How Much Does a Human Hair Wig Cost?

How Much Does a Human Hair Wig Cost

Ready to buy your first human hair wig and wondering how much does it cost?

If you're a beginner in the wig game or have never bought a human hair wig, your initial thought of how much a human wig costs might be lower or higher than the price range. It's understandable. We are here to help you buy well.

The fact remains that there's a distinct gap between the prices of synthetic wigs and human hair wigs. However, the price reflects the qualitylengthvolume, and texture of the wig. This is not to say you can't get low-quality human hair wigs.

Still, you want to avoid being stuck in the dilemma between quality and budget. Getting a below-cost wig might make you wary of the quality. So, why is that, and what's a good price range?

This article should provide answers.

How Much Does A Human Hair Wig Cost?

human hair wig

One thing we should know is that the price of a human hair wig isn't one size that fits it all. It depends on various factors, like the quality.

In general, the price of a human hair wig ranges from as low as $30 to as high as $2,500. Again, it depends on the type of wig you are buying.

● Low-quality wigs are easily sold between $30 to $70.

● A high-quality human hair wig can cost around $200 to $600.

● And premium wigs can cost up to $1,000 to $2,000.

Following the categories above, it's obvious that the prices of human hair wigs are not the same. Wondering why? Take a look at the reasons below.

What Affects the Price of Human Hair Wigs?

1. Human Hair Used/Quality

Human Hair Used/Quality

Human hair wigs come in a variety of sources and qualities. The quality of the human hair used will determine the price of the wig. It could be standard, Remy human hair, blends, or low quality.

Plus, it takes time to have a completed human hair wig since it's natural and takes time to grow.

  • Standard Human Hair

Standard human hair is a high-quality hair type collected from donors and processed into wigs. The wigs could be straight, curly, wavy and come in different colors.

After undergoing the process, this human hair wig quality can be styled in different ways using products.

  • Remy Human Hair

Human hair wigs made from the Remy human hair type follow the natural direction of the hair cuticle when it is collected and processed. This makes it high quality. But just like the standard human hair, it undergoes processing. In this case, a little.

The hair cuticle it retains after the processing gives it a natural look, making it one of the most expensive human hair wig quality types on the market. Since the Remy human hair is less prone to tangling and matting, styling it is easy. The hair also has an extra shine like normal human hair.

  • Human Hair/Synthetic Blend

This wig type is made from a combination of human hair and synthetic material. The blends are not as quality as a full human hair wig but are less expensive. You may have seen some blended wigs in stores.

While they are not 100% human hair, these wigs do not look like synthetic wigs either. But a disadvantage is they may not last long.

  • Low-Quality Human Hair

Low-quality human hair is used to create budget-friendly wigs. They are highly processed and made to feel like human hair wigs. However, they are not real human hair. Their prices should help you indicate if it's the real deal. We won't advise going for wigs in this category. It's a waste of money because you'll purchase another one sooner than expected.

  • Virgin Human Hair

This hair is at the top of the list. It is 100% human hair that doesn't undergo processing or coloring. It's collected, packed, and made into a wig. You'll only find the virgin human hair in its original color without being blended with any material. And like the Remy human hair, the cuticle goes in the same direction.

2. The Wig Length, Style, Density, and Color

different color, length, and texture wig

Whenever you buy a human hair wig, these are the main product features you should determine for your wig, in general:

The longer the length, the more expensive

The higher the wig density, the more expensive

The more complex of styling, the more expensive

The more complex the color, the more expensive

3. The Wigging Process

The Wigging Process

The process of making the wigs contributes to the total price a wig will be purchased.

  • The effort needs to be considered, the cap and machinery used. All these factors influence the amount you'll be buying the wig. Notwithstanding, it should still vary from one place to another or a store to another store.
  • Look into the wig construction as well. It's possible to go through an intensive process to give the wig a natural and beautiful look. The hand tie method, for instance, involves tying the human hair weaves to the wig caps individually. This process can take days to complete.

So, apart from the quality of the human hair wig, considering these factors helps you know why the wig falls into a price range.

4. Human Hair Wig Design

full lace wig design

    Lace wigs often cost more than non-lace wigs especially if you adopt the top quality hd lace. An average price of $300 is a good investment for lace wigs. You should get something lesser for a non-lace wig. For instance, $150 is fine. Still, remember that prices are influenced by other factors some of which we've mentioned like the wig cap construction.

    The process these wigs design are made could either cost more or less. It depends on the machines used in producing the human hair wigs and the quantity.

    5. Factory and Distributors

    hair factory

      It's only normal for the prices of wigs to be determined by the factory cost and the distributor. If you're getting a wig from a brand that has its factory, you will be buying at the factory price. But, if that's not the case, you should expect a different price. Also, distributors may have higher prices since they bought from the factory. You can save costs if you choose to get yours at a factory.

      6. Customization

      pre styled wig

        You may want to have yours constructed by a professional. You can invest in this with a little extra money. It saves you from experiencing pain or the problem of buying a low-quality wig. This way you can get your money's worth and enjoy the styling.

        7. Branding

          The price of a wig can differ from one brand to another. That's because they can place prices they deem fit on their products. It could be due to numerous factors.

          The Cost of Your Human Hair Wig Preference

          When you want to buy a human hair wig, you should consider the length, style, texture, color, and quality. It's like picking your favorite ice cream flavor. It should make you full of excitement.

          While you'll look super fabulous in it, do know that there's a cost for your preference.

          The cost of a short bob straight wig won't be the same as a playful, bouncy curly wig. So, know the type of wig you want to go for. How voluminous will the wig be? What is the style you'd love to go for? Consider everything. Once it is sorted, you are ready to make your purchase.

          Your Budget

          Your budget needs to fit in the wig price range you want. In all sincerity, it's a factor we can't skip. And as we've mentioned earlier, buying shorter wigs might be cheaper, and longer ones might cost more.

          But there's a place for balancing. You can look into how big you've budgeted and streamline your options towards that. We won't advise going for the lowest grade. Nevertheless somewhere in the middle should be fine. You don't want to regret the wig choice or spend more later on.

          It's important to know that buying human hair wigs is an investment. So, you want to invest in quantity, quality, and everything.

          Before you finally make a purchase, speak with the brand you'd like to buy from. Inform them of your needs, including the grams you want to clear every doubt.

          Questions You Have Been Meaning to Ask About Human Hair Wigs

          1. Are human hair wigs worth the price?

          Human hair wigs offer high and premium quality. So, of course, human hair wigs are worth their prices. However, be sure you're buying from a reliable source. You want your wigs to be constructed and weft well so it doesn't pull off.

          Also, there are low-grade human hair wigs you can try out before upgrading to a better one.

          2. How do you know which wigs to select?

          That depends on you. Decide on what you love and want first. We've listed some of the factors to consider before you purchase any. So, do that.

          You should also consult the wig's brand customer care. It can be super helpful. Discuss with them what the most suitable wig type you should buy and every other single detail you might have concerns about. It helps you to select properly.

          Final Thoughts

          This article has given you a good price range for what a human hair wig should cost. While a $20 human hair wig is underpriced, a $9000 wig is overpriced. Consider the factors we've listed and settle for a better human hair wig deal.

          Do inform us when you've made your purchase and what was your experience. We'll be happy to hear from you.

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