How To Measure Your Head For A Wig?

As we all know, a perfect snug-fit wig is a key to making you feel comfortable and confident when wearing a wig. Nowadays, online shopping has become the main way to shopping products. There is no way to try the wig on and feel if the wig is suitable for the head. We can only see that the description page writes the wig is average size.

Most of us may have some worries. Like what is the average size mean? Will this wig fit me? How can I know if this cap size is right for me? Should I get a normal cap wig, large cap wig, or small cap wig?

In this case, it is essential to measure your head size to get a perfect fit wig, in case the wig is unsuitable and you have to spend much time exchanging or returning the wig.

In this blog, we will help you figure out how to measure the head size for a wig by using a soft tape measure and find the best way to get a perfect-fit wig. Let's get started!

Before measuring your head size, there is one important thing you need to do. Prepare your natural hair to get a flat surface.

Prepare Your Natural Hair Before Measure Your Head Size

Prepare Your Natural Hair Before Measure Your Head Size

How you prepare your natural hair decides if the measured data is accurate. The key is to pull your hair tight and as flat as possible, making sure it doesn’t get in between your head and the tape

Most of us may choose two methods to flatten our hair. One is putting on a wig cap, and another is twisting or braiding hair to get a flat surface.

For Long Hair: Pull your hair away from your face and style it upwards in a low ponytail, or braid it tightly from front to back.

For Short Hair: Shorter hair is easier to deal with. A wig cap is the easiest way to achieve a flat surface with short hair. You can apply some gel to your natural hair and brush your hair back. Then put on the wig cap and press it as tight as possible. That can make the measurement date more accurate.

How To Measure Head Size For A Wig

wig size chart

From the table, we can see there are six different measurements we need to make. How can we get the correct measured results? Keep reading.

Step 1: Measure Head Circumference

When it comes to the size of your head, circumference is the most familiar part for most of us. 

measure head circumference
  1. To begin, position the end of the soft tape measure at the middle of the forehead, right at the hairline, or a little bit lower. If you like to wear your wig slightly lower, you can measure from where you would like it to hit your forehead. 
  2. Then trace all the way around your natural hairline, behind the ears, down to the nape of your neck, and back behind your other ear to meet the end of the measuring tape in front. 
  3. Record the measurement. 

To help you make a correct and accurate measurement, there are several tips you need to pay attention to.

  • Rest soft tape measure over your head. Don't be too tight or too loose.
  • The nape of the neck place is the top of the neck the skull begins to bulge out.
  • Position the tape behind your ears (not under your ears nor on your ears)when measuring the head circumference.

Step 2: Measure Front To Back

To capture front-to-back measurements, we need to measure the distance from the center of the front hairline to the nape of your neck. It is easy to get the measured data.

measure front to back
  1. Place the tape measure in the same place on the forehead as you did for the circumference measurement.
  2. Then pull it across the top of your head down the center to the nape of your neck. 
  3. Write down the measurement. 

Pro Tips: In this part, it is quite important to ensure your natural hair is as flat as possible. For example, if your hair is in a high ponytail, let your hair down, or it will affect your final result.

In addition, you can also do cornrows or part the hair from the middle to tie it into two buns so that the scalp expose in a straight line. Also, please keep in mind that the tape measure should be tight and straight during the measurement process.

Step 3: Measure Ear To Ear Over The Top

ear to ear over the top
  1. Place your tape measure right above the ear.
  2. Pull it over your head and arrive at another ear. 
  3. Write down the measurement.

Step 4: Measure Ear To Ear Across Forehead

Ear-to-ear across forehead distance is very imperative for a frontal wig. So be sure you measure in the correct method. 

  1. Place the end of the tape measure above one ear.
  2. Stretch it up the hairline at the center of the forehead, where your hairline is the lowest. 
  3. Along the forehead down to the same place on the other ear. 
  4. Record the measurement.

Step 5: Measure Temple To Temple Round Back

  1. Place the end of your tape measure at your temple next to your eyebrow.
  2. Pull it straight back and wrap it around your head until it meets your other temple.
  3. Write down the measurement. 
temple to temple round back

    Tip: Hold the tape tight to avoid slipping up or down when measuring.

    Step 6: Measure Nape Of Neck

    To help you do a natural and perfect wig install, you need to measure the nape size of the neck also. 

