15 Best Hairstyles For Big Foreheads Black Women

Hairstyles For Big Foreheads Black Women

Are you a black female with a big forehead?

Finding the perfect hairstyle to suit your forehead and face shape can be daunting, but guess what? We know just what you need. There are two ways to choose the right hairstyle to suit your big forehead. You can either:

women with big forehead

a. Choose a hairstyle that will reduce the size of your forehead. These hairstyles allow more hair around the forehead and face, giving an illusion of a smaller forehead or creating a reduced forehead length appearance. 

It does this by making the length of your forehead appear shorter or balancing the size of your forehead in proportion to your other facial features.

Fringe (bangs) hairstyles are good examples.

b. Embrace your uniqueness by choosing a hairstyle that flatters your big forehead. Having a big forehead is not a negative thing, and you can flaunt it just like Rihanna does.

A big forehead gives your face a natural snatched appearance without doing too much. If you have been running away from rocking your Afro, braids, ponytails, and cute cornrows, it is time to step out rocking these hairstyles confidently.

Still not sure about what works for you? No problem. You can find a good balance between the two ways.

You can rock your braids in such a way that they cover your forehead. And your ponytails can be versatile enough to suit your forehead.

Let’s dive right in.

Top 5 Braid Hairstyles for Big Forehead Black Females

There are numerous braids you can do as a big-forehead black girl. They will complement your features and make you look gorgeous. Want to flaunt a few? See the five braids below.

1. Box Braids

Box braids are an exceptional hairstyle among black females. They exude class and serve as a protective hairstyle for afro-textured hair. Since they are classic, it would be wrong to not include them.

box braids

The box braids are so versatile that you can style them in many ways. You can leave those braids down to frame your face, swoop some part of the braids to cover your prominent forehead or tie them up to show your forehead. You'll look fantastic in whichever way.

2. Side Feed-in Braids

The side feed in braids also called feed in lemonade braids are gorgeous braids plaited to one side of your head. Since the braids are to one side, they can help frame a part of your face while leaving the other open.

Side Feed-in Braids

The contrast creates a balance that helps slim your face, making you dynamic. While you choose the extensions you want, be careful to pick light ones since the hairstyle can be heavy.

3. Braided Bob

braided bob

The braided bob is a trendy hairstyle you can wear as a black woman with a big forehead. The braids are short to your chin and wrap your face appropriately. These make your face features well-proportioned and appear smaller. You can make this style by braiding your hair or twisting it with extensions. Further style it with some pins for a finished look.

4. L-part Braids

The L-part braids are another perfect choice if you'd love to achieve a slimmer face with braids. This hairstyle is unique and chic and can stand out at all times. 

It takes away the picture of a big forehead and compliments your features beautifully. Don't be surprised by how long you can have this hairstyle on for a long time and freshen it with some products. Get your hair spray and drizzle some on it. You are good to go.

5. Braided Ponytail

Braided Ponytail

Going for a braided ponytail is a bold choice yet gorgeous one. That’s because it exposes your forehead but flatters it perfectly. You can have it side parted for a slimmer appearance or choose to have the cornrows straight. Add some highlights to shift the focus off your forehead. Finish the look with some brilliant earrings.

Top 5 Natural Hairstyles for Big Forehead Black Females

Are you hoping to wear your natural afro hair? Here are five natural hairstyles you can rock as a black female with a big forehead.

1. Classic Afro

The classic afro is a hairstyle you can wear with your natural hair. It allows you to slay your hair in its basic form. It is easy to style and achieved effortlessly.

Classic Afro

To style this, simply comb your afro to achieve some roundness. You can visit a salon to give you a professional cut if you plan on wearing it for long.

Do you have short hair? Do not be discouraged. There are kinky afro wigs you can get.

2. Voluminous Curly Hair

Here is another gorgeous way to wear your natural hair. Compared to a silk press, the voluminous curly hairstyle allows you to wear your natural curly hair beautifully. The overall length adds volume to your face while making your face look narrower.

Voluminous Curly Hair

Is your hair straight? You can use curly creams to define some curls. This hairstyle is quite versatile. While the length remains unchanged, you can have it in a middle part (like in the picture), a side part, or asymmetrical. There are no ends to how you can style your natural curly hair.

3. Faux Curly Bangs and Bun

Faux Curly Bangs and Bun

The faux curly bangs with a bun are a fascinating way to hide your forehead. The style allows you to cover your forehead with middle-parted bangs while revealing the rest of your face. It's simple to style with your hair band, curly cream, and brush.

4. Side Braids with Curly Hair

What makes this hairstyle unique is the drama it brings. Have a beautiful afro? Then, a hairstyle you can rock is the side braids with curly hair.

Side Braids with Curly Hair

This style allows you to show a bit of your forehead and frames the other side. It adds softness to your look in general. You can style yourself by braiding one side of your hair and combing the other side. Get some bobby pins to clip them in place. That’s it!

