Over 20 Must-Try Cowgirl Hairstyles

cowgirl hairstyles

Western hairstyles are a combination of; style, versatility, practicality, and tradition. You might have been eyeing cowgirl hairstyles and want to rock a few. They do give a special flair everyone would love to have once in a time.

From short cowgirl hairstyles to long ones, we've compiled a list for you. Here are 17 cowgirl hairstyles below!

17 Amazing Cowgirl Hairstyles

1. Bronde Layered Hair

Bronde Layered Hair

A mixture of brown and blonde for any of your hairstyles will blow your mind. The bronde layered hair does that perfectly. With either a light brown or dark blonde shade, your hairstyle will look beautiful every day.

Add layers to your tresses, making the front part shorter till you reach your desired length at the back. It's a simple hairstyle that won't require much daily styling. But while it's simple and low maintenance, it will give all that it should.

2. Braided Crown

Braided Crown

For summer, go for a chic braided crown cowgirl hairstyle. It'll keep your hair off your face and allow you to enjoy summer. The braided crown is easy to achieve and can last a few weeks, depending on how long you want to keep it.

From the crown of your head, comb your hair to the front and start braiding from one side of your ear. You can add hair extensions if your hair is not long or you want it to appear full. Use a pin to hold the braids in place, and viola!

3. Soft Low Ponytail

Soft Low Ponytail

Do you want to add the cowgirl hat to your look? Go for an effortless, soft, low ponytail.

You can easily put your hair in a low ponytail with your hair tie or make it more trendy by crisscrossing different sections of your hair before holding it with an elastic tie. That makes it appear elegant and classic. Next, place your hat on your head and make it even more eye-catching.

Without the hat, the low ponytail can also stand out. But make sure you add curls to the ends of your tresses for a messy and playful look.

4. The Waterfall Braid

The Waterfall Braid

The waterfall braid is the perfect hairstyle for your occasions. It can match extraordinarily with western boots and a dress for an event or look good with a casual outfit for a casual outing.

While it may look difficult to style, the waterfall braid isn't hard to style. It follows the three-strands method and looks like a half-French braid that's loosely plaited.

5. Long Blonde Curly Layers

Long Blonde Curly Layers

Go curly and blonde with the long blonde curly layers. The hairstyle leans towards the casual, and spicy side with its fun and playful curls. You can make yours even more spicy by showing your dark roots and adding layers to your curls.

Use a voluminous hairspray for more volume and style how you like. If you don't want to go blonde, don't worry. This hairstyle also suits other hair colors. Black will look romantic, and brown, unbeatable. So, don't let the color make you scroll past this style.

6. The Dutch Braid

The Dutch Braid

Would you love to stand out? Style the Dutch braid. It's an intricate hairstyle perfect for cowgirls, making them look gorgeous. It can be your go-to summer hairstyle, as it'll be perfect for warm weather.

When you style yours, leave a few strands at each side of your face before plaiting your Dutch braids. Two Dutch braids will look good. Plus, you can wear your hat with two easily.

7. Face-Framing Haircut with Subtle Layers

Face-Framing Haircut with Subtle Layers

Would you love to enhance your hair? Go for a face-framing haircut with subtle layers. The frames will make it look romantic and add a sexy vibe to your look. On the other hand, the subtle layers will look natural. You can add highlights to your hair or choose to rock it without.

8. Collarbone Bob with Choppy Fringe

Collarbone Bob with Choppy Fringe

Look chic with this cowgirl hairstyle- collarbone bob with choppy fringe. Incorporating popular haircut trends, the hairstyle gives you a mysterious flair.

The bob rests around your collarbone, and the fringe around your eyebrows. You can easily make daily changes to the hairstyle to fit the style you're going for.

First, you can place the bob into a ponytail and let the fringe embrace your face or allow the bob to flow. There's no doubt that you'll love all the looks you can style.

9. High Ponytail with Bandana

High Ponytail with Bandana

A typical cowgirl hairstyle most of us know is with bandanas. Here's one for you. The high ponytail with bandana is a classy and timeless hairstyle that's not leaving anytime soon.

It requires you to be creative and fun. So, first, pull your hair into a ponytail, then tie the bandana around. You can go for a messy look to make it look more stylish.

