12 Best Lace Front Wigs Hairstyles You Can't Miss In 2024

If you are suffering from hair loss or want to get an easy way to change your look. A wig is a great way to change your appearance and enhance your beauty without damaging your natural hair. Whether you are carving for long silky straight hair or voluminous curly hair, you can find the answer in the huge collection of wigs.

In the huge wig collection, human hair lace front wigs are the top pick with overwhelming advantages for most women since they can provide a complete and natural-looking hairline. In addition, the versatility of lace front wigs is unattainable by regular wigs.

Choosing a good quality lace front wig can be challenging, even for devoted wig enthusiasts. You can visit our other blog about the best wig companies online to get a reference. 

There are so many frontal wig hairstyles in different textures and lengths, and many factors need to be considered when choosing a lace front wig. In this blog, we will get you covered with how to choose a good quality lace front wig and we will also list the top 12 best lace front wig hairstyles for a natural looking. Ok, let's get started!

Things To Consider When Buying A Lace Front Wig

1. Choose A Human Hair Wig 

There are two materials in the market to make a lace front wig. Human hair and synthetic hair. Both of them have their pros and cons. But if we want to get a high-quality realistic, and long-lasting lace front wig, human hair material is a must.

Here are the three types of premium materials for human hair lace front wigs: Virgin Hair, Remy hair, and Non-Remy Hair

Virgin hair refers to hair that is undamaged, unprocessed, and completely intact.

Remy hair is human hair that is collected from one head. The cuticles are intact and aligned in one direction.

Non-Remy hair is human hair harvested from multiple heads. It is sometimes collected in piles. As a result, the cuticles are all misaligned, causing the hair to easily tangle.

All of them are real human hair, but Remy hair is the most common and popular material in the hair market now, the price is reasonable and can lead to a realistic result.

2. Determine Lace Type

Lace type is another important factor to consider when choosing a lace front wig. Here are three lace types you can see in the market now. Swiss Lace and HD lace. 

swiss transparent lace vs hd lace

HD lace is the best lace material on the market which is soft and delicate, giving you the illusion that the hair grow from your scalp. Hd lace wig suit for all skin tones. 

Swiss lace is the traditional lace type popular for a long time, swiss lace comes in three types, light brown lace, medium brown lace, and dark brown lace. You can do your choice according to your skin color. 

Swiss lace is not as soft and realistic as HD lace, and the price will be cheap, if you have a low budget to get a human hair wig, a swiss lace wig can meet your demand. If you craving an undetectable result, go get an HD lace.

3. Get A Customize Wig Cap Size

measure your head size for a suitable wig

A snug wig cap is a key to deciding if you like your wig. Most frontal wigs come with average size if you did not require a customized size for your wig cap. The best way to customize your wig cap size is to the exact data of your head size, here is how you can measure your head size.

4. Natural Hairline

pre plucked hairline for a natural look

The hairline is an apparent part to show if your wig is natural enough. Thus, before buying your wig online, check the product page to see if the lace front wig comes pre-plucked. A pre-plucked hairline can save you from heavy work from making your wig as natural as possible.

5. Proper Density

proper hair density

Choosing a proper hair density is essential. 150%, 180%, and 220% density are most popular choice in hair market. High hair density didn't mean a good result. Ensures to choose the density so that you can embrace the hairstyles that look natural and perfect on you.

In this case, the best choice is to buy a wig with the same density that matches your natural hair density. Otherwise, people will notice that you’re wearing a wig. A matching hair density also ensures that you don’t experience discomfort on your head or damage your scalp.

6. Cost

Anyway, the wig is a beauty accessory in our daily life, we'd better choose a lace front wig that we can afford that won't affect our lives, or we can try "buy now pay later wigs" to decrease our pressure. A medium-length 150% density wig is considered to be an affordable wig if you have a tight budget.

12 Best Lace Front Wigs

Best HD Lace Front Wigs

HD lace front wigs are the best option for black women who crave a natural-looking result. As the thinnest lace in the market, HD lace stands for state-of-the-art lace technology, and you can't even feel it with an HD lace wig.

With the breathable HD lace front wig, you don't need to worry about wearing it in hot weather. Because it can always bring a cool and comfortable feel to your head.

The biggest advantage of HD lace front wigs is that they can blend well with your scalp seamlessly whether you have a light skin tone or dark skin tone. It just melts into your skin and becomes invisible. The delicate and transparent HD lace front wigs provide you with an undetectable and perfect hairline for every style.

1. Silky Straight HD Lace Front Wigs

With HD lace, the Hermosa silky straight lace front human hair wig will make people wonder if you are wearing a wig. There are three densities to choose from, 150%, 180%, and 220%. If you are thinking of getting a voluminous look, opt for a high-density unit. 

Silky Straight HD Lace Front Wigs

There is a wide range of hair length to choose from, 12-14 inches short length, 16-22 inches medium length, and 24-32 inches long length, you are sure to find one suit your need. Wigs come with pre-plucked hairline and baby hair, committed to creating the most natural-looking style.

2. Body Wave Skin Melt Lace Front Wig

As its name implies, body wave hair is hair texture that comes with a big "S" shape around the entire body. This Body Wave Skin Melt Lace Front Wig looks natural and is available to add an elegant but sexy touch to the whole look.

It creates a great balance between feminine and cute, which makes it one of the most sought-after hair textures.

Body Wave Skin Melt Lace Front Wig

Hermosa body wave lace front human hair wigs offer you a bigger choosing space for the lace size, there are not only basic 13x4 lace front wigs but also 13x6 deep part lace front wigs. With so many options, you own more freedom to style your body wave wig to match different occasions. From daily use, and birthday party, to prom or graduation.

