25 Stunning Half Up Half Down Hairstyles For Black Women

half up half down hairstyles

If you are familiar with the appropriate methods, creating a great hairstyle that complements a black woman's inherent attractiveness is simple. It's not necessary to overcomplicate things for your style to be sophisticated. 

The ever-evolving market for hair products and equipment enables us to experiment with a wide range of styles that are attractive, current, and simple to manage all at the same time. A great illustration of this would be haircuts that are half-up half-down hairstyles by using wigs or hair extensions.

This article will provide you with all of the inspiration you want by showcasing 25 gorgeous half-up half-down hairstyles for black women. You will be able to discover something that satisfies your requirements, regardless of whether you are going to a particular occasion or simply want a simple style for day-to-day use. So, let's dive right in!

1. Messy Look Top Knot

Why don't you give this stunning look a go and see if you can recreate it? The appearance is distinguished by a top knot that is unkempt and has been sectioned off with an under-part.

Messy Look Top Knot

Moreover, the top knot is created using a mixture of brown and golden blond honey blonde highlight hair. In addition to that, this style has a shaggy, bedhead aspect that, when combined with the rest of the style, creates a lovely and laid-back vibe.

2. Long Wavy half up half down

Take a look at this sophisticated style if you are a trendsetter looking for a look that is romantic while yet maintaining its elegance. This gorgeous hairdo has lengthy locks that have been curled and then meticulously sectioned off into two parts: the top half and the bottom half of the head.

Long Wavy half up half down

For a more gorgeous look, the ends of the hair have been braided perfectly all the way around. This is an appealing hairstyle that is simple to achieve and may be seen from the front.

3. Braids and Top Knot

Don't be intimidated by this complex and intricate style. The combination of long sections of hair plaited into fishtail braids, a top knot, and an intricate braid on the side is sure to turn heads. 

braid and top knot

This half-up and half-down hairstyle are perfect for the modern and daring woman. Whether you're looking for a style to wear on a special day or just one to rock any day of the week, this is sure to make you stand out.

4. Curly Topknot

curly topknot

Channel your inner inspirt with a chic and adventurous topknot! Gather all of  hair strands of curly wig into one spot, then tie it up securely. Finish off the look with an oversized scrunchie for that extra '90s flair. This style is perfect when you want to make a statement—effortless yet bold at the same time. You won't regret trying this iconic hairstyle out!

5. Kim Kardashian's Super-Sleek Pony

Transform from drab to fab with the perfect ponytail! Kim Kardashian certainly knows how to make a statement, and this style is no exception. 

Kim Kardashian's Super Sleek Pony

Start by brushing your sew in hair extensions up into a high ponytail. Then spritz some hairspray for extra smoothness and added hold. 

To make it even more relaxed, bend the bottom of the tail slightly downward as desired-- making this look absolutely ideal for dressier events or just jazzing up your everyday ensemble.

6. Casual Half Up Half Down Locks

Transform your look with Ciara's beautiful half-up, half-down protective hairstyle. This classic and timeless style is suitable for all hair lengths! 

Casual Half Up Half Down Locks

To recreate the look, start by dividing your locks into two sections - one at the top of your head and one at the bottom.

Securely pin back the top portion to bring out its length and volume, then let it flow freely beneath that. The result? An unbelievably gorgeous hairdo perfect for a regal makeover!

7. Braided Bohemian Goddess Faux Locs

Step into the spotlight with this trendy goddess-like 'half up, half down' style. Divide long and wavy faux locs into two sections to achieve a bohemian-inspired look that you can rock at any event! 

Braided Bohemian Goddess Faux Locs

Amp it up by adding some golden hair pins for an added touch of glamour and oomph with jumbo braids. This hairdo is sure to turn heads wherever you go!

8. Rihanna's Loose Curls

To rock a chic and iconic hairstyle like Rihanna, give her signature half-up/half-down look with soft curls a try. This popular style is effortless yet eye-catching - it will get you noticed without even trying! 

Rihanna's Loose Curls

  • Separate your 360 full lace wig into two sections - the top and bottom of the head.
  • Then use hot rollers or a curling wand to add loose waves to each section.
  • Finish off by adding golden blonde highlights for more depth and texture.

With this simple but stunning do, you'll be prepared to take on anything that comes your way!

