17 Different Types Of Bangs To Change Up Your Look

types of bangs

Ready to give your appearance a fresh new look? Changing your hairstyle is a simple and effective way to change your look. Consider adding some bangs to take your look to the next level--they have the ability to inject instant allure! 

There are many different wraps of bangs that can flatter any face shape, hair texture, or individual style. In this comprehensive guide, we'll uncover all aspects of the wonderful world of bangs, such as their versatility and impact on your overall vibes.

Let's explore all the types of bangs together--finding the perfect bangs style for your face shape!

Why Bangs Are A Must-Have Hairstyle?

For decades, bangs (also known as fringe) have been a highly sought-after hairstyle. Boasting widespread appeal, it's no surprise why many still see them as somewhat of a "must have." 

To unpack this popular look, let's explore its compelling abundance of reasons why this longest-standing fringe hairstyle makes for both a timeless and versatile upgrade no matter what your look may be:

1. Frame Face

frame face bangs

Bangs offer countless ways to frame and draw attention to your best features! From subtle snippets that wrap around the outer edges of your face and brush against your forehead to heavy layers that hang across your eyebrows, girls with bangs can easily emphasize the shape and structure of their faces while bringing out their exceptional cheekbones and captivating eyes. With a plethora of ways to style this alluring feature, it enables you to give yourself a stunningly defined look in no time at all!

2. Instant Transformation

If you're considering updating your style, bangs can be an attractive, low-maintenance option. It's a great way to temporarily make a change to your look — without the worry of having something permanently altered.

bangs before and after

Furthermore, unlike other dramatic hairstyling methods, fringe is less intimidating and gives you the possibility of wearing several different looks depending on the occasion – casual beach trips or soft romantic looks alike. Bangs guarantee an instant transformation with little time involved at all.

3. Face Shape Enhancement

Bangs can be an excellent style choice to suit your unique face shape. Whether it's wispy, sharp, or side-swept, fringe focuses attention on the eyes and can bring balance to facial features. 

Face Shape Enhancement

For example, tailored bangs can slim down a fuller face or offer an illusion of a more potent jawline. Those with square faces can also benefit from styled bangs as they help soften the angular facial structure and impart harmony. 

The type of bang you opt for is key; subtle options create a contemporary look, while sharper ends elongate the appearance of the face, importantly bringing your desired outcome to fruition.

4. Covering Forehead Imperfections

Covering Forehead Imperfections

For individuals who are not completely happy with their forehead contours, bangs can be a great supplement to their existing look. Adding eye-catching highlights to your hairstyle helps you establish and define your style while disguising any imperfections that one may want to remain hidden. This season, bangs continue their run as one of the trendiest styles, rounding out the final touches of countless iconic styles.

5. Express Individuality

Bangs can be a unique way to express individuality and personal style. An expressive set of bangs may bring out the potential and confidence of an individual. 

Express Individuality

They provide variety in changing up appearances, giving one the ability to tailor their look depending on their mood or events they are going to. From theatrical, puffy to classic side sweeps, fringes give a wide selection in styling, whether to frame one in sophistication or nostalgia. Through constant experimentation with cutting options, there are no boundaries that can't be broken with bangs.

6. Youthful Vibe

Adding bangs to your hairstyle can instantly bring a youthful and fresh vibe to your overall look. No matter how old you are, having the perfect fringe can inject some energy into your appearance. 

Youthful Vibe bangs style

From subtle to dramatic, the range of possibilities for styling your bangs allows you to have great control over how modern and energetic they make you feel. 

Not only will this creative switch help keep you looking young, but it will further add to any outfit you plan on wearing. Now we've taken a look at all the reasons why bangs are an absolute must-have for any hairstyle, let's move on to different types of bangs and how they can enhance your overall look. 

Best Bangs Style For Your Face Shape

face shape

Square or heart-shaped faces: wispier, feathered bangs

Oblong face shapes: Perfect match for blunt-cut bangs

Round face shapes: Side-swept and curtain bangs

Oval-shaped faces: All types of bangs

If you're looking for the perfect hairstyle, bangs may be your go-to. But when choosing a style, there's no one size fits all rule. It all depends on your face shape and hair texture, as well as your personal preferences!

Fortunately, no matter what type of look you're after — from minimalistic to daring — there's sure to be an option just right for you. So if you're in the mood to switch up your 'do, try out these 16 popular types of bangs:

1: Curtain Bangs

Yes, they are back and more popular than ever! These effortless bangs have been around for a while, but during the past few months, they have become the hairstyle to rock. 

curtain bangs

Cut shorter on the inside, these bangs flatter all face shapes by creating an arch shape. Curtain bangs are the most popular face-framing bang style that no one can refuse. Popular A-list celebrities such as Halle Berry, Eva Marcille, and Zendaya have recently stepped out with their stylish fringes. 