10. Double Braided Ponytail

Double Braided Ponytail

Are you tired of the regular braided ponytail? Well, upgrade your cowgirl aesthetic with this double-braided ponytail. It's chic and elegant and will elevate your look.

  • Before you style, leave out a few tresses around your face.
  • Then, place your hair into a ponytail.
  • Divide the ponytail into two, the front part as one and the back as another.
  • Braid the front section first and tie the end with an elastic hair tie.
  • Move to the second and braid as well.
  • Once you reach the end, use a band to tie both braids together.

And that's it- your double-braided ponytail.

11. French Braid Ponytail

French Braid Ponytail

A classy cowgirl hairstyle you'll love wearing is the French braid ponytail. It's chic, simple, and fashionable. You can wear it for casual and formal occasions.

But how do you style this? Part your hair and plait the French braid. Add it to the rest of your hair and tie it together. You can choose a high, sophisticated ponytail or a low ponytail. Both will give you different looks that are fancy.

12. Dark Long Bob with Caramel Highlights

Dark Long Bob with Caramel Highlights

Add caramel highlights to your dark, long bob for a classy cowgirl hairstyle. It is a simple hairstyle you can style at your hairstylist's and rock for a long time.

The caramel highlights will add a shine to the hair, and the dark color will give you the perfect contrast. Only leave after adding some loose waves to your bob. That will make the hairstyle more eye-catching and endearing.

13. Top Knot

Top Knot

Who wouldn't love a top knot hairstyle for a casual day out or at the beach? It's simple but can be very stylish and gorgeous.

The hairstyle does not require any special styling tool or skill. Simply, put your hair into a messy ponytail, then wrap it to form a top knot. Hold it in place with a hair tie and some bobby pins. You can leave a few strands around your face and the nape of your neck. Remember that it doesn't have to be organized and neat.

14. Textured Ponytail

Textured Ponytail

Go for a voluminous ponytail for your cowgirl look. The ponytail's texture will elevate your appearance and make it perfect for any outing. On the other hand, the face frame will compliment your features and complete your look. You may need extensions if your hair is thin and a hairspray for added volume.

15. Half-up with Chunky Double Braids

Half-up with Chunky Double Braids

Never appear out of style with the half-up with chunky double braids. The style needs you to part your hair into two for the braids and leave the rest of your hair flowing.

Unlike the usual half-up hairstyles we are used to, this allows you to leave your hair by the sides and back of your hair. You can go for two Dutch braids for the half-up and tie them together at the ends. Then, add waves to the flowing tresses to complete the look. A word that will describe the hairstyle is stunning.

16. Side Braid

Side Braid

Make your hair more fun with a side braid. This hairstyle is simple but adds texture to your hair. So, if you have thin hair, here's a style that can make your hair appear voluminous. The braids will keep your hair around your face away and still make you look stylish.

You can start braiding from one side of your ears and braid till you reach the other. Put your hair into a side low ponytail and braid it as well. You have a simple side braid hairstyle that's chic for cowgirls.

17. The Rope Braid

The Rope Braid

Explore your creative side with the rope braid hairstyle, a perfect hairstyle any cowgirl would love. The braid is plaited to look like a rope and will suit long tresses perfectly because of the length.

However, if your tresses are short, you can still style this. You can use your natural hair length or add extensions to make it longer. While the hairstyle adds texture to your hair, the extensions will make your hair more fuller. In addition, you can also choose to wear a wig.

More Cowgirl Hairstyle Inspiration

1. Double Braid With Braiding Hair

2. Bubble Braid With Cowboy Hat

@palomaalexandre Bubbles > braids 🤠 using @Scünci polyband hair ties & @Conair detangling hair brush @target #grwm #scunci #scuncifortarget #scuncigiftedme ♬ original sound - ….

3. Messy Bubble Briad

Messy Bubble Briad

4. Bohemian Braid

behemian braid

5. Bouncy Curly Hair

Bouncy Curly Hair

6. Double Fishtail Braid

7. Carmel Highlight Hair With Baby Braid

Carmel Highlight wavy Hair With Baby Braid

Final Words

Now you have no problem rocking some cowgirl hairstyles. Let us know which one of them is your favorite in the comment section below. Until next time!

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