How Long Does A Sew In Last?

how long does a sew in last

As we all know, the hair market is changing all the time, especially for wigs. More and more types of wigs appear, like non lace wigs, glueless wigs, 4c edges wigs, pre-cut lace wigs, etc. They bring much convenience for women who want to change their appearance effortlessly. But there is another method of adding hair length and volume that can never be replaced, and that is- sew in!

Hair extensions and weaves have become all the rage over these past years as a way to switch up your look in a low-maintenance kind of way! Sew-ins are quickly gaining traction, but one question plagues many — how long do they last?

Don't worry, friends, because this post will answer says all your questions! We're going to dive into what makes sew-ins so attractive and popular, explore how long sew-ins last on average, and advise on how to help with extending their life. If you're thinking of getting a sew-in, we recommend reading this blog till the end.

What Is A Sew-In Hair Weave?

Sew-in is a technology for adding hair extensions to your natural hair braided down into cornrows already by using a needle and threadWith this method, you can add hair length and volume without damaging your natural hair.

sew in weave

Sew-ins can come as single tracks (or wefts) or as a weave, and depending on your individual hair goals, a stylist will be able to advise you on the best option for you. Even better, sew-ins can be done with all types of hair extensions. 

Most sew-in weaves are made of human hair, making them the perfect choice for blending with your natural hair. Whether you want to add length, volume, or a splash of color, sew-ins have got your back.

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Why Do We Love Sew-Ins?

why do we love sew ins

Are you looking for a low-maintenance but style-saving look? A sew-in weave could be the answer! Not only to achieve the perfect avant-garde hair design of your dreams, but it provides some great bonuses too. Wondering why it's worth considering? Here are just some of the top benefits a sew-in weave has to offer:

1. They are lightweight

Instead of enduring the heavy pulling and tugging that are typically associated with other extension methods, sew-ins are a great alternative! Lightweight and gentle on your scalp, they require significantly less stress to apply, which means you can get back to feeling as comfy as ever in no time! With sew-ins, you don't have to compromise your comfort for a gorgeous new look.

2. No damage

Taking care of your natural hair underneath a sew-in can help protect it from damage! Not to mention, it can bring life back to dull and dry hair too. Imagine giving your locks the break they need from the daily styling and products. Wouldn't that be amazing? 

In addition, when sewing in hair weaves, you don't need to worry about any irritating damage from glue or clips. Wear those sew-ins with confidence — after all, protecting and nourishing your natural hair should always be the top priority.

3. Stability 

With sew-in weaves, you can run, swim, party, or do anything you want without worrying about your extensions falling out.

4. Give your look a boost

Are you looking to make a change to your look? A sew-in could be the perfect solution! You don't have to commit for the long haul, and you can always remove the extensions whenever you're ready.

Extending with sew-ins adds instant volume and length, allowing you to easily transform your style. Plus, for an extra personal touch, you can switch up colors and textures to get just the look that is truly unique to you!

5. Low maintenance

Wow, the best part of a sew-in is here! They need minimal upkeep over time – no more standing in front of a mirror for hours on end trying to style your hair. Since your natural hair is tucked away securely, and gets some much-needed rest so it can breathe and benefit from the break. 

What a relief knowing you don't have to wash or style it often. It's almost like a win-win situation: less operation but still feeling completely gorgeous and stylish at all times!

6. Cost-Effective

Human hair extensions can last up to 1 year if they are well-maintained, and this depends on the type and quality of the weave extensions you choose. You can find affordable and high-quality bundles of sew-in extensions without overspending. Whether you're looking for a quick change or a more permanent look, sew-ins can be the perfect choice.

It is clear to see why sew-ins are becoming increasingly popular and why they are the most sought-after type of weave extension. With less effort and upkeep required, you can get that salon finish look in no time!

How Long Do Sew-Ins Last?

how long do sew ins last

Oh wow, did you know how long sew-ins last? Generally speaking, it can last 6 to 8 weeks if you maintain and care for them properly. But the truth is it depends on the individual.

The quality of your hair extension wefts, the speed of your natural hair growth, and the products you use for care can all affect how long sew-ins last. You can also observe the state of the hair to determine whether to remove the sew-ins weave.

There are several situations that hint that you can remove the sew-in weaves. 

1. Your hair feels itchy over one week

2. The hair is still very dry even if you moisturize and oil it.

3. There are many buildups on your scalp

4. Hair starts shedding a lot.

Our experts recommend getting your closure repositioned after three weeks to make sure it's still properly attached, and then cherish it with some love and attention by getting a maintenance appointment every two weeks for a shampoo with the best care possible. This route ensures your weaves stay looking gorgeous for as long as they can be!

So what are you waiting for? Sew-ins are an apt way to revamp your look and change up your style! Now whether you want something brief or semi-long permanent, these beauties will serve the purpose while also assisting and cultivating your real hair at the same time. Let's delve into how to take care of your sew-ins and make them last as long as possible!

How To Make Your Sew-In Weave Last Longer?

Properly taking care of a sew-in seems daunting but don't worry; we've got your back. We want your fabulous locks to last longer than you expect, so we've taken the time to prepare a few tips that can help you make your sew-ins satisfyingly long-lasting. Arm yourself with foreknowledge and jump into the immense sea of beautiful haircare today:

1. Deep Condition Regularly

Take care of your gorgeous hair weave with a deep conditioning treatment! Not only will this lock in all the moisture it needs for days on end, but it'll also make sure it stays shining, healthy, and feels super soft.

apply deep conditioner

To keep breakage under control, it's important to nourish your hair with the right balance of oils and hydration. Treat yourself to a hot oil treatment or indulging overnight deep conditioner every two weeks to get the best possible results and lavish your hair with some well-deserved TLC!

