7 Halle Bailey's Hairstyles Inspiration

It took a while for Hollywood to embrace Halle Bailey's talent, but with Disney's live-action remake of The Little Mermaid casting her as Ariel, the world sits up and takes notice. Her magnificence (beauty and grace) extends from beam to away from the camera – exhibiting itself predominantly in her unique classic hairstyles. 

Countless women have looked to her hair as their source of inspiration when creating statement styles for themselves! We've got a treat for you—7 iconic Halle Bailey hairstyles that will have you embracing your inner Ariel in no time! So, forget all your worries, it's time we bring out The Little Mermaid enthusiast blingin' within you!

1. Halle Bailey's Lengthy Ponytail

The look that broke the internet had everyone's heart racing! Halle Bailey looked like she stepped right out of a fairy tale when she attended the Mexico City premiere of The Little Mermaid on May 11th, sporting an elegant lengthy ponytail.

Halle Bailey's Lengthy PonytailHer locks were tied up high, creating the illusion of a side-swept bang, protective hairstyle - that's her style. Would you believe us if we said at the near waist to knee height, vibrant springy curls were dancing merrily! This is a style little discovered too many yet very achievable. Try it today and stumble into fabulousness!

2. Halle Bailey's Ariel's Red Locs

The world fell into profound shock and awe when the news was released: Halle Bailey was cast to play Ariel, and she'd be appearing in genuine Locs! Decked out in her vibrancy with gorgeous red tresses, this beauty created a trend for little Black girls to also stand tall and authentically rep who they are.

Halle Bailey's Ariel's Red Locs

"I wanted to keep Ariel's red hair, but it's crucial to embody my reality too," Halle expressed with animation. Moreover, the bedazzled headpiece was the focal point of her entire appearance. This look is sure to make you the queen of the day!

3. Halle Bailey's Curly Bob

Last but not least, we cannot forget about the iconic curly bob rocked by Halle Bailey at the Met Gala. This beautiful look perfectly frames her sweet face and accentuates her stunning natural curls. It has an aura of playfulness with just a hint of edge. 

Halle Bailey's Curly Bob

We are smitten with how she pairs this delightful hairstyle with glimmering garments, showing a bold contrast between her short locks and her sartorial choices for the event. 

Attempt If you're feeling bored of your regular evening look, Halle Bailey's classic curly bob is a perfect way to glam up for any special occasion! It effortlessly hugs the face without ever compromising comfort. It doesn't require too much time for an upgrade, either. Isn't it spectacular?! With this do from Halle Bailey's style book, you are sure to have a fun night out!

4. Halle Bailey's Braided Top Knot

Have you ever wanted to try something extra creative to style your natural hair? Well, Halle Bailey regularly stuns us with her perfectly braided top knot! 

Halle Bailey's Braided Top Knot

To create this classic look, begin braiding the sides and back of your head before securing it all into a bun at the middle of your crown. Achieving this hairstyle helps Halle look more sophisticated and adds an element of elegance and class to her appearance. 

Plus, the height and placement of the top knot help draw attention to her beautiful eyes and mesmerizing smile! Trust us; it's worth giving it a try today – who knows, perhaps it'll be perfect for that upcoming special occasion or holiday party on your calendar!

5. Halle Bailey's Dreadlock Wedding Hairstyle

Halle Bailey has always found style in everything she does. But when she chose to don a dazzling dreadlock wedding hairstyle, it was a truly unforgettable sight!

Halle Bailey's Dreadlock Wedding HairstyleTo pull off an elegant dreadlock updo, secure your locks with gel or wax, and you're all set for the ballroom. But Halle took it one fateful step further and added its bitsy bangs to her forehead for extra drama. 

A fresh take on a classy look for a special event-- like engagement parties, proms, and destination weddings; it's unfair how gorgeous the whole thing turns out! Make sure to memorize this stunning style if you're looking for a little something dab of glamour.

6. Halle Bailey in Space Buns

In the ever-changing landscape of fashion, there's one look that remains exactly as it always was: classic space buns! The enchanting Halle Bailey revitalized this style with her chic cool vocalized by an effortless grace.

Halle Bailey in Space BunsTwo buns at either side of the head give a resurgence to this past iconic look often seen duplicated. At the distinguished Billboard Women in Music awards the prior year, Halle and her sister Chloe Bailey used a golden clasp to add greater luster to what was already deemed stunning styling!

Won't you venture on a daring journey and try out the miraculous eminence of space buns? For surefire personalization craved final touch? Accessories are here for all the vibrant vibes to switch it up and adjust as needed!

7. Halle Bailey's Headband and Ponytail Combo

Halle Bailey delivered an award-winning performance at the Grammys, but that wasn't all she had up her sleeve! Her head-turning style was a showstopper, and we are OBSESSED. 

Halle Bailey's Headband and Ponytail Combo

Her beautiful and bouncy ponytail coupled with a dainty and sophisticated flowery headband? The perfect way to add some effortless glam! And, on our list of hairstyles, we will be trying out for upcoming special events! 

Super easy to achieve, and you can customize it by using any type of headband. All about being creative and making it your own!

Final Words

So, what are you waiting for? Embrace your inner fashionista and try out one (or all!) of these fabulous hairstyles with your natural hair, human hair wig, or hair weave. With the help of Halle Bailey's impressive looks, you'll be sure to make a statement wherever you go!

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