Body Wave Hair-Everything You Need To Know

Here's the cheat code. Unfortunately, there are numerous types of hair extensions such that it's frustrating to figure out the best. But, as someone who has navigated Pinterest for hair extension inspiration, you'll know that body wave hair is one of the most popular and hot hair extensions.

Would you like to know everything about this hair? Walk with me!

What Is Body Wave Hair?

Body wave hair is loose hair that is natural, curly, and wavy. It has both straight and curly features such that it's a selling point for women. In addition, it has this "S" shape, which you can use to identify it. 

body wave hair

Body wave hair extensions are manufactured from human hair or synthetic fibers. They add volume, texture, and length to the natural hair. Fortunately, the hair is available in various colors and lengths, and you can style it as desired.

It's one of the best options if you don't like straight hair. Meanwhile, it blends with your hair and makes it look more natural.

Why Should You Choose Body Wave Hair Weave?

1. Texture

The texture is one of the most outstanding features of Body wave hair. It's extraordinarily smooth and soft and has a wave pattern similar to natural hairs.

2. Style

Body wave extensions are typically made from premium human hair or synthetic fibers, giving them a soft and silky look. The hair can be styled in many ways - curling, braiding, and straightening.

3. Pattern & Volume

body wave hair bundles

Body wave hair has a unique, undulating pattern that gives an elegant look. It also adds more volume to your hair.

4. Versatility

Body wave hair can be styled in various ways - thus, making it a great option. Likewise, it's available in several lengths and colors. So it's indeed a go-to extension for sophisticated ladies.

5. Easy to maintain

Due to the simple "S" design, body wave hair is effortless to maintain.

6. Durable

Besides, Body wave hair is made with high-quality materials, making it more durable and long-lasting than other hair extensions. Although the Human hair body wave extension is more durable than Synthetic hair.

Types Of Body Wave Hair

There are two main types of body wave hair extensions:

1. Human Hair Body Wave 

This type of Body wave hair is produced from natural human hair. The extensions are soft and mimic the natural look of your hair. They're more expensive than the synthetic Body wave, but it's worth the price. There are many types of body wave hair like Brazilian body wave hair, Peruvian body wave hair, and Malaysian body wave hair.

2. Synthetic Body Wave

Synthetic Body Wave Hair is made from synthetic fibers. These extensions have a heat-resistant body wave pattern. They're affordable but less durable than Body wave human hair extensions. 

Methods Of Installing the Body Wave Hair

Body wave hair is attached in various ways, and they include: 

1. Clip-ins hair extensions

clip in hair extensions

Clip-in body wave hair is a temporary hair extension and is easy to apply. Also, clip-in extensions enhance your look by firmly holding hair wefts in place.

2. Sew-in hair extensions

sewing in hair extensions

Sew-in extensions are installed by styling the natural hair into cornrows. Then, sew in the hair.

3. Micro ring hair extensions

Micro Ring hair extensions

Micro ring extensions are metal rings that can pass through along with your hair. The rings are small and virtually undetectable when placed in the hair; slippage is minimum and damage-free.

4. Tape in hair extensions

tape in hair extensions

Tape-in extensions are readily made with a sticky tab attached to your natural hair. The glue on the sticky tab is gentle and damage-free.

How To Sew In Body Wave Hair Extension

After choosing a body wave hair weave, the next thing is to sew it in. The process is quite simple. You'll need to get the following.

● Hair clippers

● Hair ties

● Mannequin head

● Needle & thread

● Body wave hair extensions

Steps To Sew In Body Wave Hair Bundles

1. Braid the mannequin's hair into cornrows from the nape of its neck. Ensure the cornrows are parallel to one another.

2. Braid the hair up and cut the extension to resemble the length of the cornrows.

3. Sew the hair weave on the cornrows using a needle and thread, starting from the nape of the neck.

4. Continue sewing till you install the extension in all the cornrows.

5. Trim off excess hair and style the hair as you want.

Check the video to learn the details

How To Install A Body Wave Wig

Installing a body wave wig requires patience and skills. So, it's crucial to follow the instructions carefully or seek the help of a professional stylist. The steps include:

Step 1: Prepare the wig by ensuring it fits you properly and the lace front matches your hairline. Trim it a bit, if it doesn't.

Step 2: Clean your scalp by removing any products that can affect the wig bonding.

Step 3: Get a wig glue and apply it to your hairline. Don't apply too much.

Step 4: Then, use a hair dryer to melt the lace - in order to activate the glue. Don't overheat the lace.

