23 Best Bob Haircut Ideas You Should Try In 2024

bob haircut ideas

One classic hairstyle that always remains fashionable is the bob hairstyle. This short hairstyle is suitable for all hair types and has versatile styles to complement your hair.

You can add layers to it, waves, or a fringe. Nothing ever goes wrong with a bob hairstyle. So, if you are afraid of wearing short hair, you should test the waters with a bob hairstyle.

We are here with bob haircut ideas you can rock this 2024.

1. Soft Shag

Soft Shag

You won't be bored with your hairstyle if you have the short shag on. The soft shag is a combination of the classic shag style and a modern touch.

The hairstyle is simple yet a phenomenon. You can go for the ginger shade or opt for black. Both will look fantastic! There's no doubt.

2. Side Part Curly Bob

side part curly bob

The side part curly bob is an elegant and chic hairstyle you can style this year. If you have a thick hair texture, then this is for you.

The curves will be voluminous and the curls will create an attractive movement on your head. This hairstyle is perfect for any hair color and adding highlights will level it up.

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3. Messy Bob Haircut

Messy Bob Haircut

Are you going for a carefree vibe? The messy bob haircut should be the top on your list then. While it’s classy, it is simple and can be achieved by cutting a regular bob. To get it voluminous and messy, comb your hair outward.

4. Vintage Wave Bob

vintage wave bob

The vintage wave bob is a chin-length bob hairstyle. It is classy with a mix of a retro style. The waves help to frame your face and elongate it.

What about the highlights? They are perfect. It is a gorgeous hairstyle for a day out. So, remember to feel confident in it.

5. Full Swoop Bob

Full Swoop Bob

Are you a big forehead girl? Here's a style you can wear effortlessly. The full swoop bob is a side-part bob with lots of volume. The Bob is swept to a side which helps to add charm to your natural look.

Styling this bob hairstyle is easy. Divide your hair at the right or left side of your head. Swoop it to the sides and use your styling tool for perfection.

6. Feathered Bob

Feathered Bob

Another fashion staple style is the featured bob. The feathered bob is a textured, voluminous, and sleek hairstyle that's stylish for your occasions.

The layers add fullness to the hair, making the hairstyle more spicy. This hairstyle can be achieved with thick and thin hair. So, don't be bothered by that.

7. Slightly Stacked Bob

Slightly Stacked Bob

This hairstyle is a beautiful idea you can follow to style your bob haircut. To get this style appropriately, it's best to inform your hairstylist to give you some slight layers.

Simply stack the front part of your hair to the back of your ears and viola! You have your slightly stacked bob hairstyle.

8. Short Natural Curly Hair

Short Natural Curly Hair

The short, natural curly hair gives you a glamorous look. The curls are well defined which makes them look unique. For this style, you'll need some best friends; conditioners, and oils are enough.

The results should be breathtaking with them. If you want to get this haircut, it is better to visit a hairstylist to avoid any mishaps.

9. Layered Curly Bob

Layered Curly Bob

A style that will flatter your face is the layered curly bob. It shows off the curly pattern and frames your face in the right proportion.

This hairstyle can't go unnoticed. So, you have enough time to flaunt your look. A little mousse will do just fine daily. And that's it! You have yourself a gorgeous layered curly bob.

10. Wavy Shaggy Bob

Wavy Shaggy Bob

Shaggy Bob looks great on wavy hair, says Popsugar. Care for one? Then, try out this wavy shaggy bob. The shag is a timeless hairstyle but adding that to your wavy hair creates perfection.

This hairstyle includes some bangs, some layers, and volumes. You can have darker roots like in the picture. That will make it look amazing.

11. Textured Brown Lob with Face Framing Money Piece Highlights

Textured Brown Lob with Face Framing Money Piece Highlights

Are you in search of a bob haircut with soft money piece highlights? The textured brown lob with face-framing money piece highlights has some. This hairstyle is a shoulder-length haircut with highlights that brighten your face. The face-framing layers define your face and give you a youthful and fun vibe.

12. Chopped Center-Parted Bob

Chopped Center-Parted Bob

The chopped center-parted bob is a versatile style for any face shape. It is a chin-length haircut that makes you sexy and fresh. This hairstyle has different chops that add definition and volume to your hair. You can transform how you look in an instant with this hairstyle. Only make sure you get it right and slay it boldly.

