How To Blend Hair Extensions? For Short/Long/Thin/Thick Hair

how to blend hair extensions

Were you searching up on hair extensions and ended up reading all the hair horror stories online about the flawed blending and bad application of hair extensions? Unlike natural sew-in hair extensions, here we generally mention clip-in hair extensions. Well, then, we are sure it must have made you take two steps back on your journey toward purchasing and wearing hair extensions. 

We understand that in the last few years, clip-in hair extensions have gained a bit of a bad reputation when it comes to bad blending or unflawless looks.

However, the only reason why this happens is because people do not know how to apply, purchase, or blend their hair extensions. If you are someone who recently bought clip-in hair extensions and now want to know how you can blend them flawlessly with your natural hair, then we have you covered. Dive on below to read some essential tips.

Why Are My Extensions Not Blending?

Why Are My Extensions Not Blending

First and foremost, let's figure out why wouldn't they blend well, and then we can come up with methods to solve these problems. There are so many reasons that may lead to an unnatural result, knowing the reason why they can't blend well can help us prevent or promptly address similar issues in the future.

  • Abrupt hair color
  • Clips show up
  • Hair extensions can't hide my hair
  • Incorrect hair extension length
  • Hair extensions can't match my hair texture
  • Wrong installation

11 Tips on Blending Your Hair Extensions Well

No matter if you are new to the hair extension world or someone who still has difficulty achieving that refined finish when it comes to blending your hair extensions, we are here to help. Here are a few tips and tricks that you can follow to achieve a more blendable and natural look:

1. Choose Remy human hair extensions

body wave clip in human hair extensions

This is the base to help blend hair extensions - get Remy human hair extensions. They are made of 100% unprocessed human hair, and all the cuticles are intact and not at all stripped, which means they have the same luster and touch as your natural hair.

Compared to synthetic hair extensions, human hair extensions have overwhelming advantages in blending with your natural hair.

2. Get help from a hair extension hairstylist

If you are a first-time hair extension wearer, then we'd suggest that instead of applying for hair extensions by yourself, try taking an expert opinion. Making an appointment with a hair extension hairstylist will help you gain a better understanding of how one should apply the extensions for future reference.

Get help from a hair extension hairstylist

This will also help you take up some essential tips that will help them understand all the dos and don'ts of this task. Hence, instead of going through the hassle of putting extensions on yourself for the first time, try taking an expert's help.

3. Make Sure Your Extensions are Similar to your Hair Color

This is one of the most obvious and unavoidable tips that you should follow when it comes to blending in your hair extensions. When purchasing hair extensions, be sure to buy ones that are the exact shade of your natural hair color or something slightly close.

Make Sure Your Extensions are Similar to your Hair Color

This is because if your extension color isn't in the same shade range as your current natural head, there is a high chance that your extensions will clash and will not blend well on your head. Though choosing the most similar color is essential, taking into consideration the same textures and cuts is important, too.

4. Curl your Hair Rather than Straightening It

For someone who is extremely new to wearing hair extensions, we suggest that you curl your hair more often than you straighten it. The curls or soft waves would help add a more seamless blend to your extensions.

Curl your Hair Rather than Straightening It

While we do understand that many might argue that straight hair also helps achieve this, and there is no denying it, perfectly blending your extensions in your straight hair is more of a game when you have mastered the craft.

5. Trim or layered your hair extensions

Trim or layered your hair extensions

Most hair extensions come with the same length and look a little stiff when applying them on your head. But trimming the end of your hair extensions or cutting layered on your hair extensions can make it look like your natural hair ends and frame your face well.

But if you are clipping in hair exteions to long and thin natural hair, you can also trim your natural hair to get a seamless blend.

6. Wash your hair extensions

Wash your hair extensions

It's a simple and great way to blend your hair extensions -washing your hair extensions. After washing, the hair extensions appear more natural, thick, and fluffy, which will make it easy to blend with your natural hair texture.

7. Don't Pick Dramatic Transformations

One of the most common mistakes many people make when picking out a hair extension that prevents it from blending well is going out for extreme transformations. 

Yes! You heard us right; while choosing the wrong color, texture, cut, or length does impact the overall natural blending, going overboard and choosing something that does not fall in line with your natural look can also result in a pretty false outlook.

Hence, try picking out extensions similar to your hair in all aspects instead of adding four extra inches in length, two different levels of coloring, or a texture that doesn't match your hair.

8. Pick Enhancements Instead

While dramatic transformation is a no-go, experts in the hair extension business always urge users to aim for enhancement when getting their hair extensions. Enhancements help achieve a flawless look when it comes to blending your hair extensions well and are also an excellent option to pick when you are on a limited time or budget.

Through enhancements, users can add a few inches through soft and blended layers and achieve a beautiful hair look.

9. Don't Take a Trim

Many people freshen up their hair before getting an extension – and by freshen up, we mean getting a trim. This is one of the biggest mistakes you can make when getting a hair extension because it will make it so much harder for your extensions to blend well with your natural hair.  

Experts believe that the ends of the fresh trims usually lift the hair extensions, which, in turn, reveals a point of differentiation. Thus, even if you do want to get a trim before getting your hair extensions installed, we suggest you cut off a good few inches to ensure no lifting of the extension happens.

10. Consider Pre-Application Treatments

While getting a trim or haircut is not advisable before a hair extension if there is one thing that experts greatly recommend, it is getting some pre-application treatments like deep-conditioning or keratin.

Getting a gloss, deep-conditioning, or keratin treatment before your extensions are blended into your long or short hair will help ensure optimal shine and hydration. If you are installing your extensions yourself, make sure to get a pre-application treatment from a salon beforehand, and if you are getting it done from an extensionist, talk to them about getting a treatment beforehand.

11. Try a Wig Instead

If nothing is working out for you, then maybe extensions aren't what you need to create the desired look. Hence, instead of forcing the extensions to blend or look good, why haven't you thought of switching to a wig?

If you have tried all in your power to make your extensions blend but are failing, then pick a human hair wig instead. They are so much easier to wear, blend, and carry and will help you achieve a beautiful and dramatic transformation.

How To Blend Hair Extensions On Short Hair?

Where Can You Find the Best Human Hair Wigs?

If you are someone who is in search of some of the best hair wigs in business and wants to know of a reliable place that sells high-quality wigs, then hear us out. Hermosa Hair is one of the best online wig forums, which provides users with all types of excellent wigs. The company has a variety of wigs ranging from HD, Wear&G, highlights, color, and several different in your favorite cuts.

Hermosa Hair has been operating in business for years and is known to manufacture high-quality wigs with actual human and synthetic hair. So, if you plan on wearing wigs, make sure to check out the online website for sure.

Final Thoughts

If you are someone who recently started wearing hair extensions but is having a hard time when it comes to blending your extensions with your natural hair, then we hope the tips and tricks we mentioned were helpful for you. If you do not want to wear extensions anymore and want to opt for different types of wigs, then we highly urge you to check out the Hermosa Hair official website. Trust us, the company is one of the best in business and will not leave you disappointed.

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