Does Reba Wear a Wig?

Does Reba Wear a Wig

Reba Mcentire, the country singer, captivates people with her powerful vocals. For years, the singer has charted over 100 songs on Billboard and won three Grammys, showing her fame in the United States. While she is famous amongst the crowd, her signature red hairstyle steals the spotlight.

After appearing in “The Voice 2023” with her still-so-good-looking iconic red hair, again, the audience's interest was piqued, questioning if her hair was real or a wig.

But the 69-year-old “the Queen of Country” has once made her stance known about this. In this article, we hope to reveal her answer and clarify “Does Reba wear a wig?”

Are you curious about the secret to Reba’s stunning hairstyle (wig or natural hair?) Or get inspiration from her hairstyles? If you want to, you should keep reading this article.

Does Reba Wear a Wig?

Does Reba Wear a Wig

Yes, she does. The singer acknowledged in 2019 in an interview with ‘People’ that she does wear wigs. She added that wigs are easy to wear and that she enjoys wearing them.

While it is still unknown if her signature red hair is real or a wig, she generally wears wigs.

The singer also shared a story of how she wore a wig for five months after she cut her hair for her album What If It's You in 1996. To keep her new look a secret from the public, she wore one before appearing on stage with her real hair for her CMA performance.

Does Reba Have Red Hair?

Does Reba Have Red Hair

Reba Mcentire's natural hair color is red. While she has experimented with different haircuts, colors, and styles, the singer once revealed that her mother is a redhead and she always had red hair since she was young.

From her hairstyles throughout the years, we can also say it's clear she enjoys wearing red hair color. In 2015, she also acknowledged to the Dallas Voice that she loves her hair and has always been proud of it.

Reba Mcentire's Hairstyles throughout the Years

Over the years, Reba has worn different styles and hair lengths. So, apart from the fabulous vibrant red curly hair she's known for, she slayed other styles you'll get to know in this section. But first, let's begin with her signature red curly hairstyle.

1. Reba Mcentire Voluminous Curls

Reba Mcentire Voluminous Curls

You can't mention Reba Mcentire without discussing country music or her voluminous curls. While one of the reasons she wanted a change in her hairstyle in the 1990s was because she was aware her fans recognized her by her big, voluminous curls, we have to admit that the hairstyle looks good on her.

How can you achieve Reba's voluminous curly signature hairstyle?

She mentioned in her 2023 memoir Not That Fancy that she used hot rollers and hairspray to achieve her signature look back in the days. Work on adding volume to your curls and bangs that are captivating. The bangs will add life to the look, cementing the whole style.

2. Reba's Light Brown Lob Wig with Bangs

Reba's Light Brown Lob Wig with Bangs

Spot Reba Mcentire with a different hair color. It's different but beautiful, standing out with its length and gorgeous waves. While this lob wig with bangs hairstyle looks similar to her signature ginger curly hairstyle, the color distinguishes this.

It gave her a fresh look, complementing her features and overall look. You can tell that there's a large possibility it's a wig, but it's hard to come to that conclusion.

3. Reba Mcentire Bob Straight Wig

Reba Mcentire Bob Straight Wig

Reba has worn a few bob straight wigs over the years. The singer once wore a ginger straight bob with bangs, on another occasion, she wore a burgundy red bob with bangs.

Without a doubt, the straight wig hairstyles look fabulous and appear natural. They gave her a youthful look.

While it's hard to tell if these hairstyles were wigs or her natural hair, paired with her outfit and makeup, the singer looked fabulous. She was never afraid to wear wigs openly or for personal reasons. Plus, it's not a surprise that celebrities wear wigs for award shows or performances.

4. Reba Mcentire's Up-do Hairstyle

Reba Mcentire's Up-do Hairstyle

The singer has played with her looks a few times. One of those times, she appeared with an updo hairstyle at an event. Pairing a long black gown with the updo, Reba looked gorgeous and classy for the event.

But she never put all her hair up, instead, she left bangs and side tresses that left her looking dazzling. To achieve this style, add volume to your hair with hairspray so it's textured and has a lot of volume.

