What's The Best Human Hair For Sew In Weave?

As we all know, wigs are a great way to enhance beauty and charm, especially for black women—no matter whether to save hair loss or add volume to thin and fragile hair. Even if wigs are growing at an overwhelming speed these years, Sew In Weave still is the most popular and traditional way to transform a look.

Whenever people mention sew-in weave the first thing that comes to mind is flexibility and longevity. More and more women choose sew-in weaves to enhance their beauty and protect their natural Hair. If you are wondering about choosing the best human hair extensions for Sew In Weave, here you come to the right place.

In short, virgin human hair are the best human hair for sew in weave since it is unprocessed human hair cutted from one dout. But virgin hair comes from many different sources and in a variety of textures. How to find the best one? To help you make a wise decision, we write this article, let's dive in the details and figure out everything!

What Is Sew In Weave?

For people who are unfamiliar with Sew In Weave, it is hard to understand literally. In short, Sew In Weave is a process where your natural hair is braided down into cornrows, and hair bundles are sewn onto cornrows with a needle and thread to add length and volume.

sew in hair weave

There are tons of different types of hair in the hair market. Each hair type has its uniqueness. Their features are different. Let’s scroll through 4 popular types of weave hair in the hair market.

Types Of Weave Hair

Select By source

Brazilian Hair-Soft, Thick, Durable, and Long Lasting

brazilian hair

What is Brazilian Hair? Brazilian hair is the most popular virgin human hair type in the hair market, sought after by a large number of black women all around the world. Brazilian hair is wildly used in wigs and extensions. 

  • Brazilian Hair is a high-quality type of hair that holds curls much better than other wig or extension hair types like Indian or Malaysian curls.
  • As we all know, Brazilian hair is known for its high density and soft texture. You can achieve beautiful volume look with thick Brazilian hair, with only a few hair bundles. For this reason, the hair is suited for all styles, whether you prefer straight, wavy, or curly. 
  • Compared to other hair types, such as Malaysian and Indian hair, Brazilian hair is less frizzy.
  • Brazilian hair does not tangle easily and takes hair dye well, which means you can color Brazilian hair as you like. What's more, it is easy to style and maintain in good condition. 
  • Brazilian hair is durable and can last longer than other hair types with the proper care. With so many advantages, Brazilian hair is the first choice for most black women.

Cons: Due to the thickness of the hair, It can tend to feel a little bit heavy, especially on summer days.

Peruvian Hair-Soft, Lightweight

peruvian hair


  • Peruvian hair is one of the softest and most lightweight hair bundles on the market. It has been earning the trust of many around the globe especially because it suits both Caucasian hair and afro descent hair.
  • Peruvian hair is free-flowing, luxurious, and lightweight. This means even if you sew in 5 bundles of Peruvian hair bundles, your head won't feel heavy. On the contrary, you will get a more comfortable feeling with thick Peruvian hair.
  • It’s nicely coarse and thicker in its construction than the Brazilian and Indian types. This hair makes it easy to blend with many hair textures effortlessly. Especial works well with black women's natural hair. For this reason, coarse hair suit thick hair.
  • Another advantage of Peruvian hair is that it is easy to manage and style. Whenever you are looking for a hairstyle that’s easy to style, consider Peruvian hair.

Cons: Peruvian hair can be a little more expensive than other types of hair and sometimes slightly harder to find.

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Malaysian Hair-Soft, Silky, and Bouncy

malaysian hair


  • Malaysian hair has an extremely luxurious feel and is very sleek and shiny. But not excessively fake shiny, its luster is low to medium. And after a few washes look even more natural. 
  • Malaysian hair is soft, silky, and bouncy. The hair is thick and easy to style. 
  • It’s a great choice for holding bouncy curls. 

Cons: The colors of Malaysian hair are limited and can only be found in black and dark brown.

Indian Hair- Long-lasting, Versatile

indian hairPros:

  • Indian hair is one of the longest-lasting types of hair you can use. 
  • It’s soft, versatile, durable, and not too tending to tangling. 
  • Indian Hair is easy to maintain curls. 
Cons: Indian hair is more inclined to frizz than other types of hair.

Select By Hair Texture


straight hair bundles

Straight hair is the most common and popular texture and is typically affordable. It is the easiest hair texture to style and maintains.

Body Wave

body wave wig

Body wave hair is famous for its "S" shape, and looks thicker than straight hair. Body wave hair texture can be considered a shape between straight and curly hair.

