30 Best Bob Hairstyles For Black Women

best bob hairstyles for black women

Bob hairstyles are stylish. They make their wearers elegant and sophisticated with their length just around the chin or collarbone (for longer ones).

Are you searching for trendy bobs you can wear as a black woman? Look no further! In this post, we have listed different Bob hairstyles for black women and we are sure you'll find yourself one.

From Bob hairstyles that won't seem to stress you out to elaborate bobs, here are 30 Bob hairstyles for black women.

1. Sleek Bob with Middle Part

Sleek Bob with Middle Part

The sleek bob with the middle part is a trendy bob hairstyle that will blow your mind away. You can consider this style if you love to rock a sleek-looking Bob. It's classy, well-organized, and neat. While it'll take so much effort to maintain this hairstyle, it'll be worth it.

2. Golden Blonde Piece-y Bob

Golden Blonde Piece-y Bob

Take your look to a new level with the golden blonde Piece-y bob. This hairstyle will leave you constantly speechless, and make you look fashionable all the time. It is a Bob you can wear if you want those layers and volume. So, enjoy the beauty it gives - the color and style.

3. Caramel Bob

Caramel Bob

The caramel Bob is a hairstyle most women would find very attractive. Perfect for different weathers, it makes you look gorgeous without doing too much. Plus, it can be very flattering since it will contrast your skin tone effortlessly. So, look nowhere else. The length, style, and color will be all you need.

4. Retro Chic Wavy Bob

retro chic wavy bob

Have you always wanted to rock trendy retro hairstyles? Then, slay the retro-chic wavy bob. It's a fun and cool way to style your bob. The curls, volume, and movement all sum up to its gorgeousness. Recreate this style, but never forget the side part that adds excellence to the look.

5. Statement Blonde Bob

Statement Blonde Bob

Do you have thin hair? Here's an amazing option for you- the statement blonde bob. This hairstyle is a blunt bob full of beauty and splendidness.

While your hair isn't so full, you can make it look voluminous by lifting the roots of your tresses slightly. It'll make it look fuller. Nevertheless, you'll enjoy wearing this style as it'll feel light.

6. Black Bob with Caramel Highlights

Black Bob with Caramel Highlights

Here's a trendy color hair combination- black and caramel. The two shades complement each other, and it sure is a beautiful sight to see. Add those caramel highlights to your black bob and watch it turn unique.

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7. Bob for curly Hair

Bob for curly Hair

It doesn't necessarily have to be straight, it can be curly! Bob for curly hair is a great bob choice for those who have natural curly hair. You can cut your tresses short and rock the style if you've been yearning for something fresh.

It's breathtaking, giving you a magnificent appearance. Go a little below the chin, and add highlights and a deep side part. You will have it dramatic.

8. Symmetrical Blunt Straight Bob

Symmetrical Blunt Straight Bob

It's simple, cute and classy. If you have thin hair, then embrace the symmetrical blunt straight bob. It can give you a fresh start and allow you to slay the nature of your tresses.

9. Messy Wavy Bob

Get things messy and get your hair looking chic. The messy, wavy bob can make you skip the daily long routines. It's low maintenance and only needs a roller set and a hairspray to get your hair looking good.

10. Bob Faux Locs Hairstyle

Bob Faux Locs Hairstyle

Whatever the season is, faux locs are perfect. Keep it short, add colors, and slay your faux locs Bob hairstyle.

11. Black and Blonde Sew In Weave

Black and Blonde Bob

Look extra with the black and blonde sew in Bob. The bob gives you edginess and leaves you feeling lovely as you should. While the black stays on one side, the blonde on the other side, giving you a split dye hair vibe. And what do we know about split-dye hair? It's out of the ordinary. It's unique!

12. Ombre Blonde Bob with Wispy Bangs

Ombre Blonde Bob with Wispy Bangs

This hairstyle will make you feel alive and beautiful. The ombre blonde bob with wispy bangs hairstyle is a fabulous, high-fashion hairstyle you will enjoy and look good in.

Its soft, feathery bangs will frame your face while complementing your unique features. And the length will make you look divine. If you're not in for bleaching your tresses, you can choose a wig and personalize it to suit your taste.

13. African American High Shine Bob

African American High Shine Bob

The African American high shine bob is a popular choice amongst black women. The bob is usually flattering and fits most face shapes. You can part yours by the side or go for a middle part.

14. Chocolate and Caramel Curls

Chocolate and Caramel Curls

Two colored bob hairstyles are bound to give a contrast. A beautiful contrast at that. The chocolate and caramel curls bob is the definition of fineness and gorgeousness. Those well-perfected curls will add texture to the bottom of your hair while it flatters your face. You can go with a side part, or middle part with this. You'll feel nothing short of amazing.