5. Reba Mcentire Ginger Short Hair

Reba Mcentire Ginger Short Hair

This classy ginger short hair remains in the book. After cutting her hair, Reba Mcentire debuted a short ginger hair in the Country Music Association Awards. She rocked the curly ginger short hair and left the crowd amazed by how good she looked.

The hairstyle was iconic, to the extent that she gave credit to how well it worked with the song What If It's You. The song became a big hit and went double platinum in sales. Let's not fail to mention that she loved the hairstyle, and made her feel herself, especially since she wanted a change.

6. Reba Mcentire Short Pixie Cut Hairstyle

Reba Mcentire Short Pixie Cut Hairstyle

Reba has worn short hairstyles but mentioning her pixie cut in 2002 is a must. The iconic curly and short pixie made her dignified on the 37th Academy of Country Music Awards.

Her hair flowed to reach her neck, and the curls laid beautifully above each other. You can use a diffuser hair dryer to style yours. It can help maintain the curls for a long time.

7. Reba Mcentire Long, Straight Wavy Wig Hairstyle

Reba Mcentire Long, Straight Wavy Wig Hairstyle

No one can forget Reba's long tresses in 2010. The country music singer debuted long, wavy tresses with bangs at the American Country Music Awards in Las Vegas.

This look left everyone gazing at her, surprised by how amazing she looks with the hairstyle. Her hair was long, full, and wavy. It's a transformation we were not expecting. And for a few more years, the singer switched her hairstyle while maintaining the length and bangs of this hairstyle.

8. Reba Mcentire Classic Haircut

Reba Mcentire Classic Haircut

After she shared a picture of her haircut in 2004 on Instagram, Reba's love for voluminous hairstyles and her red tresses cannot be doubted. The hairstyle included bangs that were pushed to one side, revealing the other side of her face, and layered tresses that flowed to the back. It gave the feeling of a mullet hairstyle and looked different from her previous hairstyles. Nevertheless, she looked dazzling.

9. Reba Mcentire Ginger Orange Wolf-Cut

Reba Mcentire Ginger Orange Wolf-Cut

We all know that the country singer looks gorgeous with her various and diverse hairstyles, of course, the ginger-orange wolf-cut hairstyle is no different. The hairstyle complemented her facial features while it revealed most of her face. This hairstyle has bangs that are laid right above her eyebrows, looking neat and simple. The color also suits her eye-catching necklace and black dress—one of our top looks.

Some Reasons Why Reba Mcentire Chose to Wear Wigs

Some Reasons Why Reba Mcentire Chose to Wear Wigs

There are a lot of reasons why people choose to wear wigs. But for someone like “the Queen of Country,” it's necessary that she changes her hairstyle for events, performances, or even when she wishes to. And like she's always mentioned, she enjoys wearing them.

We've considered a few reasons why Reba Mcentire chose to wear wigs. See some of them below.

Wigs offer Versatility

Everyone loves to explore their options when it comes to hairstyles. With wigs, it's easy. You can have different hairstyles for various events and look chic.

Reba Mcentire has worn different hairstyles, experimenting with lengths, and colors. You can even say she made changes to the texture of her hairstyles. While some were well-texturized, others were less. This versatility is important for appearing chic in front of her fans.

Wigs offers Convenience

With the nature of her job, wigs allow her to switch up her look when there's a need for it. She can look good, slay her performances, and fit into the theme of events by wearing wigs. Plus, it will be much easier than changing, styling, or cutting her natural hair. Since constant manipulation of the natural hair can lead to damage, wearing wigs is safer and better.


Reba's transparency and boldness about wearing wigs serve as an encouragement to others as well. Women can openly admit to wearing wigs and wear them joyfully. In a way, she's sent a clear message to her fans, encouraging them to accept themselves for who they are and wear hairpieces if they want to.


The singer has been a source of inspiration to many with her music but her openness about wearing wigs has likewise inspired people.

While it's no secret that she wears a wig, it can be difficult to tell a wig from her natural hair. However, when next you doubt and question her hair, remember her job requires it and embrace her talent and confidence.

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