25 Creative Fall Hair Color Ideas To Try

As the summer draws its hot days to a close, we eagerly anticipate the arrival of Fall, which is an air of cozy comfort and vibrant foliage. What better way to celebrate the season than embracing its colors with our own hair transformation? 

From warm reds and auburn tones to playful highlights, investigate 25 creative ideas that will incorporate a few notes of enchanting allure into your style.

Whether you are inspired by deep autumnal shades or want strands of golden sunflowers in your mane, accentuate your look this Fall with these trending hair color ideas from our latest blog post! Accrue an aura of elegance and stand out from the crowd as you revitalize Yourself for the upcoming season.

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1. Bronze Hair Highlights

When changing your hair color, you might consider starting with a timeless bronze hue. These locks are highlighted by beautiful golden tones, giving it a much deeper look.

Bronze Hair Highlights

By adding some lighter cinnamon shades around your face, you can add an extra degree of elegance to your appearance, thereby allowing you to acknowledge your colorist's formidable styling prowess! 

Whether in the sunlight or artificial light, the shimmering golden effects of bronze hair would be sure to gracefully bespeak confidence and vibrancy at all times!

2. Honey Blonde Highlight

Accessorizing your style with honey blonde highlights will give you a low-key, alluring look while highlighting your cheekbones - perfect for everyday wear. 

honey blonde highlight

This hue creates a soft, natural look that fits many skin tones and can act as an excellent contrast against other shades. So, if you are looking to subtly bring out the beauty in your facial features and still maintain an easy style, then adding highlights of honey blonde is certainly a good idea. Moreover, it adds more dimensions and combinations that will set you apart from others.

3. Chocolate Brown Hair

Fall has arrived, which brings warm colors all around us. Why not stand out from the crowd and add some chocolate brown highlights? Fitting well with darker hair, these highlights exude an aura of mystery that unfolds before its observers. 

chocolate brown hair

They can even be complemented with mature lowlights to create a fantastic contrast to your locks and capture attention within the surrounding area. Moreover, this special shade isn't just eye-catching during Fall and Winter months; it makes any other warmer color blend as one artful piece.

4. Cool copper Brown 

It might be time to add some cool copper brown to your hair. This is a great look for those who have light skin tones since the blue undertone of this hue will provide excellent contrast. 

Cool copper Brown

Plus, by introducing a new shade into our hairdos, we can explore exciting combinations that will show off our unique style! Let's face it - a delicate transition between classic and trendy is always a great way to keep things interesting. 

5. Warm Brown Balayage

Warm brown balayage is the way to be the life of the party this Fall! Stand out and make a change from your digital with natural chestnut tones. Cut through the chill in the air and brighten up your mane for a more alluring mood. 

warm brown highlight

Transform yourself with warm brown highlights to create an electrifying change with a natural feel. Change up your daily styling routine and explore exciting possibilities – conquer social gatherings by accessorizing your hair with warm-toned balayage. Might as well grab that brush; you never know what you can create! 

6. Ginger Color Hair

Yes, you heard right! Ginger is the color of the season, and it's calling your name. Make a statement this fall and consider adding a touch of ginger simply dripping with natural warmth to your hair. 

ginger color hair

This stylish shade will give your mane an extra flare of autumnal beauty – brightening up your look with alluring undertones that'll make you stand out from the crowd. 

So don't be shy about embracing this warm hue – whether it's through subtle streaks or intense highlights. How can anybody resist turning heads with such earthy charm? Go on, capture the hearts around you as you jump onto this trend.

7. Fiery Pumpkin Ombre Highlight

As soon as Fall hits, fashionistas everywhere instantly think about one thing: fiery pumpkin ombre highlights. Just the name alone will make your heart skip a beat with excitement! 

Fiery Pumpkin Ombre Highlight

This showstopping hair color is created by blending a darker red copper tone into a lighter and brighter shade of copper pumpkin at the ends. As soon as the transformation is complete, prepare to turn heads like never before — your locks look like they're glowing with firey heat. 

Plus, if you comfortably fall on the side of darker hair, take comfort in knowing that keeping your roots as dark as they are gives you easier maintenance as long as it starts to grow out again over time.

8. Creamy Blonde with Cool Highlights

So you've said goodbye to summer and want a fresh start, so why not update your hair? This creamy blonde hair color looks great on any complexion; the cool blend of undertones is guaranteed to make your skin tone pop! 

Creamy Blonde with Cool Highlights

It's a low-risk way of adding drama and depth to your look without having to drastically change up your natural hair color. Plus, it's super easy to maintain, so you don't have to worry about burning the midnight oil with excessive upkeep! Conjure up a beautiful new aura this season by coloring your hair with the vibrant creamy blonde shade – Fall has never looked this good!

