How To Glue A Lace Front Wig? The Only Guide You Need

How To Glue A Lace Front Wig

Have you ever tried gluing your wig, but didn't seem to get it right every time you tried

Let me guess. It is either you glued the wig away from the hairline or it went off just a few hours after installation.

If you have never installed a lace front wig using the gluing method, then you might doubt your ability to do it correctly. Gluing a lace front wig is something that should be done with care. A slip mistake can ruin your expensive wig… I know you don’t want that.

Well, the good news is, you can seamlessly glue a lace front wig even if it is your first time following our simple guide.

Tools and Products You'll Need to Glue a Lace Front Wig

You will need the right products and tools to correctly glue a lace front wig. Let’s take a look at them.

Hair tools needed to glue a lace front wig:

1. Scissors


2. Elastic band

Elastic band

3. Wig cap

wig cap

4. Rat tail comb

rattail comb

5. Cotton Pad

Cotton Pad

6. Blow dryer

blow dryer

Hair products needed to glue a lace front wig:

1. Lace Glue

lace glue

2. Freeze spray

Freeze spray

3. Hair Mousse

Hair Mousse

4. Alcohol


5. Makeup brush and Powder

Makeup brush and Powder

Simple Steps to Glue a Lace Front Wig

Gluing a lace front wig is easy, however, it involves a little more than adding glue to your scalp and wearing the wig. You will need to follow some steps to ensure correct installation without compromising the health of your natural hair.

These steps will include the prepping and the actual installation.

For the prepping

We all love a good-looking wig. Before installing it’s necessary that you have a shining wig. Brand new? Then the work isn’t much. If yours isn't, shampoo, condition, and moisturize your wig nicely.

1. To get started, check if the inner lace matches your skin tone.

Now, if it doesn’t you might want to get some powder or foundation (in your skin tone) and tint it. Just pick your brush and apply some powder generously over the lace.

2. Next, you want to add some oil for some shine. 

You can go in with some argan oil, coconut oil, or any hair oil you choose.

3Use some wax along the parting area to keep it down nicely.

You don’t want some hair flying around. You can use a press comb after to silk things down further.

4. It’s time for some stretching.

Apply heat protectant on your lace front wig and stretch. With your straightener, stretch your hair to give you a silky feel and look.

When you are done, then, you are set to install the wig.

Installation Process

Step 1: Clean your Forehead

Clean your Forehead

With a cotton pad and alcohol, clean your forehead thoroughly. You don’t have to scrub so much. Just make sure it's clean. You are cleaning because you want to avoid gluing on makeup or moisturizer that may be on the area.

Also, the cleaning helps it turn out well. You can wash your face before applying the alcohol. That will make things easier.

Step 2: Put on a Wig Cap

put on a wig cap

Putting on a wig cap protects your hair and secures the wig. While you can skip this step, we’d love you to wear one. You can blend the wig cap with your skin tone for better results.

Make sure you brush your edges with some gel to make your hair flat before wearing the cap.

Step 3: Place your wig on Your Head

Place your wig on Your Head

Gently wear the wig on your head. Make it as comfortable as you want. You can use the clips on the lace front wig so it does not move while you install it. When you are sure you’ve placed it correctly, move to the next step.

Step 4: Fold the Lace to the Back and Apply some Glue

Fold the Lace to the Back and Apply some Glue

Pull the wig lace to the back. Then, apply the glue a few inches before your hairline. You should make use of the rattail comb when applying. The glue doesn’t have to be much, it should be adequate.

If you are new, the trick is to apply a few dots at different areas and slowly spread them with the tail of your comb. Apply up to three layers depending on how long you want to have your lace front wig on and your activities.

Step 5: Blend in Your Lace

Blend in Your Lace

After you’ve applied the glue, wait a few minutes for it to dry. If you don’t want to wait, you should use a blow dryer. When the glue melts and becomes clear, that’s a sign that you can move on.

So, bring back your lace and blend in. You want to seal the lace with the area you added glue. You are working with the hairline of the wig. So that’s the area you will be gluing. You can use the back of your rattail comb and press it down. Pull down on it bit by bit.

