10 Best Wig Glue For Your Different Needs

best wig glue

The secret to a long-lasting and unmoving lace wig is the glue.

Your ability to swim in it and do anything without bothering - depends solely on how strong the glue you use is.

If it's a low-quality wig glue, your hair unit will keep sliding, shifting, and sticking out. It can be an embarrassing situation you wouldn’t like to happen.

To avoid that, take a look at some best wig glues you'll find online. Our useful tips will help you choose the best wig glue for your lace frontal wigs.

Take a look at the sample picture below if you don’t know what a wig glue looks like.

Considerations Before Choosing a Wig Glue

Wig glues have different qualities and traits that could make them great. However, there are things to consider before purchasing a wig glue. Considering them can help you choose correctly and avoid mishaps that may occur.

Some of these considerations that should be prioritized are:

1. The Duration You Want to Wear the Wig for

If you would like to wear your wig for a long time like two weeks or longer, consider the durability of your glue. A solvent-based adhesives that are waterproof and long-lasting may meet your needs. 

One thing you need to pay attention to is that solvent-based adhesives may contain harsh chemicals that irritate your skin so they may require a special solvent for removal, and they are not friendly to sensitive skin.

If you just wear your wig for special occasions for several hours or days, consider getting water-based glues that are gentle on your skin, and easy to apply and remove.

2. Your Hairline and Skin Sensitivity

It’s okay to be scared of damaging your hairline or to consider how sensitive your skin is. They are issues that shouldn’t be joked with and should be taken seriously.

Tips: For your hairline, a trick is to avoid it (especially if you have thin/fine hair). You can apply glue to the area before your hairline. That will keep your hairline safe without worrying about it.

But no matter how good a product is, it could affect your skin if it doesn't suit your skin. When you know this, you'll be extra careful with the products you opt for and the contents in them. There are safe skin-sensitive adhesives you can choose from. We hope to list a few below as well.

3. The Type of Wig You Have

While the wig type might not be important most times, for human hair wigs, you should consider using products suited for them. Water-based glue or acrylic ones are good options.

Why? Because they do not cause damage to the wigs.

So, check out the manufacturer's instructions on the wig type it should be used for. They'll always provide guidelines. In all, look for products that suit your wig and won’t damage it.

Best Wig Glues

Below are some sample wig glues you can try today. If it is your first time using glues on your wigs, you may try out a couple of them to discover the one that works best for you.

1. The Hair Diagram Bold Hold Extreme Creme

A water-based glue perfect for human hair wigs is the Hair Diagram bold hold extreme creme. It is a non-toxic and long-lasting glue you’ll love.

The Hair Diagram Bold Hold Extreme Creme

$19.96 Amazon

The glue is made lightweight and odorless without a harsh formula. Following the description, this product can last for about two to three weeks which is quite good. If you have normal or oily skin, then it's suitable for you. It's a product to consider if you need durability.

While it's safe to apply on the skin, you might want to use skin protection if you are sensitive to products. You wouldn't need to consider damages that may occur with this glue and it is safe to remove.

2. Katelon Super Bonding Glue

Another good glue product is the Katelon super bonding glue. This glue is durable, natural, and safe. It makes your wig look as natural as possible and gives you a gorgeous look.

Katelon Super Bonding Glue

$6.99 Amazon

If you have an oily scalp, here's a suitable product you can use. You can wear it for a long time without bothering if it will last or not.

The glue is waterproof and oil-resistant. It's fully tested and skin-safe. So, there's nothing to worry about.

3. ORS Olive Oil FIX-IT Grip Gel Ultra

The ORS olive oil fix-it grip gel ultra is a good option if you want nutrients on your head but still hold your wig in place. It is an adhesive that can hold your hair in one place without shifting.

ORS Olive Oil FIX-IT Grip Gel Ultra

$9.9 Amazon

This product should be good for those who hate harsh chemicals because it contains olive ingredients. Ideal for any skin, no one should have trouble with it.

Though the grip becomes clear, some have complained of the thick residue it leaves. But since it's organic, others prefer it to other wig glues.

4. Esha Absolute Lace Wig Adhesive Glue

If you have a swimming activity, you should opt for this- Esha Absolute lace wig adhesive glue.

Esha Absolute Lace Wig Adhesive Glue

$14.95 Amazon

This glue is quite durable when it comes to water resistance. It is a gentle, non-toxic, and oil-resistant adhesive. The glue secures your lace wig properly and allows you to move freely.

