Money Piece Hair-The Ultimate Guide You Need

As we all know, hairstyle is an important part of your whole look, one stunning hairstyle can not only make you stand out in the crowd but also make you feel confident and happy. You will never go wrong with a money-piece wig. 

The money piece hair originated in the 1990s and has made a big comeback lately. This comeback brings more fresh money piece hair color ideas and creative details. After reading this blog, you can have a deep understanding of money pieces hair, like why money piece highlights are still so popular today, the difference between money piece and skunk stripe, and the hairstyles derived from money piece. At the end of the article, we will list a complete guide to the money piece hairstyle trending! Now, let's dive into the details of this trend!

What Is A Money Piece Hair?

The money piece(AKA face-framing highlights) is a highlighting technique that softens and brightens your complexion and highlights the face-framing pieces of your hair. That's more popular than ever among celebrities and influencers alike. 

The reason why it is called money piece is that money piece highlight hair bringing an expensive and glamorous look. Some people said it means money saving and minimal effort to achieve a maximum highlighted hair. So there is no accurate word to define money piece. 

money piece hair

The money piece hair is perfect for women who want to help define facial features by framing their faces with an alternative hue. This hairstyle is achieved by dyeing the front strands of your hair so that they are lighter than the rest, bringing a refreshing contrast to the rest of your tresses while showing off your beautiful face.

Should You Try Money Piece Hair?

Yes, definitely! Even if it seems like the money piece highlights is a technique reserved for the photogenic influencers of Instagram and Tiktok, it’s actually very attainable for everyone. Here are 8 reasons you can't reject money piece highlight hair.

1. Brightening your complexion and frame your face

face framing money piece

Money piece highlights is a great way to enhance your facial features, perfect for women who want to emphasize their beautiful faces and brighten complexions. Making you look glamorous and priceless.

2. Versatile 

money piece hair in difference color and length

Money piece highlights look amazing on any hairstyle or cut. From bobs to braids, from long silky straight to sassy wavy. In addition, this trend works on every hair hue, from black hair with money piece, light honey blonde, and dark brown, to hot pink.

3. Natural 

subtle money piece hairstyle

The money piece highlight is a subtle change. Unlike other dyeing technologies, money piece only dyes a small part of your front hair. This means these hair strands will not affect your whole look much especially if you choose a hue close to the rest of the hair, they can blend well. So if you want to change up your look but don't want too much, the money piece highlights deserves to try.

4. Low Maintenence

As we all know, colored hair needs more time to carefully maintain all the time, from shampoo to daily maintenance. Compare with other colored highlight hair, money piece tends to be more simple to maintain, but please be aware that little maintenance is vital to keep this look stay fresh.

5. Simple But Not Boring

short money piece hair

If you’ve been looking for an easy and no-fuss way to add color to your hair, money pieces will be the right option. They can be a seasonal update for your look to help freshen up your hair without committing to a new overall color.

6. Unique Style

If you want something more unique than a traditional balayage and ombre, without going to the extremes of two-tones, the money piece is the best of both worlds.

7. Celebrity Hairstyles

celebrity hairstyles

Do you want to get the same hairstyles as celebrities effortlessly? With celebs like Rihanna, Kim & Khloe Kardashian, Beyonce, Nicki Minaj, and Miley Cyrus all hopping aboard the money piece train, rest assured you’ll join them in the land of fierce and trendy.

8. Affordable & Achievable

Don't be fooled by the name. Money piece highlights can be achieved effortlessly. It won't cost much to get this result. If you feel hesitant to choose the hue in front, ask your colorist to get help. You can dye it by yourself at home, much easier to dye the whole head. The easiest way to get this hairstyle is to purchase a money piece wig.

Here we can give you detailed methods to get money pieces hair.

Money Piece VS Skunk Stripe, What's The Difference?

A money piece is thin ribbons of color that frame the face — it's a bit subtle and usually a few shades lighter than your hair color for a subdued pop. A skunk stripe is a chunky highlight that starts at the roots and is carried through the length of your hair. But money piece has developed many types, including chunky highlights. So there is not much difference between them now.

How To Get Money Piece Hair?

1. Dye money piece on your natural hair

For women who love DIY hair, painting money piece is an easy method to get your ideal look. If you have much experience dyeing hair, you can try painting the money piece highlight by yourself. But if you have never tried before and are afraid to mess up, we recommend you move to the second method to get a money piece highlight hair. 

