Who Wears A Wig On Fox News?

who wears a wig on fox news

Are you curious to find out who wears wigs on Fox News?

It is only natural that TV personalities wear wigs, whether it is to look their best or to create the perfect image the audience already has. Few of these news anchors and reporters have openly admitted to wearing them. However, some have not.

In this article, let us see who wears a wig on Fox News.

But you must note that this list includes those who are rumored to wear wigs.

Before then, let's give a quick background.

Fox News and the Wig Culture

Fox News is an American news channel. It's one of the most-watched TV news in America, and it features different TV hosts.

Spotting impressive hairstyles on the Fox News team has raised speculations among some people. Some wonder if it's all-natural, questioning if anyone among them might be wearing a wig.

But wearing wigs has been part of the media industry since the beginning. They are either worn to enhance the host's appearance or change the personality on screen. Well, that's because the audience is drawn to a professional demeanor painted by the industry. They are to look polished and have a certain flair.

Apart from the hair, there are other strategies put into play for the audience. It could be make-up, or props, like lights and cameras.

Let's get to the list.

Women on Fox News Who Wear Wigs

1. Ainsley Earhardt

Ainsley Earhardt

Co-host Ainsley Earhardt on Fox and Friends, a popular morning show on Fox News, is known for her conservative views. The 47-year-old TV host is not known only for that but also mentioned in the talks of wigs on Fox News.

While no evidence shows, many have compared her signature blonde medium-length to Barbie’s hair, leading to further speculation about whether her locks are natural.

2. Heather Childers

Heather Childers

The former co-host of the Fox and Friends show on Fox News, Heather Childers, is rumored to have been wearing wigs on screen. Before the 55-year-old host parted with Fox News, viewers questioned her wavy hair, stating her look was achieved with the help of wigs. However, this rumor was never confirmed to be authentic or fake.

3. Maria Molina

Maria Molina

The American meteorologist, Maria Molina, is believed to have been wearing wigs while she worked as an on-air meteorologist for Fox News. During her years with the network, people speculated about her hair, believing it was too good to be natural.

The 36-year-old maintained lustrous, perfect, and healthy hair that appears unbelievable to viewers. While it has been brought up severally amongst the audience, there's no confirmation of that belief.

4. Andrea Tantaros

Andrea Tantaros is a former host at Fox News. The former Outnumbered co-host was known for her healthy, full, and beautiful hair. However, some doubted if it was her natural hair. In 2016, she filed a lawsuit against some officials, accusing them of misconduct. But during her time on the network, many claimed to have seen her on social media with her ‘real’ hair, leading to rumors which claimed she wore wigs on screen.

5. Jeanine Pirro

Jeanine Pirro

72-year-old, former judge, politician, and TV host hair sparked conversations regarding her hair since it appeared good even while in her seventies. The former Television host was famous for her outspoken opinions and distinct style throughout her career.

But many people find it hard to comprehend how she managed to keep her hair voluminous, flawless, and thick through the years. They spoke based on this claim. However, she's yet to deny or confirm the rumors.

Men on Fox News Who Wear Wigs

1. Sean Hannity

Sean Hannity

Sean Hannity is one of the most popular anchors on Fox News. He is known for his conservative views. But rumors have it that the host of Hannity Show, which has over 2 million views, wears a toupee. While it is not confirmed, a lot of viewers think his hairline is low for his age and claim to have spotted the difference in his hairline throughout the years.

2. Bob Beckel

Bob Beckel

Many viewers have also speculated that the Late Bob Beckel, a former co-host of The Five, wears wigs on air. They believe his hair was still full as he aged and question the probability of him wearing wigs. However, the American political analyst and commentator never disputed or agreed with the rumors.

3. Greg Gutfeld

Greg Gutfeld

A prominent figure in the history of news, Greg Gutfeld, is assumed to wear headpieces on screen. The 59-year-old American TV host never addressed the belief about his hair, which made viewers agree even more about the speculation. While nothing is certain, one thing is that Greg Gutfeld manages to look good on screen. Maybe that's why there are rumors.

