Wig Length Chart-Help You To Find The Best Fit Wig Length

wig length chart

When choosing a human hair wig online, in addition to deciding the hair color, textures, and wig density, the wig length is also a critical factor that affects your final look.

For people who don't wear wigs often, it can be a challenge to decide the wig length cause you can't try it on your head to check if it will look great. In this case, a reliable wig length chart is quite important, which can help you to tell if this wig length can meet your demand and enhance your beauty.

In this blog, we've included three wig length charts of different hair textures that you can reference. And you can also learn how to choose the right wig length based on hair texture.

Before we dive into the details of a wig length chart, let's figure out what is a wig length chart.

What Is A Wig Length Chart?

wig length chart

A wig length chart is a visual tool used to help you find the right wig length that assists you to get an ideal look. Wig length is simply the measurement from the hair roots on the top of the head up to the tip of the longest hair strand.

Curly and wavy hair wig is measured the same way, but they should be stretched to get an accurate measurement.

Why Is A Wig Length Chart Needed?

For many of us, it is easy to get the wig length by measuring the hair from top to end. If it is straight hair - Yes, you can get the correct measurement. But for wavy and curly hair textures, if you use the same way to measure the wig length, the hair wig you get may look shorter than you thought. That is why a wig length chart is needed.

From the wig length chart, you can clearly know where the hair will fall once it's placed on your head, and it will also help you determine whether or not a particular length is appropriate for you.

What Lengths Do Wigs Come In?

Wigs come from 8 inches to 30 inches in the hair market, few hair companies can supply human hair wigs of 32 inches to 40 inches. 

Short Length(8-10 inch): 8-10 inch wigs always come with short bob wigs, like silk straight bob wigs or wavy bob wigs. You can also do a short haircut with a short-length bob wig, like a pixie cut or a bang bob wig.

short length wig

Medium Length(12-16 inches): Medium-length wigs are best for long bob wigs and layered hairstyles. They can beautifully frame your face while accentuating its natural structure too. Hair length comes from the chin, clavicle to shoulder in a straight hair texture.

medium length ginger wig

No matter the blunt cut bob or an asymmetrical bob wig, whether the middle part or the side part. Medium-length wigs are widely popular among black women. If you are thinking of getting a long-length bob style with curly hair texture, be sure to consider the retract length.

long length wig

Long Length(18-24 inch): 18-24 inch long length wigs are considered to be the most popular lengths that women go for. With this hair length, you can go with wavy hair or curly hair textures. They are versatile for most hairstyles and on your budget. Click to see more 18 inch wigs20 inch wigs22 inch wigs, and 24 inch wigs!

extra long wig

Extra Long Length(26 inches +): Extra long straight wigs can always be seen on social media or in celebrities' outfits. They are so sought after by women and you can always see them on special occasions. Like weeding, prom, party, etc. These long-length wigs always bring you a stylish and confident vibe. 

More hairstyles can achieve with a long-length wig, whether silky updo, braid, twist, or half up half down. Whether you choose straight or wavy or curly textures, they can only bring glamorously.

Wig Length Chart

Wig Length Chart Straight

straight wig length chart
Wig Length Chart Body Wave

wig length chart body wave
Wig Length Chart Curly

wig length chart curly

How To Measure Wig Length Correctly?

Normally, wigs are measured from the root of the hair around the crown to the ends. Curly and wavy styles are measured the same way, but when taking the measurement, the hair is pulled as straight as possible to get an accurate measurement. Here is how you can measure the wig length correctly.

correct method to measure your wig

Step 1: Place a wig mannequin or foam head on a flat place and put your wig on, secure it with T pins. Adjust the wig hairline in the right position, running along the top of the forehead and the behind the ears.

(Tips: If you don't have a wig stand, lay your wig on a table or flat surface to finish the measurement.)

Step 2: Grap your soft measurement tape. Position the end of a flexible measuring tape at the crown of your wig. 

Step 3: Use your other hand to find the tip of the longest part in the back of the hair. Measure the length of the hair from the root to the longest part. And write down the measurement.

How To Choose A Best Fit Wig Length

1. Your height

As we all know, wig length should match your height to get a balance, it should complement your height. That's the reason why height is a significant factor we should consider when choosing a wig length.

For example, if you are petite, an extra long wig that is over 30 inches can make you look shorter than you should be, while a short pixie wig or a bob wig can make you look taller.

Similarly, If you are tall, a short hair wig may make your look taller than you should be while long to medium hair length can counter your height and make your look more natural.

2. Your body shape

Everyone's body shape is unique. Knowing your body shape and structure can make it easy to choose a suitable length for your wig. Pay attention to the length of your neck and your torso.

For instance, if you are tall and lean on the longer side, the standard mid-length and long wigs may appear shorter on you. Similarly, if you are short but have a long neck, a too-short wig may make your neck look longer and lose balance, a medium-length wig will work best.

3. Your face shape

It is not a surprise that face shape also plays an important role in choosing the length of your wig. 

If you have an oval face shape, congratulations, you will suit almost any length of the wig. 

If you have a round face shape, shoulder-length or long-length wigs will be the best choice to complement the rounder parts of the cheeks and jawline. 

If you have a square face shape, a long hair wig can work well to soften the sharpness.

If you have a long face shape, you should focus on adding more width rather than height. So a medium-length wig with some curls can fix this.

4. Hair density and hair texture

Hair density and hair texture can be put together to consider when choosing wig length. Normally, long hair should consider a higher density, especially straight hair. If you go get a curly hair wig that length is less than 22 inches, 150% density is enough for your wig.

The Most Common Length Of Wigs Hairstyles

10 inch Ombre Asymmetrical Bob

ombre bob wig

If you want a blonde bob but find it difficult to choose a hue from the rich blonde palette, here is a new choice you can get-Ombre bob! Combine the honey blonde with dark root. Giving you a natural and rich vibe.

18 inch Layered Cut Straight Hair

18 inch Layered Cut Straight HairIf you have a round or square face shape, this style is for you. There are some layers that can frame your face perfectly, a medium-length straight wig with the middle part is the best for this hairstyle.

28 inch Blonde Wavy Hair

613 blonde body wave wig

Long hair always brings a feminine and mesmerizing vibe, 613 hair color is one of the most popular colors that work best on all skin tones. When you get long blonde hair with romantic wavy, it is time to start a relaxing vacation!

Sum Up

So, are you ready to start choosing a wig length that's perfect for you? Whether refer to our wig length chart or measure the wig length by yourself, all that's work for choosing a suitable length wig.

But, remember to choose a wig that makes you feel happy and confident! Hermosa hair covers a variety of hair lengths from short-length to extra long-length wigs and hair extensions, if you need suggestions, please feel free to contact us anytime!

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