10 Flattering Side Swept Hairstyles for Black Women

side swept hairstyles

Hairstyles provide a powerful opportunity for self-expression, and for Black women, they carry an even greater importance. Our hair is an instrument of creativity, a reflection of our unique beauty, and a way to share our otherness. 

One look that has been a beloved part of Black culture since time immemorial is the timeless side-swept hairstyle, which can be endlessly customized for any kind of hair: natural curls, relaxed hair, and even extensions. 

If you're keen to tap into a classic and versatile style, you're in luck: this blog post has you covered with 10 stunning side-swept looks that will have you making a statement in elegant confidence. From beautiful ponytails to glamorous waves, let's explore these awe-inspiring unique hairstyles that will make sure you look your absolute best.

Why Choosing Side-Swept Hairstyle to Feel Flattering?

It might never have occurred to you, but something as simple as just switching your hair part to the side can make a huge difference in your appearance. 

Not only does this artful look pull attention to your face, showing off your best features, but it also adds movement and dimension to frame it perfectly. Here are a few more reasons to consider rocking the side-swept look:

Why Choosing Side-Swept Hairstyle to Feel Flattering

1. Face Framing:

Side-swept hairstyles do an incredible job of emphasizing the features of your face! The asymmetrical part of different hair strands draws attention to your eyes, cheeks, and lips, making the most of those highlights. 

As a result, you get a lovely balance of facial features that adds to your limited natural beauty. 

2. Elegance and Sophistication

The side-swept look has been a cutting-edge choice for memorable hairstyles throughout history. Its elegance and sophistication make a bold yet timeless statement- it never fades out of style. 

With this style, your outward look can elevate to new heights, resulting in a sense of refinement and high self-esteem. This hairstyle can give you the boost of confidence you need to feel secure and self-assured in your style selections.

3. Balance and Symmetry 

Side-swept hairstyles create a sense of balance and symmetry in your overall look. The diagonal parting and the way the hair falls to one side can create a harmonious and visually appealing effect. This balance can enhance your facial proportions and give you a flattering, well-proportioned appearance.

4. Suitable for All Hair Types

Side-swept hairstyles are universally flattering! With its versatility to fit any hair type, you can sport the on-trend look with different types, including natural curls, relaxed hair, and extensions. 

That means this fabulous hairstyle is a total game changer, whether your hair is long, shoulder-length, or short and sweet. The best part is that the cutest side-swept hairstyles are easy enough to recreate at home.

5. Low Maintenance

Side-swept hairstyles look incredibly polished and put together but require less maintenance than other intricate styles. These kinds of looks are perfect for those whose lives are always on the go but who want to look their best! 

With lower maintenance levels, side-swept styles are the practical hair choice for a busy lifestyle. Consumers who have a tight schedule still have the freedom to want to look attractive, and this no-hassle yet sophisticated 'do can certainly do just that.

After learning about the benefits of side-swept hairstyles, it's time to explore some trendy looks that you can rock right now:

1. Slick-Parted Updo

Meet Lori Harvey – a Black American model, entrepreneur, and socialite whose updo effortlessly unites classic finger wave styling with a contemporary side-swept look. 

Slick-Parted Updo

It's the definition of sophistication and perfect for special occasions where you want to stand out – yet it's completely achievable with a little practice from the comfort of home! 

  • Start any hairstyle by setting a deep side part, then using a comb and gel, simply slick back the side of your head opposite to the part. That's the basis for crafting Lori's beloved look.
  • Next, use your favorite styling technique (finger waves, twists) along the front of your head and secure it with bobby pins for durability. 
  • Top off with hairspray before you dazzle! 

Attention ladies with hair of any length – you can, too, pull off Lori's elegant updo.

2. Side Swept Pixie Cut

Embrace your inner boldness and confidence with the side-swept pixie cut! This short and chic look makes sure to make a statement while still remaining low maintenance. 

Side Swept Pixie Cut

It features a daringly short haircut with a complementary side-swept fringe. Fit for expressing your unique personality, this daring hairstyle is guaranteed to make you stand out from the crowd. 

  • Ask your regular stylist for a pixie cut that has longer layers on one side, creating the perfect canvas. 
  • Afterward, use a small amount of product to create texture and hold that you can then comb your fingers through. 

If you're ready to make a bold statement, your side-swept pixie cut will surely turn heads and help you look like a total rockstar! Whether it's for a night out or simply updating your everyday style, this iconic hairstyle is sure to give you that extra confidence you need!

3. Long Side Swept Waves

Long side-swept waves epitomize timeless elegance. Their graceful cascading locks add effortless sophistication and lasting impression to your everyday style. 

No wonder these waves are so versatile – they bring both a sense of chic grace and classic appeal to any casual outing or special occasion. 

Long Side Swept Waves

Are you ready to achieve this easy yet memorable look? You only need some heat protectant, a curling iron, and light-hold hairspray. 

Start on dry hair with a heat protectant, then curl loose waves to one side for an easy, natural look. To finish, spray lightly with hairspray, and voila! An effortlessly stylish look that will leave an impression.

4. Side Swept Faux Hawk

The side-swept faux hawk is the ultimate choice for those who want a bold and unique look. Each strand screams individualism, instantly seizing attention wherever you step, defying convention, and radiating with a daring spirit. 

Side Swept Faux Hawk

Its edgy energy commands respect with a bold statement of fearlessness and style. Make this singular hairstyle work with your own spirit by employing a pomade to pull back your strands, giving texture and impactful shape to the side. 

