How To Do Space Buns?

how to do space buns

When we are talking about bun styles, there are not only messy bunstop buns, or low buns, space buns are also a popular choice for women who want to add a cute and casual feel to their hairstyles. It's an easy and ready-to-go hairstyle that perfect for women who do not have much time to style their hair.

What Are Space Buns?

What Are Space Buns

Space buns(double buns) are updo hairstyles that involve parting your hair into two sections and wrapping the bun with each section, this is a 90s hairstyle that popular among young girls. But that doesn't mean adults can't rock it. They can be lovely, elegant, delicate, vintage, or vigorous, depending on how you style them.

Why Are Space Buns So Popular

  • The biggest pros of space buns are that they can behave well whether you have any hair textures, hair colors, or hair lengths.
  • Another great thing is that you can wear it after taking down your previous hairstyle. It can conceal oily roots and look great a few days after your Wash Day.
  • In addition, it is also a great hairstyle option for girls who have thin/fine hair as it can add volumes to your hairstyle. 

Alright, whether you just want to look cute at home, are heading for a casual day out, or simply want to add a touch of Barbie’s flair to your day, space buns are an ideal choice. These adorable dual buns, resembling miniature planets orbiting your head, are not only trendy but also surprisingly easy to create. So, let’s get started!

Things You Will Need to Do Space Buns

Things You Will Need to Do Space Buns

To do space buns, you will need a few things to help you secure the buns in place and achieve your desired result. Here is the list.

a. Rattail comb

b. A wide-tooth comb

c. A hairbrush

d. Bobby pins

e. Hair Elastic bands

f. Hair mousse or sheen spray(optional)

g. Hair gel (optional)

h. Hair oil (optional)

These are some tools you need to do space buns. Let’s take a look at the uses of the tools listed above.

a. Rattail comb

The rattail comb will help you divide your hair into two parts- which will represent the two buns. The parting comb allows you to create a clean part easily because of its pointed tip. In addition, if you want to slay edges after creating buns, it will help you to create beautiful swirls around the perimeter of your hair. 

b. A wide-tooth comb                    

A wide-tooth comb allows you to comb your hair easily without the risk of breakage or damage. Also, you use the wide-toothcomb to detangle your hair and loosen any form of knot there might be. 

c. A hairbrush

Depending on the texture of your hair, you might prefer to use a brush instead of a wide-tooth comb to detangle your hair. Hair brushes are better for straight, fine/thin hair.

The hair brush allows you to fluff your hair or seek to add volume by brushing in an upward manner after brushing downward.

d. Bobby pins

Bobby pins help to secure your bun. It holds them in place and prevents them from falling out unexpectedly. Two bobby pins will be just enough for this hairstyle, you can use more if you feel like further securing them.

e. Elastic bands/hair ties 

These are some of the most important things that you need to do in a space bun hairstyle. The elastic bands or hair ties will help you to secure the parted hair in place before swirling it into a bun.

You can control the hold of the hair tie by deciding on the number of times you want to tie it around the parted hair. 

f. Hair mousse or sheen spray(optional)

This is optional especially when you don’t like the oily feel on your head or your palm. However, the hair mousse or sheen spray can help add volume and shine to your bun after styling. It also helps your buns to remain in place all day long. Nonetheless, you can do your space bun without them. 

g. Hair gel (optional)

If you are a fan of sleeking down your edges, you need a gel to help you lay your edges beautifully. You can beautifully lay the edges of your hair while wearing a messy space bun to create an effortlessly cute appearance.

h. Hair oil (optional)

If you still want to give your hair the care it deserves, then you can go ahead to add essential oils to the parted areas or apply some on your palm, and then use the tips of your fingers to massage them into your scalp without smearing it all over your hair.

Applying hair oil all over your hair can affect the volume appearance of your hair and your space buns may not look as cute as they ought to.

Quick Tips: Space buns work best on second-day hair or hair that isn't freshly washed. The slight grit and texture in your hair from a day-old styling help the buns hold better. However, if your hair is freshly washed, you can add texture using some dry shampoo or texturizing spray.

Step-by-Step Guide on How to Do Space Buns

Step 1: Preparation

brush your hair

Start by brushing your hair to remove any knots or tangles. If you prefer a sleeker look, consider applying some hair gel or pomade to tame flyaways.