9. Burgundy Red Hair

Red has a strong presence in the Fall season, but this year its influence is set for an upgrade! We are introducing red burgundy highlights. This look is perfect for fall and adds warmth and vibrance to every strand of hair. Just swish it around your face for added comfort in colder weather activities. 

burgundy red hair

Thankfully, this color doesn't require a lot of busy maintenance, which allows you to enjoy the look all season. Red burgundy highlights radiate a mysterious and captivating attitude, making this look a definite must-have for Fall 2024!

10. Almond Bronde Hair

Welcome to the era of bronde shades and almond tones! This cool color combination is the perfect way to start your fall transformation. Almond highlights are visually appealing and have a warm, natural tone that complements many skin colors effortlessly. 

Almond Bronde Hair

These streaks can be subtle or bold — it all depends on how you choose to style them! Wear them down in beachy waves for a casual day out with friends, or put them up in an elegant updo for an evening event. Either way, almond bronde highlights are sure to make a statement this season! 

11. White Swan Balayage

Change up your hair this Fall and bring the attention where it belongs you! Forget all other hair colors and go for an ethereal elegance by rocking the trendy white swan balayage. 

White Swan Balayage

This special blend of white, pearl, and a subtle trace of gray will sure to give you an angelic look. Look fresh, make a statement, and embrace your beauty with this beautiful shade of warmth. 

With an icy color that turns heads, be a queen among the masses by sporting such divine beauty. Slide into the season in style with a magnificent balayage that lightens the mood while adding some magical touch to everyone's eyes whenever they'll take a glimpse of you.

12. Reddish Brown Highlights

The transition to colder weather may leave you feeling a bit low, but don't let it drag down your spirits! Reach for the reddish brown hue and let your mane shine with a bright new look. 

reddish brown highlights

This trendsetting shade is perfect for Fall; by combining copper, dark brown, and chestnut hues, it will give you some irresistible vibes that can help you face any challenge rising up this season! 

Plus, using highlights instead of an all-over color will extend longevity, meaning more weeks of exquisite shine. Wait not a minute longer – it's time to let your hair speak its brilliance and turn heads with this sensational reddish-brown hue.

13. Chocolate Lowlights

Have you considered adding chocolate lowlights to your look this Fall? Not only can this bring some extra warmth and richness to your hair, but it will also subtly introduce cooler tones. The best part? You don't need to worry about a clash since the hue will just blend seamlessly with whatever color you already have.

Chocolate LowlightsAnd the whole process won't take too much out of your time – just make sure to offer maintenance every once in a while so this lowlight can last you until the end of the season! No doubt people will be falling head over heels with your beautiful chocolatey hue. Make sure you show it off when you get the opportunity!

14. Auburn Hair Color

Fall is the perfect time to switch up our hair hues, and light auburn hair may just be the smoldering look you need! Why settle for a muted hue when you can add a little extra warmth to your locks? The richness of light auburn brown will bring in plenty of depth alongside an utterly beguiling color. 

auburn hair color

Not only will it get you winter-ready with this seasonal style, but it also holds its vibrancy and stays easy to maintain. Dare we say – it even gets better with time! Unleash the glamorous potential of light auburn brown and let it cater to all moods and outfits, whatever the occasion. And most importantly, it will always guarantee that glossy Autumnal shine!

15. Ruby Copper Tones

Are you ready to show off a trendsetting new look this Fall? Ruby copper tones are the perfect blend of deep reds and bright coppers, creating a professional yet eye-catching color for every woman. 

Ruby Copper Tones

No matter your skin type, this unique shade is sure to fit all and allow you to stand out in any given crowd! To ensure the lasting vibrancy of your ruby copper hue, introduce a good quality at-home shampoo and conditioner into your hair care routine. Keep your colors fresh and lively with the richest denim ever. Here's to hoping heads will turn no matter where you go!

16. 99J Burgundy Color

This Fall season, 99J burgundy is the perfect go-to for that stunning look! With a blend of rich red hues and delicate brown touches, you can create a unique and noticeable style. 

99j burgundy color

Perhaps have the whole head done or some subtle highlights? Either way, 99J will inject a bit of glamour into your unparalleled style! In addition, this color combination looks fabulous with all hair types. If you're enthusiastic about something fashionable and daring this year, then 99J burgundy should certainly be considered. You won't regret such an exciting change to your look!

17. Mahogany and Copper Balayage

This reddish-brown shade exudes an upscale and luxurious vibe that anyone would be envious of! The ideal color for medium to long locks, it enhances hot hair shades with fiery undertones. 

Mahogany and Copper Balayage

Not only does this vibrant hue guarantee you'll be turning heads, but it also offers plenty of room for creativity. Slide up to the salon and embrace your hair's inner magnificence with highlights or lowlights embedded in fall hues such as auburn, light copper, golden, or strawberry blonde. Strapped with a gorgeous mahogany-and-copper balayage in tow, you'll certainly shimmer like the star you are.

18. Curly Chocolate into Caramel Ombre Highlight

Fall is often associated with dull and dark colors, but this season you can quite loudly declare, "Uniform monotony no more!" Let your vibrant side shine through with a bob of boldness featuring a beautiful mix of caramels and chocolates.