Whether you keep them long for that wispy effect or go shorter for an edgy style, this look is certain to turn heads. As versatile and trendy as ever, finding peace with these effortless bangs has never been easier!

2. Draped Bangs

Draped bangs are a great option for those who want something new and chic. This variation on curtain bangs, which is made by parting at the center of the face with slightly longer strands, is well suited for both oval and heart-shaped facial structures.

Draped BangsBesides being style-savvy, this look adds volume to any hair type – wavy or straight. You can customize it however you'd like, as this fashion trend comes with maximum freedom since the bangs may be worn as long or short as you see fit. If you seek an arrival onto fashion's doorstep without breaking the bank, experimenting with draped bangs is absolutely worth considering!

3. Bouncy Curly Bangs

Curly bangs are back and making quite a stylish statement! Not only do they have a fun, flirty charm, but they also help to bring focus onto the eyes by harmonizing with tight curls on both sides of your face. 

curly bangs

All it takes is one snip from a talented hairdresser, and you can revamp your look; no need to straighten them out afterward, as curly bangs can look great no matter which way you shape them. 

Whether you love to be hit with just a hint of playful hair or prefer to go for the rocker-chic attitude, bouncy curly bangs will always make an impact.

4. Bottleneck Bangs

Welcome to your new favorite hairdo: the gorgeous bottleneck bangs! This face-framing 'do is characterized by a bottleneck curvature that gracefully narrows towards the head. 

It consists of shorter strands that linger up top, blending down to longer pieces that contour around the eyes and jawline – perfect for all face shapes

Bottleneck Bangs

To get the desired finish, direct locks away from your face at a 90º angle utilizing a round brush, then blow dry with cool air cumulated with the cool shot on your hairdryer. This process will leave you with defined strands and an elongated face shape that wows everyone in sight. Let the styling begin!

5. Wigs With Bangs

wig with bangs

If it is your first time trying a bang style and don't want to cut your own hair, wigs with bangs are a great choice. From straight, wavy to curly, from bold, subtle to thick fringer, from classic bangs, layered bangs to curtain bangs, all bang styles you can find in the wigs market.

6. Choppy Bangs

Choppy bangs offer a great alternative to the classic blunt cut. This edgy look has shorter pieces in the front that gradually get longer toward the back, with an emphasis on the wispy ends to give your hair more texture and movement. 

choppy bangs

Plus, these kinds of bangs are versatile and can be customized according to how long or short you want them—they work great for both straight and curled styles too! 

Opting for choppy bangs is perfect for those wishing for a more dramatic look. They can also help soften angular facial features or hide larger foreheads. If it's something bold and daring, you're going for or just a touch of edge here and there, then trying out choppy bangs might be just what you need.

7. Ethereal Thin Bangs

Every Fashionista knows all about thin bangs — the perfect style for those looking for minimalistic yet stylish fringes. These feathery tendrils create an ethereal vibe, granting any hairstyle a softer look than that of regular thick bangs. 

Ethereal Thin Bangs

This type of fringe works best with wavy hair, and the choppy layers help add movement to create an effortless finish, which is always on trend. 

If you are considering this style, the key is in the cut: have your hairdresser angle the bangs and add some gently layered ends for a wispy finish. Thin bangs offer undeniable poise and elegance, whatever look you hope to achieve!

8. Blunt Bangs

Kerry Washington, the famous Black American actor, has been wearing blunt bangs for years. These bangs are cut straight across your forehead, usually hitting at the level of the eyebrows or right below them. 

Blunt Bangs

The idea is to keep the weight in the hair, meaning there is no texture, layers, or movement when it's styled. If you really want to show off your bold brow and sharp features but still keep it glamorous, this is a great look to try -- no strings attached! 

To add some texture and shape, though, use a curling iron on your bangs for extra body, or go for a classic blowout look to join in the chic styling of celebrity long-time fashionistas! No matter what your desired look set with blunt bangs may be, it will never ever date.

9. Feathered Bangs

For those with longer, oval-shaped faces, feathered bangs are a great choice. Brushing just to the eyebrows, they give off an intentionally wispier look than your classic schoolgirl bangs, suited especially well to finer strands of hair. 