15. Platinum Blonde with Side Swept Bangs

Platinum Blonde with Side Swept Bangs

Don't forget to add the platinum blonde with side swept bangs to your list of bob hairstyles to try. It's classy and has fringe and face-framing pieces that you will never get tired of.

16. Wavy Bob with Middle Part

If you're not a lover of straight bob hairstyles, you can add waves to your bob. The wavy bob with a middle part is one of those ways you can style it. This hairstyle is simple yet elegant, so enjoy every bit of it.

You can allow the waves to fall on each side of your face or hide them behind your ears. You can even use a hair band to elevate your style a bit further. There are no limitations to what you can do.

17. Burgundy Side Part Sew In

Burgundy Side Part Sew In

You can't miss out on the classiness and sexy vibe the burgundy bob gives. It's unbeatable. The bob is blunt and asymmetrical with a dark shade of red. You'll love it! If you want yours lighter, you can go for another red shade.

18. Cute Layered Pixie Bob

Cute Layered Pixie Bob

Do you want a mix of Bob and Pixie? The cute layered pixie bob is here for you! It's the perfect combination of the two, giving you the best of both worlds. You can go with your neck's length, and add layers to it.

19. Bob Hairstyle with Deep Side Parting

Bob Hairstyle with Deep Side Parting

The bob hairstyle with a deep side parting is a simple way to wear your bob. It's sleek, making it perfect for any occasion. The hairstyle is parted by the side making a part of your face revealed while hiding the other. It's a hairstyle that's easy to manage and can elevate your look.

Consider achieving this look with the quick weave method, easy and quick to get the perfect result!

20. Mini Twists

Mini Twists

Get mini twists for a simple and lovely hairstyle. You can use your natural tresses if it's long enough to reach your chin or add extensions.

21. Chic Baroque Bob

Chic Baroque Bob

Use a curling iron to add waves to your black bob. You'll be happy with the outcome. Whenever you style the baroque bob, hold the curling iron onto your hair for a few seconds to form the perfect waves. Make sure to curl the bob in different directions and finish the hairstyle with a hairspray.

22. Extreme Side-Parted Bob

Extreme Side-Parted Bob

Change your look in one go by choosing an extreme side-parted bob. While the bob is simple, you can transform your hair with extreme side parts. First, part your bob by the sides, flip to the other side, and add a hairspray for volume.

23. Short Bob with Bangs

Short Bob with Bangs

Enjoy a fresh look with this short Bob with bangs. The bangs will elevate your look and give you a chic flair. The bob, on the other hand, will frame your face perfectly.

24. Wavy Shoulder Length Bob

Wavy Shoulder Length Bob

Go for a longer and brighter bob with the wavy shoulder-length bob. The bob will make you look unique with the loose waves and longer length. You can choose a blonde or brown color to make the hairstyle pop more.

25. Ginger Bob with a Deep Part

Ginger Bob with a Deep Part

You can get the perfect summer hairstyle with this. The ginger bob with a deep part is a stylish look, and it looks incredible with dark roots. So, when styling, keep your roots dark and go a deep part that sweeps your hair forward.

26. Layered Bob with Red Balayage

Layered Bob with Red Balayage

Add dimension to your hair with the layered bob with red balayage. With its length reaching your chin, the hairstyle includes layers that blend and two colors that leave you feeling fabulous. Make sure to use the shades that complement to get a beautiful result.

27. Long Bob with Fluffy Curls

Long Bob with Fluffy Curls

The long bob with fluffy curls first needs you to get a long bob cut. Add the curls after and make heads turn. You can go with a side part, deep part, or middle part for a lovely look.

28. Sleek Blunt Lavender Bob

Sleek Blunt Lavender Bob

If you want a stylish and colorful hairstyle, don't settle for less. The sleek blunt lavender bob is one you'll be happy to wear. The color will complement your tone and give you a different vibe.

29. Caramel Brown Bob with Waves

Caramel Brown Bob with Waves

The caramel brown shades complement brown skin complexions well. If you are up for it, you can wear this caramel brown bob with waves for a beautiful look. Add the waves to elevate your style, and look fantastic.

30. Asymmetrical Braided Bob

Asymmetrical Braided Bob

If you want to wear a braided bob but do not like the idea of a symmetrical one, choose to wear the asymmetrical bob. All you have to do is make one side of your braids a little longer than the other. You'll love it. There's no doubt.

That's it guys. Bob hairstyle is so versatile that you do it with your natural hair, a bob wig, sew-in weave, or quick weave, all leading to a satisfactory look. Make sure you select bob hairstyles that will accentuate your features and make you look stunning. Until next time.

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