You will find this look fun and lively while full of attitude once you finish using hairspray for extra length if desired. Now you're ready, make heads turn whenever you step foot out.

5. Afro Side Swept Style

The versatile elegance of natural hair is beautifully celebrated in the Afro side-swept style. With its stylish flair and sophistication, this hairdo pays homage to unique and bouncy natural curls. 

Afro Side Swept Style

This experience marries the grace of Afro-textured hair with a contemporary edge, emphasizing its natural volume and texture while declaring pride and individuality. 

  • Reaching this look requires moisturizing and detangling before sweeping the side curls into one with fingers or a wide-tooth comb. 
  • To incorporate even more stylishness, utilize a hairpick to give more definition and volume. 

With this statement look, you're sure to make heads turn. Consider adding some accessories like beads or hair jewels to add even more character and personality.

6. Side Swept Braids

Side Swept Braids are a stylish and contemporary way to wear your hair. With a modern twist to the traditional braid, this chic look cascades down elegantly to one side, bringing an effortless touch of sophistication. 

Not only does it exude style, but it offers practicality, too - ideal for work, interviews, or special occasions. 

Side Swept Braids

Achieving the look is fairly simple, with the key steps meaning you can master the perfect braid in no time. 

  • Start by parting your hair to one side. 
  • Then create some small or large braids that lay against your shoulder with an elastic to secure. 
  • Finish the style with hairspray to keep everything in place, then add some cute accessories like beads or cuffs to give it an individual edge. 

A fresh rework of an old favorite, Side Swept Braids, gives an update to the classic braid and can add a dash of modern flair to any outfit.

7. Side Swept Bangs

Side-swept bangs can drastically transform and update your strength of hairstyles. Whether placed on a sleek bob or tousled into long locks, the side-swept bangs implement an outright chic, stylish dimension to your look. 

Side Swept Bangs

Even when meeting the might of strong features, they provide an elegant softness as well as the ability to bring subtle focus to your eyes. The timeless addition to one's style and complete outfit gives this look the ability to adapt to any kind of affairs in a sophisticated way. 

  • To obtain the effect, start by picking part one side of the hair and then far fringing the desired bunch from the other directions across the forehead.
  • Loosely curling them or utilizing a flat iron can assist in accomplishing this look, giving it lasting poise.
  • Bangs of this manner bring out the uniqueness in one's hairstyle, a look guaranteed to grab attention wherever you go.

8. Side Swept Goddess Braids

Goddess braids on one side are a stylish way to express yourself. Not only do these small and intricate braids create a regal and enchanting presence, but they also brilliantly meld artistry and style. 

Side Swept Goddess Braids

The combination of braiding and the side-swept finish results in a captivating and regal aesthetic that is sure to draw the attention of any onlookers. Achieving this look is easy. 

  • All you have to do is part your hair to one side and braid the individual attempts into tight goddess braids. 
  • Once finished, sweep the magnificent braids elegantly to the side for a head-turning and striking look that will amaze all who witness it. 

Each time you wear this timeless updo out, you can rest assured that you will embody sophistication and grace, no matter the occasion- formal or casual.

9. Side Swept Updo with Finger Curls

The romantic side-swept updo with finger curls is undeniably dreamy and perfect for a special day. This classic hairstyle explores a vintage charm and gentle whimsy, which comes through in cascading curls and perfect placement. 

Side Swept Updo with Finger Curls

  • To achieve this look, begin by parting your hair to one side and either use a curling iron or fingers to create those charming finger curls. 
  • Next, twist the rest of your hair into a low bun and secure it with bobby pins. 
  • Lastly, sweep the curled section of hair to the side and pin it in place, simplistically allowing room for loose curls to frame the face. 

This hairstyle is the perfect blend of sophistication and enchantment, making you feel sheer royalty! From glamorous weddings and elegant proms to any other special important event, this romantic updo offers a classic, classy look with a hint of feminist chic.

10. Sleek Side Swept Ponytail

Beginning with flawlessly straightened locks, the sleek side-swept ponytail is specifically designed to take full advantage of the timeless appeal of a classic ponytail with a modern twist that transitions effortlessly from casual chic to glamourous elegance.

Sleek Side Swept Ponytail 

Perfect for any occasion, this ponytail variation exudes sophistication and charm, making it the go-to for busy days in the boardroom, followed by an evening of cocktails and casual events alike. 

  • To achieve the perfect sleek side-swept ponytail, begin with straightened hair for a sleeker base and part your hair to one side for a deep side part.
  • Secure it with a hair tie once gathered to the side opposite the part.
  • For a finishing touch, wrap a strand of hair around the hair tie to conceal it. If extra sleekness is desired, use bobby pins. The perfect sleek side-swept ponytail is now complete!

In A Nutshell

Side-swept hairstyles are a must-have for any Black lady to feel glamorous. Whether it's a classic slick-parted updo you're after or the edgy and unique afro side-swept style, you can't go wrong with a side-swept look.  

So, before going in for a full restyle, consider these 10-trending side-swept hairstyles that we've listed; they could be exactly what you need! Make sure to clear up all the queries about the specific styling techniques and procedures prior to choosing which ones fit your aesthetic goals the best. Now is the time to rock some beautiful looks – give yourself permission to choose one that oozes confidence and presents you as an icon of fashion trends through these!

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