Buss Down Wigs

A Buss Down Wig is a kind of silky straight wig that is super long, at least 24 inches longer, 30 inch, 32 inch, and 40 inch are the most popular lengths in the Buss Down Wigs collection, the long silky textures with neat middle part, giving you a dazing barbie doll vibe! Ready to slay a bust down wig now?
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Buss down wig always brings a Barbie queen vibe as it has a super long and silk waterfall texture. You can definitely wear it at your important occasions like a birthday party, graduation ceremony, or wedding. (Some celebrities may choose to wear a buss down wig on the red carpet or at some important award ceremonies.) In addition, you can also wear it to hang out with your friends or enjoy a romantic date night.

Hermosa Hair buss down wig comes with a pre-styled and can be installed glueless which means no glue or gel, you can just put it on and go.