12 Cute And Easy Blowout Hairstyles For Black Hair

blowout hairstyles for black hair

Shrinkage is real for women with type 4 hair. That's true, and at times you're not up for it. What's the solution? You can blow out your 4-type hair and slay some dope blowout hairstyles.

If that looks like what you want, here are some of our favorite blowout hairstyles for black hair that you can wear before the shrinkage comes running back.

Blowout hairstyle rules, oh yes, they do. That's because they're safe and versatile. And while blowing out your hair won't make it bone straight, it stretches it. Plus, you can retain texture and have healthy hair. So, we can say that again: blowout hairstyle rules.

As we've mentioned, nine, fashionable blowout hairstyles will inspired for your next looks in this article. Check them out below!

12 Flawless Blowout Hairstyles for Black Hair

1. Bun with Bangs

Bun with Bangs

Keep things elegant, simple, and fresh. A hairstyle that describes those words is the bun with bangs. This hairstyle is stunning and can be created with little effort.

  • First, blow out your hair using a blow dryer. Please ensure you use a heat protectant on hair and do not keep the heat at a particular spot for too long.
  • Then, start styling your hair. Divide the bangs area from the rest of the hair and pin it with a clip.
  • Now, move to the remaining of your hair and tie it with a hair elastic. Once it's into the perfect ponytail, wrap it to give you a bun. You can tuck it in to look like a doughnut.
  • Remove the clip from the hair at the front and clip it towards the side. You can also leave it and curl it. Done! Simple and elegant!

2. Bow Shape Bun

Bow Shape Bun

Look like a fairy princess with the bow shape bun blowout hairstyle. Since blowout keeps your texture intact, you can flaunt that with this hairstyle. It's the perfect one for an outing and keeps the compliments coming. Let's see how you can achieve it:

Brush and gather hair into a pony puff, then fold and pin only the ends while shaping the bun. By setting the front middle peice straight back, one can easily create a bow.

This hairstyle might be challenging if you do not have full hair. However, you can texturize with products, add kinky extensions, or get a blow out wig.

3. Heatless Curls

heatless curls

Curls do the magic. Add some to your hair, and you'll be left speechless. First, you have to know that the curls do not have to be defined. Some loose curls are better. They'll add texture to your stretched hair and make it look gorgeous.

Blow out your hair first, then move to the styling part. To achieve this style, you'll need to get some hair rollers to give you the curls. It's simple. Roll your hair onto the rollers. Then, leave it for some time. Remove it afterward and brush your hair a little bit. You'll have your messy, beautiful curls on your blowout hair.

4. Textured Blowout

Textured Blowout

The textured blowout leaves your hair in its almost kinky and full form. It's voluminous and unbelievably gorgeous.

For this style, blow out your hair and leave it flowing. You do not have to do too much with this. While you can add a part using a rattail comb, you can also leave it without any parting. Finish the look by gelling your edges, and there's your textured blowout.

Another cool addition to the hairstyle is to include accessories to the look. You can use some clips on the sides or wear a hat.

5. Two Buns

Two Buns

You wouldn't feel out of place with the two buns blowout hairstyle. That's because it's fancy and very unique. Part your hair to create the buns and twist before pinning them. You can also use all your hair to create this style. Divide your hair into two parts. Pack each to give you a ponytail. Twist and wrap to look like the bun in the image above.

6. Middle Part Blowout Hairstyle

Middle Part Blowout Hairstyle

This should be your first try after your blowout. It's a chic way to style your hair immediately and might keep you staring at yourself for a long cause of how good it looks. The middle part keeps things simple, but the hair says otherwise.

First, section your hair. Then blow it out. It is best to curl the sections immediately after blowing them out. That will help it create the little curls at the ends or even regular, beautiful, loose curls. Use your comb once more to lift your hair from the roots and run your hands through it.

7. Off-Center Blowout

Off-Center Blowout

There's a special place in our hearts for this off-center blowout look. It's super dramatic yet effortless at the same time. The parting leaves one side more texturized and fuller than the other. The hair strands, however, hug each side of the face, framing the facial features perfectly. You can achieve this look ease.

All you have to do is create a parting close to the center, then comb your hair out to make it look fuller. Regardless of your hair length, this hairstyle should look fantastic! It can be the first one you try in the week.

Style 8: Ponytail with Free, Flowing Tresses

Ponytail with Free, Flowing Tresses

You can go ponytail with your blown-out hair. Nothing can stop you from trying all the looks you do with your hair extensions or natural kinky hair. So, do a ponytail style and slay the look.

Our inspiration is this ponytail with free, flowing tresses behind. It's full, beautiful and amazing. Your tresses at the front are packed for the ponytail, and the hair at the back is left to flow freely.

If you're wondering how you get it done, part your hair to create the ponytail. Then, use a hair elastic to tie the hair together. Comb your tresses left at the back, and you've finished the style! It's that easy. So, give it a try today.

9. Short and Curly

Short and Curly

Go curly with your short blown out hair. You'll love the endearing, romantic style and rock it while your hair is stretched. The look allows you to flaunt your length without feeling left out on the trendy blowout hairstyles.

10. Top Knot Half Down

Top Knot Half Down

If you have long and thick type 4c natural hair, this hairstyle is for you. The heavy bun and full flowing strands provide a neat and simple beauty. The key to this style is not to blowdry hair too straight, then you can get a unique hair texture.

11. Buss Down Half Up Half Down

Buss Down Half Up Half Down

No one can refuse a long & silky hairstyle, but for women who don't have long enough natural hair, a blowout wig can help. It mimics the natural hair texture after blowing out, giving a natural result.

12. Twist On Blowout Hair

Twist On Blowdry Hair

For women who want to get their hair away from their faces, flat twists are a good choice.



How to blowdry your natural hair?

  1. Prep your tools and get ready for the blowout. You can use a blow dryer with a paddle brush or a nozzle.
  2. Now, section your hair into four parts or as many as you're comfortable stretching. Hold them with hair clips and set your tool ready.
  3. Add heat protectant to your strands to protect them from the heat.
  4. Pick a section at a time and start blowdrying.
  5. Move from the tip of your hair and work till you reach the roots.

How long does a blowout last on black hair?

Blowout hairstyles can last for about one to five days. It depends on your hair type and how you care for it. For instance, if you have dry hair that does not get oily on time, your blowout can last for about ten days.

What's the best way to sleep after blowing out your hair?

  • First, you can use a scrunchie to hold your hair together.
  • Next, make sure you sleep with a silk or satin bonnet on. You want to protect your strands as much as you can.
  • When you sleep, make sure you avoid putting weight on your volume.
  • Another advice we'll give is that you should keep the water from touching your strands. You can wear a shower cap whenever you want to shower.

How do you maintain a blowout hairstyle?

  • Use a silk pillowcase. It won't make your hair frizz or pull your hair. Also, wear a satin or silk bonnet whenever you want to go to bed.
  • You can use hair rollers to hold your hair in place so the curls remain intact for long. Pins will work just fine as well.
  • If your blowout is straight, you can wrap it and pin it. This might be challenging. But all you'll do is brush your hair from one side to the other and then pin it. It should look like a cap once done. Then, wear a scarf to make sure it stays and protects it.

Final Words

These blowout hairstyles will blow your mind. So give them a try and let's know how they turned out. Want to rock a blowout hairstyle but don't want to waste time to drying with your type 4 hair? Try Hermosa Hair blowout wig to help you achieve this!

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