hair

Honey blonde color wigs are popular among black women for a long time, especially for dark skin women. 27 color hair belongs to the blonde shade, fit for cool skin tones best. No matter pure honey blonde color wig, highlight, and ombre blonde wig give your hair more creative ideas for styling.

Style 27 Hair Color Wig

@kniamyaw 24” 13X4 220% #27 body wave wig X @hermosahairmall ♬ original sound - Yasmine

What Is 30 Hair Color?

Unlike color 27, 30 hair color belongs to brown shade. It is also called medium auburn or chestnut brown in wigs. Compared with color 27, 30 has less blonde but more brown. It is versatile and suits almost all skin tones.

So, if you are wondering choose a hair color without hesitation, 30 color hair wig is a good option. 

30 color hair

30 color auburn hair comes with a variety of color shades and textures, such as 1b/30 highlight curly, 4/30 highlight water wave, and 1b/30 straight highlight wig. Meet all your requirements and make it easy to get a gorgeous look.

What Is 33 Hair Color? 

When it comes to 33 hair color, most of us may mix it with color 30. They look similar in appearance, but the differences are apparent also.

33 hair color is also called dark auburn or red-brown in wigs. From the name, we can learn that it is a color mixed with red and brown. 33 hair color is darker than 30 hair color and with more cool tones. And rich red tones make it become the sexiest and most popular reddish and brown hair colors among women.

33 hair color

33 Hair Color Wig Install

Now that we have understood some basic cognition about these three colors, we can get some conclusions about these color differences from one table.

What's The Difference Between 27, 30, And 33 Color Hair?

27 vs 30 vs 33

Shade Color Tone
27 Color Hair Blonde Shade Blonde+Light Brown+Warm Red Warm
30 Color Hair Brown Shade Less Blonde+More Brown Cool
33 Color Hair  Brown Shade Brown+Cool Red Cool

27 Hair Color VS 30 Hair Color VS 33 Hair Color, Which Is Best For you?

Several factors affect your decision when choosing from color 27 and color 30.

1. Match your skin tone.

reddish brown color wig on dark skin tone

Considering your skin tone is the first thing you should consider when choosing from 27 color hair, 30 color hair, and 33 color hair. If you have a fair and warm skin tone, the brown shade chestnut brown wig flatting you best. As for 27 color honey blond wig, suits both cool and warm skin tones.

2. Consider your natural hair color. 

If you have dark or light brown natural hair, you can consider picking 30 color hair wig to match your natural hair, which will lead to a more natural result. No one can tell you are wearing a wig.

Tips To Maintain Colored Human Hair Wigs

Since colored wigs are processed by chemicals already, they can't be maintained like your natural black color wig. In other words, you need to pay more attention to colored wigs when washing and caring for them. Here are some of the tips for you to maintain your colored human hair wigs.

1. Don't wash your colored wig too often

As we should know that the more often you wash your wig(especially for hd lace wigs), the shorter your wig lifespan will be. As experts suggest, the best time to wash and condition your wig is after 6-8 wears. In addition, it also depends on the wig situation and how long you wear the wig.

2. Detangle your wig before washing

detangle wog

In general, colored wigs are easier to get dried and tangled as it is processed by chemicals. So it's essential to detangle your wig before washing it.

You can use your finger or wide tooth comb to move the knots gently. It is recommended to start from the bottom and gradually work upwards so that the comb is smooth and reduces hair knots and damage.

3. Opt for color-protecting shampoos and conditioners

color protecting shampoos

Choosing a proper shampoo and conditioner can help your wig from color fading. Avoid using sulfate and clarifying shampoo and conditioner which will decrease your colored wig lifespan. Sulfate-free shampoos are recommended to wash your colored hair cause they won't remove hair oil and make the color fade away.

4. Rinse the wig with cool water

Don't use hot water to rinse the wig if you want to keep the wig color last longer. Cause hot water can open hair cuticles and allow the color to escape.

You can use lukewarm water to wet the hair, but after shampooing and conditioning the wig and coming to rinse the wig, you'd better use cool water.