Step 5: Gently place the wig on your scalp and use your fingers to smooth it. Ensure the wig is firm and there are no gaps between your wig and scalp.

Step 6: Style your wig as you desire.

Check the video to learn the details

How To Keep Body Wave Hair Wavy

One of the main features of the Body wave hair is its wavy and curly pattern. Thus, it's necessary to keep it that way and ensure it retains its curliness.

ombre brown body wave wig

To keep it wavy, try out the below tips.

1. Don't sleep with the extension in a ponytail or bun because it can cause it to tangle. So, always braid it before you sleep.

2. Always use a wide-tooth comb to detangle the extension, and don't brush excessively.

3. Use a sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner to wash the extensions when necessary.

4. You can spray water on the hair and scrunch it to refresh the waves.

Tips To Dry Your Hair

1. Don't dry the hair with a high-power hairdryer. Instead, dry it with a towel gently.

2. Then, leave the hair to dry in the air. Don't let it dry completely - add hair protection oil and comb gently with your finger.

3. In fact, you can make the curls as you gently rub the oil.

4. Since the hair isn't completely dry, use a low-power dryer

5. Also, you can get a professional hairstylist to keep your body wave hair wavy and curly.

Following these tips can help keep your body wave hair extensions looking bouncy and wavy.

How To Wash & Care For Body Wave Hair

wash hair extensions


Here are some tips for washing and caring for body wave hair extensions:

● Detangle the extension with a wide-tooth comb before washing.

● Wash using lukewarm water and a sulfate-free shampoo. 

● Massage the shampoo into the hair gently and rinse.

● Apply the conditioner and let it sit for some minutes before rinsing.

● Use a towel to blot the hair, and don't rub it.

● Air dry for a few minutes and follow the above drying tips to keep the extension wavy.

How Long Does Body Wave Perm Last?

The type of perm solution used, the caliber of the hair extensions, and the aftercare regimen will all affect how long a body wave perm on extensions lasts.

A body wave perm on hair extensions typically lasts between three and six months. Nevertheless, it's necessary to remember that perming solutions can harm hair; therefore, picking a respected stylist who utilizes high-quality materials and adheres to correct perm practices is essential.

The lifespan of the perm can be increased by regularly washing and storing the extensions properly. It's crucial to remember that body wave hair extensions are sometimes created from human hair, which might undergo perming just like your own hair. Therefore, it is always a good idea to check with a competent stylist before having any chemical treatments on the extensions.

General Tips To Keep Your Body Wave Hair In The Suitable Condition

brush hair

● Brush your body wave hair extensions regularly to avoid tangles and knots.

● Wash your body wave hair regularly with a sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner to maintain its natural wavy and curly pattern.

● Reduce heat styling to prevent damage to the hair extensions and maintain their natural wave pattern.

● Always tie your body wave hair when going to bed to prevent knots.

● Trim the ends of the extension regularly to maintain the look, shape, and pattern.

● Keep the hair away from heat and sunlight when you're not using it. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Body Wave Hair


● Can I use heat to style Body wave hair extensions?

Yes, you can. However, limiting heat styling is advisable to prevent damage to the extensions.

● Is it possible to dye my body wave hair extensions?

It's possible to color the extensions in any shade of your choice. Although you might need to seek professional help to keep the extension intact.

● Can body wave hair extensions pass off as my natural hair?

Well, body wave hair is also made from Human Hair. So, it's easy for people to think it's your hair, and you can even style it as you like.

● Body wave hair extensions last for how many months?

Body wave extensions' durability depends on the extension type and how well they're managed. Human Hair extensions tend to last longer than Synthetic, but maintenance is necessary. Thus, if you don't maintain your Human Hair Body wave, the Synthetic body wave can last longer.

● Is it advisable to swim with my body wave hair extensions?

Of course. But, professionals recommend that you wet the hair before swimming. It'll prevent the hair extensions from absorbing excess salt water/chlorine.

● How will I attach the body wave hair extensions?

Body wave hair can be attached in several ways. For example, you can use micro-ring, tape-in, sew-in, or clip-in extensions.

● Can I sleep with the extensions?

You can. However, it's recommended to braid the hair to prevent tangles.

● How to care for my body wave extensions?

Brush it regularly, don't air dry completely, avoid heat styling, store properly, and always use sulfate-free products.


In conclusion, Body wave hair extensions are a long-lasting investment in your hair because they can last for over one year with proper care, which includes routine brushing and cleaning. In addition, various attachment techniques are available for you to select based on your lifestyle and preferred appearance.

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