Step 6: Cut off the Excessive Lace

Cut off the Excessive Lace

It’s time to cut off the lace you don’t need. Some do this before installing the wig, while others do it after. All you need to do is follow the hairline and cut gently with your scissors. It’s the same procedure if you wish to cut it before or after gluing your wig. Hermosa Hair launched a new type of pre-cut lace wig that can help you skip this step.

Step 7: Apply some freeze spray

Apply some freeze spray

It is optional. In case some areas are not glued properly or do not stick down, take your freeze spray and apply some. Then, use your fingers to blend them down. You can use your blower dryer again or attach an elastic band to wait for 5 minutes and let it dry naturally.

Step 8: Melt the Lace

Melt the Lace

There are different methods to go about this. You can go in with your make-up brush and some powder or use some hot air. Whatever method you are using, make sure your lace properly melts beautifully.

The powder doesn't have to be too much. You don't have to apply much heat to your head too. While you melt the lace with heat, remember to use your rattail comb to press it down. That will help it melt and match your skin tone.

Step 9: Style Beautifully

At this juncture, that’s all for the installation. Now it’s time to style the way you want. Fix your parting, do your edges, and add some mousse. You are good to go!

Key Points

● Your glue should be clear before you blend your wig in.

● Cut the lace by following the hairline.

● Do not apply much glue. Apply adequately but not too much. You can go in with three layers. That should do.

● Don't apply glue to your edges.

● No need to struggle. Your rattail comb is your friend.

Tips for Gluing a Lace Front Wig Correctly

1. Prepare before installation

To get a nice glued wig, prepare before gluing. You can follow the list of tools listed above and get them ready. Also, prep your wig. If you would like to bleach it, then do that. Stretch it and be prepared to install it.

2. Glue in sections

Gluing becomes easy when you do it in sections. You can start with the middle part and move to the sides. Or work things from one side to the other. That will make things easier and simpler.

3. Use quality Products

Get products that are of quality and will do the job well. Your glues should not be sticking out after sealing the lace. You can opt for the Got 2b freeze spray and the Ghost bond glue. Those should work nicely.

4. Place your Wig Right

It’s possible to make the mistake of placing the wig correctly. You can avoid that by following the parting of the wig. If it's a middle parting, then things got much better. Follow that part of your head with that of the wig and boom! You should have it in place. Another way is to secure your wig on your head well. If you do that, there won’t be a problem.

How Do You Nourish Your Natural Hair Before Gluing

Most ladies face hairline damage after gluing their lace front wig. Why? Because they fail to nourish their hair and apply glue directly to their hairline. You can avoid that.

Here's how to nourish your natural hair before gluing your lace front wig;

1. Moisturize your Edges 

Taking care of your natural hair will prevent hair damage and breakage. So, before gluing your wig, moisturize your natural hair properly. You can go in with some natural oils for this. They'll help prevent dryness that may occur.

2. Brush your Hairline

It is best not to have your natural hair flying by the time you are gluing. So, get a brush and brush your hair properly. You can add some gel so it doesn't stick out later. This will not only help sustain your hair but will make your installation turn out beautifully.

3. Wear a Wig Cap

Again, a wig cap helps your natural hair just as much as it helps your wig. You can keep your hairline beneath your wig cap for better protection.

4. Apply the Glue to your Forehead

This can't be stressed enough. It'll be bad if your hairline becomes damaged because of glue. So, never glue your lace front wig on your hairline. Instead, move a few inches forward and apply. This will keep your natural hair safe and still make you look beautiful.

Results? You Should Have a beautifully Glued Wig

Did you make it here? Well, you should have a beautifully installed wig soon. Following the steps correctly and using the right products and tools should get you a gorgeous result.

You don’t have to be in a hurry. Take your time and the steps slowly. You’ll be glad that you did.

Remember to apply the glue sparingly yet adequately. Properly melt for a nice blending and use your tools without holding back.

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