How To Dye A Human Hair Wig At Home

There are numberless reasons why women want to change their hair color, such as the season changes, being bored with before hair color, or just wanting to make some changes. For those women who wear wigs daily, it makes changing hair color easier. 

Here are three methods for changing your hair color. You can purchase a pre-colored wig online, hand your hair unit to your hairstylist to dye the color you desire, or dye your wig yourself at home.

Since dyeing a wig can cause irreversible damage, we recommend handing your wig to a professional wig colorist to do it for you. But if you intend to dye your lace wig by yourself. Be sure to read the entire blog to reduce the chance of ruining the wig.

Preparation Before Dyeing

1. Choose a suitable wig to dye

Which Human Hair Wigs Are Suitable For Dye?

When it comes to dyeing a human hair wig, the first thing we need to consider is to choose the correct wig, as not all wigs are suitable to color a new color. A correct human hair wig can hold your color longer. We recommend these two human hair lace wigs for you to dye.

a. Natural Black Virgin Human Hair Wig. Virgin human hair wigs are unprocessed wigs which mean without chemical processing. Natural black virgin hair can take colors well and let the color last longer.

natural black straight lace front wig

Natural Black Straight Lace Front Wig

b. 613 Blonde Human Hair Wig. If you desire to dye light and vibrant colors. A 613 blonde wig may be the best choice. You can dye it in any colors you can think of, like pink, green, blue, honey blonde, or even rainbow color. Since 613 blonde wigs are pre-bleached already, they can absorb color effortlessly and quicker.

613 blonde straight wig

613 Blonde Straight Wig

2. Determine The Wig Color

How To Choose Wig Color That Flatting You?

Before starting the dyeing process, another thing you need to consider in advance is to pick the color for your wig unit. Choosing the hair color completely depends on yourself. But some ladies may have no idea about which color to choose in this process, so we listed some factors you can consider when choosing a wig color.

a. Complement Your Complexion. 

There is a principle when choosing a wig color that flatting you: Choosing complementary colors for your skin. That means the color you choose should be on the opposite side of your skin tone to balance out your complexion without creating too stark of a contrast. So we need to figure out whether your skin tone is cool or warm.

Identify Your Skin Tone By Check your wrist veins. 

It is the easiest way to identify your skin tone, checking your wrist veins. If your veins appear green tint, then you have a warm undertone. If they appear blue or purple, you have a cool undertone. However, if you can’t tell whether your veins are green or blue, you may have a neutral undertone.

Warm skin undertone: Show yellow, peachy, and golden hues.

Cool skin undertone: Show red and pink with bluish hints.

Neutral skin undertone: Mix the shades above.

Once you have identified what type of undertones your skin has, the next step is to choose the opposite hair color.

For example, if you have a cool skin undertone, you can go for warm shades like golds, warm reds, and neutral browns. If you have a warm skin undertone, cool shades like ashy blonds or cool browns work well for flatting.

b. According to Season. Darker in the fall, lighter in the spring. That is a common rule for people. Women prefer to change hair color when the season change.

For example, summer is an energetic season, and people would love to choose light wig colors to show their summer energy. Unlike dark colors absorb too much heat. When summer cools off, you can finally feel that crisp fall chill in the air. You may want to change your wig color to reddish brown, chestnut brown, or ombre brown which is more in line with the atmosphere of autumn.

reddish brown wig deep wave

Reddish Brown Wig Deep Wave

c Show Your Personality. The first thing people can show their personality is either the hairstyle or the hair color since hair is the most noticeable part of your appearance.

If you love expressing your personality through different hairstyles and experimenting with fun hair color trends. Go with a wig that can express your personality.

For example: if you are an elegant office lady, a highlight or honey blonde color may make you look capable and wise. If you love the punk style, then bold and exaggerated wig colors like red, skunk stripe, or ginger may be your favorite. Show your personality also means choosing according to your preference.

Strawberry Pink & Chocolate brown Skunk Stripe Wig

Strawberry Pink And Chocolate Brown Skunk Stripe Wig

3. Grab All The Tools For Dyeing

All The Tools You Need To Prepare In Advance

  • Plastic Mixing Bowl
  • One pair of rubber gloves
  • Wide-tooth comb
  • Rat Tail Comb
  • Whisk or Long Spoon
  • A high-quality human hair wig
  • Mannequin Head
  • T pins
  • Tinting Brush
  • Hair Developer
  • Microfiber Towel
  • Plastic Bucket
  • Dye(Amount depends on your wig length, density, and color of the wig )

4. Prepare Your Human Hair Wig

After grabbing all the tools, it's time to prepare your wig for dyeing.

a. Wash your human hair. Before dyeing your wig, wash your wig to make sure the wig is clean. Don't apply conditioner on the wig, which will create a barrier between the hair and the dye and affect dyeing results.

b. Let the wig air dry. Make sure your wig dries completely before coloring the wig. It is better to let the wig air dry. If you are hurry to use the wig, you can use a blow dryer to dry the wig with a cool setting.

c. Detangle the wig. Gentle comb the wig with your finger or a wide-tooth comb to move the knots and avoid tangling damages in the coloring process.