13. Blunt Cut Ombre Bob

Blunt Cut Ombre Bob

A statement-making hairstyle is the blunt ombre bob. It comes strong and gives you a classy, sleek texture. The hairstyle reaches right below your chin yet it gives everything and more. Don't be shy to request some face-framing layers and a center part. You'll look stylish and stunning.

14. Textured Layered Bob

Textured Layered Bob

You can give an incredible trendy vibe with this hairstyle. Textured layered bob is a laidback hairstyle with natural gradual layers at the back of your head. It is stylish and offers a chill vibe to it.

The curtain bangs have a framing effect. They frame the sides of your face, and the volume is perfect for your texture hair. Go with a style inspiration to get the best out of this haircut.

15. Tousled Platinum Bob

Tousled Platinum Bob

The most heart-stopping hairstyle you'll ever find right now is this tousled platinum bob. While you'll need to get some hair products like the mousse, they'll be worth it.

The hairstyle has so many shades you can rock effortlessly. But that's not all the messiness gives you a playful feel while making you look cool at the same time. This hairstyle is easy and requires little effort from you daily.

16. Curtain Bang Bob

curtain bang bob

The curtain bangs look nice with a bob. If you love some face-framing layers to your haircut, this hairstyle- curtain bangs bob is a great choice.

The length showcases your amazing hair texture, and the color complements your skin tone. You can choose a dark tone, whatever you feel good about. While this hairstyle is quite retro, it looks stylish at the same time.

17. Sleek Long Layers Bob

Sleek Long Layers Bob

Ask your hairstylist to keep your hair long to your shoulders. The sleek, long layers bob requires little touch to make it perfect. You can keep things simple with a middle parting and add highlights to elevate your look.

This hairstyle is easy to maintain and work with. That makes it the best choice for whoever wants a low-maintenance haircut.

18. French Bob

french bob

A timeless haircut you can rock is the French bob. It is a shorter version of the bob that has framing layers. This haircut never goes out of style, so be ready to slay for some time.

The haircut screams sophistication and it's a good option if you are hoping for an update in your hairstyle game. You can try it with some bright hair colors or go for a darker shade.

19. Fringe Curly Bob

Fringe Curly Bob

If you have naturally curly hair, the fringe curly bob is a hairstyle you can consider. And what better way to show off your curls? The curls flow down on your face, adding texture, movements, and volume to your hair.

While the fringe appears neatly trimmed, it's messy yet, it complements the style wonderfully. Daily, you can apply some mousse to keep your haircut fresh.

20. Razor Sharp Bob

Razor Sharp Bob

The razor-sharp bob is a textured glassy haircut using the razor-cut technique. Also known as the paper-cut bob, this haircut reaches just below your chin. The overall effect is that it gives you a lustrous and thick feel to your hair.

You can experiment and choose a bright color or play it safe and go for a jet black razor-sharp bob. The hairstyle is simply elegant, making you look high-class.

21. Bob with French Fringe

Bob with French Fringe

You can have a simple yet classy haircut with this one. The Bob with a French fringe incorporates the wispiness of French bangs and allows you to look good effortlessly.

You can have the classic thick and full French fringe or go for the modern versions with thick layers at the top but wispy towards the ends. Keep your bob short and add framing layers around your face.

22. Shaggy Bob with Curtain Bangs

Shaggy Bob with Curtain Bangs

The shaggy bob with curtain bangs is a mesmerizing haircut that adds to your overall look while keeping it simple. This haircut has some face-lifting effects that complement the face and reveal your eyes.

You can wear this haircut as a brunette or choose a blonde haircut with dark roots. Wear it confidently and beautifully.

23. Baroque Bob

baroque bob

When it comes to 2024 spring haircut trend, I believe the top one pick will be "Baroque bob". It sweeping social medias in just one month. The baroque bob is a full, bouncy, texturized, and sexy haircut that flatter for any face shape and hair textures. If you want to get a fresh look, why not try a Braoque bob?

And there you have it- 23 bob haircut ideas for you. Do let us know your favorite and what style you'll be trying out. Want to embrace your new bob look without cutting your own hair, why not try a bob wig or do bob sew-ins?

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