Feathered bangs

To create their delicate feather-like texture, hairstylists make use of either razors or thinning shears. Resulting in a soft, effortless look that brings elegance and sleekness without any sharp edges. 

Side stepping from overly dramatic looks, glamorous and always classy--feathered bangs have the power to completely tie together stunning outfits. So ladies, remember: incorporating this type of bang can be sure to make you oh-so-chic!

10. Asymmetrical Bangs

Halle Berry is one of many celebs who have embraced the asymmetrical bangs trend. When your bangs aren't equally shorter on both sides, but rather one side being more visible than the other, it offers an edgy, fierce vibe. 

Asymmetrical Bangs

You can use asymmetric bangs to bring emphasis to your favorite facial features like sharp angles and cheekbones, making them perfect for oval and round faces

It also allows you to have creative styling opportunities- curls, updos, or straight styles. Asymmetric bangs never go out of fashion, so go ahead and give it a try! With this bold hairstyle choice, you'll definitely grab others' attention!

11. Braided Bangs

Yes, you read that correctly! Braided bangs are an excellent way to give your hair a fashionable upgrade and increase texture simultaneously. The acclaimed South African actress Thuso Mbedu stunned at the Critics Choice Awards wearing this style. 

Braided Bangs

Expanding on the options available, there are two means for creating braided bangs: cut shorter or dreadlocks or pinning braids/dreadlocks to appear more cropped. 

Wavy lovers can take advantage of this trend as it will provide amazing texture and creativity! If you're set on enhancing your look, then why not choose cool and unique braided bangs? Giving them a try could likely satisfactorily exceed all expectations!

12. Brushed-Over Bangs

Zendaya Maree Stoermer Coleman, often referred to as just Zendaya, is just one of the many stars embracing the brushed-over bangs look. She styled her tousled side part with voluminous curls for a gentle and graceful effort that everyone could replicate. 

Brushed-Over Bangs

Those seeking an easy, everyday style that's on trend need to look no further; brushed-over bangs are exactly what you require. All you need do is part your hair to whatever side you prefer in your usual manner and simply brush it across to completely change up your look! Best of all, this change won't take long or sacrifice too much time from creating any other usual hairstyles either.

13: Shaggy Bangs

shaggy bangs

Shaggy bangs are a cool girl's choice, with this style, you can add volume and texture effortlessly. Perfect for short and mid-length wavy hair. Add some blonde highlights that can flatter your face well and make a statement.

14. Side Swept Bangs

Side Swept Bangs

As the name said, side sweap bangs are a type of bangs style with a deep side part. They are normally longer than other bangs style that can cover your eyes and simply outline your face shape, perfect for girls with round faces that can soften your face.

15. Clip-in Bangs

clip in bangs

Clip-in bangs are another choice when you are not sure if bangs suit your style. Go get bangs with clips that can give you a chance to try bang style. There are two materials to choose from when shopping online, synthetic hair and human hair. Human hair is definitely the best choice that can blend well with your natural hair.

16. Sculptured Sticky Bangs

Last but not least, sculpted sticky bangs are a great way to reinvent a classic updo and add a wow factor to any look! You can always see black beauty slay this bangs, which is also called baby hair or hair edges

Let your forehead remain slightly visible so the stickier baby hairs can be neatly pulled out and perfectly highlighted. This applies to both casual and formal occasions and gives you instead an ultra-modern look.

Sculptured Sticky Bangs

When it comes to styling this type of bangs carefully but creatively, it's impossible to just use bobby pins, gel, and a brush alone. You'll need plenty of creative inspiration too. Try switching to a half-updo or twist your bangs into geometrical shapes that will show off your individual style in a totally unique way!

17. Birkin Bangs

birkin bangs

As 2024 new coming back bangs style, Birkin bangs bring more fresh thoughts to women who are in love with bangs style. Birkin Bangs are characterized by their softness, choppy nature, and thinner ends. These bangs are great for whoever likes the idea of a fringe but wants something small and lightweight.

In A Nutshell

To sum up, bangs can be a great way to change up your look without committing to a full new hairstyle. Whether you choose a blunt style or something more elegant, like side-swept bangs, this classic look is sure to add something special to any hairstyle. 

Be sure to check out the 16 different types of bangs described in this article and find the one that suits you best. Don't be afraid to experiment with the styles and view yourself from different angles in order to get the best effect. Have fun with it! 

Get creative, and most of all – enjoy your newfound look! We guarantee that you won't regret making the switch from boring locks that blend into the crowd to an eye-catching style that will surely turn heads every time you step out of your home. So what are you waiting for? Make those bangin' changes today!

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