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Best Colored Lace Front Wigs

Bored with a black hair wig? It's time to do some changes to upgrade your beauty. The hair market appears more and more beautiful colored lace front wigs, let's dive into some of the most popular colored lace front wigs now!

3. 99j Burgundy HD Lace Front Colored Human Hair Wig

Burgundy color is a dark red color with a mysterious vibe, which can brighten your face and enhance your beauty. The burgundy lace front wig is perfect for women of any complexion whether you have fair skin, olive, or chocolate skin, this burgundy unit can flatter you best!

For women who have dark sink tones and wondering to choose a color to complement glorious, a 99j burgundy human hair wig is the best choice.

99j Burgundy HD Lace Front Colored Human Hair Wig

Hermosa hair burgundy color lace front wig covers three hair textures, straight, body wave, and curly. You are sure to find one to match your unique style! In addition, due to the versatility of burgundy lace front wig, more and more creative hairstyles appear with this color wig, like the hottest heart shade swoop, burgundy red balayage hair, and burgundy hair with money piece

4. Grey Human Hair Wig 13x4 HD Lace Frontal Wig

Gray hair color on young girls today does not surprise anyone. Yes, the grey lace front wig has become a new trend in recent years due to women being more interested in experimenting with more colors beyond the regular color. 

Grey Human Hair Wig 13x4 HD Lace Frontal Wig

Some of the most beautiful of today’s gray hair colors are ranging between ash blonde and silver. Which brings you a glamorous and stylish sense. Gray hairstyles can be pretty simple, light waves, soft curls or straight strands will do just fine. No matter whether you are attending a fashion week or a date outside with friends, the grey color can always surprise you.

5. 613 Blonde Lace Frontal Wig Body Wave

613 color in hair means blonde hair, which is one of the most popular hair colors when choosing a human hair wig. The biggest advantage of the 613 blonde wigs is very versatile. Suitable for any season.

613 Blonde Lace Frontal Wig Body Wave

What's more, 613 blonde lace front wigs take dye well, you can change the hair color as you like, especially suit women who love DIY hair. Like do an ombre result, a balayage highlight result, half brown half pink two tone style, or even a rainbow color can be done by your hand or your hairstylist.

6. 4/27 Honey Blonde Highlight Body Wave HD Lace Front Human Hair Wigs

With highlight-colored wigs, you can instantly add a pop of color to your hair. This 4/27 honey blonde lace front human virgin hair wig is styled in a body wave texture in the shade of medium brown, with blonde highlights.

Honey Blonde Highlight Body Wave HD Lace Front Human Hair Wigs

This gorgeous deep-part 13x6 lace front wig is so chic and unique that can attract attention in the crowd effortlessly. The lace is invisible and blends well with your own hair.

Best Bob Lace Front Wig

7. Short and Sassy Water Wave Bob Lace Front Wig Human Hair Pre-Plucked

Short and Sassy Water Wave Bob Lace Front Wig Human Hair Pre-Plucked

Bob wig is the most class style women always follow up, which includes elegance and casual. This soft water wave lace front wig brings a casual vibe with the voluminous curl. If you are considering getting a lace front wig suit for your work and daily life, it won't be wrong to pick this one.

8. Sleek And Straight Honey Blonde Ombre Bob Lace Front Wig With Dark Roots

Sleek And Straight Honey Blonde Ombre Bob Lace Front Wig With Dark Roots

Honey blonde ombre with dark roots brings a big contrast, the ombre starts right from the root, and then the color gets light as it reaches your hair's end. It is a cool way to stay fashionable and trendy.

For women who chasing a realistic looking, a lace front wig with dark roots never goes wrong. 

9. Face Framing Blonde Money Piece Straight Short Bob Lace Front Wig

Face Framing Blonde Money Piece Straight Short Bob Lace Front Wig

When wearing a chin-length bob, frame your face better by taking a flat iron and gently bringing the ends inward to create a wave. Plus the money piece in front brightens your complexion and highlights the face-framing pieces of your hair. Choose this honey blonde money piece short bob wig to get a simple beauty!

Best Glueless Lace Front Wigs

10. 4C Edges Hairline Glueless Lace Front Wigs Deep Wave

4C Edges Hairline Wigs is a new product that appear in the wig market recently. Wigs come with a kinky hairline that can match your hair naturally, especially for black women who have kinky curly natural hair.

4C Edges Hairline Glueless Lace Front Wigs Deep Wave

This deep wave 4c hairline glueless lace front wig is made of 100% human hair and can be restyled and colored as your natural hair, in addition, it can be installed without glue, which is super friendly for newbies!

11. Chestnut Brown Balayage Glueless 13x4 Transparent HD Lace Front Wigs

Chestnut Brown Balayage Glueless 13x4 Transparent HD Lace Front Wigs

A black wig with light chestnut brown highlights is a natural and easygoing look. The balayage technology will create highlights that mimic the sun naturally to your hair. Bring a warm and natural vibe, suitable for autumn or winter~

Best Braided Lace Front Wigs

12. Long African Braid Lace Front Wig

Braid is a familiar hairstyle for black women, which is a protective hairstyle. But as we all know, it is needed to go to the hair salon to do the braid and it is time-consuming work.

pre braided curly wig
Curly Pre Braided Wig

But if you get a braided lace front wig, which means you can get the same hairstyle but is time-saving, no one can doubt you are wearing a wig. And a braid lace front wig is low maintenance compare to braiding by your hairstylist.


Are you still wondering to get the best lace front wig but have no idea which one to choose? Wish you can have more clear goals after reading this blog. If you have any new ideas about lace front wigs, welcome to leave your comment below to communicate, see you!

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