Loose Deep Wave

loose deep wave wig

Loose Deep Wave hair has curls tighter than Loose Wave but looser than Deep Wave.

Deep Wave

deep wave hair bundles

Deep Wave hair has rhythmic and tight waves showing a rhythmic beauty. The wave pattern is typically strong in its shape even after washing. 

Water Wave

water wave hair bundles

Water Wave hair looks like Deep Wave hair but with opposite direction hair strands, blend well with most natural hair.


curly hair bundles

Curly hair has tighter curls with numerous tiny irregular curls than Water Wave. It is an efficient hair texture to add hair volume in a short time.

What Is The Best Human Hair For Sew In Weave?

There are so many types of human hair weave for sew-in, you may also hesitate about how to choose one best for you.

Before we decide which one to choose, the first thing we need to know is that all of them are made of real human hair. Which means much better than synthetic hair and can last longer with proper care. The best human hair for sew-in weave is which type can meet your desired look, budget, color, length, and preference.

For example, if you want to buy best sew in hair extensions to sew in match your natural hair at an affordable price, then you may consider Malaysian curly hair bundles to help you achieve a gorgeous look. Which can hold curls best with a natural luster.

5 Best Human Hair Weave For A Sew In

Brazilian Straight Hair Bundles

Brazilian Straight Hair Bundles

Brazilian Body Wave T1b 99j Omber Hair Bundles

Brazilian Body Wave T1b 99j Omber Hair Bundles

peruvian deep wave hair bundles

Peruvian Deep Wave Hair Bundles

Malaysian Body Wave Hair Bundles

Malaysian Body Wave Hair Bundles

Malaysian Curly Hair Bundles

Malaysian Curly Hair Bundles

How To Care For Sew-In Hair Weaves?

1. Detangle your hair weave before washing

Comb and detangle hair extensions before washing. It is suggested to opt for a wide tooth comb or your fingers to detangle your hair weave. Comb your hair weave gently starting from the ends and working your way up. Avoid causing tension on the hair.

2. Regularly wash your sew-in weaves, every 7-14 days

Wash your hair weaves regularly just like you treat your natural hair. Pour the proper amount of shampoo into your palm, then massage it into your scalp and through your extension. Try to avoid touching the sewn part. Massage your hair using circular motions.

3 Condition your hair correctly

It is critical to condition your hair correctly, especially curly texture hair. Apply the proper amount of the conditioner below the sewn part since if you apply too much conditioner where the extensions connect with your natural hair, your extensions may fall out. In addition, avoid applying the condition too close to your scalp which may cause your hair to become greasy.

4 Dry your hair completely

Make sure to dry your hair completely to avoid the rest of your extensions losing. Consider using a lower heat setting blow dryer to dry your hair even if it may take a longer time. But your hair will be healthier and last longer. Remember to apply a heat protectant before blow drying your hair to protect your hair.

5 Avoid excessively using heat tools

Heat tools are essential to styling your hair in daily life, but too frequently used can decrease your sew-in weave lifespan. Always use a heat protectant before you heat style your hair. It is best to arrange the use of heat tools reasonably or use some other tools to replace them, like magic hair rollers. 

6 Sleep with a silk scarf/cap

The friction between your hair and pillow can lead to tangles when sleeping. So the best way to avoid friction is to opt for a silk scarf or cap. Wrap all your hair into a silk cap, if you are dealing with curly hair, you can do a loose braid before wearing the silk cap. In addition, there is another option to avoid friction-change your pillowcase to a silk material, which is also very efficient.


How Long Does A Sew-In Last?

Normal 6-8 weeks with proper care. It also depends on the type of extension you use, the skill of your hairstylist, and how fast your hair grows.

Can You Reuse Bundles After a Sew-in?

The short answer is yes, you can reuse hair bundles and we recommend you do that. The promise is you buy high-quality human hair bundles. As we all know, human hair extensions are a huge investment in life, you spend over $100 for a complete set of bundles and it would be a waste of money to only use the hair once.

Do sew-in weaves damage your hair?

No, they won't, only if you braid the natural hair too tight when sewing a weave or extension. Actually, sew-in weaves can help your natural hair growth. Helping shield the natural hair and protect it from damage from the environment, like sunlight, dust, and heat tools. Having a sew-in also means that you don’t have to wash your hair or style it frequently.

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