Who Wears A Wig On Big Bang Theory?

Who Wears A Wig On Big Bang Theory

It has been years since the end of everyone's favorite sitcom-The Big Bang Theory. Yet, once in a while, we all love to reminisce about the comedy series. Remember the characters, their representation, their wardrobe, and their hair (especially this lol).

Since the series was ongoing, their hair has been a big topic and debate among fans. It still is today. But we understand why. With some of the core characters' locks looking luscious and Howard's hair looking rigid (this is not an irony), it's not surprising to find fans questioning if their hair is real or a wig.

So, in this article, let's satisfy your curiosity. Here is the chance to discover if any character inThe Big Bang Theorywears a wig.

Did Howard Wear a Wig in Big Bang Theory?

In an interview in 2011, Simon Helberg, who acted as Howard in the series, revealed that his hair was flat ironed to achieve the look, and he doesn't wear a wig.

So, as much as Howard Wolowitz’s hair looks like a helmet or a Beatles-inspired hairdo in the comedy series The Big Bang Theory, the actor never wore a wig.

Did Howard Wear a Wig in Big Bang Theory


But why do fans think his hair in the series was a wig? It could be due to the volume and the peculiar style of the hair. That's understandable.

However, the actor not once or twice said the same claim above in other interviews and online, mentioning that his natural hair achieved the voluminous hairstyle of Howard without the need for any artificial enhancement.

His claims were further proven correct after pictures of his full, naturally curly hair were seen publicly at events.

Fans alike are mesmerized by his naturally curly hair and do not fail to admire his perfect hairdo that matches his nerdy character in the show.

Howard in big bang theory

Following the character’s outfit and fashion sense in the comedy, creating a perfect hairdo match is only proper. And overall, it's a fact that fans enjoyed Simon Helberg's portrayal of the character Howard. From his acting skills to his outfits and hairdo, all fit into the picture of him they tried to convey in the series.

In summary, Howard's hair inThe Big Bang Theorywas not a wig. Although it's not, it's one of those hairstyles that won't be forgotten in the history of television as it shows the amount of attention and detail placed in the development of Howard's character.

Simon Helberg’s Feeling about Howard's Hair in The Big Bang Theory

While Simon has never hidden his dislike for Howard's wardrobe, especially the tight pants, he never made statements about the hair, except that it's his hair and not a wig. Turns out, the tight pants were more of a worry to him since he needed the help of people to take them off.

In an interview, he revealed that he was not a fan of the wardrobe and described it as Mick Jagger meets Mr Furley. That's not to dismiss the great job of the costume designer in portraying Howard's character. It was splendid!

Later in the series, we see a change in Howard's wardrobe, and that's a good thing since the actor was mostly pleased with the new outfits.

Bernadette's Hair in Big Bang Theory: Wig or not?

Throughout the 12 seasons of the show, many core characters experienced an evolution in their appearances and hairstyles, and  Bernadette Rostenkowski-Wolowitz is one of them.

Bernadette's Hair in Big Bang Theory: Wig or not

Played by Melissa Raunch, Bernadette’s character is popularly known amongst fans for her high, squeaky voice and petite frame. But her hair also caught attention for its luscious curls, which completed her look.

There's no doubt that the hairstyling team devoted their time and attention to her hair, and this became a hot topic for fans.

As her hair changed throughout the series, fans debated if her hair in the series was a wig or not. In the beginning, we remember the shoulder-length chestnut locks, yet as her character developed and matured, her hair metamorphosed, from bob lengths to longer flowing tresses.

Her character never ceases to amaze us with her hairstyles. These flawless looks and drastic changes might be why fans are curious about her hair.

Yet, while they are eager to know the answer to whether she wears a wig or not, there has not been an official statement about it from Melissa Raunch herself. In other words, it's a groundless rumor that has not proven true.

So, let's give the hairstylists their accolades. In the series, these professionals gave each character a unique look. From Howard to Raj and other characters, their hairdos were awesome. And in terms of perfection for the character Bernadette (Melissa Raunch), it wasn't any different.

Going from a waitress to a microbiologist and a mother, her hairdo reflected it all. This is a testament to their work and artistry as hairstylists. They gave the character life and demonstrated the essence of a good hairdo in character development.

So, whether it's fake or real, it's a job well done as it contributed to the visual portrayal of the character Bernadette in The Big Bang Theory.

Did Penny Wear a Wig in Big Bang?

Never for once did we think that Penny's character (Kaley Cuoco) wore a wig inThe Big Bang Theory.This is because her character is known to be impulsive when making decisions in life, and this portrayal is reflected in her hairstyles throughout the series.

Did Penny Wear a Wig in Big Bang

The evolution of her hairstyle reflected her decision as she went from an aspiring actress to a pharmaceutical representative.

We saw her represent the ups and downs of Penny with a messy updo or a casual look. Her tresses are sometimes not done intricately or neatly (the character is not).

However, after her big chop (which took the fans by storm after season seven), the actor had to use hair extensions in the later seasons.

Kaley Cuoco Pixie Era in Season 8

Kaley Cuoco Pixie Era in Season 8

Season eight ofThe Big Bang Theorygreeted us with the new look of the actor, Kaley Cuoco. Her pixie style evoked different feelings among the fans, including shock and excitement.

Surprisingly, the actor cut her hair on impulse for her new film and didn't tell anyone. At that point of the series, she believed there was a need for some change and was tired of the hair. While it turned out well, it gave the hairstylists a lot of work when styling her short hair.

Later on, the actor integrated hair extensions into her hair for a better portrayal of the character Penny in the series. It's shocking to realize that Cuoco added extensions to her hair, as although it's not a full wig, one could hardly tell.

The use of hair extensions, like wigs, helps to deduct the changes a character underwent. And in the case of Penny, her hair change reflected her situation, the changes that came, and her maturity over time.

Overall, her hairstyles built the character, authenticity, and growth in the series.

Is Rajesh Koothrappali’s Hair Natural in The Big Bang Theory?

The character Rajesh Koothrappali, played by Kunal Nayyar, is one character that will remain in the hearts of fans. Known for his accent, fans loved it and questioned if his accent was real or fake.

Is Rajesh Koothrappali’s Hair Natural in The Big Bang Theory

But that's not the only thing fans were curious about. They were also eager to know if his hair was real or a toupee. This is because of how straight his hair was in the series. Many thought it was a little unnatural and might not be his hair.

However, the actor denied wearing a wig in an interview. He claimed that it was his hair. Instead, his hair was straightened, which (for us) is a reflection of his character. But, while some believe it was his choice to have his hair straightened in the set, others don't think so. After all, his natural hair is curly, so what are the odds?

Yet, with the portrayal of other characters and their representation in the series, Rajesh Koothrappali’s straightened hair is possible. Fans want to believe it is a necessity that shows the continuity of issues. That's because it might be hard to replicate the same curly hairstyle for every episode.

So, what are your thoughts?

But guess what? What the fans thought turned out to be true. In an interview, the actor explained that the cast couldn't get his curly hair to look the same every time, so they had to come up with a solution, and that's straightening his hair. This part is demanding, especially doing it for a lot of seasons. But it worked out fine, without his tresses damaging so badly.


The mysteries and curiosity (on our side) surrounding the hair of the characters in Big Bang provide us insight into the work done behind the scenes and how it reflects in the sitcom. We learn to appreciate the effort and praise the characters for their dedication to the series.

So, in case you're in the dark about who wore a wig in The Big Bang Theory series, we hope this article provided clear answers to that.

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