The lukewarm water is used to penetrate and cleanse when shampooing and conditioner, while the cool water will help seal in the moisture from your conditioner while preventing color from fading by sealing the hair’s cuticle. 

5. Use the hair oil to supply efficient moisture to your wig

olive oil

Keeping the wig's moisture is very important when caring for your colored wig. After you the wig dried, you can apply some olive oil or coconut oil to keep the wig well-hydrated.

6. Don't sleep or shower with your colored wig

As we all know, sleeping with your wig can increase friction and bring tangles. If you have to sleep with your colored wig, it is best to wear a silk cap or change your pillowcase to silk material.

7. Take a break from heat tools.

Most of us prefer to use hot tools to style our wig, like a flat iron or curling iron. But the fact is that heat tools can bring such big damage to our wigs, especially colored wigs.

In this case, hair rollers help a lot to achieve your desired hairstyle and won't damage your wig. You can just take a break from heat tools.

take a break from heat tools

8. Deep conditioner.

Moisture is the key to keeping the hair color last longer. Regularly apply deep conditioning treatment or hair mask to your wig and let it stay on for at least one hour, ensure your wig absorb enough nutrient.

How to dye your wig by yourself at home?

apply dye on the wig

If you love to venture off into some fresh color and you are unable to find it on the wig market, here we can give you a guideline about how to dye your wig by yourself. All the tools you need to prepare are:

  • A human hair wig
  • One pair glove
  • Dye
  • Plastic bucket
  • Big spoon

Step1: Fill in your plastic bucket with hot water until the water can submerge the wig.

Step2: Follow the product instruction to pour the proper amount of the hair dye into the hot water. Then, use a big spoon to mix the dye with the hot water completely.

Step3: Dip the wig into the mixture slowly until all the hair strands get covered in the color. Repeat this step until you get the color you desired.

Step4: Rinse the wig with cool water until the water runs clear.

Step5: Apply shampoo and conditioner, and rinse again.

Step6: Squeeze the excess water with a clean microfiber towel, and let the hair air dry. If you want to speed up the process, you can also choose a blow dryer with a low heat setting.

This watercolor dying method is suitable for pure color dyeing or ombre color dyeing, if you want to do a highlight or more complicated color, you can check here to get more information about dying your wig.

Creative Color Combination Ideas

Hair Color 27

Ombre effect: T1b/4/27 hair color ombre, T1b/27 hair color ombre, T4/27 hair color ombre

27 hair color ombre effect

Highlight effect: 1b/27 hair color highlight, 4/27 hair color highlight

27 hair color highlight effect

Hair Color 30

Ombre effect: T1b/30 hair color ombre

Highlight effect: 1b/30 hair color highlight, 4/30 hair color highlight 

30 hair color ombre and highlight effect

What 27, 30 and 33 Hair Color Looks Like In Wigs And Hair Bundles?

honey blonde body wave hd lace wig

27 Hair Color Honey Blonde Body Wave HD Lace Wig
4/27 highlight straight lace front wig
4/27 highlight straight lace front wig
T1B/4/27 Body Wave Lace Front Wig
T1B/4/27 Body Wave Lace Front Wig
honey blonde skunk stripe body wave wig
27 Honey Blonde Skunk Stripe Body Wave Wig
30 Chestnut Brown Body Wave Lace Front Wig
30 Hair Color Chestnut Brown Body Wave Lace Front Wig
T1B/30 Deep Wave Headband Wig
T1B/30 Deep Wave Headband Wig
33 Deep Wave Lace Front Wig
33 Reddish Brown Deep Wave Lace Front Wig
T1B/27 Straight Ombre Hair Bundles
T1B/27 Straight Ombre Hair Bundles
T1B/30 Straight Hair Bundles
T1B/30 Straight Hair Bundles
T1b/4/27 Ombre Body Wave Bundles With Closure
T1b/4/27 Ombre Body Wave Bundles With Closure

Final Thoughts

From this article, you may have understood the difference between 27 hair color, 30 hair color, and 33 hair color differences, and how to choose the one that flatting you best.

No matter which one you choose, keep in mind to opt for one that can make you feel confident. If you have any thoughts about colored glueless wigs human hair, feel free to email us or leave your comment below to communicate.

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