9. Glam Volume

In need of an instant glam boost? Look no further than this voluminous top knot! With just a few pins, you can recreate this hairstyle at home with ease.

Glam Volume

If you're not up to the challenge, take this photo straight to your hairdresser for professional-level results that will leave heads spinning in admiration.

Whether novice or pro, don't miss out on our favorite starlet's signature style—it’s sure to give you a look worthy of red carpets and runways alike!

10. Extra Relaxed Hairstyle with a Bun

Embrace an ethereal aura with this unique half-up, half-down bun updo! It's the perfect choice for any bride who wants to make a statement without compromising elegance. The key is the side hair fringes.

Relaxed Hairstyle with a Bun

With bobby pins in place and relaxed locks, you can enjoy a timeless yet modern hairstyle that radiates romance throughout your special occasion. You'll have hair security and effortless beauty all at once - what more could you ask for? Grab a pair of scissors, and some bobby pins, and get ready to rock this timeless hairstyle! 

11. High Half-Up Half-Down Pony

Ready to turn heads at the office or out on the town? A high half-up half-down pony is your answer. 

High Half Up Half Down Pony

  • Start by splitting your hair into two sections - top and bottom.
  • Gather up the top section into a sleek ponytail and secure it in place with either an elastic or tie.
  • Then brush out some volume for the bottom section before curling it back towards your face.
  • Lastly, mist the whole head with hairspray to keep everything perfectly put together all night long!

With this stylish hairdo, you're sure to make an unforgettable impression everywhere you go!

12. Faux Locs

Looking for an edgy, but chic hairstyle that'll turn heads? Look no further than this half-up, half-down faux loc style! Just place a few locs on the top of your head and let the rest flow down your back. 

Faux Locs

You're sure to stand out in any crowd with this unique look! Not only is it perfect for special occasions, but you can easily wear it anytime you want to express yourself and make a statement.

Faux locs are truly one of those styles where creativity has no limits - be bold and show off what makes you unique!

13. Half-up Top Knot Bun

Create a top knot bun with your half-up, half-down hairstyle to give it some extra lift and fullness while still looking effortless and stylish. 

Half-up Top Knot Bun

Gather the top part of your hair into a high ponytail, then twist it around itself until you create a bun. Secure it with bobby pins and let the rest of your hair fall freely. This style is great if you want to add some height while still keeping the look natural.

14. 60s Glam

Ursula Stephen's mastery of classic '60s glam hairstyles is showcased in this jaw-dropping voluminous half-up look she created for Jodie Turner-Smith. Get the star-quality vibe of 1969 in minutes with this straightforward style! 

60s Glam

Boasting abundant volume on top, a few loose strands framing your face that are gently curled away from it, and some side sections adding texture, you'll be turning heads like an A-list celebrity easily.

With just a light spritz of hairspray to hold everything together, you're ready to party the night away!

15. Half-up High Ponytail

high up ponytail

Are you in the mood for a simple and stylish style? Then this half-up high ponytail is perfect. Secure your wear and go wig with an elastic to create a high pony while leaving some locks out to frame your face.

With its versatile nature, this hairstyle works great for all kinds of occasions - whether it be formal or casual! Don't hesitate any longer – give it a go and experience the amazing results yourself!

16. Voluminous Half Up Half Down

If you're looking to flaunt your luscious locks, this hairstyle is the perfect way to show off without distracting your face. When dealing with thick hair can be difficult and time-consuming in trying to tame it and get it away from your face. 

Voluminous Half Up Half Down

To assist in achieving a big but still not overdone look, volume-enhancing products such as mousse or diffusers are great for giving those curls extra bounce before pinning them up into place! Get a hd lace wig to achieve the realistic look!

17. Slicked Top Knot

Get ready to make a statement with this chic, slicked-up version of the traditional top knot! 

Slicked Top Knot

  • To achieve that sleek look you desire, begin by gathering your hair into a high ponytail and use gel or wax for extra hold.
  • Then twist and twirl until it forms a tight bun secured firmly in place using bobby pins.
  • The glossy texture will give off an effortlessly stylish vibe like you just stepped out of Vogue Magazine!
  • For added effect, let some strands hang freely down your back. You'll be sure to turn heads with this modern take on the timeless hairstyle!