Here we come to the most critical and exciting part, dyeing the wig step by step. There are so many different dyeing methods. It is easy to get confused if you spend a long time browsing YouTube videos and Tiktok videos.

Here we offer two common dyeing methods in detail. Watercolor method and brush dye on the wig method. 

Watercolor Method To Dye Your Human Hair Wig

The watercolor method is only convenient with solid color, so if you want to do highlight or ombre color, go with brushing the dye on the wig method. 

Now, let's dive into all the details!

Step 1: Fill your bucket with hot water and make sure the water can submerge the wig.

Step 2: Wear your rubber gloves to protect your hand. Pour the dye into the hot water. The amount depends on your hair length and density. You can refer to the product instruction.

pour the hair dye into hot water

Step 3: Use a whisk or long spoon to mix the dye with the hot water evenly.

mix dye and hot water

Step 4: Gently dip the wig into the mixture, again and again, to make sure the color coat every single strand to avoid patchy color. There is another way to dye your wig. Submerge your wig in hot water and use your hand to move the wig to make sure the wig is covered. Time refers to the instruction. 

dip the wig into mixture

Step 5: You can pick up a few strands to test if the wig achieves the color you want. If not, you can add some more dyes and repeat the before step.

Step 6: Once you get the satisfying color, rinse up the wig under flowing warm water until the water runs clear.

Step 7: Apply deep condition the wig and let it stand for 30 minutes. Then rinse up and use a dry microfiber to squeeze the excess water. Air dry.

Dyeing A Human Hair Wig With A Tint Brush

Step 1: Use T-pins to secure the wig to the mannequin head, be careful not to rip the lace.(You can also place the wig on a clean flat counter or a hard surface floor, like in the bathroom or kitchen)

Step 2: Prepare the dyeing mixture. Wear gloves and follow the product instruction to add moderate hair dye and hair developer into the plastic mixing bowl. Use the brush to completely mix them.

mix dye with developer

Step 3: Use a rat tail comb to section the hair from the back and use big clips to secure the hair. Start with the roots and apply the mixture to the wig work outward down through the strands of hair. Keep the color at least half an inch away from the roots for the most natural-looking results. When applying the mixture to the hair, your fingers, a tinting brush, an angled brush, or a toothbrush all work well. Be careful all the time.

apply dye on the wig

Step 4: Leave the hair dye on the wig according to the instruction, then rinse the hair until the water runs clear.

Step 5: Apply deep condition on the wig and rinse again. Use a cotton T-shirt or clean microfiber towel to squeeze excess water, place it on a wig head, and air dry.

How To Dye A Wig Without Staining The Lace?

1. Angled brush or toothbrush. One way to avoid staining the lace is to use the angled brush or toothbrush for more precise application when dyeing the wig.

2. Hairspray or gel. The second way is to coat the inside of the wig with a heavy hairspray or gel. Spray the lace with got 2b free spray, and blow dry. Repeat this process until the lace is super hard and sealed. You can also apply gel to the lace, but it may take a longer time to dry.

apply spray on lace

3. Vaseline. Apply a thin layer of Vaseline to the lace area which you want to prevent staining.

Dyeing Tips

1. Be patient when brushing dye on the wig.

When brushing dye on the wig, do small sections at a time so that you can make sure to cover all of the hair and not miss any strands.

2. Be careful when dyeing ombre or highlight color.

If you have decided to dye highlight color. Confirm the area about each color.

Dye the first color first and wrap with tinfoil. Then add the second color to the remaining hair and wrap with tin foil. If you are dyeing ombre color, you can use your fingers to smudge the two colors so that you have a gradual result rather than an abrupt color change.

3. Read the dyeing instructions carefully.

Be sure to read the instructions carefully before dyeing. Note that it is not appropriate to dye hair during certain periods, such as pregnancy and physiological periods.

Try to avoid hair dyeing during this time. Finally, if redness, allergies, etc. appear after dyeing, it is recommended that you seek medical attention immediately.

4 Don't bleach the wig by yourself. When you tend to dye lighter colors, the wig needs to be bleached to blonde, but it requires much experience and high technology, we don't suggest you do that. We suggest you buy a 613 blonde wig that is pre bleached.


1. How Can I Make A Wig Lighter?

If you want to dry a dark color wig to light color, your wig should be bleached to a blonde shade before attempting to achieve a bright color. But the bleaching process requires high technology, we highly recommend you purchase a 613 blonde wig if you desire to dye a lighter color.

2. Can I Dye A Wig With Regular Hair Dye?

Yes, if you are working with a 100% human hair wig, you can just use regular hair dye on the wig just like you dye your natural hair. Basically, it's easier to start with a blonde and dye your wig the shade you want, rather than trying to play around with bleach, developers, and pigments on a darker wig.


In total, coloring your wig at home isn't as complicated as you think, and it can be fun to do. However, one wrong move can affect the quality of your hair, and a good wig is an investment, so color with caution. Or you can just buy a colored wig you like.

Hermosa Hair offers a variety of colored wigs, like highlight wigs, ombre wigs, ginger, burgundy, brown, grey, yellow, purple, green, blue, pink wigs...etc. You definitely can find one you like.

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