2. Limit Heat Styling

Heat damage just might be one of the hair woes that come out on top! To avoid it altogether, try limiting your heat styling. If you must use heat tools, set the temperature at a low to medium level, and be sure to spritz on some heat protectant before styling. 

limit heat styling tools

With all this proactive monitoring, you'll have your weave looking its best for days! After all, no one wants to deal with hair horrors like dryness, frizziness, and breakage – so wisely choose when to put heat styling in your routine!

3. Wear Protection at Night

Acquiring the perfect locks won't happen overnight, but you can ensure that your efforts are not unraveled while you sleep! Investing in a soft silk bonnet or scarf will give your hair plenty of protection while you steep in dreamland. 

wrap your sew in weave with silk scarf

Tie it up carefully to prevent it from getting snagged in your sheets and causing unimaginable amounts of extra friction and breaking. Did somebody say extra cushioning? Opt for an oh-so-comfortable satin pillowcase that'll keep you cradled in pure bliss all night long whilst avoiding the tugs and pulls of a normal flattened problem. Night-time has never been so luxurious!

4. Properly Detangle

Revive your sew-in weave by breaking down the knotty areas into smaller chunks, then using a wide-tooth comb, you can effectively unburden your strands without fear of breakage or relocated weaves. Embrace gorgeous goddess hair with this simple yet invigorating technique!

5. Regular Trims

trim hair

Amazing news for all sew-in wearers out there — the oft-repeated idea that regular trims are essential is true! When it comes to snipping away split ends and restoring hair health, trimming off broken pieces is key in providing an overall neater, sleeker look. And the best part? No DIY required! Make sure to pay visits to the salon so an experienced stylist can manage the chop and restores your mane's beauty.

6. Don't Forget to Moisturize

Whether it's the cold winter months or a hot summer day, humidity levels can be the enemy of your hair! Keep your sew-in weaves hydrated and refreshed with light but frequent moisturizing for maximum preservation and luster. 

coconut oil

Reach for natural oils like jojoba, coconut, or even Olive Oil, as these will keep your strands protected from the elements, but avoid products that contain alcohol as this can be extremely drying to hair!

7. Tips for Swimming

Swimming can be great exercise, but it's not so great for your hair! Chlorine is a dangerous enemy of all types of hair extensions as it strips away natural oils and causes them to dry out. 

To prevent damage, wet your hair before entering the pool with fresh water to reduce the amount of chlorine that can be absorbed. Wearing a swimming cap is also a great idea, as this will help keep your hair dry and the chlorine out!

8. Wash your sew-in weave with high-quality products

We all know how important it is to cleanse our hair, but when you have sew-ins installed, it's even more essential! Proper washing and conditioning will keep your extensions looking healthy and beautiful, and it's important to use high-quality products that are free of sulfates. 

shampoo sew in weave

A good way to ensure you get the most out of your hair care routine is by using a co-wash conditioner or natural oils weekly; this will help add moisture back into your hair while nourishing the strands. Finally, avoid over-washing your hair, as this can dry out the extensions and cause them to break off!

9. Choose Quality Hair

Last but certainly not least, it's important to invest in the best quality hair extensions you can find. The better the quality of your weave, the longer it will last and look amazing!

Make sure to do some research on hair brands before taking the plunge — only buy from reputable suppliers who are known for selling high-grade human hair! Here are the best human hair for sew in weave.

Following these top tips for taking care of your sew-ins will ensure that your hair looks good and stays strong and healthy for longer. With proper maintenance, you can enjoy beautiful-looking extensions without having to worry about damage or breakage! So get ready to rockf some stunning strands with confidence — it's time to show off those fabulous sew-ins!

Bonus Tip: Get Professional Help Whenever Possible

Although you can maintain your sew-ins by yourself, it is sometimes best to visit a professional stylist to give them the extra care they need. A qualified hairdresser will be able to check for damage and replace any broken pieces, as well as carry out a deep conditioning treatment to improve the overall quality of your hair extensions. So don't be afraid to seek help from a professional — it's worth it for the peace of mind and beautiful results!


Do sew-ins grow your hair?

Sew-ins merely provide strong support to the natural hair, avoiding manipulation and damage to fragile follicles. Though you won't expect instantaneous results, if you combine regular sew-ins with a nutritious diet and consistent moisturizing routine, your hair strands will retrieve all kinds of amazing progress over time!

Do Sew-Ins Itch?

No itchier sew-ins! If you're dealing with itchiness from your extensions, the culprit could be dry natural hair or scalp. Pay attention to what your natural hair and scalp are telling you – this is especially important if you've had a sew-in for longer than usual. 

How often should you change your Sew-In Weave? 

How exciting! Keeping a sew-in weave can help to strengthen and protect your natural hair for weeks at a time. But it is important not to keep it in for too long as it can cause strain and stress on your hair at the roots! It's generally recommended to change up the style after eight weeks and make sure to check on your weave every four weeks. 

Making sure you take extra care when putting in and taking out your extensions and using quality products is key to keeping your hair healthy underneath it all. With the right maintenance and care, there's no reason why you can't enjoy beautiful sew-ins as often as you'd like!

In a Nutshell

Sew-in hair extensions can be one of the most versatile and easy-to-maintain hairstyles. They provide you with plenty of opportunities to break out of the same look by constantly changing styles, colors, and lengths. They are also very cost-effective, allowing you to switch up your look without breaking the bank. And when done properly, sew-ins can last for up to three months before needing repairs or replacement. 

So next time you're wondering just how long does a sew-in last, now you know! With proper care and maintenance, your weave will stay fabulous for weeks on end - giving you plenty of time to rock all kinds of styles. So don't lock yourself into one look; use a sew-in to create a dynamic look that fits your personality!

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