Curly Chocolate into Caramel Ombre HighlightCurly ombre highlights offer much-needed depth and texture to spruce up any kind of anything, from short pixies to sleek bobs. Put yourself in the spotlight without sacrificing tresses: its luscious blend of chocolate and caramel tones guarantees that every glance will display your fab feel no matter what, how, or where! 

19. Honey Blonde Ombre Skunk Stripe Hair Highlights

Once thought of as crazy, the 'skunk stripe' trend is making its return this Fall. With different shades of blonde scattered throughout strands of various textures—curly or straight alike—everyone can have a chance at this look.

Honey Blonde Ombre Skunk Stripe Hair Highlights

Nothing is key to making your skunk style stand out more than adding bright and salon-quality highlights in three unique colors. The effect? You look so stunning that no one can help but do a double-take when you walk by. Don't miss your chance for something unique this season – sure to be a choice you won't soon regret!

20. Dimensional Brown Butter Hair

Envisioning Fall with dimensional brown butter hair? Next time you visit the salon to spruce up your style, request the perfect shade combination of 2-3 similar hues for optimal depth and dimension. 

Dimensional Brown Butter Hair

By pairing a darker base and lighter ends, You'll create an eye-popping color palette fit for any woman with that signature fair skin and blue eyes combo. Finish it off with the right care: invest in shampoo formulated specifically for color-treated hair. That way, you'll ensure each wash is filled with hydration and protection, leaving your head full of dreamy brown butter locks all season!

21. Ginger Orange Colored Hair

Black American women often have an olive-to-yellow undertone that provides the perfect sunny backdrop for Ginger Orange hair. This deep and vibrant shade helps people stand out from the crowd! 

ginger orange colored hair

When gently layered on top of beautiful warm hues of red and brown, they make for a one-of-a-kind ombre hairstyle. Topping off this look with some caramel highlights further reinforces its spectacular Fall dynamics. Get ready for everyone to be envious of your stunning transformation!‌

22. Dark Brown Hair Color

2024 sets the stage for a fashionable revolution – and there's no easier way to monetize on the trend than by selecting a deep, chestnut brown as your showcase shade. Crafted with complex tones of cherry, caramel, and chocolate, this fabulous hue exudes dimension without any drastic changes. 

dark brown hair color

Ideal for brunettes and all hair types, it offers everyone an eye-catching change without the danger of overstimulating the senses. As dark chestnut brown is inherently striking in its capabilities of highlighting a person's natural color choice, there's no room to go wasteful with such a daring Autumnal shade! 

23. #33 Red Brown Auburn Colored Hair

Fall is soon upon us, and those with fair skin and cool undertones should consider a vibrant Red Brown Auburn (#33). This intense reddish-brown hue is the perfect choice to add warmth to your locks without detracting from your overall style. Hair of any length can easily be transformed with this glamorous color.

#33 Red Brown Auburn Colored Hair

To truly stand out from the crowd, why not coordinate #33 Red Brown Auburn hue with Auburn lowlights for spectacular results? Dare to break away from the ordinary and explore something extraordinary by embracing the trendiest hair color for this season!

24. Camel Balayage

Are you looking to make a statement this Fall? Welcome the timeless hue of the classic camel balayage! Have medium-length hair? Let it be brightened and enhanced through this warm tone. 

Camel Balayage

To bring out the very best in even the darkest hues, incorporate highlights or lowlights in shades including light copper, golden blonde, or strawberry blonde. 

This stunning combination means heads will surely turn wherever you go! To top off your style with further flair, complete your look with a glamorous mahogany and copper blend of balayage to garner extra stand-out features.

25. P1B/350 Piano Color Dark Orange Highlight

Are you looking to add something a bit extraordinary to your hairstyle this Fall? Then look no further than the daring and beautiful balayage dark orange highlight hairstyle. Perfectly suited to work with both browns and blondes, this vibrant hue will give magnetic stand-out looks to either long or short locks. 

P1B350 Piano Color Dark Orange Highlight

Plus, these tresses can transition seamlessly from day to night — beauty that's always on point! When caught in the light, every glance upon these regal dark orange will feel like kingship. Last but not least, you'll get all the attention you would want for opting for a daring look quite different than any other season, so choose sure, knowing it's worth it!

In A Nutshell

As the days get shorter and temperatures drop, let your hair do the same and try one of these amazing fall hair colors! Whether you're looking for something subtle or want to go wild with color, there's an option for everyone in this list of 25 creative fall hair color ideas.

If you are looking for a way to change your look without changing your hair color, why not try a pre colored wig? They can help you to get a fall vibe effortlessly, from bold ginger, burgundy, and honey blonde highlights to low-key brown color in different shades. In addition, you can also choose a 613 blonde wig and DIY color by yourself, so much fun!

So don't hesitate any longer – take a leap of faith and experiment with any of these incredible 25 creative fall hair color ideas to try! Who knows, you might find a new look that works perfectly for you.

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