    1. Start the measure from your behind ear and be sure it is level with the bottom of your earlobe 
    2. Trace around the base of your hairline until meeting another ear.
    3. Write down the measurement.
    nape of neck

      After you get all the measurement results, you can fill them into the following table to find the perfect wig size for your head.

      Wig Size Chart, Find Your Perfect Fit Wig

      find your perfect wig size

      How Can You Adjust Wig For Better Fit?

      Even if we have the wig size table and head measurement method you can refer to, different vendors and manufacturers have their sizing systems. Wig sizes typically fall into the above general categories. But it is still possible to get a wig that is unfit.

      What can you do if you happen to buy a wig that is too big or too small? You don't need to worry about this. We are here to help you solve this problem, below are some of the most effective methods you can secure a large or small wig.

      What can I do if my wig is too big?

      For a big or loose wig, it is critical to secure your wig tight naturally. Here we offer several methods to help you secure a wig by yourself at home.

      1. Adjustable Strap

      wig inside construction

      An adjustable strap is the easiest way to secure your lace wigs to fit your head. Most human hair wigs come with an adjusted strap inside, no matter lace wigs or machine-made wigs.

      You can turn the wig inside out and check the back of the wig. As you can see, the adjustable straps are located right behind the nape of the wig.

      There are two hooks at the left and right sides, and you can also notice that several slots are here to help you adjust the tightness of the strap.

      Place the hook into one slot to check if it works well to secure your wig. If it is not tight enough, try to move the hook into another slot.

      Repeat this step until you feel secure and comfortable.

      2. Elastic Band

      adjustable elastic band

      The elastic band not only works well to help you secure a large lace front wig but also helps you to get a glueless install. Thanks to Hermosa Hair glueless wigs and pre everything wigs come with an elastic band inside, you can use it to adjust the wig directly.

      3. Wig Grip

      wig grip

      A wig grip is a common way to secure a wig and is very popular among women with the biggest advantage-Convenient. There are two wig grip materials popular on the market right now, velvet and silicone.

      Both of them have their feature pros. Velvet grips are more comfortable, and silicone grip is more secure. You can choose according to your preference. They are super easy to apply. Place a wig grip on your head before putting on the wig.

      4. Wig Tape

      wig tape

      Wig tape is another way to secure your loose wig, especially if you have a bald head. Wig tapes are usually used to attach to the wig’s underside and help create a more comfortable yet secure bond on your scalp. Which is friendly for your scalp, especially for women who are allergic to glue. Wig tape is an effective method to secure your wig.

      What can I do if my wig is too small?

      Most units come with bra-looking straps in the back, the easiest and most effective method to make your small wig larger is to add the extra elastic. 

      Enlarging the cap of the wig requires minimum sewing skills. Here are all the tools you need to prepare for sewing.

      • Extra elastic
      • Scissor
      • Needle 
      • Thread

      Step 1: Grap your lace front wig and turn the wig inside out. Unhook both sides of the strap. Pull the elastic strap as far as you can, and use a clip or pin to ensure it doesn't snap back.

      Step 2: Once the strap is set, cut the ending hook piece off. Be sure to leave a little room and not cut too close to the hook.

      Step 3: Prepare the extra elastic. Make sure your extra elastic band piece matches the thickness of the strap on the wig.

      Step 4: Threading the needle and ready for sewing. Contact the extra elastic with the of of the hook and the straps on the wig by sewing. You can double sew to make sure the elastic is strong and secure.

      use the extra elastic to contact the strap and the end of hook

      Step 5: Once the sewing is done, let the elastic move back into the sleeve, there is an obvious result after sewing. Repeat the same steps with the elastic on the other side.

      If your lace wigs still feel small after adjusting, you can remove the combes inside to get more room.

      13x6 glueless hd lace frontal small cap wig
      13x6 glueless hd lace front small & large cap wig
      small  or large cap 4 by 4 lace closure wig
      Small or large cap 4x4 lace closure wig


      In general, the average wig cap size suit 90% of women, as head size doesn’t vary too much regardless of height, weight, or body shape. And there are adjustable straps inside to adjust the tightness. You can also customize the perfect wig size by measuring the accurate head size by referring to the wig size chart.

      If you have any problems or doubts about measuring your head size or about wig size, please feel free to contact our online customer service to get professional advice. Also, we accept customized small and big wig caps and you can also find small cap wigs collection and large cap wigs collection in our store. If you have any demands, feel free to contact us.

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