Ok, before we staring dyeing, confirm the color you tend to paint. In general, these highlights look best when you choose a color that is 3 to 4 shades lighter than the base color. Ok, now let's get started!

All the tools you need:

Rat Tail comb

Tint Brush

Hair Clips


A pair of gloves

Bleach and developer

Mixing bowl and brush

Color-friendly shampoo and conditioner

Step 1: Protect your skin and clothes. To avoid bleach irritating sensitive skin and ruining your clothes. It is best to wear plastic coat or old T-shirt to protect your skin and clothes.

Step 2: Mix bleach with the developer.

mix bleach and developer

Pour bleach and developer into the mixing bowl at one to two mixing ratios for a natural layer effect. You can add more developers if you want to make the hair look brighter. But we suggest you use 10-20 volumes to lighten your hair, a higher volume is for darker hair color (black hair, dark brown hair). Then use your brush to start mixing until you get fairly runny cream so you can apply it to your hair without dripping from your hair onto the ground or clothes.

Step 3: Section the hair.

section the front hair

Wear your gloves and separate your hair with the end of the rat tail comb. First, part your hair down the center, and comb a slice of your front hairline hair forward, creating a triangle shape on the top of your head. The amount of hair depends on whether you want to get a subtle result or a bold result. Comb the rest of your hair back, securing it with hair clips.

Step 4: Apply the mixture to your hair and rinse up. 

Apply the mixture to your hair

Apply the mixture to the hair evenly from the roots to the ends of the hair. Allow the bleach to sit in the hair until it reaches the desired color, rinse with lukewarm water, and shampoo the hair.

Step 5: Add money piece.

After bleaching your hair, now it is time to add money piece color to your hair. Apply a color mixture to damp hair, and leave it on for 20 minutes. Rinse out hair color and use color-friendly shampoo and conditioner, which will help you maintain your look and avoid premature fading.

Step 5: Blow dry and style your hair.

Rinse up your hair and use a microfiber towel to squeeze the excess water, then blow dry and style your hair.

2. Visit your hairdresser

visit hair salon

If you crave a perfect result, you can go to a hair salon to visit your professional colorist, your colorist can customize this look to cater to your preferences while still ensuring you reap the brightening benefits of this technique. Whether that means you want a chunky streaks money piece that helps you stand out from the crowd or a thinner, more subtle highlight, anything is possible. Simply consult with your stylist beforehand to ensure you get the results you’ve been looking for.

3. Buy a money piece human hair wig

A wig is a great way to change up your appearance without damaging your natural hair, a human hair wig is recommended since it is heated and colored like your own hair. There are many kinds of money piece human hair wigs on the hair market now. Just pick one and put it on, done! 

money piece wig

Blonde Money Piece Highlight Wig

These wigs are designed and pre-colored by hairstylists, and there are many colors to choose from, high contrast balayage money piece hair like brown hair with blonde money piece, purple money piece hair wig, ginger hair with blonde money piece, and red money piece hair wig.

Now that money piece hair is easy to achieve, why not try one right now? We have prepared money piece hair ideas trending now, you can keep scrolling to get ideas for your next hairstyle.

1 Long Silky Straight Dark Brown Money Piece Hair

dark brown money piece hair

2 Burgundy Red Hair With Blonde Money Piece

burgundy red hair with blonde money piece

3 Pink Money Piece Hair On Short Beachy Wave

pink money piece on short beachy wave

4 Blonde Money Piece Hair Brunetteblonde money piece hair brunette

5 Warm Ginger Hair With Blonde Money Piece

ginger hair with blonde money piece

6 High Contrast Balayage Money Piece Hair

high contrast balayage money piece hair

7 Strawberry Pink Money Piece On Brown Wig

Strawberry Pink Money Piece On Brown Wig

8 Money Piece Hair With Bangs

money piece hair with bangs

9. Dark Brown Hair With Subtle Money Piece Balayage

subtle money piece balayage on dark brown hair

10. Face Framing Money Piece Hair

face framing money piece hair

Final Thought

Alright, now you have got 10 trending money piece hair ideas, whether dyeing by yourself or buying a money piece hair wig, all you can do is refer to this list to catch the 2024 trending hairstyle. And the good news is that this list will keep updating, welcome to collect or share this blog with your best friend! See you!

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