4. Bret Baier

Bret Baier

The famous news anchor, Bret Baier, known for hosting Special Report with Bret Baier, the highest cable news program during its time, is believed to wear wigs on set. The news anchor has garnered attention throughout the years because of his flawless hairstyles. However, does he wear wigs?

Many speculated that he wears a toupee, others agreeing because they believe his hair appears unnatural. But with all the speculations, none of it seems to be true. The 53-year-old American journalist made his stance known, disputing every rumor.

While his affirmation is made clear, a lot still speculates about his hair.

5. Tucker Carlson

Tucker Carlson

Another popular TV host rumored to be wearing wigs is Tucker Carlson. He is popular for capturing the audience’s attention, but, even more, he is famous for his unchanging hairstyle. Many wonder if his perfect, consistent, full, and ever-present hairline is natural or artificial, leading to rumors which believes he wears a wig to hide his thinning hair.

With the thoughts of people going back and forth, speculating who wears wigs or not, a few anchors have stated their stance about wearing wigs, with others not confirmed.

However, it's safe to consider a few reasons why a news anchor might decide to wear wigs without jumping to conclusions.

Reasons Why TV Personalities Wear Wigs

While there are the public’s expectations, there are other reasons why a TV host might wear a wig. So, concluding based on the industry alone is not proper.

- Hair Loss

Some TV personalities have suffered from hair loss and damage. Although others might be comfortable in wearing their bald head, some might not. In such cases, turning to headpieces is the way out. By wearing wigs, they can enhance their look and achieve the perfect look the audience already has in mind. It's also safe to assume that reporters are placed at a certain standard, so they try to fit in it.

- Maintaining a calm appearance

Appearing on TV after experiencing stormy weather might be difficult. So, anchors might need to turn to makeup and wigs for help. That way, they appear professional and not untidy.

Still, there's a mix of arguments about whether reporters are to wear or not to wear wigs on screen. First is a group of viewers who think it's deceptive or lacks authenticity. The second is a group of people who agree it's the same as enhancing the appearance with lights, foundation, and setting powder.

Amidst all these is a stance everyone is eager to know-Fox News. However, like other networks, the channel has no stated policy regarding reporters and anchors wearing or not wearing wigs.

The Pros and Cons of Wearing Wigs in the Media

The wearing of wigs has been prevalent in the media industry and it isn't subject only to the news, but also the entertainment industry. Yet, there seems to be much attention and debate on wearing wigs in the media news. So, let's consider the cons and pros of wearing wigs in this field.


  • Wearing wigs has led to viewers questioning the authenticity of news reporting. Some perceive it as being deceptive and not real to oneself.
  • Wigs in the media spread the unrealistic beauty standard idea, making people have the notion that their natural hair is unfashionable or unfitting.
  • People can build a certain belief of how their natural hair is supposed to look based on what they see.
  • Ill-fitting wigs can be distracting, taking the minds of the viewers away from the news.


  • With wigs, achieving a professional demeanor is possible, especially in unfavorable weather.
  • It's possible to have a change of look easily and quickly with wigs. So, the versatility it offers is a plus.
  • Wigs in the media can contribute to the normalization of hair loss. It becomes a safe space for those having such experience.
  • We can't fail to mention the time it saves for reporters and anchors who need to constantly style their hair daily.


Wearing wigs in media news has gained the attention of viewers. Many speculate who wears one and who doesn't. And the Fox News anchors and reporters are likewise not exempted from this discussion and speculation.

However, we hope this article has answered your question and cleared the misconception that surrounds the idea of wearing wigs on screen.

So, whatever their reasons for wearing wigs are, we trust that the next time you watch Fox News, you can enjoy the show without contemplating whether the host has genuine or artificial hair.

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