It's in the form of a paste and that makes it even easy to apply. Users have a lot of good things to say. Simply follow the instructions on the pack, and you'll be left speechless.

5. The Ghost Bond Hair Replacement Adhesive

A strong glue adhesive is the Ghost Bond hair replacement adhesive. It is a water-based glue without latex.

The Ghost Bond Hair Replacement Adhesive

$19.99 Amazon

The ghost bond glue does its best to protect against sweat and extra moisture. Specifically formulated for that, it holds your wig tightly and keeps it from falling.

Also, this wig glue helps hide your hairline and imparts a natural look to your wig. You wouldn’t just stay secured, the wig should give a natural vibe. The adhesive comes with instructions that make applying easy.

6. Walker Tape Great White Soft Bond Adhesive

The Walker Tape Great White Soft Bond Adhesive is a long-lasting adhesive. It meets the needs of people with sensitive skin as it shouldn’t cause any reaction.

Walker Tape Great White Soft Bond Adhesive

$32.65 Amazon

The glue is a latex-free, water-based copolymer and holds right. The product can last for about three to five weeks easily.

To use, apply it on the cleaned surface. Leave for about three to five minutes. Then press your wig on it. Following this will give you a nicely firm result.

7. Flawless Illusion Extreme Hold

The flawless illusion extreme hold is a glue that keeps your hair in place for a long time.

Flawless Illusion Extreme Hold

It's suitable for human hair wig types and should have no problem doing the job. You can rely on it to keep your wig on your head without any doubt. The glue will hide your hair and give you the natural look you want. 

8. Got2b Glued Bonding Glue

Do you need glue for a protective wearer? The Got2b glued bonding glue is that product.

Got2b Glued Bonding Glue

$7.47 Amazon

The glue keeps your wig secure and holds it firmly. It leaves no residue but keeps it fresh and smooth. Ideal for any skin type, the Got2b glue is gentle on the scalp.

You can keep it for about one to two minutes to clear before pressing down your wig. Make sure the surface you are applying on is clean. It should make it firmer.

9. The Hair Diagram Bold Hold Lace Gelly

Another product from the Hair Diagram- is the bold hold lace gelly. This product is a good substitute for glue.

The Hair Diagram Bold Hold Lace Gelly

$10.99 Amazon

It holds the wig firmly and keeps it from shifting. While it might not be as firm as glue, the bold hold lace gelly product is quite durable.

You don’t need to apply much, and neither do you need other adhesives with it. Apply a small quantity, place your wig on it, blow dry, and tie for about five minutes. You should get an astonishing result.

10. Davlyn Waterproof Adhesive

The Davlyn waterproof adhesive is the perfect waterproof solution glue you will need.

Davlyn Waterproof Adhesive

$13.37 Amazon

It is a water-resistant glue a reviewer described as ‘not bulging’. It goes well for oily skin and works best with polyurethane materials.

You should be able to use it for about two weeks without sticking out. If you need something small and easy to carry around, the Davlyn waterproof adhesive should fit that.


● Got2b Glued Blasting Freeze Spray

A product you can use for reapplication or more extensive hold is the Got2b glued blasting freeze spray. It’s magical and does a great job.

Got2b Glued Blasting Freeze Spray

$8.69 Amazon

You might have seen many YouTubers and TikTok users use it. Well, that proves how substantial it can be. This freeze spray allows you to hold your wig in place with several sprays and leaves you gasping at what it can do.

The product leaves no residue, holds fast, and dries quickly. While it's not a substitute for wig glue, having the Got2b freeze spray is good.

Here are our overall recommendations. You can try out the wig glue product that meets your needs (based on their core strength(s) ).

Best in Natural Ingredients: ORS olive oil fix-it grip gel ultra. 

Best in Natural looking: Katelon super bonding glue. 

Best in water resistance: Esha absolute lace wig adhesive glue.

Best Overall: Ghost bond hair replacement.

Final Words

The list above contains a good number of glue products you can opt for when choosing an adhesive. They are specifically to hold and nurture. While some might be undetectable and more natural than others, others might provide natural and nutritional ingredients. 

So, when choosing, consider taking note of their ingredients and content, your wig type, skin sensitivity, durability, the method of applying, and water resistance. Looking at the big picture will help you choose wisely and correctly.

We hope you found this article helpful!

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