18. Space Double Bun

Shake up your hairstyle with the classic double bun look from the 90s! This bob hairdo not only provides you with a trendy, playful vibe but is also surprisingly easy to do. 

space double bun

If you think this style requires too much skill for you, then check out our other fun ways to make curls here that take no time at all. Believe us when we say it's worth putting in a bit of effort because once completed, it amps up your overall look!

19. Mindy Kaling's Elegant Updo

Fearless when it comes to trying new hairstyles, Mindy Kaling made a daring fashion statement at this year's Oscars with her elegant half-updo. 

Mindy Kaling's Elegant Updo

  • To achieve this look, you should use a brush to create a half-up ponytail first.
  • Then take small sections of the ponytail and twist and pin them into a bun shape section by section, creating a textured look to elevate the half-up style.

This edgy style is perfect for a night out and will certainly turn heads! Show off your bold side and make an unforgettable impression by opting for long-flowing waves.

20. Voluminous High Pony

Voluminous High Pony

When it comes to high ponytails, the bigger the better!

  • Create a voluminous look with this style by using a brush and comb to backcomb your yaki wig.
  • Then gather it all up into a tight elastic band and secure it with bobby pins. For extra height, tease the roots of your ponytail before wrapping some hair around the base for definition.

This sophisticated, yet glamorous look is sure to make you stand out! 

21. The Bun

Susan Kelechi Watson has taught us the fashionable art of rocking "The Hun"—the half-bun. 

yaki half bun

  • To get this on-trend hairstyle, start by splitting your hair down the middle.
  • After that, take the top portion and place it into a bun while allowing the remaining locks to cascade over your shoulders gracefully.
  • Eliminate any stray hairs you may have with a fine comb then hold everything in its spot with pins or hair ties.

This look will bring an extra bit of flavor to all those mundane days!

22. Marsai Martin's Braided Pony

Try something new and transform the top half of your braids into a high ponytail! Not only is this look super easy to create in just minutes, but it also allows you to show off your braided style while diverting attention from your face.

Marsai Martin's Braided Pony

Start by gathering all of your hair together into a high pony and secure it with one or two elastics. Then spritz some hairspray over any flyaways for an effortlessly chic finish!

If you don't want to waste time doing the braiding style, another choice is to buy a pre-braided wig that does this work for you already, you can just put it on and go!

23. Halle Bailey's Pulled Back Locs

Exuding beauty and grace, The Little Mermaid star Halle Bailey looks like a princess in her pulled-back locs. For those ready for something different than free-flowing locks, this look can add that contemporary flair you need!

Halle Bailey's Pulled Back Locs

Begin at the crown of your hair by using an elastic band or tie to give it structure. Take sections of your gorgeous mane and twist them around each other before securing them with pins - then all you have left to do is show off that lovely natural glow and be prepared to dazzle wherever the day takes you!

24. Slicked-Back High Pony With Swooped Edges

Slicked Back High Pony With Swooped Edges

Emulate Normani's chic and effortless aesthetic with a sleek high ponytail.

Gently brush your baby hairs in place with a small detailed brush, then use edge control to keep those edges fabulous for an extra polished look! Whether you opt for extensions or braids, this hairstyle is simple and effective - the perfect way to make heads turn when you're out on the town!

25. Megan Thee Stallion's Red Hot High Pony

When you're feeling daring and ready to make a statement, Hot Girl Meg's sizzling burgundy red high ponytail with curled ends is the perfect style for you.

This glam look won't disrupt your natural texture or appearance as it will only take minutes to create - plus its vibrant color will highlight your inner passion! So if you want an easy yet outstandingly stunning hairdo then this hairstyle is exactly what you need.

Megan Thee Stallion's Red Hot High Pony

With so many hairstyles to choose from, it may be difficult to narrow down the options. But luckily, these Updo Hairstyles for Black Women can provide you with plenty of inspiration. There are plenty of glueless lace wigs can help you achieve these hairstyles.

Whether it's a big curls ponytail or a huge high curly bun, these styles guarantee that your hair will look stunning and on-point! If you are hurry to get these hairstyles at once, just view Hermosa Hair fast shipping wigs collection so that you can get these glueless wig within 2-5 days! So go ahead – take the plunge and try out one of these looks today. You won't be disappointed!

Happy styling!

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