Step 2: Parting

part your hair

Part your hair down the middle, this parting will help in creating two symmetrical buns. If you are into e girl hairstyle, you can also do a zig zig parting.

spray some water on your hair

For black girls who have type 4 hair, you can spray some water or apply some gel to help organize your hair.

Step 3: Securing Each Section

Securing Each Section

Gather one side of your hair and secure it into a high pigtail with an elastic band. Repeat the same on the other side, making sure both pigtails are positioned evenly. Add hair extensions if necessory.

This step will position your final buns placement, so please decide your desired space buns styles and confirm if they should be placed in high, low, or back.

Step 4: Twisting and Coiling

Twisting and Coiling

Take the first pigtail and twist it around its base until it naturally starts to coil into a bun. Secure the coiled bun with another elastic band or bobby pins, ensuring it's tight enough to hold but not too tight to cause discomfort.

Step 5: Repeat on the Other Side

Repeat on the Other Side

Follow the same process with the second ponytail, twisting and coiling it into a bun beside the first one. Keep them as symmetrical as possible.

Step 6: Refinement


Once both buns are in place, adjust and tug gently on sections of the buns to create a fuller and more voluminous look. Secure any loose strands with bobby pins and use some hairspray to set the style in place.

That’s it! You’ve created cute space buns in just a few minutes!

How To Do Space Buns With Clip In Hair Extensions?

@hairaconda Clip in extensions are the best thing to happen to me i swear! Quick space bun tutorial! #spacebunstutorial #bubble #wigtutorial #clipinhairextensions #summerhairstyles ♬ Need 2 - Pinegrove

Tips and Tricks for Creating Beautiful Space Buns

Do you want to create beautiful space buns? Here are a few tips and tricks you should know.

1. Experiment with Variation

You can try different variations of space buns by altering the size, and placement, or even adding braids to each section before coiling them into buns.

2. Accessorize

Add some cosmic accessories like glitter, hair charms, or even tiny star-shaped clips to enhance the celestial vibe.

3. Texture is Key

Don't fret if your buns aren't perfectly symmetrical. Embrace the slightly messy look; it adds character and charm to your hairstyle.

4. Maintenance and Longevity

Space buns can last throughout the day, but they might need occasional touch-ups, especially if you're active or if the weather is windy. Carry some extra bobby pins and a small bottle of hairspray in your bag for quick fixes.

Different Space Buns Hairstyles You Can Try Out

There are many different ways to play with space buns, you can try out different space bun hairstyles to match your personality and facial features. Like pulling out some hair strands around your face, braiding the pigtails, etc. Just be creative about how you want it to reflect your personality.

Let’s take a look at some space buns hairstyles you can try today. 

1. Double Braided Space Buns

Double Braided Space Buns

To create this hairstyle, you should braid your pigtails before coiling your hair into buns, create two braids on each side, and then twist them into space buns. This style adds an extra element of intricacy and texture to your buns.

2. Half-Up Space Buns

Half-Up Space Buns

This is a perfect hairstyle for women who have short hair. Instead of pulling all your hair into buns, leave the bottom section down and create space buns only with the top half of your hair. This variation offers a trendy and relaxed look.

3. Messy Low Space Buns

Messy Low Space Buns

For a more casual and effortless vibe, create space buns lower on your head. Allow some strands to fall loosely around your face to achieve that relaxed, messy-chic appearance.


Can I wear space buns if I have short hair?

Yes, space buns can be created with short hair, you can do half-up space buns or low space buns. In addition, you can also choose a wig or get help from hair extensions to get the perfect finish.

How to create space buns with thin hair?

If you have thin hair and can not get a full bun look, try to make messy buns with the help of textured spray for added volume, or you can just add hair extensions to achieve a stunning look.

Final Thoughts

Space buns are not just a hairstyle; they're a statement. They exude a playful, carefree attitude and offer an excellent canvas for self-expression. Don't be afraid to experiment with different variations or incorporate your unique twist into this trendy hairstyle. 

So, next time you feel a bit cosmic or simply want to add a touch of whimsy to your day, grab those hair ties, follow these steps, and let your inner starlight shine with these adorable space buns!


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