5. Twisted Updo

Twisted Updo

The twisted updo should be on your top list if you have thick hair. This hairstyle balances the proportion of your face giving the idea of a small forehead. It is a gorgeous hairstyle you can wear for any occasion.

Top 5 Wig Hairstyles for Big Forehead Black Females

Wigs are accessories you can wear to frame and accentuate your forehead. We've picked five wig hairstyles you can rock beautifully.

1. Long Wig with Neat Eyebrow-Skimming Bangs

This is for those who want a perfect layer around their forehead. The long wig with neat eyebrow-skimming bangs is a sophisticated hairstyle that radiates gorgeousness.

Long Wig with Neat Eyebrow-Skimming Bangs

The bangs add the balance you need to your face and make you look cute. You can go for texturized bangs for more covering or choose a wispy bang like in the picture above. 

Buy your wig in a trusted store to get the best of this style. If you can't, you can buy a wig and style it to suit your taste. Tell your hairstylist to cut the bangs below your eyebrows for beautiful concealment.

2. Textured Wispy Shag Wig

Textured Wispy Shag Wig

The textured wispy shag is pure perfection when it comes to creating a balance. It accentuates your forehead while serving as a camouflage. The wispy bangs in this hairstyle have thin ends that add softness to your features. But what's more, the layers will create movements that make you look carefree. You can add some volume to yours or keep things sleek and smooth. The best way to style is to visit a salon with your wig.

3. Bob with Bangs

The bob hairstyle has remained a classic for a long time. But with the bangs, the hairstyle becomes iconic. Bob with bangs is an excellent wig choice for anyone with a big forehead.

Bob with Bangs

It elevates the look while giving a slimmer feature around the face. Wearing this in black, brown, or a blonde color is a game changer. It gives off a refined and polished look.

4. Long Wig with Side Swept Bangs

Long Wig with Side Swept Bangs

Try long hair and side-swept bangs. They are a classy choice if you want a chic and elegant look. The side-swept bangs will offer the right proportion to your face and keep your forehead unexposed. It is a statement look that will leave you stunned every time.

While it might be hard to style it yourself, it is worth it. You can visit a salon for an easy process. Just be sure to have your style inspiration with you.

5. Wigs with Curtain Bangs

Wigs with Curtain Bangs

Do you want to look trendy? Go for the curtain bangs. The curtain bangs wigs are angled bangs that fall to each side of the face. This bang is an excellent choice that adds glam to your hair while covering your forehead. It has subtle face-framing layers that are flattering and can elevate your look instantly. You should wear them with a long, middle-length, or short wig. Whichever one, you will love the look.

Five Cute Ways to Style Your Hair if You Have a Big Forehead

Want a cute look? See five cute ways to wear your hair as a big-forehead black girl.

1. High Ponytail

The iconic hairstyle-high ponytail is an amazing look to choose for more proportions. It is widely known among black girls and looks good any day.

high ponytail

While you can wear it the classic way, there are numerous ways to style it. A simple way is to add some curls to your pony for more cuteness. You'll look classy without doing too much. Another way is to add tendril pieces.

2. Half Up, Half Down

Half Up Half Down

Here’s a bold yet cute hairstyle choice for you. The half-up, half-down flaunts your forehead elegantly. It compliments your face while adding volume and texture to your hair. You can wear this hairstyle for formal occasions as well as casual ones. Be aware that you are not limited to wearing this hairstyle in one way, there are tons of ways. So don't be limited.

3. Bangs with Bun

Bangs with Bun

Bangs give the proper camouflage you need to cover your forehead. So, if you are insecure about it, wearing bangs with a bun is a good style you can opt for. You can have them in the style of curtain bangs or go for classic blunt bangs instead. For the bun, you can use some hair extensions to get a neat bun that looks flawless for the occasion. Regardless, remember to wear them confidently.

4. Space Buns with Bangs

Space Buns with Bangs

This hairstyle screams cuteness all over. You can style this by cutting a small portion for your bangs. Then, divide your hair into two parts. Tie them with hair bands before turning them in. Once that's completed, make your bangs curly using some creams. Add some gel to your edges for sleekness.

5. Bubble Braids

Bubble Braids

An alluring yet cute hairstyle you can wear as a black girl with a big forehead is the bubble braids. This gorgeous look puts your hair in a ponytail while framing your face with its tendrils. The style only does a little. However, it is a chic hairstyle you can rock for any occasion.

Wear It and Own It

It's normal to feel insecure about your big forehead. But never be discouraged about them. They are gorgeous and make a part of you. Nonetheless, you can boost your confidence and self-esteem if you have the right hairstyles on. So, remember to pick some hairstyles we've listed, wear them confidently and be proud.

Do you have other hairstyle suggestions not included in this list? Drop them in the comment section. We'd love to hear them.

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